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top 10 fav hp blogs atm?

eeeeek this is a hard question and i dont wanna offend anyone so i’m gonna just list some friends / people i see on my dash a lot :) also theyre probably gonna be multifandom but still post hp bc thats what i mostly follow, sorry!

So I’ve had an interesting evening. I was at a hall meeting (basically just the RAs telling you not to do illegal and/or stupid shit) and as we were wrapping up, this girl came in crying saying she thought she broke her wrist. The RAs asked if she had anyone to drive her to the hospital, and she said her parents were 45 minutes away, so one of the RAs was like “that’s too long, just call an ambulance” and another was all “no they cost thousands and thousands of dollars” and then I realized I was sitting there with my keys in my hands. So anyway, I offered to take her (literally a five minute drive) and we spent about an hour there before her parents showed up.

So yeah, fun night.


I fucked up so bad.png iwaoi AU

PS: guys, please click on the fuller versions… tumblr has eaten up the quality so much for some reason:( I can’t seem to find a way to fix it…

Who am I now in this world without her? 
Petty and dull with the nerve to doubt her.
What does it matter, it’s already done. 
Now I’ve got to be there for her son.

i made a guide for the main cast’s skin tones. wasnt that hard to make tbh.


midterms are over so i have more time again! here are some more co-ords, this set is muted and beige toned 🍂 i really loved the first outfit, but the dress is super short so i absolutely cannot wear it without leggings 😓 i’ve gotten some requests for fall outfits, and i hope these can be some good inspo!

outfit no. 1 ✨ white high neck shirt + gingham strap dress + lantern sleeve cardigan + tassel flap bag (code for sweet fairy: ‘kylie’)
outfit no. 2 💐 navy floral blouse + beige pleated skirt + cream / black floral deer jacket + blue mirror bag
outfit no. 3 🌼 brown plaid blouse + beige pleated skirt + lantern sleeve cardigan + tassel flap bag