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I'm confused are you suggesting that people with family members a few years younger need to grow up? would you say that to someone who was really close with a younger sibling or a cousin? am I misunderstanding what you mean? hope this doesn't come across as snarky I just fell like this is a strange conclusion to come too. I'm not a joshaya fan I totally agree with you that dating would be wrong but being close and friends with your family? maybe I need context of the epside

Being close to one’s younger family members is not an issue at all! My uncle is four years older than me and we are pretty dang close. But he wasn’t trying to join my group of friends when I was a high school freshman and he was 18/a freshman in college. If he had been, I’m pretty sure my Grandaddy would’ve told him to go find a gang his own age and stop hanging out with children (or having unofficial romantic relationships with them, had something like that happened). I mean yeah, my uncle hung out with us and drove us places sometimes and that was cool, but he wasn’t like, “I’m gonna straight up join your friend group, niece!” which is kiiiinda what Josh tries to do in IDF.

Anyway, my thoughts on this aren’t out of the blue. They’re based on SL, Bear, and to a lesser extent IDF. I’m not saying Josh a bad person just because he’s somewhat resisting stepping fully into the next stage of his life. It’s super normal to be in a state of very confused flux at his age/stage of life. He’s not a kid anymore, but he’s also not yet a proper adult. That’s a difficult adjustment period and I absolutely have empathy for the character. I think it’s also pretty likely he was babied and coddled a lot growing up due to the circumstances of his birth. I want Josh to grow up, act his age, and find an age-appropriate group of friends because it will be GOOD FOR HIM and because he NEEDS TO, ya feel me? That’s growth!

I just hope the show gets the chance. ☺️

(Like yeah, Eric was buddies with Cory and the gang eventually…but not until they were all much older and essentially in the same stage of life. And even then there was kind of a slight separation between C/S/T/A and E/J/R, ya know?(

Hey!  Sorry, I know it’s not submission time but this picture came out so cute I had to share.  Meet Bug and Trouble’s dad, Patrick!  He’s got a lot of rat aggression issues, so he’s been alone for a long time, but I just adopted two girls!  On cautious intros in neutral space, he’s totally submissive to them.  Rolls over on his back and peeps while they power-groom the heck out of him, then chases them around until they flip him again!

I hope your personal stuff works out well!

Submitted by  koneko-rambles. Ahh, omg I love him! Your rats are so cuteee. Congrats on adopting some girlies! I had a super aggressive rat too, and putting him with females totally chilled him out haah. Glad to hear its working out :)) 

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Okay, so no functioning labels. So, how do I, as an autistic person, sum up my individual... How do I say this... "type" of autism? Like, I can hold down a job (part time), I have moderate sensory issues, I have trouble reading social cues, and often take things too literally, and I do not visibly stim. Some people would call that "High Functioning." When you just say autistic, it covers an incredibly wide array of people. How would you quickly sum up the level of accommodations someone needs?

You can say “I’m autistic” and start off listing what you’re good at. “I’m good at art/numbers/patterns/whatever”. Then talk about  your difficulties if you’re asked about them. But don’t say “I can’t…xyz”, say “I need help/assistance/accommodations for…xyz”.

Saying “I need help/assistance/accommodations” puts a positive spin on it that shows you’re willing to do something and just need help with it.

If you’re asked about your sensory issues, talk about them. “High pitched noises hurt my ears” or “The buzz of fluorescent lights is distracting.”

That’s how I’d do it. 

I’m refraining from the support levels thing for now because that seems to upset people.

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I can answer those q’s: Yes [all you said]. No [You didn’t]. And that’s exactly my complain: “shut up, you are a WSG” is all what people were hearing from you. That was what all your debacle with that dumbass was about. Your "problem is that he is making his voice too loud”. You don’t have a problem whit what he's saying, but with the fact that he's saying it. You can say that I don’t understand and I’m being obtuse. I can say the same about you. You are not getting it.

Getting what? My issue with Ben is that it is not his place to be so loud in queer communities. What he’s saying doesn’t matter. It’s not relevant to the fact that I have a problem with the fact that he’s saying it. And I do have problems with things he’s said, for example that what he’s done makes him “elevated.” I don’t need to have a problem with “what he’s saying” (which really isn’t anything by the way) in order to say that he should try backing up a little and let queer girls take the lead, or to say that his presence speaking so loudly makes me uncomfortable, or to say that I feel like he is using the queer community for followers. “What he’s saying” isn’t relevant to any of that. 

Quest for Fanclub Membership: Success!

After I wrote about receiving a fanclub joining form in the mail, I got a lot of good advise and offers of help from people. Some asked me to let them know how things turned out. So, I am very happy to tell that it’s now confirmed - I am officially accepted in the fanclub! I have managed to solve the payment issue, and got translation help for filling out the forms.

