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SO GUYS. I have a pretty exciting idea I think.

I’ve noticed a lot of people were really interested in seeing royal documentaries, and since so many are available out there, I decided to create a blog to organize them all with links so we could all share them. I’ll try to keep it updated with films/documentaries from all royals, so if you guys could send me some titles or links via inbox or submission, that’d be great!

I’ll be working on it on the next few days and let you know when it’s done :) 

Also, if anyone is keen to help out that’d be great!

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Hello there. I was wondering if there any chance you update ms. Stewart or reuntied? I am feeling sick in hoping your amazing stories help me feel better with such great talent. :)

I’ve written this chapter three times, I had so many ideas floating around and was having a hard time choosing which fit best with what I wanted, which is why this has taken so long. Sorry ‘bout that. -You’re probably feeling better by now, but just so you know I was sending best wishes at the time. And thank you, that means a lot.-

Last chapter, Ao3

Reunited PT. 5

She hadn’t gotten much sleep the previous night, the nightmares decided to make a visit again. It probably had something to do with inviting Gail to go to BC with her, hell she knew that was why. It wasn’t nerves of introducing her to the other Stewarts, -Holly was actually quite excited for that- no it was having Gail in the same place she had lost her everything. For the blonde to see how everyone looked at her, acted around her, the very reason she left. And with that came questions, things she wasn’t sure if she was ready for Gail to know just yet. But the date was creeping up. Seven days till they were to fly out to Vancouver. So she was stressing and thinking of home and it wasn’t a big surprise that the night terrors started, leaving her without any sleep and an early morning run. 

Young Hot Wife: Need sustenance? 

Holly smiled, like she did every time the name popped up on her phone. Gail edited her contact with a special ring tone, picture and name on one of the many nights they’d hung out. 

Sustenance sounds amazing right about now. What kind are we talking here?

Young Hot Wife: I was thinking burgers

Burgers it is. You remember what I take right?

Young Hot Wife: Yes Holly (to be read in my eye roll voice)

There’s no other way to read that

Young Hot Wife: Well there is but it’s probably inappropriate at work

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my little cousin has the cartoon network channel on and there was this one bumper with some kid being really happy about when ruby and sapphire found each other and it was just ! really really cute, little kids being excited about queer characters is my aesthetic tbh

that is adorable! I haven’t seen that bumper myself but ahh that’s so great. I really love the idea that SU, and some other recent cartoons, are having queer characters and showing them in this really positive way. And there’s a whole song about their love and how it makes them strong and its so catchy, its been almost a month and my little sister says its still stuck in her head

Podcast Update

A bunch of people have contacted me asking about my podcast idea, so here’s an update. 

I think I have Christina on board, which will be cool, and I have some really great ideas. I just need to get the equipment. I know, the biggest hurdle. But, I have a degree in audio engineering, so I can get a great professional sound for a few hundred bucks. 

So there you go. A podcast update.  

Guys… I can’t believe today is the day. I am finally going to see AC/DC live! I am so overwhelmed, I can’t stop crying.
This band is my life. Everything great that happened in the past few years I owe to AC/DC. I met some great people thanks to this band and they kept me alive, when nothing else could.

I have watched every single video there is to watch on Youtube and now it is finally my turn to see them live. You have no idea how much this means to me. I play guitar thanks to them, met great people thanks to playing guitar. I met great people thanks to being fan of them and them being great rockstars, but still being so humble, funny and down to earth really inspired me. AC/DC, I salute you

Isaac is writing the AU, not Rumple

Aside from ALL the reasons that Rumple would not be dictating to him what should happen (he’s dying and isn’t capable of doing so; he loves Belle enough to have let her go in this life so that he would never write her specifically into his life again; he’d never want Hook and Zelena to have HE….), the fact of the matter is that Isaac is an Author and very likely his HE is to be a great one - or popular - or BOTH.   I’m pretty sure he’s had the idea of giving villains their HE for a long time because that would be turning convention on its ear  and would certainly garner him attention. As an Author, how fun and interesting would it be to write about this, something truly different? 

This is like a meta meta’ing itself, lol.

So anyway, yes he sympathizes with Rumple, quite clearly - and I think he obviously knows how much Rumbelle love each other. So, knowing that Belle’s real HE would be with Rumple and vice versa, and how Rumple sacrificed his own HE for Belle’s, it’s pretty clear that the Author is trying to give him a second chance. Too bad the press release makes it sound like Rumple is a bad guy…….from the “heroes” POV

Okay so calling it right now, the kiss in the finale will be apart of their undercover stint (like duh) and they obviously won’t get together, which (unpopular opinion) I think is good.

