I’ve been feeling like working on my dragons and i came up with these two after i did their designs long ago.

They are bounty hunters, known as “Hunt Sisters”, working all across the land for whoever has the fullest pockets or just catching any chances they get. Both of them are poisonous draygons under some shadow energy influence (i should really go in depth with this whole typing and energy shenanigans .w.) so they are very unusual for their kind.

Suzie is loud, very extrovert and in charge, the one with more chances to start a bar fight, she’s the lead and the one who stirs up the situation every time, She likes that part of her job, sometimes a bit too much. Ophelia is much more quiet, prefers to express herself with her body language, which can be pretty loud and clear when it involve her hips pfff other than that and the occasional sass she’s pretty calm, kind of a follower.

How to Make an In-N-Out Double-Double Animal-Style Burger at Home.

It begins with a whole onion, diced, and ton of patience

You’ll be slowly caramelizing these babies for almost an hour, adding a little bit of water along the way to deglaze the pan

Good news is, they keep for up to three days in the fridge, so you can make them ahead of time and reheat as needed

Make your modified secret sauce, which is essentially just thousand island dressing with some vinegar

Your patties will be super thin—less than a ¼ lb. Liberally salt and pepper both sides

Fry the patties in a little bit of vegetable oil and add mustard to one side of each patty before flipping

You’ll flip pretty quickly, because each patty is so thin

You’ll flip pretty quickly, because each patty is so thin

Toast your buns

Start building the burger by adding a lot of secret sauce to the bottom bun

The pickles are damned important

Tomato and iceberg lettuce come next. They protect the bun from the greasy patties

First patty goes on

Then add those delicious, time-consuming onions

Second cheese-covered patty is next. This is a Double-Double, after all

And then, the most important step …

@clueingforlooks imagine ,,,, when they got put in the cell together and Sherlock flops onto the lil bed thing, but John’s tryna make himself fit on it too, and Sherlock’s all I think it’s made for one person but by all means continue, and John’s basically manhandling him onto his side, giggling cause he’s still drunk, pretty much trying to spoon him and it works for a second,,,,they both fit and they’re squished together happily but the closer John gets to sobering up the more “”“inappropriate”“ he realizes it is, so he has to sadly take his arm away from Sherlock’s waist and move down to the floor, not saying anything. and Sherlock’s just staring at the wall with his frowny face cause he just wanted a cuddle but it’s not about him it’s about John …… and his wedding tomorrow




Thanks guys! I’m pretty sure it’s in big part to both Undertale and Steven Universe, probably…

So if you want, I’ll do five prompts I like from Undertale to celebrate!

Send some in? Either reply here or just send an ask. Obviously I will always pick Sans prompts wahahha

Thanks for following and always writing such nice things in the tags! I try and read through everything :0

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Literaly everybody in karasuno with their aobajousai counterparts

alright just so this doesn’t become the longest post ever i’m just gonna do the two that i ship?? i’m really sorry about that but if there’s a specific one i don’t do then send it to me by itself and i’ll do it i promise :) by the way i’m in rarepair hell with this fuckign show so be ready

oisuga (because i’m trash)

  • literally everyone is jealous of them. i’m jealous of them. 
  • this is sooo self indulgent but they definitely have a couple instagram and they constantly post pictures of each other or both of them. most of them are pretty innocent, like suga smiling while wearing a scarf at starbucks, oikawa kissing suga on the cheek, sappy shit like that
  • but then. ohhhh god. there are the more….risque photos of each other, more so of oikawa (because i headcanon suga as someone who’s into photography) shirtless but from a back view. the frame dips just low enough to the point where you can tell he’s not wearing anything at all, and oikawa has his head turned slightly so you can see his smirk and his cocked eyebrow.
  • the ones of suga are definitely safer than the one’s of oikawa. usually they’re shots of suga from just above his bicep and suga’s innocently smiling with his head turned over his shoulder, but his pupils are blown and his hair is mussed up and yeah. they just banged.
  • well after completely indulging myself, on to other non gross things
  • suga is really good at bringing oikawa down to earth, but not in a mean way or anything. it’s just suga’s presence that makes him a little more humble
  • but it also works the other way around–oikawa somehow gives suga this incredible confidence booster. it’s not too noticeable, but people can tell because suga accepts compliments now instead of rejecting them and he’s a little more flirtatious than usual.

iwadai (don’t even look at me)

