Kestrel, this isn’t you.” 

She pressed back against the chill glass. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“This voice you’ve been using, that bright one…do you think I don’t recognize it? It’s the sound of you laying a trap. Of you hiding behind your own words. And I know that the way you’ve been talking is not you. Say what you want about me, about what happened between us, about the shape of the sun and the color of the grass and any other truths in this world you want to deny. Deny everything until the gods strike you down. But you can’t say that I don’t know you.” He was now close enough that the air between them was alive against Kestrel’s skin. “I…have thought about you.”

swearwolfewrites asked:

Who’s the first to wake up in the morning:

lmao good luck getting alexa out of bed before 10am tbh. if she’s awake early its either because she was forced, or she just never slept.

Who’s the one to make breakfast:

Carter. Alexa is usually still asleep.

Who’s the one to serve the other breakfast in bed:

carter because that boy is precious and cares about Alexa’s well being far more than she does. Alexa’s idea of breakfast is eating something quick at like 12pm, and sometimes she gets so distracted doing things she forgets. bUT kinda early in their relationship when she’s starting to like him she makes & brings him breakfast as a kind of thank you, returning the favour. However that’s rare because she’s not usually awake before him.

Who would suggest a quickie in the morning before work:

Alexa tbh she’d suggest them allll the time, and if it made them late for work then ehhh it was worth it.

Who suggests they both ditch work to lay around all day:

Alexa tbh if she had it her way they’d never leave their bed and she’d just make Carter cuddle (amonsgt other things) her all day. she’d be very content with a day where they did nothing but snuggle tbh.

Who chooses the movies:

Alexa. Carter usually lets her pick what she wants, but even if he didn’t she’d still pick anyway lmao.

Who initiates kissing during the moving:

Carter, and initially Alexa swats at him because goddamn it carter this is the best part but he only has to kiss her neck/jaw for like 5 seconds and the movie is forgotten.

Who orders lunch:

Carter. Alexa eventually learns what he likes (he learns much faster, though), but she likes their little game of him guessing what she’d like because he’s usually always right. sometimes she’ll drag him to obscure restaurants in the hopes he’ll slip up and guess wrong, but he never does. Also, sometimes she’ll just tell him to pick whatever and surprise her – she trusts him to choose something she’d like.

Who steals food from the other’s plate without asking:

Alexa, always. He’ll be like why didn’t you just order this for yourself? and Alexa’s reply is always it’s more fun to just eat yours.  it’s not so much she wants that specific food item, it’s more she likes stealing from him. 

Who distracts the other from trying to work at home:

omfg Alexa she is such a little shit. she wants carter to pay attention to her and gets bored when he works. really, if Carter decides to work at home what he’s really saying is that he doesn’t want to work and he’s using Alexa being distracting as an excuse. working from home is literally just asking to get nothing done.

Who makes sexual jokes:

Alexa is convinced she’s married some super sweet gentlemanly proper boy, and then out of blue he’ll make one and she’ll just fall in love with him all over again – she’s so shocked and surprised every time he makes them, and it’s that look on her face which causes him to make them. Usually, though, it’s Alexa.

Who cooks dinner:

Alexa can handle breakfast – pouring cereal, cooking toast, making coffee – but when it comes to dinner, keep her out of the kitchen tbh.

Who cleans up the kitchen afterwards:

Alexa hates cleaning, but she’s used to doing chores from her childhood home. So she can be persuaded to help sometimes, and eventually she falls into a routine where they do it together. Like one washes, one dries etc.

Who stays up until 2 reading:

Both, although if they both stay up together he’s probably reading and her head is probably on his chest or something and they might be talking quietly or something. She usually falls asleep first, though. Alexa can sometimes be found outside watching the stars or just enjoying the silence and ends up not going to bed at all / falling asleep on the swinging chair they have on their veranda unless Carter carries her in. 

Who stares at their partner while their sleeping:

Typically Carter, because Alexa usually falls asleep first and wakes later than him. She’s a fidgeting person, so when she’s asleep is the only real time when Alexa is fully at ease and still so it’s the only time he can really look at her. 