We’ve explored Jake’s feelings and we’ve had a bunch of insight on how he feels, but we haven’t with Amy.
Like obviously she likes him. They have a great friendship. They get along even when they mess with each other, its in a fond way. But there’s always an air of reluctance on Amy’s part which means she’s hesitant of the idea. We know Amy, she loves planning and organizing and knowing what she’s doing, so I think the reluctance doesn’t come from uncertainty about how she feels, but uncertainty of what might happen. And I think that the beginning of season 3 should shift to give us insight on Amy.

I WANT THEM TO GET TOGETHER AND BE HAPPY buuutt I feel like I wouldn’t be satisfied if we didn’t explore further into Amy’s side of the story.

And to think I put all this effort and analysis on a show that’s supposed to be a comedy.


OK so my camera sucks but i just want to say i played around a lot with the idea of what i wanted my mirame selfie to be but i opted to honor my dad and his native huichol heritage with the only make up my great grandma ever taught me this is near and dear to me we dont have enough representation and i find it hard that i cant speak wixarika even tho i was born and bred in mexico (where a common insult is being called indian) cultural shaming because of status has made us lose a lot of culture we need to preserve what we have left .

sorry for the long post <3

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Hey! So, I enjoy classical music, and I've listened to some, but I want to start, I don't know, listening to some more I guess, and I was wondering if you had any reccomendations. Thanks.

Hey! Awesome. So I have no idea what kind of stuff you’ve heard before or what you’re into, so here’s a little tiny list of stuff I’m super into and hopefully you will enjoy! 

For true “classical” here’s some Haydn: and if you want some awesome introductory ideas about listening to it, this is so great: stick it out for the whole thing, it’s worth it. 

For a bit later, one of my favourite quartets ever, Mendelssohn A minor:

Beethoven symphonies - all of them! Turn up! 

For later stuff, Prokofiev quartets are awesome, and this symphony is my fave: and thiiissss

Ok I need to stop myself coz I’m gonna go into Beethoven quartets and Mozart and Messiaen and later stuff and I need to get things done today haha but basically go on a youtube rampage! See if you prefer earlier or later/modern stuff, symphonies or chamber music, concertos, etc. Or even better, love them all! HAVE FUN

I hate it when people tell me ‘it’s not the words you use, but the tone you use.’

That’s great for neurotypicals who don’t have issues with differing the tones and inflections of people’s voices.

But I can’t always tell.

Sometimes I can.

But other times, I completely mishear and misunderstand what people mean.

So telling me words don’t matter if you’re tone is right doesn’t help me at all.

I have no idea if their tone is right.

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the real problem with ouat (at least to me) is that a&e have really great ideas that are so poorly executed

that’s actually 1000% accurate 

Celebrating 200 Followers! Poker Night: Part 1

To celebrate 200 followers, here is part one of my two part fic! Hollstein playing poker, what more could you want? Much thanks to gayenoughtofunction for sending me the very detailed prompt! I hope it doesn’t disappoint. And thank you to all my AMAZING followers! You guys are awesome, send me such great ideas, and are so encouraging. :) 

There were a lot of circumstances that led you having Carmilla in your apartment that night. 

You normally would have never hung out with her. You didn’t even like talking to her in your stupid philosophy class. She was so emo it was infuriating. And she never called you by your actual name. In class discussions it was always ‘cupcake’ this and ‘creampuff’ that. What a raging bad person, right? 

But your last name starts with H. 

Hers starts with K. 

There are two letters between them, and there was only one kid in your class whose last name was Jackson, and they dropped out of the class the day before they assigned partners. By last names. 

So you’re telling yourself that fate obviously wanted you to work with Carmilla, so it really was a good thing that you both had to work on a project outside of school. The universe wanted you guys to hang out! You’re meant to be friends! 

Yeah right

Still, you try and be a good hosr. You make cookies. You get drinks ready and set up a little study area in the kitchenette of your off-campus housing apartment. When Carmilla knocks, you open the door with a smile. 

“Hey Carmilla, how are you–” 

She waltzes in, throws her coat and backpack on one of the chairs, and immediately starts eating all your cookies, feet on the table. 

Jesus Carmilla, you couldn’t even take your combat boots off first?” 

Well, so much for a good first impression. 

