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Hello hello, I am heading for my first year for architecture school, and i can not find a better person to learn from his experience, any advice ? Thank you ❤


You can see previous responses about architecture school and advice to architecture students here.

Here is some advice from The Architectural Review’s 11 Things to know before starting architecture school which sounds pretty accurate to me! (my markups in italics):

  1. Drink tea not coffee. I drink both, sometimes after 10 cups you just cannot drink any more coffee during an all-nighter!
  2. Draw lots and draw by hand. Drawing isn’t just a way of communicating with others it’s a way of thinking.
  3. When making models use a sharp scalpel.
  4. Pin-up straight.
  5. Your tutors are an invaluable source of wisdom and ideas – use them lots.
  6. Your tutors’ knowledge only goes so far. Intelligence, experience and damning criticisms they may have, a monopoly on the truth they do not.
  7. Power nap with caution.
  8. Subscribe to a journal ArchAtlas. Regularly reading an architecture magazine blog is an invaluable source of inspiration. Joking, I read a bunch of architecture magazines regularly.
  9. University grading systems are odd and architecture marking is brutal. Students who’ve been at the top of their class all their lives arrive at architecture school and find themselves struggling to get middle-of-the-road marks. Take heart. Your final grade is far less important than the skills and portfolio you’ll build on your way to it.
  10. Eat delicious food.
  11. Explore. Travel often with an open mind. Understand cultures and traditions different to your own.
  12. Today’s bonus: don’t look directly at the sun without protective gear!

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I browsed the youtube for a few SDCC Hoco interviews for you guys

• This is literally the only video I found of this interview. It’s repeating itself after the first time so just ignore the rest.

○ The cute look between them at 1.48

○ at 3.09 Is it just me or did Jon Watts say “Thomas/Tom’s sore –” Z laughed at that pretty hard lol

○ at 4.20 They both laughed at Tony’s comment almost at the same time

○ at 4.57 Funny moment with all of them and lol Tom’s “What did I do??”

But just watch the whole interview if you guys haven’t before. It’s a bit over 6 mins only.

• The radio interview that everyone surely have already heard

• Interview with Z and she mentions Tom during the first question

• And at 2.26 is the group interview where at the end they’re like “Where’s Zendaya?”




Wow, thank you anon for your work!!🙌 I wish you logged in with your username so I could give you proper thanks for helping out the newbie anons with link questions!


Some people mentioned that they wanted to commission me and I am getting a puppy soon, so….maybe help me support my new puppy!!! :D

Uh most things are mentioned above, but there is a five dollar minimum or else it isn’t worth it, what with paypal fees and all.

The breakdowns above are pretty vague, so just let me know what you want and we can try and work something out based on your budget and what you would like to get out of it. All of my art of varying qualities can be viewed HERE.

I also have a more sketchy rough style versus a hard-lined style, so both of those are options? If you go sketchy you may get a bit more bang for your buck because I am way faster with that.

So that’s pretty much it! Remember, you have until September 4th (or until I have too many slots filled) before I close them, so your time window is small! Feel free to contact me with any questions. THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT GUYS!!!

Just Practice {a shance fanfic}

Pairing: Shiro/Lance

Rating: T (fluff, mostly)

Summary: Lance is worried his love life is a disaster, but Shiro doesn’t think he has anything to worry about.

Notes: [strolls in three seasons late with fanfic] so shance is pretty cute, huh? this fic is based off a couple of my personal Shiro and Lance headcanons: firstly, that they’d be best friends because they’re both huge dorks. And secondly, that Shiro is the first guy Lance has ever had a crush on, so he’s kinda in the early stages of a Bi Awakening™ and Shiro kinda knows but isn’t saying anything about it.

{also up on AO3}

The game was simple. An array of containers stood in formation on the coffee table, all snatched from various parts of the Castle: mugs and glasses from the kitchen, trays and bowls from the rec room, and a few boxes from one of the storage cupboards. Lance had lined them up in a rough triangle shape and assigned points to each target. The goal was to throw a token into the containers.

