Me: Okay brain, what new fic ideas do you have for me today? I’m thinking angst.

Brain: Oh, I’ve got a great one! How about Marinette finds out that Adrien is Chat Noir and finally works up the courage to confess her feelings to him. Of course, he doesn’t know she’s Ladybug so he rejects her as kindly as possible. Marinette, in a moment of panic, admits that she’s Ladybug to him but he doesn’t believe her. The next day, Chloe (having overheard the last part of their conversation) starts berating her in front of the whole class for claiming that she’s Ladybug just to win Adrien’s affections.


Everlark Advent Day 2 - O Tannenbaum

O Tannenbaum

Rated G

It seemed like a great idea; a walk through Katniss’s uncle’s hobby farm to pick out and chop down our very first Christmas tree together. An afternoon together in the snow. A chance to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a couple of hours enjoying each other’s company.

But the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Or possibly with pine needles.

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Dear ARCHy, I've been following your blog for so long now (I'm glad you are finally back!) and it's the first time I ask a question. Ever since I started studying architecture, I became way too attached to sketching and designing everything digitally; now I find myself in a situation in which my professor is making us work traditionally and, although I am not bad, I don't feel like my conceptual sketches look great. Do you have any tip on architectural sketching and how to improve?

My advice will probably not provide any new ideas. I would tell you to practice. Carry a sketchbook everywhere and fill it with sketches of people, nature, architecture, objects, etc. Don’t try to copy or “attain” a specific style but let your own develop and embrace it.

Beyond that, can you take a drawing class or join an urban sketching group? Learning from a professor or others sketchers might help. Last (but not least), there is a youtube channel, Themodmin, that provides some online tutorials, I bet there are others but this one covers different types of sketches from sections to perspectives. But, the key and bottom line is practice, there is no shortcut.

Chicago Amaranthine Gregory Klosowski

there was this blogger on here a while ago who was semipopular in my circle on here who would always make super wordy posts and act like he was an expert in everything so i (all of us probably) thought he was really smart. and one time he reblogged one of my posts about great lakes invasive species and said that it would be stupid to try to prevent further invasions because “the great lakes are already an artificial ecosystem” and at the time i was like holy shit that sounds like the dumbest thing i have ever heard… but i will give mr smart man’s idea a chance maybe i just need to develop a deeper understanding about this. and then i got a degree in freshwater biology and guess what? it is still the dumbest thing i have ever heard

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what's the story behind the 04 on Ezra's back in "secret cuddles"?

Okay! So.

Basically me and a friend came up with the idea of that when Ezra was growing up on the streets he must have gone through hell trying to survive.

So we had this other idea where somewhere along the lines Ezra was caught trying to nab some food and ended up being sold to a bounty hunter or something along those lines.

While still on Lothal he was branded along with a group of others; but before there buyer managed to leave. Ezra along with a couple of others managed to get away (With great difficulty) 

After that Ezra is a lot more wary while walking through the streets of the town; he also ‘hardly’ ever steals food and lets them get given to him by generous people.

When Ezra’s about thirteenish. He gets super angry about the number burnt into his back and slashes at it to get rid of it, but the weapon gets pulled away from him by his mentor ‘Furpil’ before the poor kid does to much damage. 

My name is Janelle Washington and I am a paper cut artist. I create inspirational paper cuts and silhouettes for my customers who have pride in their cultural heritage, family, values self-love and celebrating who they are.

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Maybe there's a difference between a "theme song" and the, for lack of a better term, "heart song"? Papyrus has His Song, but he wants a Theme Song? Like his action figures have?

I can live with that explanation!

Like, he wants a *proper* theme song, like MTT’s probably got on his shows. One that says his name over and over. Something you can sing along to, and has lyrics about how great he is.

I can see him going to Undyne to help him come up with one. She bashes on keys for awhile trying to capture his ~essence~, but it’s not what he’s looking for.

Alphys watches a lot of shows with catchy theme songs, so they recruit her to help too. She comes up with some ideas, but almost all of them require some form of dancing and are in a funny language, so that’s a no-go.

Sans enters at some point with unhelpful trombone solos and music puns. DEFINITELY not what Paps wants, and frankly Sans you are ruining this creative atmosphere with your presence, so please play yourself out. *sad toots away*

Who else do they know that likes music? …Shyren! But she can’t handle all the attention (or how loud Papyrus is) and flees.

…Napstablook! They all badger Napstablook to write a theme song for Pap (because let’s be real, they’d all be the “draw me!” kind of people), and Napstablook caves (because of course they do). And what Blooky comes up with is a super great tune! It sounds amazing, this cool trip-hoppy kind of thing? …But it doesn’t suit Pap at all. No one wants to admit it, but this doesn’t scream “Papyrus” at all. 

