• What she says: I’m fine
  • What she means: Hayley Kiyoko has written multiple songs about loving girls that, unlike the work of other artists I've grown up listening to, don’t rely on fetishising them for the purpose of men in order to appeal to a general audience. She has also featured a trans woman in her recent video, who has a cute and happy ending. It makes me so happy that young girls will grow up hearing these songs, especially from a former Disney star, and hopefully know that they are not wrong or just there to please men. That they can think that girls are pretty and want to be with them and that this is okay. Young trans girls will see that they can have happy endings, that they can meet people who care about them. That they can form positive relationships. I hope this continues with other celebrities. I hope more girls are growing up and loving who they love. I hope they’re loving themselves. They deserve that. They should always deserve that.
Can We Just Appreciate Max Goof For a Second?

Yes. Max Goof, Goofy’s son, by Disney is one of the greatest characters that I know of because he’s one of the few to AGE as the years go by and we can watch his whole life story in order if we choose to. 

In Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas he’s estimated to be 8 years old (As told by via Flashback Story) 

In Goof Troop he was 11 1/2 

In a Goofy Movie he was 14 

In an Extremely Goofy Movie he was 18 

In Mickey’s House of Mouse (That takes place after the events of An Extremely Goofy Movie) He’s estimated to be either still 18 or possibly 19. 

In Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas he’s estimated to be 23 Years old. 

So he’s one of the ONLY Disney characters that we see grow from childhood to adulthood. We’ve seen his WHOLE story and you know what? He has to be one of my favorite characters ever that Disney has made. Because he’s one of the most normal characters that I’ve seen that actually AGE on screen. 

We can watch his entire life progress from the beginning to end and you know what? THAT is what makes a great character. We start from when he was young and we watch him grow into adulthood like any other Teenager. And in a way that makes him one of the most relatable Disney character EVER

Because we can get where he’s coming from and also his relationship with his Dad is one of the most touching relationships that I’ve ever seen. Give Goofy the Best Dad award because he DESERVES it. Since his Wife died, he’s been able to raise Max as a single Dad. Meaning he was both Max’s Mother & Father while he was growing up. I give single parents SO MUCH CREDIT because it isn’t easy raising a family by yourself. 

Max gets that his Dad is weird and quirky but even though he finds him strange, he still loves him. Sure he’ll argue with him, but most families DO argue with each other from time-to-time. His Dad has always been there for him and he appreciates him so much. 

So besides being the only character to age on screen, have a healthy family relationship with his Dad, and have a normal love life. He’s gotta be my favorite character because he’s also voiced by Jason Marsden. 

(Who has voiced: Haku in Spirited Away, Kovu in The Lion King 2, and also Chase from Xiaolin Showdown) 

So I think Max Goof deserves WAY more love and attention in Disney because he’s one of the normalist characters that they’ve ever created that we can relate with. We can watch his whole life story practically in order and we can see ourselves in his shoes. 

“Notre Dame de Paris” (Batfam x gypsy! Reader x Ra’s Al Ghul) Part 1

Bonjour ma little wings! Here you have the first chapter of that disney au nobody asked for but everyone deserves! 

So this au will be based mainly in Disney’s Hunchback of Notre Dame, with also “Notre dame de Paris” Book elements and elements of the musical with the same name and elements from my imagination.

In the image above the fic will feature the main characters of each chapter


So I’ll give you 3 options and you message or coment your choice. The most voted of them will be the one that the reader will do.

Thanks to @hamsterforlive @chipsinabox @cecedot  and @aliceinwinderland for your coment and support of this au. Also thanks to   @algentforthewin @iisingintheshower @7tharchangel12 @pinkwitch21 @imaprincess09 @lostqueen1613 @cutiedaij @bloodhoundalice @browncoatforever @axa-vega @kaylaphantomhive @roxalienqueenx @memequeen108 for liking it and giving me the suport to write this!

Hope you enjoy!

Part1 (here we are)

Character GUIDE:

    Damian Wayne - Quasimodo

    Ra’s Al Ghul - Frollo

    Dick Grayson - Clopin

    Reader - Esmeralda

    Jason Todd - Phoebus

    Tim Drake - Pierre Gringoire

Other Info

  (y/n)  Your name      

 (h/c) Hair color    

   (e/c) eye color   

    (g/n) goat name    

   (f/c) Favorite color

The loud bells of Notre Dame rang, waking all Paris up.