Unfortunately, Alteans didn’t have coins, so the tokens were a little… haphazard. Shiro had scrounged up some bottle caps and metal disks and pinched a few metal washers from Hunk’s tool box, but the end result was still a mishmash of different-sized projectiles.

Not that that bothered Lance in the slightest. He seemed to have a knack for hitting targets with anything Shiro handed him.

“Why do I feel like you picked a game you knew you’d beat me at?” Shiro asked, as he wildly overshot a glass jar.

“Are you accusing me of cheating?” Lance demanded, but the note of humour in his voice robbed the words of any malice.

“No. Just trying to get an unfair advantage.”

“Just let me have this, Shiro.” He bounced a washer off the table and into Hunk’s favourite mug. “I need to win at something to make up for the fact that I’m definitely going to be alone forever.”

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Dan and Phil are so different yet both are so beautiful like dans more soft, with his tummy and thighs and his face is full with that pretty red patch that occasionally appears and yeah he's fucking loud but sometimes his voice is just soft. But PHIL oh man his long legs and broad shoulders drive me crazy and he just seems more confident in the way his body moves and his face is sharp and sculpted by god himself and he has a cute crooked smile and gorgeous eyes and his voice is so deep and damn.

catch me crying

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oh shit quick jerm hc: he has electrocution scars allll up his back, all branching from his spine. he even has some going up his neck, and they wrap around his neck a lil bit. he hates them, and michael hates what they represent, but they both think they look pretty cool

I use this headcanon on this blog! Except he also has some on his anterior wrists too. You can see them in one of the more recent answers. They just add to his list of reasons to wear a cardigan. I actually have a question to Jeremy about this, so I’ll say more about it when it’s answered!

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Okay, so I starting reading through your Jedi fanfic tag and as an Obitine shipper, I want representation dammit! So imagine this. There's definitely Amitine fic bc they know each other in real life and are both super pretty. We know there's Anidala bc Anakin and Padme are not subtle. But then,,, someone posts a collection of pics with Obi-Wan like, putting his hand onthe small of Satine's back, or taking her hand to guide her down so,e steps or something and they tag it #is it weird that I ship

The first thing that came to mind about this was that when someone finally asks Obi-Wan on camera about the fans who “ship” him with Duchess Kryze, he’s going to make an idiot of himself, stumbling and stammering and yelling about how she’s not his girlfriend OMG I AM A JEDI OK I HAVE NEVER AND WOULD NEVER CARRY ON WITH ANYONE IN AN ATTACHMENT KIND OF WAY MUCH LESS SATINE I have a war to win! She’s a blonde hothead who yells at me AS IF THAT WAS EVEN MY TYPE IF I HAD A TYPE WHICH I DON’T Maybe you’re the one who’s in love with her HUH??? HMM? HOW ABOUT THAT?!

Anakin, sitting in the background of Obi-Wan’s room probably still wearing nothing but a bathrobe, is going to laugh so hard. Padme saves a copy of this episode and re-watches it when she’s having a bad day at work. 

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omggg thank you ;_; here's another if you want? You both are silent for a moment, staring out at the stars above. You shift your gaze to his profile, taking in his nose, his mouth, his jaw. McCree's gaze catches yours once he feels you're looking at him, and he half-smiles, huffing out a small laugh. (1/2)

“What, got a booger comin’ out or something?” he jokes, resting his forearms on the balcony railing. “Nah,” you say, still eyeing him. It should be considered a crime to be so handsome, even in Blackwatch uniform. “You just…. you’ve got pretty eyes,” you say, turning forward again to look at the city before you, suddenly embarrassed.

Pride and Prejudice (Drabble)

The peace is comfortable. The wind, still just the slightest bit warm, the promise of summer so close you could swear you can taste it in the air. You lean heavily against the railing overlooking the city, tired from a long week and an even crazier day.