“What? Oh. Sorry.” She takes them off and throws them at you. You yelp and duck. They hit the wall and leave a scuff mark. 

“…Smooth, A-Rod. Can we get started?” 

Murder is illegal, murder is illegal, you’ll fail the project, murder is illegal…

Right. So what do you want to do first?” 

Carmilla shrugs. “I dunno. I figure I’ll just do all the work and you present it.” 

It was no secret you were barely passing philosophy. You’d taken it because it sounded easy. You were so wrong.

“I don’t want to make you do everything.” You say, sitting down at the other side of the table. 

“Well, I’m the best student in this class, and you’re the worst. Tell me what you can contribute to a project comparing and contrasting ancient Greek philosophers besides a cute and bubbly personality for the presentation?” 

“….I’ll go get you some coffee.” 


You head to the coffee pot and start getting it ready. “So why did you come over to my apartment to work if you were going to do it all yourself?” 

“Because here I get cookies and coffee.” 

You roll your eyes. She’s about as bad as you expected. You put the coffee down in front of her, sit, and watch her work. You refuse to just go watch TV or something, which Carmilla suggests you do several times. This was not her project, and you were going to be there and contribute something. 

Your sitting with her for you don’t even know how long, failing miserably at small talk, when the doorbell rings. 

“I’ll get it.” 

“Well I wouldn’t have.” You choose to ignore her. 

You walk over to the door and open it. “Hey guys–oh no.” 

Danny holds up a bottle of wine. Kirsch, Perry, and LaFontaine are all behind her. “Hey Laura, are we ready?” 

You had forgotten. This was the second Sunday of the month. Poker night. Carmilla’s arm drapes over the back of her seat as she turns to look at the door. 

“Hey sugar, you throwing a party?” 

“Laura, who’s that?” 

“Danny, LaF, Kirsch, Perry, I’m so sorry. I totally forgot about poker night, I got paired up with her for a project…” You bring your voice down to a whisper. “And she is the worst, but I can’t just not work on it–,”

“Your whisper needs work Hollis.” Carmilla gets up. “Did I hear poker?” 

Kirsch holds up the poker case. “Yeah! Every second Sunday of the month.” 

“You guys, go to Danny’s or something, I can’t go, I’m sorry–” 

“Whoa whoa whoa Laura.” Carmilla says, walking over to stand next to you. “Our project isn’t due for another two weeks. Have your poker night.” 

“Well, when do you want to meet up again?” 

“What, you think I’d leave?” She grins wickedly. “I am great at poker. Let’s play!” 

You step aside and let your friends in. They’re all cheering. 

“So what, you guys are okay with her playing with us?” 

“Why not?” LaFontaine asks, helping Perry remove the work stuff from the table. “As long as she doesn’t mind drinking.” 

“Are you kidding? I love drinking.” 

“There you go!” 

“And I made brownies!” Perry says, placing them on the table. Carmilla takes one and pops it into her mouth. 

“Wow cupcake, how did you get such cool friends?” She sits down at the table and cracks her knuckles. “So what are we waiting for?” 

“I can’t believe you said she wasn’t cool Laura,” Kirsch says, sitting down and opening the poker case, “She’s awesome! What’s your name hottie?” 

“…Carmilla, meathead.” 

“Well Carm-sexy, if you need any help on the rules,” Kirsch wiggles his eyebrows, “You can always ask me for help.” Everyone else sits down. Perry readjusts her lucky yellow turtleneck. Danny pulls down the brim of her poker visor. LaFontaine pours a glass of wine, knocks it back, and wipes their mouth with the back of their hand. 

Carmilla’s jaw clenches. “Alright beefcake. Deal.” 

You shove one of Perry’s brownies in your mouth nervously. 

For High School Kids

I saw a friend the other day who’s still in high school and it was just so sad. Looking at this beautiful, intelligent young girl with so much to say and so many great ideas, restricted and confined high school life was just so tragic. Seeing her trapped in the system was like seeing a genius trapped in a prison. If there’s any big realization you have after turning 18 and graduating high school, it’s realizing how truly imprisoned and institutionalized you were.

Teenagers are wonderful. Sure, they need a lot of guidance sometimes. But they also have a lot of creative and intellectual potential that is suppressed by the system we trap them in. There are some truly amazing artists and physicists and writers and mechanics and engineers and activists and just outstanding kids. But these kids in high school just get put down over and over again, expected to fit a mold when some of them just don’t fit.