Rolling in Paris, the city awakes to the bells of Notre Dame. The fisherman comes with fresh fish and the baker bakes to the Bells of Notre Dame. To the big bells loud as a thunder to the little bells as a sound, and some say the soul of the city it’s the total of the bells, the bells of Notre Dame!

A man dressed with a blue, black suit with yellow feathers in his collars and a matching blue mask, sat behind a cart. A bunch of children sat before him, waiting for him to end his song.

         “Listen! They are beautiful, no? So many colors and sounds, so many changing moves! Because, you know, they don’t ring all by themselves!” He said, suddenly he got a puppet of himself.

“They don’t?!” The puppet said.

“No. you silly boy! Up there, high, high in the dark bell tower lives the mysterious bell ringer! Who is this creature?”


“What is he?”


“How did he come to be there?”


“HUSH!” He hit the puppet with a stick as the children laugh at his antics.

“oww” The puppet whined.

“Nightwing will tell you! It is a tale, a tale of a man …and a monster!”

         Dark was the night our tale was begun on the docks near Notre Dame.

“Shut it up! will you!?” The man snarled

“We’ll be spotted!” yelled the other.

“Hush, little one” The woman shushed the crying baby.

Four frightened gypsies slid silently under the dock near Notre Dame.

“Pay, If you want a safe trip out of Paris”

But a trap had been laid for the gypsies and they gazed up in fear and alarm. At a figure whose clutches were iron as much as the bells,

“Judge Ra’s Al Ghul”

The bells of Notre Dame!

Judge Ra’s Al Ghul longed to purge the world of vice and sin, and he saw corruption everywhere, except within.

“Bring this gypsies back to the palace of justice”

“HEY, YOU! WHAT ARE YOU HIDDING?” A soldier pulled the bundle the woman was carrying, she fought back.

“Surely, nothing good. ..Take it from her”

She ran!

         The woman ran the judge closely behind. His dark horse’s hot breath hit the woman’s neck until she jumped a fence. He stopped and she ran towards the Notre Dame.

“SANTUARY! PLEASE GIVE US SANTUARY!” The woman knocks fast and loud on the church’s door. As the judge approached her she tried to run away.

He got a hold of the bundle and pulled hard, she lost her hold and foot.



As her neck came in contact with the cold snow in the stairs of Notre Dame. Al ghul looked unimpressed, he decided to look what the thing the gypsy was protecting.

“A baby?…No, A DEMON!” His eyes widened and quickly covered the baby’s face. He looked around for a way of getting rid of it. Hi eyes widened as he look at the well. He approached it, holding the baby out and ready to drop it.

“STOOOP!” Cried the archdeacon. Who in his arms, hold the dead gypsye’s cold body. Dark memories flood in the back of his eyes. The archdeacon Wayne looked up to the judge’s face.

“This is an unholy demon, I’m sending it back to hell. We’re it belongs.” The judge said nonchalant.

“See, the innocent blood you have spilt on the steps of Notre Dame.”

“I’m guiltless. She ran, I pursed.” He shrugged.

“Now, you would add this child’s blood to your guilt, on the steps of Notre Dame.”


“You can lie to yourself and your minions. You can claim that you haven’t a qualm. BUT YOU NEVER CAN RUN FROM NOR HIDE WHAT YOU DONE FROM THE EYES, THE VERY EYES OF NOTRE DAME!” Wayne pointed at the statue of the Mary and Jesus, as lighting illuminated their lifeless eyes.

         And from one time in his life of power and control, Ra’s felt a twinge of fear for his immortal soul.


“What must I do” The judge said, fear written all over his face.

“Care for the child” The Archdeacon said while carrying the body of the woman. “And raise as your own”

“WHAT?” He snarled. “I must be sated with this… monstrous demon from-“He seemed to have a realization, and his face relaxed. “Very well, but let him live with you in your church”

“Live here? Where?!”

“Anywhere…Just so he’s keep locked away where no can else can see… The bell tower, perhaps. And who knows, our Lord works in mysterious ways ” Ra’s looked back  at the baby. “Even this foul creature yet prove on day to be… of use… to me.”