Saved by a Blackwatch agent.

Who had no business being on the mission.

Swooping out of nowhere, and damn near knocking you out (and out of harm’s way).

You, a grunt.

Not even worth saving.

In an organization like Overwatch, not everyone can be amazing. It’s just a fact of life. You were okay with this, happy to even be allowed to enter the organization; it’s the dream of every child—to be a hero, join the ranks of those that would go down in history as the ones who went above and beyond.

You would’ve been fine if it had been another teammate that saved you from getting cornered and crushed by a particularly oversized artillery omnic. At least you would’ve been saved by a hero.

You never expected to be saved by one of them–

“Dregs of society.”

“Dangerous criminals.”

The undertakers, the unethical, the dirty; all under the command of the charismatic Gabriel Reyes. It’s Overwatch’s worst kept secret. Of all people to be saved by. Why him?

You slam a fist down on the railing, the metal echoes through your arm, rattling the injuries that have just finished healing, but the wave of frustration easily nullifies that. It only intensifies the turmoil in your mind.

Why the troublemaker, Jesse McCree? Why you?

“So this is where you’ve been hidin’.”

Thorns and vines constrict you, the smooth timbre almost too loud in your paranoid mind, forcing your spine straight and the rest of your muscles tense. Speak of the devil.

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I’ve been dealing with a bunch of €xclusionist shit both on a personal level and all over my Facebook feed because of some implosions in some leftbook groups and it’s all left me feeling pretty gross

So I’m just here to say that I love and support my a-spec followers, ALL of you, that a-spec identities are inherently queer, that exclusionism is not separable from aphobia, and that aphobes are bigoted assholes that will be left the fuck behind in time, just like trüscum, biphobes and t€rfs are not tolerated in any reasonable queer space.

Stick it out, be patient and strong, there are people who love you and are fighting for you. Be safe and take care of yourselves! This blog supports you.

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How do Cedric and Pietro handle everyday problems and routines? Is there anything special they do to keep their love and happiness "fresh"?

cedric is just, Super laid back so usually they can figure out problems pretty easily. both of them like doing little different things to make everyday routines not as boring. cedric can actually be pretty spontaneous at like, completely random times which always manages to surprise pietro!!! pietro is also good at finding new things to see and do

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So I just went back and re-read My Stars and Yours all over again from the start, and I just have to commend both you and RedRarebit one more time. Funny, sexy, heartbreaking, tender, richly detailed and so so good. It just makes my day. Everyone should read this. Thanks again.

@part-time-ravager we’re loved!

But seriously, thank you so much. We’re on a bit of a writing break from it atm, having plowed away at it pretty tirelessly for months. There’s so much more to come though, and we can’t wait to share it with you guys!

“It just… doesn’t seem like you.  To do something so mundane.  You’d normally be jumping over spike pits or fighting zombies or something.”

“Well Egypt is a bit short on both so it’s be pretty boring.  I’d think you’d be excited that I’m doing something so safe.” 

“Well I mean I am… obviously but-”

“Lucien, are you calling me a liar? After you made me promise to be more open with you?”

“No! I’d never say that!”

“Good!  Because I would be seriously offended if that’s what you were implying.”

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And now I need to see short hair diana in a fic.. Which means I sit and wait for one or I try and write one myself. Or both.

Well, Diana cuts her hair in Dragon’s Oath, a fic on that just came back from hiatus (and it makes Akko blush more than once ;) ). The fic itself is pretty interesting, so you can always give it a try !

And if you want to write such a fic yourself, I’d be happy to read it ^_^ !

Virgil Appreciation Week // Day 1 // A Dark and Stormy Night

I’ve decided to participate this week!

The 2nd prompt for today was

10 things I think he likes or enjoys n why so

1. Space!! I kinda headcanon him and Logan both liking space cuz,, it’s fascinating, and really pretty and I just feel like he’d like that sort of stuff. Idk space is cool. If we’re talking a human au I can imagine him having a space themed jacket and idk I can go on for ages talking about this. Hell he probably has a space aesthetic blog. Why not.