They just about give up. But then Monster Kid approaches Papyrus with his own idea. A fan theme song for his favorite hero. And it’s basically what you’d expect a kid to come up with, not really that far from “Papyrus Papyrus He’s Our Man”, and kind of dorky and on-the-nose. …It’s perfect!!! It literally does scream “Papyrus”! Several times!!

They badger Blooky again and they make a sick remix out of it. You can bet it gets played at every one of Paps’ birthdays. And it’s his ringtone. And he blasts it during his training sessions. He’s thrilled, it’s the best day of his life.

And that’s how Papyrus gets a *real* theme song.

…And hopefully Napstablook gets paid.


Hey yo! So great idea 💡 a text format request. Where umm you’re depressed n shit and yoongi be awkward af tried to comfort you. And somewhere along. A confession. Please thank you with love 👓👓👓👓👓

Hello lovely anon! I hope that you were happy with these texts and you enjoyed reading them <3 Thank you for the request and I hope you have a great day :) - Admin KP

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Hi! I've never asked for a request but I love them so much (your writing is so so so good!) that I thought I'd ask for one, if that's okay! Can you do a headcanon with the main 3 about their s/o greeting them at one of their performances- mainly a surprise? Thank you so much! Also; don't listen to the rude anons! You are so precious and amazing and they have no idea what they're talking about. You are great, kind, and make my days better. Thank you once again ! -A

Viktor will be very, very happy. When he sees them, he’ll skate off the ice (if he’s finished with his performance) to hug them. Will love them forever if they bring him flowers and Makkachin.

Yuuri will be close to crying from happiness. He never expected that to happen, but he skates his best to try and make coming worthwhile. Will definitely shyly ask them to come to all his performances from then on.

Yuri will blush a beautiful shade of red! I mean, why didn’t you tell him you were coming?? He’ll be secretly glad, though. And he’ll show off, just a tiny bit (and by tiny I mean he’ll skate a personal best)

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hi nastja, i'm thinking about changing my major to history, but i don't really know what i wanna do with it. i'm not really interested in any of the usual history careers such as historian, teaching, law, research. etc. but i looove history and it's the only subject i actually enjoy taking. should i just go for it even though i don't want to do anything directly related to history or do something else? any advice would be really appreciated.

hi anon! so, what you have here is totally #me one year ago. (I had no idea what to do so I enrolled humanities and liberal arts and to be honest the whole grade was a total waste of time). I just think history major gives you a great perspective on the whole world (that sounds like a history fangirl bullshit, but it’s true)  and as I changed my major to history everything just got better. I just think nowadays nobody gives a fuck about your diploma and even I, being 18 could find a job. You can try historical journalism, in which case I think it’s better to have a history major rather than journalism itself. and so on, so many areas that are history related but have nothing to do with those things you mentioned above. Just don’t be afraid, and trust me, there’s always be a job for you, the hardest part is not finding it, but working. And you should enjoy it. :) P.S. also you will be a historical meme lord so it’s worth trying!


@megaswain ok let me know if you didn’t want this public but I thought it was worth a public discussion!

I agree that sakuras feelings for sasuke definitely seem to come from a a place of “eh, why not” because they all stem from a silly crush she had, or thought she had, when she was like 8 years old?? It’s ridiculous. She definitely comes across as disinterested but forcing it.

I think her feelings for naruto may have a little more basis, but I think you could easily argue those feelings as platonic so again I’m inclined to agree.

I think it’s great to interpret Sakura as aromatic because her whole character has been confined and limited to some terrible ideas about heterosexual romance and she deserves better! I also like to interpret her as an aro lesbian because to me that’s another way to distance her from that awful tragic romance narrative with sasuke that I hate so much.

Another Olicity bedtime story told by my brain

Just like the last one this plays with the setup of 5x08, hence a dreamworld scenario. That is why I added the same info once more: 

  1. This includes major spoilers for 5x08, so if you didn’t watch yet, better don’t read this. ;)
  2. This isn’t meant as an alternative to how things played out in 5x08 because what I have seen of that episodes really was perfect. My brain just came up with this other idea that is more like a fanfic idea or something, so this is in no way meant to diminish the 100th episode.

Originally posted by thethornyrant

Oliver and Felicity are happily married when they end up in a shared hallucination that seems to be their perfect world.

Oliver has never been on the Gambit, yet he became a great man. His parents are alive, so are Tommy and Laurel. Thea is happy. Oliver is married to Felicity. Even in the dreamworld they have their real kids. The Queen Family is united and happy.

Everything is as perfect as it can be.

They have been living in this alternative world for several days when Felicity realizes something is off. Something prompts some of her memories and with time there are more and more of them coming back until she finally remembers how they got to this world.