         And Ra’s gave the child a cruel name, a name that mean TO TAME, DAMIAN.

Now here is riddle to guess if you can sing the bells of Notre Dame, who is the monster and who is the man?

Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells BELLS OF NOTRE DAME!


Paris woke up preparing for the festival of fools. People setting up colorful tents and a stage at the middle.

Damian looked at everyone, wanting to be freed of his dread. He saw a young little robin, he’s been caring for, for a while back.

“You think you’ll fly today?” He caressed the bird’s hair “I would do it if I where you. Who wants to be trapped here?” He huffed, his abnormal eyes locking down at the ant sized humans setting up the tents.

Then a flock of other birds flew by, Damian smiled encourageously at the little bird who started waving its wings until he was flying above Damian’s hands.

“Go” He smiled at the bird who flew away with the rest. Damian sighed sadly keep looking down. Suddenly the two gargoyles next to him came alive.

“Uff, I thought that bird was never leaving!” A purple bat gargoyle said, spitting straw from the bird’s nest. “I’ll be spitting feathers for a week!”

“Stop exaggerating, Steph.” Another bat shaped gargoyle, this one with yellow and black tones.  “That’s what you get for sleeping with your mouth open!”

“Har har! So funny Babs! Go scare a nun.” Steph said as she leaned in Damian’s shoulder. “Hey, Dami! What’s going on down there? A fight? A flagon?”

“A festival” Said Babs.

“You mean the fest of fools?!” Steph said, exited as Damian nodded “Alright alright alright! Pour the wine and cut the cheese!”

“It is a treat to see the colorful pageantry of the simple peasant folk” Babs said to Damian.

“Boy, I never liked a balcony seat for watching the FOF!” Said Steph ribbing her hands together.

“Yeah” said Damian darkly. “Watch” He then went back inside.

“Oh look a mime…” Steph was about to spit the mime but Babs covered her mouth before anything went down. Obligating Steph to swallow it. She then pointed at Damian. “Het hey! What gives?”

“Aren’t you going to watch the festival with us?” Babs asked.

Damian ignored them.

“I don’t get it!” Steph said to Babs.

“Perhaps he is sick”

“Impossible” A third gargoyle said. This one was completely black. “If 18 years of listening to your arguing hasn’t made him sick, nothing will.”

“But, Cass. Watching the festival of fools has always been the highlight of the year for Damian”

“There is nothing good of seeing a festival if you can never be on it”  She scared the doves above her before following Damian. “He isn’t made of stone like us”

Damian sat beside a handmade replica of the cathedral and the square. With handmade figures of the people living there. He looked longingly at them as the three gargoyles looked sadly at him, Cass decided to approach him.

“What’s wrong” Cass asked, putting her hand on his shoulder.

“I just, don’t feel like watching the festival”

“Never thought about going there instead?” Cass asked.

“Sure, but I’d never fit in out there. I’m not normal”

“Oh Dami, Dami Dami” Cass said as Steph jumped inside his replica.

“Hey! Quit beating yourself! What do he have to do? Paint you a fresco?!” Steph grabbed the Damian shaped figure from the bell tower and put it beside the other.

“As your friend and guardians, we insist you attend the festival.” Babs said, grabbing Damian by his arm.

“Me?” He asked.

“No, the pope” Said Steph. “Of course you!”

“It would be a fantastical potpourri of educational experience.” Babs nodded

“ Wine, women, animals and so!” Steph said.

“You could learn to identify regional types of cheeses.” Babs said exited.

“A bucket of snails!” Steph said holding a bucket.

“Study indigenous folk music” Babs gestured like she was playing a guitar.

“AND DANCE!” Steph poured the bucket over babs, who glared at her.

“Take it from me, life is not spectator sport. If watching is all you’re going to do, then you’re going to watch your life go by without you.” Advised Cass.

“Yeah, you are human! With flesh, and hair and navel… We’re just part of the architecture! Right Babs?”

“Yes.” Said Babs. Before putting the bucket in Steph’s head.

“Dami, just grab a fresh tunic, a clean pair of pants and go.” Cass tried to drag Damian but he just patted her head.

“Thanks for the encouragement, but you’re all forgetting a really big problem.”

“WHAT?!” The three of them asked.

“My grandfather, Ra’s Al Ghul.” He grabbed a green clad figurine.

