Arzaylea: ‘People I went to high school with are literally doing what they were doing 5 years ago.’

Ummmm….. you don’t even have a job? And never even had one or any other type of adult responsibility? Like paying rent or bills? You are not getting through life by working for and earning the things you have like the rest of us but by scrounging off others who do work and achieve things by themselves?Where on earth did you get this sense of superiority that makes you think it’s ok to laugh that others who unlike you, are living in the real world and earning a living for themselves? You have nothing in your life that you worked for? Even your paid/sponsored Instagram posts and lip fillers came off the back of Luke’s and 5SOS’s popularity and not your own? 

Get a job and join the rest of us in reality because with that you’ll get a sense of what it’s like for someone who hasn’t taken advantage of others and leeched off them. You really should not be proud or happy to be a freeloader because it really is shameful. If Luke dumped you tomorrow where would you live? How would you provide for yourself? I suppose that’s where the safety net of Dad and your trust fund comes in? 

That time I got pushed out of a job.

(warning: long story)

A few years ago i got hired at a big company, let’s call it company X. Up until then i had only been a research scientist working in microbiology but i needed more money so i took the job as a technical sales rep. I was hired to do sales and technical support for scientific research reagents. Thing is i was hired to do sales for government and governmental institutions. The job was ok, i interacted with a lot of the country’s leading scientists and built a reasonable network and some cool friendships. The county had been in crisis for a long time and getting worse every year, and my sales were becoming more difficult because the government wasn’t providing public universities for adequate (or any) money allocations to keep science programs and faculties stocked, and as the economy crumbled further, the government’s institutional labs from various sectors also started having serious problems and almost everybody switched to Indian or Chinese chemicals which were a lot cheaper than mine.

As the months passed, i was only able to get a few big contracts and sales (even though i managed to pull a few feats that got me commended as no other sales reps had been able to do what i pulled off). And yet I got yelled at a lot for not meeting my objectives. My manager was a complete tool 100% of the time.

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Roughly, it means, ‘when an era changes, the number of depressed people increases.’

年号 refers to the era more like Meiji, Showa, Heisei etc. rather than the years themselves. Right now, JP is in the 27th year of the Heisei era. They also use 2015 but they use Heisei 27 when it comes to legal matters; in general you’ll see this more often.

As for the second part of his message, I guess it means that he noticed that there are more people who are getting clinically depressed (うつ病) here in JP.

This is just something else I’ve noticed but there are some rather violent killings here in JP which was pretty bad before but it’s kind of getting worse every year. Suicide is also kind of common in this country tho they don’t report it all the time but yeah;;

As for the message in general, I’m also hoping that Ishida-sensei is safe. He tends to give out worrying messages here and then and seeing how it was posted early in the morning, I know how you feel. ;~;

I hope that Ishida-sensei gets plenty of rest and is doing alright.

Defeating the ‘superbugs’: new inventions to kill drug-resistant disease 

In the battle against disease-causing microbes, the bugs now seem to be winning. Antibiotic drugs, which were once so good at eliminating bacterial infections of all kinds, are rapidly losing the ability to control disease, a problem that gets worse every year. Last month, the World Health Organization reported that across the planet, bacteria that resist standard antibiotics are now common in urinary tract infections, pneumonia and bloodstream infections. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention calculates that every year in the U.S., antibiotic-resistant bacteria sicken 2 million people and kill 23,000. Gonorrhea was once a snap to cure, but some cases of this sexually transmitted infection are now caused by superbugs that defy every antibiotic we have. The advance of antibiotic resistance means that routine procedures like heart surgery or joint replacements could soon become dangerous, without reliable ways to prevent infection.

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ticks are so, so bad this season. it seems they’re getting worse every year! and while we’ve been lucky that we’ve never found one latched onto machete (a couple have dropped onto his coat and immediately been spotted and swatted away, though!) it is a concern. and we’re always taking precautions.


  • keep grass low
  • prune low lying bushes
  • create a 3 foot barrier of wood chips, mulch, or stone where your lawn meets the woods (if applicable)
  • decrease leaf litter in yard and surrounding areas
  • limit areas where rodents can live. move woodpiles away from the home and areas visited often by people and pets.
  • in the summer months put out “tick tubes”: cardboard tubes containing permethrin-soaked cotton balls.  mice will use it as nesting material, and the permethrin will decrease the number of ticks on the mice.


