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Speaking of Andrew pulling Neil to study his eyes ,," Andrew gave Neil another slow once-over" this part always makes me feel like Andrew was internally having the same reaction as Nicky that we see after when he sees Neil ,, not exactly the same but as in he kinda appreciates the view and how good Neil looked ,does that make sense ?

definitely yeah i agree i mean andrew was physically attracted to him from pretty much the get-go he just didn’t expect for neil to also be, y’know, perfect for him in every way imaginable 

6 months after the events at Sherrinford
  • Sherlock: *finishes playing and lowers his violin*
  • Molly: *sniffing away happy tears* Gosh that was so moving and beautiful! I love you for finally asking me to listen!
  • Sherlock: And I love you.
  • Molly: Well I love you more.
  • Sherlock: Nooo I love *boops her nose* you more.
  • Molly: *giggles* I love you the most!
  • Sherlock: Impossible, my darling, because I love you the-

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AU ~ After the tournament, Shouto and Izuku begin o spend more time with each other but struggle with their friendship and deep feelings for each other. Their range goes from innocently holding hands to full on kissing. Both are afraid to discuss the state of their relationship out of fear of losing it, so the continue doing their not so platonic friendship

isn’t this already canon lmao

i love the idea of these two idiots acting like a cute couple without even realizing it ahaaa. i’m pretty sure like half the tododeku fics are like this (which is just. great.)

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Omg i loved your Poly mingyu jagshjwjsgx Could you do a wonwoo+jeonghan+fem reader please? Love your writting 💕


so i kinda write these like it’s a warning label type of thing where what happens n stuff if u date these two idiots and idk if it makes sense but it doesn’t matter bc it’s still a poly drabble so here u go

poly relationship + wonhan/female reader

word count: 379

Originally, Jeonghan wasn’t very fond of sharing.

He wasn’t very fond of moving around, either, but his two lovers kept him busy on the double, so it wasn’t like he could avoid it anyway.

Mornings with these two are nothing but laziness—they’re literally the two biggest sloths in Seventeen, and while they know how to keep their space, they enjoy staying in bed until like 12 pm, so enjoy having 2 boys at your side whining when you leave the bed too early (if you’re that kind of person).

The house is always kept relatively clean by Wonwoo, who always looks cute in his aprons while cleaning (because Jeonghan tells him that). Neither of them have the capacity to cook well, but if you can cook, they’ll ask you to make them several plates a day. If you can only cook instant ramen, they’ll still probably ask for several bowls of it regardless.

They’re not the type to go out too often except on group dates, except for when those happen, y’all just look like friends hanging out, so most of your time is pretty much spent at home.

When the two of them come home from a long day of schedules, they normally look for you first, and then just relax in bed for the rest of the night until they shower or you taunt them with food.

And occasionally, stressful moments do happen, not very often, but most of them are always spent cuddling the stress away, as neither of them really have the words to say to make it better.

Most nights are spent either with Wonwoo reading out loud to you or Jeonghan (or both of you), or watching movies on Netflix until all three of you pass out due to fatigue. And normally Jeonghan’s in the middle of the two of you, his excuse being that he ‘gets cold easily.’

Wonwoo is normally the one to remind either you or Jeonghan of upcoming birthdays or events, and they normally don’t do it very big, but if it’s your birthday, the two will always wake you up with plenty of cuddles, kisses, and pampering (especially Jeonghan, with his motherly instincts).

They have the tendency to be lazy, but they’re wonderful lovers nonetheless, treat them nicely!


└ Ohmiya cuteness needs to come with a fangirl-wellness warning.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 27.05.2017

I love it equally when:

–Cas is a nervous virgin, and shivers when Dean pushes his trenchcoat down off his arms.  Trembles when Dean opens the buttons of his white shirt.  And Dean is so gentle, so tender, so sweet, constantly asking, “Is this ok?” and “Are you all right,” and looking up into big, blue eyes that are so wide with adoration and love and trust.  

But also when:

–Castiel is a BAMF who has seen humans have sex millions of times over the centuries, and knows every detail of Dean’s biology from having put him back together after he died.  He has no mercy, no mercy at all, and slams Dean up against the wall with his grace like a vengeful spirit, fucks at Dean’s prostate with more grace so he can use one hand to pin Dean’s wrists above his head and another to milk Dean’s cock while he bites Dean’s lips so hard they bleed, and if Dean can bear to open his eyes, just for a second, and look into Castiel’s, they are flashing like a lightning storm.  

  • Draco, flinging himself onto Harry's lap: Did you miss me?
  • Harry: You went to the bathroom for two minutes
  • Draco: I know. Did you miss me?
  • Harry: Malfoy, we hate each other.
  • Draco: Then why haven't you pushed me out of your lap yet?
  • Harry: I... maybe I did miss you
  • Draco: *smug*

An afternoon date~

and a bonus