“Oh” said the three gargoyles.

“Well, when he says you’re “forbidden” of ever leaving the bell tower, does he mean ever EVER?” Babs asked awkwardly.

“Never ever, and he hates the Fest of fools. He’ll be furious if I asked” Damian sighed.

“Who said you had to ask?” Steph smirked evilly.

“No” Damian said

“You sneak out”

“Just once” Cass said

“Then, you sneak back in!” Said Steph again

“He’ll never know” Cass put a finger in her mouth.

“But if I get caught…”

“Better beg for forgiveness than ask for permission” Babs said, nonchalant.

“They’ll see me!”

“Wear a disguise! Just this once!” Steph put a towel over her head. “What Ra’s doesn’t know, can’t hurt you!” She hides behind Babs.

“Ignorance is bliss” Babs said, mater-of-factly

“No one wants to stay here forever” Cass says.

Damian thought it for a moment, before getting up.

“You’re right! I’ll go”

“YEAH! HURRAY!” Steph said as the three of them cheered.

“I’ll get clean”


“I’ll go down those stairs.”


“I’ll cross the doors and-”

“Good morning, Damian” Ra’s Al Ghul said darkly.


Meanwhile, under the watch of Notre dame a young gypsy woman with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes, walked in between the tents.

“(y/n)! wait!” Nightwing, or best known as Dick called you. “Where are you going?”

“Oh, Hello Dick. I’m just searching for Harley, she was repairing my scarf. You know, for the festival.”

“AH! I think I saw her in the green tent, she was helping Ivy.”

“Great, thanks.” You smiled at him and went to find the clown girl.

“WAIT! I’ll go with you!” Dick shouted. He ran towards you, and then proceeded to walk next to you, talking nonstop.

“Oh, where here!” He says.” Now, I have to go back and talk with pop Haley… You think, we can, maybe, I dunno… eat together later? I’ll cook!”

“Okay, but please. Let Jon cook, you will just burn it.” You smiled at him.

“Great! See you later!” He walked away and you got inside the tent, to see Ivy and Harley talking, sitting there with Zatanna.

“(Y/n)! Coming for your scarf?” Harley smiled. Ivy and Zatanna both greeted you with a smile.

“Hey Ivy, Z. Yes, Harls, did you fix it?”

“Fix it? Heck, I improved it!” She smiles, proud of herself. She gets your scarf from inside a brown basked. It was a silk (f/c) with sequins a preset from your mom. Harley had sewed new bright little jewels than sparkled with every movement.

“Oh, Harls… I love it!” You hugged her. She laughed and patted your back.

“Great! Now go! Go practice for your big moment tomorrow! You’ll break so many hearts!” She cheered

“I saw a rather quiet street, not far away. The guards don’t drop by often.” Said Zatanna.

“Great, thanks Z!”

“Be careful, (y/N)!” Said Ivy.

“Will do, thanks!” You smiled.


You put a hat you borrowed from Raptor on the ground, your trusty goat by your side. She watched that no one robbed you.

You started dancing, the only sound that could be heard in the street has the one from your tambourine.

Almost everyone that passed by, gave you a coin. Some looked at you lustfully, some other impressed, and more often that you would like disgusted looks.

A little kid approached you and put a coin in your hat, (g/n) beeed at him, jumping, the little kid smiled and you bowed your head. He bowed back when his mom called him. He said goodbye and ran towards his mom.

At the beginning of the street were you were, Jason Todd, acclaimed knight returned to Paris, his black hair brushed by the wind, his once boney shoulders were now broad shoulders and with what seemed like a red helmet looked at a map, his brown, almost red horse following behind.        

“Hmm, you go for a couple of decades and they change everything!” He said as he wrinkled the map and threw it away. As two guards passed by he decided to ask them.

“Excuse me, the way to the palace of justice?” But the two guards ignored him. He swearer. “I guess not” Then continued his way down the street.

That’s when, after leaving 2 coins in your hat he saw you.

He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at you, enchanted.

You bowed your head nodding, at the same time you hit your tambourine, smiling charmingly.

He smiled rather silly before recomposing himself. Coughing awkwardly, he tried to smile charmingly before going away meanwhile you had heard the call of the guards approaching and tried to run away, (g/n) grabbed your hat but the money fell over, you went back and were gathering them when a guard grabbed you hat before you could reach it.