2. Hoodies. Multiple band hoodies? He has that. Space hoodies? Yes. Pastel hoodies? Fuck yes. Hoodies are comfortable and soft and great!!!

3. He probably likes. A lot of baked goods, especially homemade ones. He probably cooks with the other sides. Especially Patton. Yes please

4. Cats!!! Every type of cat!! They’re warm and fluffy and adorable and he loves them!!!

5. Mint!!! Mint ice cream? Mint biscuits? Yes he likes mint!! Best flavour!

6. Night. Everyone is asleep, the sky is speckled with stars and the moon shines almost as brightly(dimly) as his phone does in his face as he scrolls through Tumblr… perfect time for our dark strange son.

7. Art!! He likes to draw and paint in his spare time. Of course, he doesn’t want anyone to see his art because oh god what if they don’t like it and think he’s a freak but he definitely likes to draw.

8. Sewing. He finds it very relaxing and often just sews stuff onto things Patton makes(I want to make headcanon lists for the others now…)

9. Wings!! Angel wings, bird wings, they’re really fun to draw and they’re just so pretty!! Owls and Kites are probably his favourite birds.

10. Writing! Me and my friends actually came up with the headcanon that he likes to theorise in secret about songs he likes, about the meanings n stuff, n like, dedicates entire notebooks to it! And he probably also likes to just write short stories either about his own characters or just characters he likes.

Happy Eclipse day! My mom and I watched from our driveway. We thought about bringing chairs out, but decided to just open up the car and sit in it. Buddy enjoyed his nap in the car, but was totally unimpressed by the eclipse. We were at 93% where I live, so it was pretty cool. You can see the eclipse in both the shadows in the top picture and the reflection orb thing in the one on the left. After the eclipse I took a nap and then my mom and I walked over to the store to get stuff to make PIZZA! It’s pizza night and we will probably regret turning on the oven, cause it’s hot again. But we are making the amazing tapioca crust that I absolutely LOVE, so I’m excited! 

What’s your favorite pizza topping (aside from lots of cheese?) Mine will FOREVER be PINEAPPLE!!!!! Anyone who says pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza doesn’t deserve my love. 

Stars helping fix up everyone in the squads cuts and scratches after a little skirmish and Tom looks her in the eyes and goes “Star…Youre beautiful..” and she rolls her eyes omg. “Dont tease me. Its not nice.”

“No, really! You are! I’m super sad we broke up… You’re so pretty….and sweet…and cute..also my parents need some political allies so we should get married to help both of our kingdoms.”

Star just gets all flustered and shes like “ugh!! We!! broke! Up!!!! You fool!!!!!!!! >:(”

Toms like “Star wait!!! We can just be like politcal partners!!!! We dont even have to hold hands or anything!!!”

realistically idk which parts of his body link would end up working out more just in the shit he does every day i feel inclined to say his arms but i feel sword fighting is a pretty all inclusive activity so hes pretty toned everywhere
perhaps though .. since hes always Picking Up heavy shit his arms r ? more noticeably muscular like if he flexes u shit urself but then hes still got a soft squishy tummy and thighs which ! mind u are still both very Strong they are just also softened by a nice ol protective layer of fat

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"Also I didn’t go super into detail about the beasts attitude and what he could do during his fits of rage because I wanted this to be one that everyone could read. If anyone wants the more in depth (which I would have to put under a keep reading and warn people) then just send an ask! " Well, here is that ask. You've got me curious now, and I want to know: what's the Beast capable of when he's angered?

Alright, so this is going to go under a keep reading and I am warning you what is under the keep reading. I will be honest, writing the good guy parents as bad is slightly hard because I do view most of them as pretty good parents. But again, this is an au, so this is how I think they are in this au.

Warnings: Abuse-both physical and verbal

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(Not my gif)

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