Sam and Bucky trying to get along
  • Bucky:Sam and I are good friends, he understands me so much that-
  • Sam:we finish each other's sentences
  • Bucky:don't fucking interrupt me

Me and Patrick can finish each others sentences. This is what makes it so funny when people ask us if we care that you think the the other one is hotter or cooler, or how much everyone makes a big deal about who writes what or is where in photos. We don’t care. That kid is my best friend and the rest of the world could blow up and Fall Out Boy can break up and he still will be there.

  • Kylo:The Supreme Leader is leading me into conflict. I don't know what to do. But, he's my savior, he-
  • Rey:is an asshole
  • Kylo:Wait, no. The Supreme Leader-
  • Rey:has his own agenda and doesn't give a shit about you.
  • Kylo:No, Rey. He is-
  • Rey:the worst thing to grace this side of the galaxy.
  • Kylo:but-

Jimmy Pesto’s would be one of those places that take pics of couples. Lol.

(weekend at mort’s episode)

i just want lil klance things

like it isn’t too much to ask right i just want subtle sweet fluffy things along with their loud angry banter like

-touching shoulders while talking strategy

-lil smiles in the video coms

-smol glances during training to make sure the other is doing ok

-forehead touching right before a mission

-forehead touching in general

-lance walking into keith’s room without saying anything and keith letting him

-keith waking up a sleepy lance

-lance sitting in the training room just watching keith or reading a book

-keith being motivated and relieved by his presence

-finishing each other’s sentences

-stargazing in the control room

-naming the unknown planets using allura’s hologram of space

-chatting about the garrison

-small shoulder shoves when lance cracks a joke

-when one of them leaves a conversation the other follows

-going to an unknown planet and exploring together

-both being reassured that their weapons have synergy

i just want lil klance things