• What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Hayley Kiyoko has written multiple songs about loving girls that, unlike the work of other artists I've grown up listening to, don’t rely on fetishising them for the purpose of men in order to appeal to a general audience. She has also featured a trans woman in her recent video, who has a cute and happy ending. It makes me so happy that young girls will grow up hearing these songs, especially from a former Disney star, and hopefully know that they are not wrong or just there to please men. That they can think that girls are pretty and want to be with them and that this is okay. Young trans girls will see that they can have happy endings, that they can meet people who care about them. That they can form positive relationships. I hope this continues with other celebrities. I hope more girls are growing up and loving who they love. I hope they’re loving themselves. They deserve that. They should always deserve that.

okay but i am not kidding when i say find someone who appreciates you like carl appreciates ellie, or vice-versa.

someone who will cling onto every word and is delighted just at the sound of your voice, and someone you could listen to for hours and hours on end about any topic. someone you’ll dream up adventures with, and someone who makes your life an adventure. someone who makes something as gentle as cloud-watching or mailbox-painting a wonderful, magical experience. i’m telling you, this relationship is just so precious, so genuine, and exactly what people deserve in a partner

you deserve love like carl and ellie’s

🔮30 Days of Witchcraft Challenge: Day 19🔮

Create a spell inspired by a book, film, game, or TV show

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“Give Me My Wings” Self Empowerment Spell Jar

This is a rather personal spell for me as I recently ended an unhealthy relationship and have learned to trust myself and feel the self-empowerment and love I deserve. This spell jar incorporates green witchcraft, crystal witchcraft, pop culture witchcraft, sigil witchcraft, and music witchcraft. The objective is to channel your own inner strength to manifest self-empowerment using Maleficent (my all-time favorite Disney character) as your inspiration.


  • 1 medium or large Jar
  • 1 part Basil
  • 1 part Bay leaf
  • 1 part Rosemary
  • 1 Cinnamon stick/ground cinnamon
  • 1 part Fennel
  • 1 Amethyst crystal
  • 1 Azurite crystal
  • 1 Garnet crystal
  • 2 Black feathers (ones from a craft store will do) or image of wings
  • 1 Pink candle
  • 1 Purple candle
  • Matches
  • Self-Empowerment sigil
  • Your favorite incense
  • *Image of Maleficent with her wings cut to fit inside jar lid (optional)


Gather your supplies. Ground yourself. Enchant crystals and the sigil with intent to awaken inner strength and self-empowerment. Go on Youtube or iTunes and play Wings for Marie, Part 2 by Tool in the background (optional as some of the lyrics are used in this spell).  The song is incredibly meditative and carries the message of self-worth and strength.  If you don’t know the song, listen to it before you cast the spell and get familiar with the rhythm and lyrics and decide whether or not it would aid in casting the spell. 

Begin by burning incense and saying:

“Strength within me, I call upon you. Your manifestation is long overdue”.

Place herbs, crystal, and sigil into the jar and say:

“The time has come for me to soar. My strength and power I can no longer ignore.”

Light the 2 candles, saying:

“None of them can even hold a candle up to me.
Blinded by choice, these hypocrites won’t see.”

Place feathers or image of wings into jar and close it.  Seal the jar with the candle wax and repeat:

“It’s time now. My time now. Give me my… Give me my wings!”

until the jar is completely sealed. Blow the candles out and allow yourself to feel the power and strength within you grow. Place the jar on a windowsill or near a computer to hold the charge. 

*Anytime you need a confidence boost, hold the jar and feel its energy run through you.

kabby fic rec

i read so many fics the past few months i might actually share some of my squees over the talent we got in our small corner of fandom =D

without further ado, here’s what i did read and immensely enjoyed so far (and it is an expandable list, i still have so much to catch up on!)

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Things I need from girl meets world...

-kid josh meeting kid maya for the first time (I will roll over and DIE if she calls him boing and/or jumps on his back) (I will be resurrected and die again if he calls her ferret)

-please no more triangles. idc (much) if we don’t see on screen Joshaya, but please don’t have her jump into a relationship with Zay. NEITHER of them deserve that drama. It would not be the end of the world if Maya stays single on the show.