She goes to Oliver, intending to tell him everything, so they can figure out what is really happening and how they can get out of there. 

She hurries downstairs to where Oliver is talking to his father and Tommy about sports. The two men seem so at ease and so close that Felicity falters mid-step, wondering if telling Oliver really is the right thing. She knows he is happy in their real life, but she also knows how much he misses the people he has lost. 

Before she can figure out what to do, Tommy and Robert head to the living room. Oliver is about to follow them when he notices Felicity on the stairs. He frowns when he sees her eyes filled with tears. Smiling forcedly, Felicity goes down the rest of the stairs and hug Oliver to her closely, burying her face against his neck. She pours all her love and all her soul into that hug, making him know that he is not alone. Oliver’s arms tighten around her waist in response. When she pulls back, she frames his face with her hands and kisses him gently.

Oliver frowns even more. “Everything alright?”

Felicity sucks in a deep breath. She knows she needs to tell him eventually, but not yet. Oliver deserved to live this dream of a life for just a little while longer. 

“I just need you to know how much I love you, and that you will always have me.”

Oliver smiles. “Well, I love you, too.”

Felicity lies awake all night, watching Oliver. She doubts that she has ever seen him so peacefully. There are no nightmares haunting him. There is no fear of losing her or their kids or anyone on his face. She knows that she has to tell him the truth, but she just can’t. 

It’s only the next evening when Robert mentions the Gambit that Oliver’s memories come back all of a sudden. He remembers the island. He remembers the years of pain. He remembers so many people that died on him. His eyes immediately find Felicity’s, realizing what had prompted her to hug him so intensely the evening before. 

Confused and in shock he excuses himself and leaves to the garden, trying to force some air into his lungs. Felicity follows him soon, putting a hand on his back and soothing him. 

“I’m so sorry,” she whispers eventually.

“I just… I didn’t… Why didn’t you tell me?”

“I didn’t want to take this from you.”

He looks at her, seeing her tear-filled eyes. He knows her eyes are mirroring his pain. She is feeling his pain and makes it her own because that is how their heart works. Deep down they are one.

They know they have to leave which is why Oliver says goodbye to Tommy and to his parents. Oliver and Felicity leave the dream world and get back to their home where their kids are waiting for them. It’s only when the kids are in bed that Oliver snuggles his face to the top of Felicity’s breasts and starts crying, mourning his parents and friends that he just lost once again. 

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Hey :) you're my fave sherlock blog and I hope I'm not annoying you with this, but we don't really know who to ask.. I'm from Belgium and my girlfriend is from Germany, and we both have no idea where we can watch Sherlock S4 in our countries...:/ Do you know how we might find out, or have you seen a post of some sort on this? :/ again, very sorry to ask! I hope you'll be having a great weekend. Thanks ♡

Thank you! And no bother at all. 

Aw, the two of you couldn’t have more bad luck. I’m Dutch and we’re lucky enough to have the BBC in our standard programming. So, I’m not really up to date when it comes to reliable BBC streams. 

Maybe some of my darling followers can help? 

“Despite what the press says about celebrities and myself in general, I move ahead, I don’t pay attention to that tabloid junk. I have my dreams, I’m a visionary. I feel as if I had a suit of armor around me, like a rhinocerous skin. […] The press creates all of these stories, so people will buy their magazines or read their columns. You mustn’t read everything you read. Most of it is not true, mo…st of it’s garbage. And I want people to be aware of what the tabloid media is like. […] I believe in my work, like I said, I have great confidence in my dreams. When I have a great idea, I have an iron will, even though the media creates such negative stories, they do it just to sell more papers. If you look throughout history, and I’m not trying to put my name with the names of the past, it’s been pretty much the same. […] Some of the worst attentions have to do with ignorance on the part of the people because of bad press. If it happened to them, it can happen to me.”

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I FINISHED AHEAD OF SCHEDULE!! YES!! Here my dear friend is the final part of the drawings promised. I know you’re probably feeling like hell right now but I hope these have made you smile and feel a little less shitty. I will finish the last last drawing soon!! I hope you’re feeling better!!

My response:


I can picture so well Frisk riding their Lairon, running after Sans.
(Btw congrats on that Lairon I mean they’re all really great but dude DAT BEAST)

Aaaaand don’t worry I’m finally in a better state ! 
My hellish ride has come to an end, and it’s thanks to your wonderful gifts, my friend. 

Thank you SO much for all these drawings, you have no idea how much I’m amazed that someone can take all this time to do something for me.

-Hugs you-

Words with Mom & Boyfriend.