I am forever grateful to everyone who helped me! Thankyou for your kindness (and your patience, I hope I wasn’t too much of a bother with all my questions) You have made me very happy!

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Kii, I've noticed pics of you on your instagram (btw your pets are cute!!) of you with either makeup or heavy editing to look more masculine and I haven't seen any that look quite as good as that so I was wondering if you would make a video tutorial if it's makeup? (I have comprehension issues and video would be easiest for me but pics would be ok too) I've seen the tutorial in the FAQ but I think yours is better.

Kii says:

I will actually have an occasion to do masculine contouring on August 14th, so I will try to remember to make a video of it and probably post it to my personal, @punkchoirqueer and link it here.

However, keep in mind that I have decent skills with both photography and photo editing, and so there is probably both makeup and angles/editing on my photos that you’re interested in. We have a tutorial in out transmasculine resources if you need one sooner, since I probably will take awhile to film and edit.

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No offense but the post literally wasn't saying that people with dpd are abusive but that... It's not impossible that you can hurt your depended. And like yea you can want things from your depended like reassurance and shit but when you ask people to sacrifice their emotional health for your being (and they can also be mentally ill / dependent too) that's still wrong?? Like that's all Princess Ackee said, with examples.

they worded it as if all those w/ dependency disorders have tht issue like they never fucking said “okay can we address this as dependents and x x x isnt okay” they had to make some aggressive bullshit post that was on the offensive just bc they were mad abt one person like why would you take it out on an entire group of marginalised ppl when u urself are part of that marginalised group idgi but u kno that’s just my humble onion

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i have several mental and physical issues and it makes me feel so..unlovable. i feel like no girl would ever want to love me since im so broken

you are not broken!!! you’re going through shit that you don’t deserve, but it doesn’t decrease your value as a person at all! you are still worth so much and one day you’ll find a girl who sees that too!

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Hey! I don't know if you're aware of this but your description (in the mobile theme) looks a bit weird, like the part in Korean is just not... korean anymore? Maybe it's a bug that I have since a lot of the blogs in korean that I follow now look like that:v

Yeh, I noticed that too… It’s happened to other Korean blogs too… I think it’s a Tumblr issue… :/

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Hi babe! Do you know how we can get the Rolling Stone issue in the UK? I really need that magazine at home!!!! Thanks for keeping all of us updated! It's a hard work you're doing and I thought I should thank you for that :) xx

Not really. Maybe try big book stores, or stores at places where many tourists frequent like a big trainstation or the Airport. I know the shops here have foreign Magazine at those places.

If anyone knows more feel free to help out 😉😘.

Awww, you didn’t have too but thank you so so much for your sweet message. 😘😘😘

xo and have a very nice evening.

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Heya :) you don't need to answer this, if this is too much of a personal question, but I was just wondering which area in Scotland you are from? I moved here last year, to Ayrshire, and I love it a lot. Basically, if you want to answer this, maybe you have some tips for places I need to see here? I need to start getting out of the house more often :D Also, thanks for your blog, it has been very helpful! <3

hey there :) Where I am from in Scotland is actually on my blog so I have no issue with saying that I’m from Ayrshire :) if you want to send me a private message I can have a chat with you about what things you can see and do here :) 

23/07/16 ghost adventures au… or grave encounters au w/e floats your boat

the signs

so I really wanted to do one of there “the signs inspired by people I know in those signs” type posts so here it is!

Aries: very passionate, need to make everything into a discussion, will make you feel a little stupid, even if they aren’t attractive they are so attractive its weird, WILL fight for their friends ALWAYS, family problems, sO much energy its scary at times, freaky in bed (like next level), anger issues

Taurus: literally ALWAYS sleeping, ALWAYS hungry, so fucking beautiful wth, taurus women are often so powerful, very sweet to everyone but low-key bitches behind peoples backs, party animals omg, on and off friends, takes 10 hours naps

Gemini: very weird and in your face people, DRAMAQUEENS, but I lowkey love them, can never keep a secret, sleeps a lot too, book and film nerds, friends with everyone even people they hate, very annoying at times, BUT very funny, will fuck you up, energetic af, loUD AF

Cancer: either the worst or the best people you will ever meet, so family oriented, often good cooks, cute, sweater paws, likes walks? a little weird, but very funny, insecure, amazing laughs and pretty eyes

Leo: the funniest sign, sO HOT, nice hair, highkey assholes, very rude to anyone who aren’t in their close circle, also party animals, LOVE to dance, very obscure humor, kinky fucks, likes to chase and gets tired when they finally get what they want, hard to read, you love them even if they treat you bad, those types of people you feel the need to be liked by, anxiety

