I’m rewatching the Timeless season finale and I can’t get over Wyatt’s “I cannot lose you again.” He sounds so desperate. And then when he looks back at her before boarding the lifeboat I think that’s when it hit him that his feelings for Lucy are so much deeper than he let himself believe. And don’t even get me started on their last hug. Seriously these two idiots are ruining my life.

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(Romeo&Juliet) Inashiro Eijun AU 

Imagine Miyuki watching this loudmouth pitcher from Inashiro, re-watching in his head his form, his pitches, his sunny smile, imagining what kind of battery they could form, how does it feel being watched by those intense golden eyes

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Just imagine Fili and Kili constantly hearing Thorin complaining about how Dale and Mirkwood are best friends leaving Erebor in deep troubles. “It’s like those two are always flirting! Bard won’t listen to me!”

The brothers decide to prank Thranduil and Bard and copying their handwriting, they sent letters confessing their undying love for the other. Fili and Kili are very proud, it’s the best idea they had had, not only will their uncle be proud, but Dale and Mirkwood will fight and Thranduil won’t be a problem anymore.

Two weeks later, after the letters had been sent, there’s another meeting between the three kingdoms. Fili and Kili are anxious to see the result of their master prank, but are extremely disappointed when Bard and Thranduil arrive together, both laughing and smiling. To their horror, the Elvenking winks at Bard and kisses him full on the lips. Bard kisses back, making a sound Fili never wants to hear again in all his life.

The plan backfired, Mirkwood and Dale are more united than ever.
“Uh.. Do you think uncle will be mad?”