Junior year of high school should be the last year of high school, and after that, they should be free. Because it’s when you’re a junior that you realize your life as a free individual is rapidly approaching you, and you realize you have to mature. All the people I know say that junior year of high school was the year that they “chilled out.” When they matured. That’s when you should be given your freedom. That’s when you grow up. You don’t magically become an adult when you turn 18, you mature when you need to mature.

I just see so many bright, amazing teens that are never given a chance to fully develop their talents, because the system is too busy trying to standardize them. These kids should be exploring all their opportunities, not imprisoned and crawling towards a false light at the end of a dark and hopeless tunnel.

We all want to stand outside of society, but none of us are ever given the chance. We are institutionalized so much when we’re young that our dreams never mean anything any more. We don’t even realize it until we wake up 30 years later in a standard gray cubicle, wondering what we did with our lives.

I see these bright young teens and I wish they had more hope in the world, but so many of them have lost hope already. It’s heartbreaking. So many adults talk about how kids have so much hope and dreams, and they say those dreams will always be crushed. Just because your dreams were crushed, doesn’t mean you get to tell your kids that their dreams are going to be crushed too.

So to all of you teens out there now, I want you to know that you deserve the best, that you deserve to be the happiest you can be. Don’t listen to the adults who tell you to give up, to be practical, to “grow up.” Don’t listen to the society that tells you to become another sheep, another person in the crowd whose hopes were crushed long ago. Do not listen to the institutional system that tries to turn you into a slave.

You can be so much more.

Ever heard of AFFORmations? They’re like affirmations but not? Try them out if they resonate with you.

Here’s a few examples:

Why am I so confident in my intuition?

Why am I so amazingly abundant?

Why do I have so many enjoyable income sources?

Why am I always so phenomenally creative and always blessed with new and valuable ideas?

Why am I able to help myself and others have great clarity about the law of attraction?

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Hiii :3 fist off I love ur blog c: second, do u have any comic recs? I rly wanna start reading some comics and have no idea where to start. I tried Hawkeye cos I live him but the chronology is confusing :/

yes yes i’ve got plenty of comic recs! :-)

you can check out my comic recs tag over here and it’s all pretty well organized with great comics so you’ve got a lot to choose from

and as for hawkeye i suggest just starting with fraction and aja’s hawkeye, which i’ve got a masterpost for right here with all the comics in order 

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What is a typical manic episode like?

I suppose it varies per person, but my experience of it has been terrifying.

At first it’s great, I feel like I can get anything done. I have all these ideas that I can’t wait to tell people about. I can think of solutions to my problems really quickly. People have told me that at the start of my manic episodes, I’m charismatic, so I make new friends easily.

But then there comes a point when it becomes too much. I can’t sleep because I can’t switch my mind off. I once wanted to jump off a building because I was convinced that I could survive the fall. I become impulsive, reckless, and irritable. Basically I become a danger to myself the longer it goes on. I’m just thankful that I know myself well enough to tell when I’m about to have a swing, so I’ve been able to manage it fairly well.

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I hope that Camila will be called Queen Camila instead of the Princess Consort, she truly deserves to be the Queen Consort when The Prince of Wales becomes King. She's truly wonderful and she and Charles are so cute together.

That’s my hope too. The PC title is so stupid. I mean, they came up with the idea of that title when Camilla wasn’t that “popular”, but things have changed a great deal, polls show that. Camilla has never put a foot wrong and is a great support and an asset to the BRF. In my eyes, and I’m sure in the eyes of many other people, the wife of a King has to be called Queen. And if they make an exception for Camilla, I think neither Catherine nor George’s wife nor any other future wife of a King should be called Queen anymore. By law, she will become Queen Consort, and I hope she/ they will choose to call her such. But I’m almost 100% sure Charles wants her to be his Queen, and he’ll do a lot for it. I’m just tired of making exceptions when it comes to Camilla. She doesn’t deserve it.

I’m so glad to read that you want her to be called Queen Consort as well, and it makes me so happy to know that you appreciate her a great deal! :) 

Bad Feeling

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Summary: You wake up one morning feeling great and realizing this is the best morning that you and the boys have had in awhile, until its all ripped away. You should know if its too good to be true, it probably is.