Who kisses their partner while they sleep:

Alexa would have made sure Carter was okay with her doing this – she thinks it’s a vaguely creepy act to do unless you’ve got your partners consent (as in, in another conversation when they’e both fully awake she would’ve asked his stance on the matter). Carter tends to do it the most often, though, occasionally Alexa does it.

with-the-thorn-in-her-side asked:

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited about you being my anon because I adore your posts! Thank you so so much for all your amazing scans, ugh, they're so great! Also, I'm probably all of the other two Suede fans because there's normal 'their music makes me emotional' me and insane 'Brett Anderson looking like a woman drives me mad with lust' me, so it's two different people really. The post with Morrissey, Jarvis, and Brett made me laugh so hard, btw.

Thank you!! But, you know what’s even hotter than Brett’s “Looking Like A Woman” pics???? Brett’s “Sweaty Back Cos He Shirt Don’t Fit” pics!!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or even hotter than that!!!!! ^ Brett’s “Sobbing Alone on the Bus” moments!!

And hottest of all, Brett’s “Where I leave me pants?/Better Ask Bernard” looks!!

hair noodle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

/is secretly really proud of my brothers and kyra for all graduating and starting to go their own ways and grow and mature and I just really have the best sibling/

anotherwaytostand asked:

two worlds for smith & trott is making me way too emotional it is too early for this oh my god. (also 'out there' from hunchback for ross. i really want to do that disney playlist now.)

Two worlds, one family! Trust your heart, let fate decide to guide these lives we see!

Oh yes, yes yes yes Out There is an absolutely perfect song for Ross! Please do make the Disney playlist!! Also, I realise Ultron has somewhat monopolised it over recent months, but listen to Got No Strings and try not to think about Trott and Smith in the bitter months just after they’ve escaped Kirin’s court hooking up one of those cars with the loudspeaker system in people use for campaigning and driving past Kirin’s with it blasting while flipping the bird.

Essentially, friend, I urge you from the bottom of my Disney-loving heart to make this playlist on whichever platform you so desire, then post it to tumblr and let us know why you’ve chosen those songs in particular! In return I can promise you: a) that I will listen, b) that I will probably cry from a serious case of The Feels, and c) we will rebagel you right here on this blog since it’s technically part of an UMY headcanon. (This is the case for anyone who does this, BTW. I will even come up with a new umyaes tag. That’s what’s happening here this afternoon, that’s how excited I am for this.)

With love, the kind that’s the only thing that can enter beneath the shelter of the trees, a simple life, they life in peace,

Mod Trott xoxo

anonymous asked:

Your specialty as a fanfic author is that you have the knack of always surprising me with the depth of your writing, with the depth of the emotions in your stories, making me attached to your version of Felicity and Oliver, killing me with your ever so hot smut... Your fics never fail to make me go "damn!" or "What a talented bitch, I can't handle this right now" :) -- Really the only talented writers make me say "this bitch" so yeah lol

Lol! That’s really the best compliment I could ask for! Mine is “This motherfucker, making me feel.” Thank you so much, especially the “making me attached to your version of Felicity and Oliver” comment, because that’s huge to me, plumbing the emotional depths of these two. What makes an OTP so very OTP to me is that you can put them in any situation, push them as much as you want, rip them to shreds… and they can take it all. They have no boundaries! It’s what makes me climb on the roof and scream, “This is my fucking OTP and I LOVE THAT THEY HURT ME SO MUCH WHILE MAKING ME SO HAPPY!” That’s Olicity, and I’m excited I get to share that with everyone!

lameasfucktbh asked:

I feel like Calum as a best friend would be so cool if you saw your ex in public or something like he'd be so down to make him jealous. I imagine seeing him at a party or something and maybe you get nervous because you haven't seen him in forever and Calum comes up behind you and holds your waist and says "hey don't worry just dance with me and forget about him"

And this makes me so emotional because you and Cal are two peas in a pod, it was the two of you against the world. You’d do anything for him and he’d do the same.
And he would never let you feel insecure and inferior, stepping away from the girl he was chatting with at the party to come and help you out.
“Cal, fuck he brought a girl…” You’d nervously whisper and take his hands.

“Then just relax and let me handle this…” He’d reply, whispering into your ear before wrapping his arms around you, turning you around. He’d start to sway his hips from side to side with his hands guiding yours in the same motion.
Smiling down at you and kissing your forehead, tucking you into his chest. You’d find your solace and he’d rest his chin on your head, looking across the room and catching your ex staring.

He’d shake his head at him and roll his eyes.

“You’re good hun, you’re all good…” He’d sigh into your hair, dancing slow and close.