“Alright, gypsy. Where did you get the money?”

“For your information, I earned it” You got your hat and money back from his clutches.

“Gypsies, don’t earn money” The guard said. You glared at him as the other grabbed you from behind.

“You stole it” Said the one holding you.

“You’ll know a lot about stealing” You said.

“Troublemaker” said the other guard, trying to take your hat. You kicked him in the face, the got away from the hold of the other guard. Your goat then glared at them, kicking one in the shin and kicking the other one in the face. Knocking them down, one of them unconscious. You then took advantage and ran away in the other direction, running towards your secret shortcut to your tent.

Jason, who had seen everything followed you with his eyes until he couldn’t see you anymore. He was very impress with your fierceness.

When the guards tried to follow you he suddenly put his horse in their way, knocking them back down. The one who had bullied you more fell right on a puddle.

“Arsenal, sit” And the horse sat over the guard, making him fell in the puddle.

The people that gathered around them started laughing at their misery, Jason mockingly said:

“Oh, dear I’m so sorry! Naughty horse, naughty! Really, he’s just impossible” Jason leaned over Arsenal, smiling openly and rather fake. “Can’t take him anywhere!”

You, that had stopped in an alley seeing as your shortcut was crowded by guards, had seen everything. You bit your lip and smiled. That man sure has handsome! You looked at him one last time and turned the alley.

“GET THIS THING OFF OF MEE!” The guard yelled painfully.

“I’ll teach you a lesson” Said the other one, unsheathing his sword. Jason got his own sword from his sheath.

“You were saying” Jason smirked. “Lieutenant?”

Then the guard as if he had seen the light for the first time started stuttering and acting nervously.

“Oh, eh , Oh Captain!” He hit his head with his sword trying to salute him, only making a fool of himself. “AT YOUR SERVICE!”

Jason dig his sword on the ground and it cut the other guards moustache. Then he kneeled at the same height as the guards and said:

“I know you have a lot on your mind right now, but the palace of justice?”

In a few moments, they were yelling



Jason saw a few coins on the ground and grabbed them, leaving them in the hat of a beggar in front of him and followed the guards to the palace.

When they were far, you unhooded and looked at the handsome guard who just had given you back the money that fell in your escape.


That night when you arrived back to your tent, Dick was waiting for you. Food served and a beautiful flower inside a wood glass.

“Dick, what’s al of this?” You asked surprised.

“Well, This is your first festival of fools. I wanted to make it more special. I didn’t cooked this! I swear! It was Eddie! I didn’t know he could cook but surprisingly he can. So if it’s horrible it’s his fault!” Dick rambled.

“Thanks Dick” You kissed his cheek. And Dick’s face reddened.

You obligated Dick to get his mark off for eating. You two had a great time, laughing, making jokes and Dick re-told you the story of the mysterious bell ringer.

“Dick, you’ve told me this story since I was a baby!”

“I know, but it’s very mysterious right?”

“Yeah. It is” You looked outside your tent towards the bell tower, where you swear you saw something moving.

“You know, I told you I had a little encounter with the guard earlier?” You asked absent

“Yeah, I told you they’re complete idiots! Those should be the king of fools, haha!” Dick laughed before taking a sip of his drink.

“I meet the captain” You said and Dick spited his drink.

“DID HE DO SOMETHING TO YOU?” He yelled, checking for bruises.

“No, he was very nice. He even stopped the guards of following me…He was very handsome, his black hair” Dick cheeked his black hair and frowned “his starling blue eyes” Dick’s hands touched his eyes and his frown worsened “And, OH! Those shoulders! Those tights!” You sighed. And Dick pouted.

“I have those same things!” he thought

“Hey, I heard from Z and Ivy that there’s going to be a meteor shower tonight. Wanna go with me?” Dick smiled adorably.

(What will you say?)

A)  Yes.

B)   No, I’ll stay here.