This is my absolute first fan fic ever. I have never done this before. This story was actually going to be a request that I was going to send to my all time favorite writer, but I ended up having so many ideas that I would literally be sending her a story just to reblog. So somehow I got up the courage to write it myself. I’m crazy nervous about this. So if you read this please send me feedback. I can tell you I’ve read it over and over trying to make sure its good, and I’ve realized that this first part is a little slow go, but I promise it’ll pick up. Its pretty long so it will be multiple parts if you guys like it. I also want to thank one-shots-supernatural for helping me through this and inspiring me! Sorry for ranting! Hope you guys like it.

Your POV

I slowly start to open my eyes. After my eyes adjust a little, I realize I’m staring at my nightstand. I feel like I’ve been sleeping forever. I lay there deciding whether or not I want to get up or lay here longer. Surprisingly I feel more rested than usual. I feel like I’ve slept forever and I’m well rested? Whats that about. I’ve never heard that come out of a hunters mouth.

I let out a groan as I reach for my phone to see what time it is. I’m praying that I didn’t just sleep the day away. From how I’m feeling I’m guessing I did.         7:10 am…..I sighed as I rolled back over. “Thank God.”

I stretch a little as I throw my legs over the side of the bed. I took a quick shower and then threw on my favorite jeans and light blue tank top. I headed down the hall making my way towards the kitchen. I pass by Deans room. His doors still closed, so hes probably still sleeping. Sams door was open and empty, so hes either in the library or out for a morning run.

I make it to the kitchen and notice that Sam is nowhere to be found. He must be out on a run, and Dean must still be sleeping. My mind starts wandering to the thought of how much I would love to be laying next to him right now. Asleep or not, I would love for his arms to be wrapped around me.

I was pulled from my thoughts as my stomach started to growl. That’s weird, I’m not usually hungry right after I get up. I look around and try to figure out what to eat, when it hits me. Deans asleep, Sams out, we have nothing urgent to get to anytime soon. Why not make breakfast for the three of us. Its not everyday that we can enjoy an actual meal that isn’t provided by a diner, fast food stand or a gas station.

So I’m going to go all out, I’m making eggs, toast, bacon, sausage, and pancakes. Why not right. If I’m going to spoil myself and the boys, well then I’m going to do it right. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened up my music. I need something to keep me pumped while I make this feast. I have it loud enough to keep me going but quiet enough so it doesn’t echo down the hall and wake Dean. He should get his sleep while he can. Oh ya, I feel great!

Deans POV

A smell I couldn’t pin point pulled me from my sleep. I look over at the bright red numbers on the alarm clock to see what time it is. 8:00 am. Y/N nor Sam have come to get me, so usually I would just roll over and go back to sleep. But this smell was pulling me from my bed. I cant go back to sleep, it smells delicious, now I’m hungry.

I start making my way to the kitchen when it hits me. That smell. It smells like home. I would wake up to this every so often as a kid. Mom didn’t always make breakfast, but when she did, this is exactly what happened. I could never go back to sleep. It always got me out of bed in the morning.

I turned the corner to peer into the kitchen. I let out a breath as I took in the scene before me. There she was. The most beautiful women I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Her beautiful Y/H/C hair lay wavy over her shoulders and shes wearing that light blue tank top. God I love that top on her. It brings out her gorgeous Y/E/C eyes. The ones I always seem to get lost in. How does she do that?

I don’t know how long I was standing there, but it must have been long enough that she felt me staring, or at least sensed someone in the room. She turned her head to look right at me. There, that smile, just like her eyes, her smile makes me melt. Oh who am I kidding, everything about her ups my heart rate. Whats wrong with you Dean Winchester! This isn’t you.

“Hey Dean. Morning!”

“Hey….Morning” I was admiring her so much I didn’t even hear her music.  “Whats all this for?” I look at the counter and see a stack of pancakes next to a plate of bacon and sausages. A pan of eggs off to the side. Shes taking the final pancakes off the griddle. Were we expecting company?

“I just figured we don’t have a case lined up yet, I just had the best sleep in what feels like forever, and I just thought to myself….why not celebrate? Hopefully its as good as it looks because I don’t remember the last time I cooked a meal.” She shot me a sympathetic look in case the years without practice have indeed shown themselves.

Your POV

Dean then shot me that breath taking smile. “I’m sure it’ll be great” Oh God that smile. I don’t know how my legs can keep me in the standing position, they must be stronger than I give them credit for.

As Dean and I start to grab some food, we hear the bunker door open followed by footsteps. Sam stopped as he saw us pilling food on our plates.