  • when in a tick-infested environment, tuck pant legs into socks; this prevents ticks from attaching to your legs.
  • wear light-colored clothing.
  • treat clothing with insecticide (or spray with cedar oil spray).
  • place clothing in hot dryer for 30 minutes to kill ticks.


  • monthly treatment products (available from your veterinarian) can be applied to help create a skin barrier to prevent tick bites.
  • lyme disease vaccines — a two-shot series, each one month apart — gives yearly protection against the disease (available from your veterinarian).
  • cedar oil spray (safe for dogs and humans) can be safely applied to the coat to help naturally repel ticks and fleas.

I’m kind of concerned because last year I thought 2014 was the worst year of my life and then this year I’m feeling like its 2015 instead, is it normal for every year to get increasingly worse or am I doing something wrong

lillieisabllagrace  asked:

So that fungus that's killing frogs, is it everywhere in the US? I was wondering because here in Indiana, the mosquitoes are getting worse every year. I assumed it had to do with the warmer weather, but after learning about the whole fungus things, I was curious if it could lack of frogs

According to the National Parks Service,

“ The chytrid fungus is devastating frogs in North and South America and in Australia. All continents which have populations of frogs now too have the chytrid fungus. It has been found in more than 40 countries and in 36 states in the United States. The disease can survive from sea level to 20,000 feet in elevation.  

(…) Along the coast of Alaska, boreal toads—Alaska’s only toad species—have gone from abundant to almost non-existent in less than ten years. The cause remains uncertain, but biologists have found boreal toads in southeast Alaska and in other states that died from the chytrid fungus.So far, wood frogs remain common in Alaska and many parts of North America. In Rocky Mountain National Park for example, wood frogs carry the chytrid fungus, but they still maintain a strong population. However, the formerly abundant leopard frogs have completely disappeared from that area. And in 2002, a dead wood frog was found with the chytrid fungus in Kenai National Wildlife Refuge on the Alaska coast.”

Increased insect activity can be due to a lot of things, but we know chytrid isn’t helping and could make things drastically worse in the next decade. 


Warner Bros. has filed a lawsuit against a small bar from Amityville, New York, for playing one of their songs without permission. The track in question is not a recent pop song, but the 80-year old love song “I Only Have Eyes for You” which first appeared in Warner’s 1934 movie “Dames.”

Many bars, pubs and restaurants like to entertain their guests with live music, with bands often playing covers of recent hits or golden oldies.

As with all music that’s performed in public, the bar owners are required to pay the royalties, even if there are just handful of listeners present.

Royalty collection agencies take this obligation very seriously and drive around the country visiting local bars and pubs to check whether they obey the law. Those who don’t usually get a bill in the mailbox, and if they refuse to pay up it gets worse.

Every year hundreds of small establishments are sued by copyright holders, often with help from performing rights organizations ASCAP and BMI. This week, Giacomo Jacks, a restaurant/bar from Amityville, New York, became a target.

The bar is being sued by Warner Bros. and Pure Songs for playing two songs without permission back in February. As they failed to secure the rights, Giacomo Jacks now faces a maximum of $60,000 in damages.

While these lawsuits are fairly common, the song over which Warner Bros is suing stands out immediately, as it’s more than 80 years old.

In the lawsuit Warner Bros. claims to have been severely harmed by the public performance in the Amityville bar, for which it demands proper compensation. Since the actual damage can’t be calculated they ask for up to $30,000 per infringement.

“The said wrongful acts of the Defendants have caused and are causing great injury to the Plaintiffs, which damage cannot be accurately computed, and unless this Court restrains the Defendants from the further commission of said acts, said Plaintiffs will suffer irreparable injury,” the complaint (pdf) reads.

While Warner Bros. appear to be on sound legal ground (the song’s copyright only expires after 95 years) suing a small local business over a 80-year old song is not the best PR. That said, considering previous cases that dealt with the same issue, Giacomo Jacks will most likely lose the case or end up paying a hefty settlement fee.

Meanwhile, various unauthorized copies of the track are played hundreds of thousands of times on YouTube and elsewhere.