C)   Yes, but we go with the others.

okay but i am not kidding when i say find someone who appreciates you like carl appreciates ellie, or vice-versa.

someone who will cling onto every word and is delighted just at the sound of your voice, and someone you could listen to for hours and hours on end about any topic. someone you’ll dream up adventures with, and someone who makes your life an adventure. someone who makes something as gentle as cloud-watching or mailbox-painting a wonderful, magical experience. i’m telling you, this relationship is just so precious, so genuine, and exactly what people deserve in a partner

you deserve love like carl and ellie’s

when i think about, even if lucas had picked maya in ski lodge, we would never have truly gotten the lucaya we deserved/wanted. bc of the way michael jacobs apparently handles teen relationships on disney channel, lucaya probably wouldve been similar to how r*cas was at the end of s3 (albeit not so cringy and disgusting). they just wouldnt have been allowed to interact and really talk to each other and develop a normal teen relationship the way that we know they could/shoulve done based on their individual characters and flirtations with each other (and we saw this lucaya for the like 2 episodes in s2 in which riley ‘stepped back’)

kabby fic rec

i read so many fics the past few months i might actually share some of my squees over the talent we got in our small corner of fandom =D

without further ado, here’s what i did read and immensely enjoyed so far (and it is an expandable list, i still have so much to catch up on!)

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“I cry every time Anna and Elsa hug at the end Frozen because for years I shut my little sister out to conceal my struggles with anxiety and depression, I didn’t think anyone would understand me. My sister didn’t deserve for me to treat her the way I did and to be honest some nights she was what helped me to keep on living. She’s my Anna, all she wanted was a strong relationship with me and after seeing Frozen I am going to open up to her about my past and let her know just how much I love her!”

Things I need from girl meets world...

-kid josh meeting kid maya for the first time (I will roll over and DIE if she calls him boing and/or jumps on his back) (I will be resurrected and die again if he calls her ferret)

-please no more triangles. idc (much) if we don’t see on screen Joshaya, but please don’t have her jump into a relationship with Zay. NEITHER of them deserve that drama. It would not be the end of the world if Maya stays single on the show.

-ummm….what happened to Maya’s grandmother exactly?……just wondering

-Shawn Hunter to adopt Maya Hart. I need it. Also, give Maya a sibling. She would be the best big sister EVER. Like, perfect balance between tormenting them and setting someone on fire for messing with her baby bro/sis.

-revisit some of the earlier characters (Crazy Hat!)

-an LGBTQ character. Any character (that is not some ridiculous archetype that pigeonholes characters into behaving a certain way) Please Disney.

-zay in ballet class

-a 10-year flash forward where we get to see EVERYONE. Not just Riley and Maya. Did Farkle succeed in his world-domination? Is Smackle slaying the science world? WHAT IS AUGGIE LIKE AS A TEENAGER?

There’s no many things I need Disney. Please. And thank you.

I want to say I love Lilo and Stitch. I really do. Lilo and Stitch was the last movie I watched with my mother before she passed away, and I later went to see Disney on ice version of it with my sort-of-mother-figure.

But the thing that really makes me sad is that people use this movie to put down another movie that I loved, and that is of course Frozen. It’s really sad, because nowadays when I see anything related to Lilo and Stitch, I don’t think of how much I liked it, but I think of the people who use it as a weapon for their war against Frozen. I don’t even understand WHY people need to compare these two movies and sister relationships. Lilo and Nani are sisters who aren’t separated, and try to get along with each other the best they can. Anna and Elsa, on the other hand, are sisters who ARE separated. While Nani tries to keep Lilo close to her, Anna tries to FIND Elsa, figuratively (and literally too). She tries to get Elsa back, and Nani tries to keep Lilo. These situations are really different, so of course the relationships are different. Another reason is the age gap, Nani is sometimes more of a parental figure.

But KIDS LOVED IT. And I think it’s great that kids can appreciate a movie about sibling relationships. What kids think of disney movies is more important to Disney than what tumblr bloggers think of them, because kids are the target audience. So why do you have to try to put down a beautiful movie about sisters, that kids loved, using ANOTHER beautiful movie about sisters, simply because of your personal issues. And then you go and insult bronies because they want My Little Pony to be about their interests? Lilo and Stitch deserves better than that.

Every Disney movie has it’s quibbles. I can find a bit from every movie, and Frozen doesn’t have them the most. You don’t see them or care about them because of a shield called nostalgia. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy these movies.

Anna’s sacrifice in the end was BEAUTIFUL and truly an act of true love, just like how Nani did everything for her little sister. I can see the beauty in both relationships, without mocking the other. Amazing how a kid’s movie about altruistic love can make people so mad. Why won’t you let it go (lawl) ?