-ummm….what happened to Maya’s grandmother exactly?……just wondering

-Shawn Hunter to adopt Maya Hart. I need it. Also, give Maya a sibling. She would be the best big sister EVER. Like, perfect balance between tormenting them and setting someone on fire for messing with her baby bro/sis.

-revisit some of the earlier characters (Crazy Hat!)

-an LGBTQ character. Any character (that is not some ridiculous archetype that pigeonholes characters into behaving a certain way) Please Disney.

-zay in ballet class

-a 10-year flash forward where we get to see EVERYONE. Not just Riley and Maya. Did Farkle succeed in his world-domination? Is Smackle slaying the science world? WHAT IS AUGGIE LIKE AS A TEENAGER?

There’s no many things I need Disney. Please. And thank you.

anonymous asked:

I know you don't ship naruhina, but is there any sort ending you would have been okay with them being canon? I love the ship myself, but I'm finding I'm distancing myself from canon, not just because of the end, but the shippers... they're so nasty now. Not just to narusaku, but to sasusaku. I wanna call myself a NH shipper, but the shippers and canon make it so hard to. For all the development we had, we deserved more from the end. NS deserved closure, too. You guys got screwed over. :(

To be completely honest – I just simply don’t like the idea of Naruto and Hinata as a COUPLE. I just feel like these kind of romantic relationships ( the message it gives and how common it is makes it hard for me to find any modern and realistic vibe from it.) it’s too disney…i don’t know, just too stereotypical. Shy girl loves the unloved boy before anyone else and in the end all the girls wanted him but he picked her etcetc – i am so done with that. It worries me what kids will think about this. It’s like love is a competition and the first person to love the other is the one who deserves and will win the other. It’s a really wrong way of viewing love, no matter how pure it may be expressed it’s really not. Aside from that, i just really wanted to see Hinata use the inspiration she got from Naruto to focus on herself instead of him.

I loved Hinata in the beginning, i loved how she used Naruto’s motto to change HERSELF and despite losing against Neji she was still the winner to me – because she progressed and took a step forward as an individual and came closer to her goal : to change herself. If Kishimoto only continued in this pattern to develop Hinata as a character – i promise you that i of all people would be her biggest fan. If Hinata had one day walked up to Naruto in the future, after fixing the clan issues and gaining respect from her father and everyone in her clan, and thanked him for how much he changed her and how much he showed her the right path – Hinata would have been one of the most developed characters and i would be head over heels in love with her. 

I would actually also love the idea of Hinata ending up with Naruto in this case ( only if it happened naturally as in them getting to know each other – no toneri, no guilt tripping, no princess of the byakugan or other characters talking naruto into it) . I admire Hinata for admiring Naruto, but i don’t admire the crash in her development where she stops realising what she really wanted from the very beginning as an individual – Kishimoto simply turned her into nothing but a girl in love in the end – and it literally HURTS me to confirm that – it hurts me to know that in the end all that was made of Hinata was “ the shy girl who wanted to change her clan and herself but ended up getting a shoujo movie where she ended up with the unloved kid all the girls wanted in the end. “ 

Even NaruSaku has it’s flaws and ofc those are also problematic, but this is really because Kishimoto wrote these pairings including SasuSaku very badly. I shipped/ship NaruSaku because i 1) Respected and Acknowledged Naruto’s feelings just like people acknowledged and respected the girls feelings. 2) The dynamic and chemistry between them was very natural, there was nothing about Sakura that was extremely special ( as kishi himself stated Sakura was supposed to be a very normal girl from a normal family ) and that is really nice because it proved that you dont have to be super special or different to be loved by a guy like Naruto, 3) Sakura moving on from Sasuke would actually NOT be the worst thing considering the fact that many girls stick to guys that– well let’s just say – don’t treat them the best way.

If you ask ME, i honestly truly believe that we all got screwed over – each one of these hetero-pairings had the potential to be great messages and stories but Kishimoto just took a very safe, stereotypical and common way of writing them and “ keep everyone happy “ – not to mention, the next generation kids would have been quite a flop without more characters from the confirmed ships. 

P.S for those of you reading this; This is just my opinion – please ship and love whatever you like – i respect different opinions ( seriously ship and like whatever makes you happy ) but in return please respect and accept my opinion too . Thank you.