The Signs As Feelings

Aries: playing your favorite sport, taking pictures with the people you love, talking to someone you haven’t seen in ages

Taurus: drinking something cold in the middle of summer, having sleepovers with your best friends, bonding with your parents

Gemini: laughing until your stomach hurts, sleeping in new sheets, not having anyone to listen to you

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Fact #598: You don’t need to know everything about transness in order to know that you are trans. You don’t need to know everything about people of your gender in order to know that you are that gender. Yes, exploring yourself and learning from other and comparing experiences can be hugely important and validating, but those things are not always necessary. Sometimes, people just want to exist as who they are. And that is okay.

8 Facts About Nebulae

1. Nebulae are a mixture of the gases hydrogen and helium, as well as dust and plasma.

2. The beautiful pictures of nebulae that the Hubble telescope beams down are actually three different channels of black and white, which are mixed and painted by scientists to produce the vibrant colors we see in magazines and on television. (The layers are painted according to the composition of the different gasses within the specific nebula.)

3. The word nebula means “cloud” in Latin; indeed, nebulae are space. Variously, the meaning has also been given to mean “mist”; it’s fitting, because their varying appearances sometimes do look like a cloud of mist.

4. The galaxy Andromeda was initially believed to be a nebula before Edwin Hubble proved that Andromeda was actually a galaxy all its own in the 1920’s. Before then, it was believed that other galaxies were merely nebulas and that the universe only consisted of the Milky Way.

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Misawa day theme: AU
yet another attempt to promote this AU where miyu is a kindergarten teacher mura is a HS teacher. Both are loved by their students and theres a good number of students who demand to marry miyu when theyre older while muras students like to give mura chocolates or treats during events, tho they are giri chocos but they still love mura and wanna give him something~

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Quick fact. Ready?
Corpses of those that exist in today’s society take longer to decompose than they have in the past.
Why? Because, with far more preservatives being put into our food, we are consuming more of them, and this our body as a whole is also preserved for a longer period of time after we die.