Though maybe people will calm down about Frozen when Disney makes another kid’s movie they can hate.

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anonymous asked:

I know you don't ship naruhina, but is there any sort ending you would have been okay with them being canon? I love the ship myself, but I'm finding I'm distancing myself from canon, not just because of the end, but the shippers... they're so nasty now. Not just to narusaku, but to sasusaku. I wanna call myself a NH shipper, but the shippers and canon make it so hard to. For all the development we had, we deserved more from the end. NS deserved closure, too. You guys got screwed over. :(

To be completely honest – I just simply don’t like the idea of Naruto and Hinata as a COUPLE. I just feel like these kind of romantic relationships ( the message it gives and how common it is makes it hard for me to find any modern and realistic vibe from it.) it’s too disney…i don’t know, just too stereotypical. Shy girl loves the unloved boy before anyone else and in the end all the girls wanted him but he picked her etcetc – i am so done with that. It worries me what kids will think about this. It’s like love is a competition and the first person to love the other is the one who deserves and will win the other. It’s a really wrong way of viewing love, no matter how pure it may be expressed it’s really not. Aside from that, i just really wanted to see Hinata use the inspiration she got from Naruto to focus on herself instead of him.

I loved Hinata in the beginning, i loved how she used Naruto’s motto to change HERSELF and despite losing against Neji she was still the winner to me – because she progressed and took a step forward as an individual and came closer to her goal : to change herself. If Kishimoto only continued in this pattern to develop Hinata as a character – i promise you that i of all people would be her biggest fan. If Hinata had one day walked up to Naruto in the future, after fixing the clan issues and gaining respect from her father and everyone in her clan, and thanked him for how much he changed her and how much he showed her the right path – Hinata would have been one of the most developed characters and i would be head over heels in love with her. 

I would actually also love the idea of Hinata ending up with Naruto in this case ( only if it happened naturally as in them getting to know each other – no toneri, no guilt tripping, no princess of the byakugan or other characters talking naruto into it) . I admire Hinata for admiring Naruto, but i don’t admire the crash in her development where she stops realising what she really wanted from the very beginning as an individual – Kishimoto simply turned her into nothing but a girl in love in the end – and it literally HURTS me to confirm that – it hurts me to know that in the end all that was made of Hinata was “ the shy girl who wanted to change her clan and herself but ended up getting a shoujo movie where she ended up with the unloved kid all the girls wanted in the end. “ 

Even NaruSaku has it’s flaws and ofc those are also problematic, but this is really because Kishimoto wrote these pairings including SasuSaku very badly. I shipped/ship NaruSaku because i 1) Respected and Acknowledged Naruto’s feelings just like people acknowledged and respected the girls feelings. 2) The dynamic and chemistry between them was very natural, there was nothing about Sakura that was extremely special ( as kishi himself stated Sakura was supposed to be a very normal girl from a normal family ) and that is really nice because it proved that you dont have to be super special or different to be loved by a guy like Naruto, 3) Sakura moving on from Sasuke would actually NOT be the worst thing considering the fact that many girls stick to guys that– well let’s just say – don’t treat them the best way.

If you ask ME, i honestly truly believe that we all got screwed over – each one of these hetero-pairings had the potential to be great messages and stories but Kishimoto just took a very safe, stereotypical and common way of writing them and “ keep everyone happy “ – not to mention, the next generation kids would have been quite a flop without more characters from the confirmed ships. 

P.S for those of you reading this; This is just my opinion – please ship and love whatever you like – i respect different opinions ( seriously ship and like whatever makes you happy ) but in return please respect and accept my opinion too . Thank you.

I wish people would stop with all this “which Disney sisters movie is better, Lilo and Stitch or Frozen?!”

They’re both good films centered on sisters’ relationship, but tumblr is all acting like there should be only ONE, the ICONIC one, and while I cannot talk by personal experience since I’m an only child, by witnessing other persons’ I can tell there are different kind of sibling relationships in the world that all deserve to be explored and shown. It’s not fair deciding which is the “be all end all” like a freaking competition.

I hope this phenomenon isn’t going to be repeated next year with the release of Big Hero 6, by people putting it against Brother Bear because they’re both about relationships between brothers.