Dean only started playing Words with Friends because it was something familiar to his Mom. His father, when he was drunk, used to lament about how they played scrabble at home instead of going out for date nights. So Dean downloaded the game on his phone and asked his mom to do the same. Since then, they have been playing the game everyday.

Everything was going great until he had the bright idea to invite Cas to play as well. He absolutely did not miss the angel. No, he just thought that it would be a nice distraction when he was traveling with Crowley. Cas was always complaining about the demon whenever they spoke on the phone. And naturally, their game turned from Words with Friends to Dirty Words with Boyfriend.

Dean was having a relaxing day at the bunker with a beer in one hand, a large, loaded pizza on his lap and watching Dr Sexy on Netflix. He was also playing the game with both his mom and Cas toggling between screens. Just as he was about to take a bite of his pizza, his phone pinged. He checked it to find two notifications from the game, from his mother and Cas.

“Cas, you dirty bastard.” Cas had just spelled the word Blowjob for 50 points. Cas was increasingly spelling filthier words. He had previously spelled Teabagging and Fisting and that had put him in the lead. Dean would not allow it.

“Aha!” Dean thought to himself. He had the perfect word for his turn with triple bonus points. He quickly typed in “Dildo” and opened the message tab to write “I want you to fuck me with the pink one when you get home. 😈 .”  Just as he was about to press send, his brother was calling him, causing the phone to vibrate. And before he could pick up, the phone stopped ringing.

Irritated, Dean was about to call his brother back when he realised that he has sent that word and the message to his mom. Dean stared at his phone screen in horror. He had sexted his mom. His newly alive mom who probably didn’t even know about sexting or that he was bi or that he was in a relationship with an Angel of the Lord who was a man. 

“Fuck!” The last thing he wanted was for his mom to picture him getting fucked by a pink dildo. “Fuck… Shit…Oh my God!” He quickly typed “SORRY. Wrong person.” 

Panic. He was experiencing pure panic and he was dying of crippling shame and embarrassment. His heart started racing as he clutched his phone waiting for his mom to text back. Waiting for a response was a torture. His mind imagining scenarios and scenarios each one more dire than the last. He didn’t know what his mom’s reaction would be.  

Eventually, his mom replied “It’s alright, honey. But if you think you can get away with not telling me who you are seeing, then you are wrong. Talk to you later.”

Dean lets out the breath he didn’t realise he was holding in. Thank god. But he definitely won’t be able look his mother in the eye the next time they meet. But at least she sounded ok.


Sam returned to the bunker after his run, all sweaty and stinky.

“Dude, you look gross. Yuck.” Dean said from his comfortable sofa.

But Sam just shaked his head on the way to the kitchen and said, “Whatever dude, you sexted Mom.”

Dean flushed red, covering his face to hide his humiliation. He heard Sam laughing from the kitchen. Oh no. He was never going to living this down.


I just thought I’d share some recent pics of Linus. He’s so cute, and I think everyone should know about his cuteness. It’s been a few months since I found him running across the highway, and he’s spoiled rotten doing great. 

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hi!! do you have any recs for op blogs to follow and who are your favourite graphic makers? stay awesome!

THANK YOU!! And yes I have, I recommend you my favorites!

OP Blogs: @legitimateluffy@aizoro@ruffeh@sailawaywithonepiece@katsunenpiece@heartfullaw.

May I forget some, but they’re the main ones ^^

About Graphic Makers: 

@dicennio, I love her graphics, they’re so nice and perfect?!! I think I’m a fan, hahaha (she posts OP too!). 
@beif0ngs she has great ideas for her edits, omg!!
@zorobae  she does a great work with her mangacaps! 
@legitimateluffy with her lovely gifs assdsa ♡♡♡!! 
@kaizoku-senshi, he makes the best colourings, they’re my favorites TuT ♡ 
@sableu!! In resume, she makes… everything! o.o

They’re my favorites. Undoubtedly. 

Thanks for asking, hope this helps you and have a nice day!! ^^

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🔥 for mob psycho 100?

(I have no idea if this is unpopular or not)

As much as I love and praise Mob Psycho 100, it has a pretty glaring weakness. It has all these amazing characters, but they aren’t used or developed.

Like, where is Shou? 

even better

WHERE THE HECK IS SERIZAWA? Serizawa is one of the strongest characters? Why has he been completely forgotten about??? It’s great he’s going to school and stuff, I’m so proud and happy for him.

But really??? Wouldn’t the people at his college be affected by the Broccoli too? Did he get brainwashed off-screen? IT’S A MYSTERY!!!

I just really wish certain characters got a bit more development, a bit more time to shine. Especially with the way it feels like it’s really going to end up ending at chapter 100 (I hope it doesn’t, but eh…)


I really need more Serizawa. :/