  • if you were jealous of oikawa and suga being together, get ready to be jealous of these two
  • it’s not an obvious kind of jealousy, though? it’s more of like it slowly irritates you more and more how well they fit with each other and how good they look with each other 
  • their favorite thing to do with each other is run/work out together. they constantly compliment each other and it’s so gross that the one time oikawa and suga came along they almost threw up with how weird it was.
  • they’re the kind of couple that doesn’t necessarily have to talk to each other when they’re hanging out? they simply enjoy the other’s presence and are happy with simple study dates every once in a while
  • mmmm nsfw headcanons because i’m actual garbage. that means that there is nsfw stuff below so if you’re a sinner like me enjoy
  • iwaizumi (like the rest of us) adores daichi’s thighs. literally will not stop touching them when they have sex and you can guarantee that there are a million marks left on them after the fact. (ps iwa-chan likes fucking daichi’s thighs oops)
  • daichi also loves iwa’s arms???? (who doesn’t haha rip me) although they’re pretty versatile in who bottoms and who tops daichi really loves it when iwa pretty much scoops him up with his bara arms and fucks him. 

yikes what am i doing with my life.

send me a haikyuu!! pairing and i’ll give my headcanons for it


me ( @cunthc ) & the super awesome @yezzurp both just hit our followers goals so we wanted to promote a bunch of you lovelys 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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*posting lists Friday February 12th*

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How would the yandere Allies handle having a really stubborn tsundere crush

America/ Alfred F. Jones- He handles it pretty well since he’s affectionate enough for the both of you. (His many years with Arthur have made him a master at translating the tsundere language.)

Canada/ Matthew Williams- He pouts a lot. Why do you have to be so mean? He just wants you to be happy…

China/ Yao Wang- Doesn’t stand for it. At all. You have no reason or excuse to be so angry with someone who loves you so much…so knock it off! Before you get into trouble.

England/ Arthur Kirkland- This will be a cluster fuck. Seriously, one of you has to break sometime. Lots of emotional stand stills that end up with him snapping. So have fun with that.

France/ Francis Bonnefoy- Also just grins and bears it. He knows you love him under that sour persona. Of course you do.

Russia/ Ivan Braginsky- Doesn’t like it. If you get all closed off then he just tries to pry, and when you snap, he backs off. It’s a very strained relationship.


Brayan: So what is your point of insulting me like this?

Ronen: Pretty much to tell you I’m curious and I think that we should do it. 

Brayan: Excuse me? Do you think I’m so shallow that I would just sleep with someone who insulted me in every way possible and views me as an experiment?

Ronen: Well is my judgement wrong?

Brayan stared at Ronen who arched both eyebrows at him. The last male he had been intimate with was Kate and it obviously had not turned out well. Ronen was pretty attractive in Brayan’s book except for his atrocious hairstyle that is. To say the least, he was fascinated to meet someone who had yet to fall for his charms completely. Maybe this was a new opportunity presenting itself he thought or maybe his judgment was clouded by the alcohol that was currently in his system… 

Brayan: I am that shallow… No one ever insulted me in that way before. It’s really exciting. 


hi so i had my meeting today and the turnout iiiiiis. not good.

basically its confirmed cancer so so far the plan is MONDAY i have the biopsy just to 100% clear everything up but from there its looking like surgery, chemo, and then radiation so. buut it could be terminal, that or ill lose my arm both are worst case but theyre both also pretty likely soYEAH its not all looking to bright but yknow you gotta do what you gotta do i suppose. i might be posting less cause of this im gonna be busy as hell with this stuff, but ill probably set up a queue sometime and im always on twitter if you wanna really keep up with me

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GRRM totally had some RPG in mind when he developed and wrote the three eldest Sand Snakes, hadn’t he? ‘Cause Obara = Warrior, Nymeria = Rogue and Tyene = Mage seems pretty obvious.

Idk man, Tyene’s kind of a cross between a disc priest and an assassination rogue, isn’t she? Nym is combat rogue. Sarella is obviously marksman hunter. I guess both Elia and Obara are arms warriors with their 2H weapons.

Dorea’s got her mace and practices on fruit, so she’s looking like another warrior (possibly paladin, but that’d feel weird for a Snake). I don’t think Loreza has begun training yet…she’s totally just the Gretel of the crew.

But the real question is: why is Obella considered the “terror of the pools”? Now her spec, that’s the interesting one.

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Hey ladies! So I need some advice. I've been trying to write some fanfic lately and it's just not working. I'll have a great night where I feel really inspired and get 2,000 words out and then the next night, when I go to continue the scene, I can't. Like it doesn't come out right and I keep deleting things. So basically, how did you get started writing your fic and get it to flow? Thanks for the help and love y'all! <3

Hi, love! 