“Hey…..whats going on?” Sam said with a light chuckle

“We’re celebrating!” Dean answered with a grin and a piece of bacon sticking out of his mouth. I couldn’t help but let out a little laugh.

“What are we celebrating?” Sam asked with slight confusion thinking he might of forgot something.

“The couple hours of normalcy that we’ve had this morning. Now grab a plate before something decides to ruin it.” I urge him hoping we haven’t already jinxed it. Without a second thought Sam grabs a plate. 

The three of us sat there, eating and chatting like we had somehow just gave up the hunting life for a normal one. I haven’t seen Sam and Dean laugh or smile this much in awhile. I was in tears a couple times from laughing so hard.

My stomach dropped when I heard Deans phone ring. Paradise had just been ripped from me with one simple sound. The boys looked a slight disappointed too. At least I wasn’t alone.

Dean reached across the table and grabbed his phone. He looked confused as he stared at the screen. Sam and I glanced at each other then back at Dean wondering who it could be.

Still confused, Dean answers “Hello?” There was a slight pause and then Dean spoke again. “Okay,what do you need help with?” This pause seemed to last awhile. You could slightly hear the muffled voice on the other end. Sounded male.

“Seriously? How did that happen? Did you just hand him your keys?” Dean shakes his head. “okay, okay. Where are you?” Dean chuckled. He reaches across the table for a pen and pad of paper. He starts to write something then stops. “Wait…..Hey, Garth….Your cutting out man. Where are you?” Dean goes back to writing. When hes finished he drops the pen on the table. “Alright, I’ll be there soon.” Dean hangs up.

I started to feel a little worried. “Is Garth okay?”

Dean looks at me with a ‘you’ll never believe this’ look.                                      “He was after a demon, and just about to gank him when somehow he got loose and then he stole his car. So now Garth is stranded, he needs me to go get him.” 

Sam and I had no idea what to say to that. We looked at each other for a second, then back to Dean. He chuckled, probably at our faces. We had to look completely dumbstruck. Somehow I found my voice “When did demons start stealing cars?” Dean looked at me and shook his head. “ I’m guessing he only did it so Garth couldn’t go after him. But other than that I’ve got no clue.” I just stared at him. Dean turned and headed to his room to change. Even though the situation was funny, I sat there watching Dean walk down the hall, and I couldn’t  shake this bad feeling that started to grow inside me.

I try to brush it off thinking that I just hated how our morning was interrupted. That I was just bummed that our fun had ended. I start grabbing our plates and head back to the kitchen to clean up the food that we hadn’t been able to eat. I think I made a little too much. Sam helped me finish up the dishes and we got all the food put away. Can’t complain about left overs.

“Thanks Sam, but you didn’t have to help me clean up.”

“ Oh come on, your the one who went through all the trouble and hard work to make everything. The least I could do is help put it away.” I let out a light laugh.

“ Well thanks.” I shot him smile and patted him on the arm. He gave me a smile. I turned to walk out of the kitchen, right as Dean turned the corner to enter. He had his duffel in his hand. This man…hes always prepared. I silently chuckle to myself. Hes going to pick Garth up but hes not taking any chances.

“Alright, he doesn’t seem to be too far out so it shouldn’t take me too long.”

“You want me to come with you?” I heard Sam ask from behind me.

“Nah, like I said, I shouldn’t take too long and we don’t plan on going up against anything. It wasn’t even his actual car, it was stolen. So there’s no point in going after it.”

“Alright.” Sam turned and headed to the library to catch up on some research and undoubtedly looking for a case. I looked at the floor as I heard Sam leave the room. I still couldn’t shake this bad feeling. In fact its gotten worse in this short time period. I felt nauseous, really nauseous. Something just isn’t right.

“Hey, you okay?” I heard concern in Deans voice. He must have noticed the nervousness on my face even though I was looking down. Hes just that good.

“Ya I’m fine.” I said a little slowly, and it took me a second to look up, trying to ignore the nausea. I couldn’t fix the way I looked, I just couldn’t, this feeling was just way too overwhelming for me to hide. I wanted to, I didn’t want to worry Dean with a “feeling”

“You don’t look fine.” I sighed and turned away. “Come on Y/N. We hunt ghosts for a living, and yet, I have never seen you look like you’ve actually seen one before. What’s going on?’

“It’s nothing. It’s stupid.” I still couldn’t make eye contact with him. I felt my temperature start to rise. The nausea still there, along with butterflies.