Virgo: so fucking stressed always, artistic, selfish but also very selfless its weird, vERY passionate, pretty, petty!, loves to help others but so bad at helping themselves, kinky assholes, know-it-alls but low-key dumb at times, whiny crybabies, loves being babied behind closed doors but so independent other wise, intimidating

Libra: so hard to read, very on and off people, super funny, kind of mean, some of them are so FUCKING annoying and others are sweethearts, rude and dirty sense of humor, can drink like a sailor, either you love em or you hate em, closed-off, seems really put together, kind off intimidating

Scorpio: DRAMAQUEENS, selfish, lovely laughs, funny, makes bad choices, sweethearts, makes good cake, parties a lot, high key weirdoes, very sensual, very open about their personal life, loves to be the host, HOT, not that good at relationships

Sagittaruis: WILD, will go OFF at a party, so weird its funny, very cute, messy and clumsy, sweethearts that want the best for you, awkward, knows everyone for some reason, loves their friends a lot, YELLS A LOT, weirdest laughs omfg

Capricorn: known as the boring sign, but are actually super fun people, very family and work oriented, gets too caught up in work/school/free time activities that they forget their friends, funny, energetic, loves to spend time with their families, good at flirting but scared of relationships, amazing friends

Aquarius: so fucking funny, music lovers, so fucking pretty omfg, kinky AF, will fuck you up though, horror movie enthusiasts, sick humor, this sign is also such a hit and miss, really cool people mostly, also a sign you feel like you have to be liked by, this sign is a mess at parties honestly how are they still alive, will pee anywhere

Pisces: politics, kind of awkward but super funny, sweethearts, very active people, like really sporty, rough childhood, good hair, amazing friends, nothing goes their way though I feel sorry for you all, so fucking pretty its annoying, all of the pisces people I know are either outside or doing something active in their profile pic on Facebook

If you have any interest in what the cool kids call “defensive voting” I recommend as a resource for finding out what candidates and questions will be in your local ballot. The questions especially can have some pretty strong consequences, but they often don’t get as much press as national candidates, so there’s an opportunity to attempt to educate people about the relevant issues before they’ve formed their opinions.

I live in Massachusetts, and the state has four ballot questions this year – one on licensing more slot machines in the state; one on expanding the charter school system; one on banning animal products from farms that use cages too small to allow the animal to stand, lie down, or turn around; and one on legalizing marijuana for people at least 21 years of age.

Past Massachusetts ballots have featured questions on euthanasia and on whether the state should essentially discontinue its public housing program. I hear California has a ballot proposition this year that could determine the legality of the death penalty within the state. (BallotPedia tells me it’s Proposition 62.)

So if you’re going to vote, go forth and research your ballot.

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i was reading your post on trans!lars and wanted to know what you meant by lars and sadie having sex at least once. I dont recall that ever being implied. Could you explain

I’m glad you asked this, Anon, bc I’ve seen at least one person take issue with this in the tags, too (maybe you even are that person, if so - hi!). Their argument was that they were uncomfortable with that bc su is a kid’s show and implying sex would be… creepy? I actually thought it was 1) pretty clear and 2) not creepy at all. Like, I thought it was heavily implied; I’m sure the same would fly right over the head of any child who is too young for that kind of stuff in their cartoons. That’s why it’s implication and not outright statement.

So this is not an exhaustive list, but just off the top of my head Sadie says a couple of things that I took to mean she and Lars have done… non-platonic things with each other, even while they seem to be not actually in a relationship and more like some kind of a loose on-off thing that also includes long periods of awkwardness and nothing much at all happening between them.

Sadie: “ I didn’t think much of it, but when I got to his house I saw he cleaned up his room a little, and he got a big box of Oyster crackers. They’re my favorite. He let me be his Player Two, and we spent the whole night together.“

This is from Season One’s “Joking Victim”. Sadie tells this to Steven, and when she gets to the “whole night” part you can see from her expression and tone of voice that she’s recalling fond memories. She even gets lost a little in them until Steven snaps her out of it.
Now obviously this can mean “we spent the whole night playing video games and nothing more”, but I definitely took it to mean there was something else going on. When do you ever say “we spent the night together” if you don’t mean, you know, together together? The phrase just carries a romantic/sexual connotation. Add to that the balance of propability – Sadie and Lars are both not children anymore and are well withing their rights to have sex if the want without that being anything scandalous, and they definitely have feelings for each other, even though it’s complicated – and it’s more likely that not. If not outright sex, I’m pretty sure they’ve done at least something.