Fun fact; there are some nights I write 20 pages and feel amazing about it and there are other nights that I can barely get two pages out without wanting to pull my hair out. I think it’s pretty common, so don’t beat yourself up about the nights you can’t get anything out. Sometimes you just can’t get in the headspace. 

That being said, here are some things I’ve found really helpful when sitting down to write, both fiction and papers for school:

-ideas notebook. I thought about the plot, characters, and themes of Let Me Live in Your City for a really long time before I sat down to write. I was constantly jotting down dialogue, plot points, scenes, and character backgrounds as they came to me. These things will fall out of your head in a second if you don’t write them down and then you’ll regret it. Let those ideas fester for a while and then start to write. 

-outlines are everything. build up action, plot points, specific dialogue of a scene or chapter and write around that. It’s so much less daunting than trying to write perfect paragraphs out of the gate.

-know where your chapter or story is going or you end up with action that doesn’t add to the plot and a winding story that you and the reader will lose interest in. Have your begging, middle, and ends figured out before you write it. This way you know where you need to end up and the middle stuff comes much faster. If you don’t know where you’re going, then what’s the point? 

-it’s okay if your first couple of drafts are really shitty (this advice courtesy of cassie its the best advice I’ve ever gotten). just get it out and then edit edit edit edit. 

-let your drafts sit for a while, write some more to your story, and then come back to them. Sometimes your later chapters and plot will reveal something about the characters you didn’t know yet and it informs the whole work. Go back and work them in, it makes your story richer and your characters more complex in the first chapter. 

-rituals. find your ritual before you write. it helps get you into a good headspace and develops good habits of focused writing. Mine is a fresh cup of a tea and a long chill playlist that helps me focus. 

-have someone look at your work throughout the process. It’s impossible to be objective about the work you’re doing. Be open to their suggestions and willing to let go of some things for the sake of the story. This is really, really hard but incredibly necessary. 

Hope this helps! Don’t get discouraged if you’re having a rough night. It happens. write away! 

XOXO Candice 

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Do you answer every ask you get? Bc mine hasn't been answered so is it possible that you rejected it (bc it includes shipping alternates as AHOT6 and idk if this is a shippy blog) or did it maybe just not send? (I do understand that maybe you just don't like AHOT6, similar to how you said you're not a fan of gender swaps maybe)

Hey anon, I’m actually glad you asked this. It gives me a chance to let you guys see “behind the curtain” so to speak.  First, to answer your question:

  • Yes, I do answer all the asks I get.  The only time I’ll delete an ask without addressing it at all is when I get two nearly identical asks, both from anons.
  • Shippy asks are A-OK in my book.  I’m cool with pretty much any ship you want to throw at me (even if I don’t ship all of them) as long as there’s nothing overly NSFW.  If shipping isn’t your thing, I tag all the shippy stuff with “armada” (aha I’m hilarious) if you want to block it.
  • There are a few AUs that have been vetoed for various reasons.  I’ll usually put up a post mentioning that if I get an ask about it, but where this blog is getting a little lengthy and there have been a lot of new faces lately (yay!) I think what I’ll do is put up a little info page where I list all the things I’ve said here as well as a list of au’s that will not be included either by my preference or by a followers request.  Currently the only AUs that are not to be included are any AUs that include noncon/dubcon, AUs that include mental illnesses, AUs that include A/B/O dynamics, and any Hamilton AUs.
  • In the same vein, if there are any AUs that make you uncomfortable for any reason please let me know.  (Feel free to message me here or on my main, anon or not).  This blog and this au exist so we can all play around, be creative, and have fun, which is hard to do if you’re constantly seeing content that squicks you.

Now.  That peek behind the curtain I promised.  Are you ready?  Brace yourself.

Hooo boy, that is one full inbox.  Scary right?  I was not kidding when I said I had a bit of a backlog.  Believe it or not I have actually been making progress on getting caught up (that number used to be even scarier) but it’s slow going.  

I have been EXTREMELY reluctant to close the ask box, both because I’m selfish and love seeing all the new asks every day, but also because this blog exists because of your messages.  I hate the thought of cutting off the ‘interactive’ side of the blog, that’s half the fun.

However.  It’s just hit me that even if I only answer one ask a day I could keep this ridiculous ball rolling for practically an entire year.  So drastic times call for drastic measures.


I’ll put up a separate post about this a little later tonight (since let’s face it this post is long as fuck and nobody’s going to read this far) but basically I need to clean out the ol’inbox and get things caught back up.  Right? Right.  Starting tomorrow night I’m going to close the ask box for one week.  During that week, I’m going to try and get as many asks posted as I can, going through them chronologically.  First asked first served.

Next Friday I’ll open things back up again.  Since somehow I don’t see myself answering 364 asks in a single week, I’m thinking I’ll set this up as a recurring thing.  Maybe close the ask once a month, but we’ll see how things go.

Anywho, thanks for listening!  We now return to your regularly scheduled scrolling.

Tonight in a nutshell:

- I’ve seen Deadpool with @multigaydom and it was AWESOME (cried of laughter. Seriously. Real tears.)
- I’ve met @hell-of-a-circus & @smalljessamine who, too, were seeing Deadpool and tgey were both cute and lovely and I want to kiss both their faces.
- Zee was also super rude to me abt my height (I AM AWARE THAT I’M A DWARF)
- I was stargazing on the way home & the stars were SO pretty & the Moon was blood red & just *hearteyes*

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what is it about ENTPs that makes INFJs so attracted to them? is the attraction mutual? i'm the girl who said i'm starting to develop a crush on a boy and i THINK he might be an ENTP lol. just wondering!

Hey friend! Nice to hear from you again! I’m not sure I know exactly why we INFJs and ENTPs get along so well. Both types are difficult to completely know, and our two types seem to see and understand each other pretty easily, which we’re unused to. This gives us a kind of immediate connection and closeness. We both think abstractly, are in touch with our feelings and emotions, and can connect on a level deeper than most other types. Feeling understood is a BIG deal to both INFJs and ENTPs, and we can give each other that. I hope this helps / makes sense!

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Seeing that the Mass Effect trailer teased us the protagonist's last name, Ryder (maybe, who knows), do you have any ideas for names? Flowers or virtues?

I have been pondering this since that trailer! So far I haven’t got anything firmly set in mind. (Though I happened to be reading the Torin Kerr books at the time, and there’s a major character in there whose last name is Ryder, so… I had a bit of disconnect for a while.)

…the first name that popped into my head then was Quinn. Not because of Ellie Quinn, or even because I have a character hiding in one of my books named Quinn. I just… like it. And it means “Wise” or “Counsel” which I also like. *shrug*

I can pretty much promise it won’t be Rose? If I were to go with virtues it’d probably be either Hope or Faith, and both of those just… sound a little too pat, if this is, y’know, humanity’s last hope go forth and find a new place to live or whatever. (Or it could be something like, I dunno, Chastity–which any character of mine would probably despise and would insist on going by something else.)

If the backstory (whatever it is) lines up, I might port in one of my original fic characters. Kit, maybe, or Madeleine or Eden (ha)? I almost always steal names from my own characters, come to think of it–even if their personalities end up being nothing alike, in the end.


So this is Faris and Fabre, the Crimson Jewel’s blacksmith and his apprentice! Faris focuses more on actual utility and just making sure things are sturdy, while Fabre prefers things that are both usable and pretty to look at. Faris can kind of appreciate that, though he doesn’t overly understand why his apprentice takes so much longer to create things, just for the sake of their appearance.

@cerberaheart-fr lookit your boy~ :v

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i feel you on that princess thing. in my personal opinion i find it demeaning honestly. like historically princesses werent treated well at all, theyre thrown around and told what to do and have 0 say in their life. idk thats just how i feel

I feel like everyone has their own opinion on what it means and a lot of women who love the term wouldn’t see it how you do, and hey, neither of you are wrong, it’s a pretty ambiguous term. It’s just one I can’t stand; I also find it demeaning to me, even though I know that it isn’t inherently so, because who’s to say I’m right when I find it demeaning and another girl is wrong when she finds it empowering. I think we’re both equally correct and incorrect about it, it’s all about what it means to you and I completely understand your reasoning behind it, the whole being told what to do thing, although I don’t share that exact belief. 

What I Wore | True Blue
External image

External image

External image

External image

WhatIWore: Each week I get about 10 hours to work outside of the house. It’s the main time I  devote to the blog - the writing, editing photos and answering emails. Last week both of my sitters fell through on Wednesday and Thursday so it’s been a while since I’ve been able to get out of the house alone! This outfit came together in a rush - I had on my tights when the babysitter knocked on the door so I just had to throw something on. I haven’t worn this dress in way too long so I pretty much copied this outfit exactly and off I went! 

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