“Y/N, the last time I saw you that pale, you had the flu. I seriously doubt that it’s nothing. Let alone stupid. Come on now, spill.” He took a couple of steps closer to me as he spoke. Maybe hes right, when was the last time I had a bad feeling, let alone this bad. I looked up at him sighing and gulping trying to keep my nausea under control. His face was drenched with concern but he had a slight half grin, probably trying to comfort me.

“I don’t know.” I said looking away again. “I just…I don’t know why, but I just have a really bad feeling about this.” His smiled dropped and he hesitated a little.

“I’m just going to grab Garth and take him back to his motel. This is the most normal and safest thing that any of us have done in a long time. Aside from the breakfast this morning, we’re just a normal nine to five and an animal running around here away from an “Apple Pie” Life.” His voice was soft and comforting. He got a chuckle out of me and I got a grin in return. He was just as confused as I was for why I would have a bad feeling about this.

“I know, and that’s why I said it was stupid. So just don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine.” I gave him the best smile I could and he reciprocated it.

“Okay.” He paused for a minute and just stared at me. “Well hey, thanks for breakfast. I don’t know how any day can be a bad one starting out that good.” He reached out and grabbed my shoulders. “I’m sure everything will be fine.” Then he pulled me into a hug. I gripped tightly onto the back of his shirt and he pulled me closer and held me tighter.

“Please just be careful.” I said slightly muffled into his chest. He pulled away slightly to look at me.

“Careful’s my middle name Sweetheart.” He replied with a cocky grin.

“I’m serious Dean.” my face was stern, and even though I tried to fight them, my eyes started to get a little blurry with tears. Dean looked at me with a sad face. I didn’t want to make him feel bad. But at this point, with this feeling, I rather feel stupid later than have Dean hurt. Or worse.He pulled me in close and kissed my forehead, lingering for a minute.

“I promise.” He whispered into my forehead. He gripped me tight one last time and then pulled away. Giving me a reassuring grin, he grabbed his bag.

“I’ll be back before you know it.” He turned and headed to the garage.

“I hope so.” I said quietly as he shut the door behind him. The feeling still there, even after all of that.

Deans POV

As I turned to walk away from Y/N, my body was screaming at me to turn back around and hold her again. Not only did I want to comfort her, but that was the best couple minutes of my life. I want to tell her how I feel, but I just can’t. This life is just too dangerous, and there are no happy endings.

I threw my duffel in the trunk and then slid into Baby. Before I started her up I took one last look at the door. ‘I hope Y/N is going to be okay, I’ve never seen her that worried before’ I thought. That’s the thing about the three of us, we know how to hide our thoughts and fears pretty well. I know that’s not always a good thing but we do. So the fact that Y/N was that worried over something so small……I couldn’t help but feel a bit nervous. But hey, I’ll be fine, this is nothing. With that, I started baby up and took off down the road.

I pulled up to an abandoned warehouse. I looked down at the paper with Garth’s address on it. 2580 S Monroe. I looked back up at the sign out front, this is it. I got out of the car and slowly made my way to an entrance with two sets of double doors. This place is starting to look a little sketchy, but Garth did say he was after a demon, so maybe he had him tied up here.

“Garth!” I made my way down a hallway that broke off from the main lobby looking area. Empty boxes, broken chairs and tables, and a lot of other crap scattered everywhere. “No ones used this place in a long time.” I mumbled to myself. Well if Garth was going to tie up a demon, or any other creature for that matter, this would be the place to do it. I pulled out my flashlight as I proceeded. It started to get a little dark in here.

“Garth!” I took a peak into a room to my right. No one. I see a staircase that heads downstairs up ahead. The only place I can go from here. I turn to start heading towards the stairs when I stepped on something. Something slick. I point my flashlight down to my feet. Crimson red. A little pool of blood lays at my feet.

“I should have told you to take a cab Garth.” I moaned as I pulled out my gun. It wasn’t a lot of blood, but it definitely hasn’t been there since this place was abandoned, too fresh. Which means somethings going on. I’m just hoping that it’s not Garth’s. I slowly make my way to the staircase trying to listen for any noises from Garth or anybody……..or anything.

Suddenly, something grabs me from behind and throws me up against the wall. I let out a groan. I dropped my gun and flashlight. Dam. Suddenly a hand comes up to my face and I see a bright blue light and within seconds everything goes black.

Your POV

Deans been gone for a little over two and half hours. I know I’m probably overreacting but shouldn’t he be back by now. This horrible feeling is overwhelming. I’ve been trying to keep busy. I did some laundry, deep cleaned the kitchen, went through the fridge and got rid of expired food. I cleaned the bathrooms, I also straightened up the living room and the library.

Once I finished I joined Sam in the library trying to look for a case for when Dean got back. But I was having so much trouble concentrating. I had to stop reading a couple of times to rub my eyes, sit back in my chair, lay my head down on one or both of my arms on the table. I was trying not to but I was probably annoying Sam. I’ve never felt this overwhelmed in my life. I wanted to scream!

“You know, if your tired, you can go lay down for a bit. Dean or I’ll come get you when we figure out dinner.” I knew I was annoying Sam. I looked up at him and smiled. He smiled back. Well at least I wasn’t so annoying that he couldn’t smile at me.

“I’m sorry” I sighed

“Why are you sorry? It’s not everyday that we can get extra sleep. Continue to celebrate, go take advantage of it!” He was very enthusiastic. I kept a small smile.

“No, it’s not that. I’m not tired.” He looked at me confused. I propped my elbows up on the table and laid my head in my hands.

“Well then what’s wrong?” I heard the concern in his voice. I sighed and grunted, then I lifted my head. I kept my gaze on my hands, afraid of Sams reaction just like I was with Dean about this ridiculous feeling.

“Sam.” It almost came out as a whine. “I have a really bad feeling about this, and I haven’t been able to shake it all day.” He furrowed his eyebrows. 

“About what? Research?” He looked down at his book, then to his computer, then back to me, even more confused.

“No! Dean.” I groaned and looked back at my hands. I reached up to pinch the bridge of my nose as I closed my eyes.

“Why? Hes only grabbing Garth and then he’ll be coming back. This is the safest thing hes done in a long time.” I could tell he wanted to say more but I cut him off. 

“I know, I know. Dean told me the same thing. Hell, I’ve told myself I don’t know how many times today.” I know I sounded irritated, and I was, but not with Sam. I hope he knows that.

“So you told dean?”

“More like he pulled it out of me. Because I was just as transparent as I am now.” I sighed. “ I’m sorry Sam. I don’t mean to snap, it’s just….I can’t stand this feeling anymore! And no amount of cleaning or research is taking my mind off of it!” I let out a defeated sigh.

“How long have you felt it for?”

“Ever since Dean got that phone call from Garth.” I looked up at him. He gave me a sympathetic look. Thank God, cuz I wouldn’t be able to take it if he was going to start picking on me.

“Have you tried to call or text him at all since hes left?”

“No. I don’t want to bug him with this. It’s stupid.”

“I don’t think it’s possible for you to bug Dean, and this is definitely not stupid. The fact that it’s been bugging you for this long…….We’ve had this life long enough to know when and when not to trust our gut. You’ve had this feeling going on what….almost three plus hours now. I think if it was nothing, it would’ve gone away by now. Especially with all the work you’ve been doing.”

Sam was right. But that’s not good. Because if he was right, and my gut was right, then that just means something bad has or is going to happen. That moment of relief that I had because Sam had my back quickly disappeared at that thought. I looked at Sam for a moment and he gave me a sad grin. Then I reached for my phone. I was just about to hit call when there was a knock at the door. 

I looked back at Sam. I know we shared the same confused look. We both stood and headed toward the bunker door. Sam pushed me behind him and pulled out his gun. That’s one thing that I absolutely loved about Sam and Dean, but it also could annoy me at times. They know I can take care of myself but they still protect me like I’m the freaking president. They’re my family.

Sam slowly opened the door, just enough so we could see who was out there. My heart and stomach dropped. I know I stopped breathing. That bad feeling….just doubled. I didn’t know that was possible. But it happened.

anonymous asked:

So this Regina can't have kids reveal. Do you think the show is setting up a miracle baby storyline for her sometime in the future w/ Robin?

Considering that Snow took the same exact potion and then had it reversed and had Emma, I’d say that’s entirely possible. I’m actually sort of coming around to the idea of Regina and Robin raising Green Green Jr. together, though. I think Regina would be a great mother to him/her (I think it’s a girl because the Mills run to girls, ahem) and and then when they have their own kids eventually, or even if they don’t, she can blend as part of the family. OUAT’s storyline has always been that there are many ways to make a family, and it would actually be kind of lovely if Regina and Robin ended up with a daughter they wouldn’t otherwise have had because of Green Green (crazy as she is and as wrong as what she did was). But we’ll see.