Sadie: *tearing up* That night we played video games, I don’t know what it meant to you. But ever since then, I can’t get the thought out of my head that you’re a good person. *grabs his hand* That night, I really thought…

I mean, that is almost textbook “we had one night together but now you seem to feel different about it that I do and I don’t know what to do about that”-dialogue.

And this is very recent; from “The New Lars”:

Sadie: Oh, yeah, they’re closing shop to get those gulls out of the vents. Any plans?
Would you… want to come by my place? I know it’s kind of been awhile, but we could get some food, watch some movies.

Same as above: you can read this as totally innocent if you want, but the language is still suggestive. From her hesitation to “it’s been a while” to the tacked-on sort of “you know, we can just eat and watch movies if you… want to keept it at that…” because Sadie seems unsure of where exactly they stand with each other. Lars tells Steven right after, “we aren’t getting married. We’re not even dating”, which is true… but there’s also not nothing going on between them.

The thing that Sadie and Lars keep struggling with throughout the show is intimacy (especially Lars has a lot of issues with this). Theirs is not a will-they-won’t-they scenario. I honestly think they “have” already. But that doesn’t matter much in the long run because what they need to work out is the other part; the How close are we really, how much can we show that to each other, how much are we willing to invest in this relationship, are we better off as friends? It’s a constant drawing back and getting close again. In “Island Adventures”, it’s a big deal when Lars tentatively strokes Sadie’s hand, but when they start to make out right afterwards, it feels not really like a first time. Those are two very different sorts of closeness, and they’re still feeling their way around the first.

That’s my take on it, at least. I don’t mind if it turns out I’m totally wrong on this, but until then i’m going with my gut feeling.


When CP stares into your soul… 👀

I went back and forth about whether it was weird to get The Body Issue signed but in the end I thought it was a really cool, artsy shot so I went for it.

CP was walking past my wife while I was at the bar so she got our programme signed too!

EW’s Fall TV Cover Battle: Vote for our cover star! 

We’ve made it to the FINAL FOUR! You’ll have from now until Aug. 1 at 12 p.m. ET to make your voices heard in the final round of our competition taking place in the poll below. The winner will grace the subscribers’ cover of our Fall TV Preview double issue, mailed out on Sept. 8.


Signal boost this post after you’ve voted and repeat as necessary 😄

ADHD and Boredom

Feeling bored usually happens when nothing in your environment captures your interest or attention. Boredom might start with your mind, but it can quickly affect your body and emotions too. For example, you might feel restless or fatigued and your mood can plummet.

Boredom is one of the things people with ADHD fear the most and will go to great lengths to avoid it. How many of these have you done?

  1. Hang up the phone if you are put on hold; even if you were in the middle are resolving an important issue.
  2. Eat something, even though you aren’t hungry.
  3. Phone a person you don’t like that much, just to have someone to talk to.
  4. Delay going to bed until you are completely exhausted to avoid the boredom of lying in bed waiting to fall asleep.
  5. Create an argument; with a service provider, or someone you love.
  6. Act in a potentially dangerous way. For example: overtake a slow driver even if it’s not completely safe because driving behind them is boring.

The opposite of bored is interested, energized and cheerful. Adults with ADHD are always looking for things that are new or stimulating because when they are interested in something, the executive functions of the brain click into gear and the brain works well.

When a task is dull or mundane, not only is it very hard to mentally stay engaged, there are other negative consequences too. For example, daytime sleepiness - where you fall asleep in the middle of an activity; even if you got plenty of sleep the night before.

Some people experience depression if their environment isn’t stimulating.

How to Avoid Boredom

Get to know yourself and your favourite ways to avoid boredom

Here are some common boredom busters: Trying the new and different, spending time with people, doing adrenaline activities, taking risks, problem-solving, adding movement, being ‘hands on’, etc.

When you know your favourite ways, design your life around those things, so each day is interesting for you. This includes your job and how you approach the tasks in your job description, your hobbies, and as well as how you do the mundane tasks of life; such as housework.

Be prepared

Life is full of delays, so have a variety of activities on hand. For example, if you are flying, take a magazine which is visual, a book that you can get engrossed in, as well as a puzzle book. Don’t leave things to chance and hope there will be a good movie to watch or that you will be sitting next to someone entertaining.

Use a timer

Using a timer can make even the dullest things interesting, as it creates a sense of urgency and excitement. Play games with yourself. For example, see if you can do all the washing up in 15 minutes.


It is good to have self-awareness that you don’t like feeling bored and so you can do what is in your power to avoid it. However, don’t become too fearful of being bored that you will do anything to avoid it.

This is how accidents happen. If you are bored, it is empowering to know you can sit with it for a few moments. Meditation and exercise are 2 daily habits that help you to endure unexpected boring parts of your day.

People that are having an issue with certain USWNT’ers flying in first class: