Hey y'all
How is everyone doing? I am excited about the long weekend and can’t wait to blog about it. But in the mean time, enjoy this blog post from my photo shoot in Accra. Been back for a week now and I miss it like crazyyyyy😔
So let’s cut to the chase, this black skirt I’m wearing was only $9. Will attach a link on where I bought it and you can actually purchase it now. Was surely feeling myself in this post as you can see. Hope y'all enjoy the weekend and take lots of pictures 💕💗💋

Top: American apparel croppie

Skirt: online boutique

Shoes: Steve Madden

Bag: Chanel

Mad Max game needs HORROR

yesterday when my spouse and I had pumpkin soup for dinner, we were talking about the Mad Max game and the difficulty level of videogames.

You can not set the difficulty level for the Mad Max game (at least not to my knowledge). So when I was cruising around the wasteland looking for some trouble I ran into a War Boy troop transport. Everyone decided to get out of the cars and settle things via brawling. While I took out these 7+ War Boys with quite ease even though I hadn’t played the game much, I realized:

The Max we see in the movie would have big trouble taking out these guys. In fact, he would’ve tried to run.

I had to think about this great article by fuckyeahisawthat who showed the structure of the movie followed more the lines of a horror movie than an action movie. And I think that’s exactly the reason why the Mad Max game feels so much different from the movie even though I can enjoy both.

It is an action game with Max doing all sorts of heroic things with so much ease. Basically you play out the action Max does off screen in the movie, killing the Bullet Farmer for example (you don’t get to kill the Bullet Farmer in the game of course, but you do stuff like that). Playing Max you feel powerful and in control most of the time. Which movie Max obviously doesn’t.

If the game was more difficult, would it make the game feel more like the movie? I think tougher enemies wouldn’t solve this issue. The game would need to create that constant feeling of being threatened, like the first Resident Evil games do: Resources are scarce, you try to save bullets, if you use that gas canister to burn something down it’s gone and there won’t be another one, you cannot save the game as many times you want, you try not to die because last time you saved was an hour ago and one single enemy can seriously wound you if they catch you off guard.

THIS sounds more like an experience from a game set in the Mad Max wastelands. Sounds like a horror game. It IS a horror game.

How about a Mad Max survival horror game? Max fleeing from the Citadel, wandering the wasteland, looking for resources and evading threats? I’d play that.

There is no more grace or beauty in this world, no naïve smile or delicate kiss. The feeling for art is replaced by the taste for the disgusting and grotesque. Society, in its decrepitude, resorts to bloody flagellations to over-stimulate its old carcass and sometimes still give itself some dreadful semblance of virility. Atony and gangrene have blunted all its capacities for labor, as well as for pleasure. It can no longer enjoy anything. For it, work is a punishment and pleasure a labor. It does not know what it wants or what it does not want. Everything weighs on it; it stumbles and sinks in all sorts of depravity and cowardice. It wants to escape from that horrible nightmare, to shake off the burden of degradation that suffocates it; it looks forward to waking up; it knows that it only has to stand up on its feet to destroy that oppression, and it is so drained that it does not have the strength to rise, or the courage to conquer its numbness. And yet the idea ferments in it, and enlightens it internally in its sleep, until it is powerful enough to make it open its eyes and shine from its pupils

Joseph Déjacque 1858

love mid nineteenth century anarchist rhetoric, proper fearsome

Noragami 58 Summary

This chapter is super exciting and has a lot of otp moments, and finally an introduction to Take Mikazuchi, so it’s summary time! Lots, lots, lotts of pictures this time as well (RAW is by the super awesome fast-moon!)

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Spagoots Theme - Extended Ukulele Demo
  • Spagoots Theme - Extended Ukulele Demo

Have another ukulele thing.

When I wrote the original lyrics to the spagootsofficial theme song, it was envisioned as just a little jingle about friendship and the good, relaxing feelings that come when you’re with people you enjoy spending time with.

So, obviously, the extended theme would take that theme and roll with it just a bit more!

We’re still working on a more official version to be released at some point in the future.


Found this cute little bit on Something Rotten! with interviews I hadn’t seen before. There’s an adorable part with Christian and Brian. My favorite moment is Christian’s voice off camera going “I use that word!” and then saying “I feel like that is literally exactly what I said.” haha….Also…is it weird that I’m always so aware of whatever Christian is doing that I noticed he fixed his hair off camera cuz I happened to be looking at his shadow…? No?…ok. good.. lol The stuff with SR! starts around 12:50 and goes till 19:23 :) Enjoy!

PS tho… “John Sariani”? ….rly?? lol


This past week, me and my now-wife Claire have been enjoying our honeymoon in Venice after a truly marvellous wedding last week in Scotland. Although I tried hard to not take photos all the time whilst in Venice, I’m afraid I may have failed (sorry Claire). So, my other blogs, joe-phote and joe-gifs, may have a distinctly Venetian feel over the next few weeks…

 - Joe


Work: Magic Circle Sweatshirt

Sometimes it’s nice to just make something that you’d personally like to wear. Usually my personal sewing projects are simple/utilitarian, but I wanted a quilted sweatshirt for the fall, and I decided to go all out. Usually I’m not a big fan of overly nerdy clothing (I enjoy plenty of nerdy things, but I don’t really feel the need to let my clothing shout about it) but I wanted to make something with a magical circle motif, and I always loved the design from Card Captor Sakura, so here we are.

It’s also kind of nice to take something from an series with such a frilly, ruffly aesthetic-somethings I love to look at, but don’t feel comfortable wearing-and bring it into a really basic, unisex garment like a gray heathered sweatshirt.

Not that I need this to say anything artistically, hah, I just wanted a comfy sweatshirt and didn’t find any I liked out there.

If you ever feel bad about having a weeaboo phase, just remember that there was a group of adult animators that unironically created the show “my life me” and it was unironically enjoyed by an actual audience of people.


How would you describe the music [in the musical Amélie]?

The music has a folky-ness and a contemporary feel to it, and it’s definitely got Parisian tones. It’s whimsical and magical in places, when she creates these fantasy worlds that let her escape from her reality, whether it’s with a gnome or a goldfish. Even before I had seen any staging or read any scripts, the music informed me of the world we’d be creating: somewhere between real life and fantasy, which is where Amelie lives half the time.

I’ve enjoyed exploring a softer tone of my voice. Yes, the story is about a quiet young girl who’s trying to find her voice, but she’s not so much shy or doesn’t know how to communicate. She’s more socially isolated, so she has moments where she’s singing inside her head. And there are still moments that are “vocal fireworks” even though she might be singing to herself, like an inner frustration.

I tried not to ship Eleven and Clara the first time I watched Doctor Who because Rose and Ten were a painful enough OTP, thank you very much (and I also really enjoyed Eleven and River’s dynamic) but I’m rewatching the series now and I can’t even fight it, there is just so much shipping material in Eleven and Clara’s first episode alone. So many forehead and hand kisses! So many adoring gazes! 

I definitely ship Clara and Twelve more though, because I feel like Twelve is truly and completely her Doctor. He’s not as affectionate as Eleven but he clearly adores her. Eleven cared about her quite a lot but part of him was always going to belong to Amy, Rory and River, just like Ten’s heart was always going to be with Rose even as he traveled with Martha and Donna. 

It’s obvious that the Doctor loves all his companions deeply, whether it’s romantic like with Rose, River and possibly Clara or platonic like Martha, Donna and the rest, but I do think there is an element of the first companion being the one he is most attached to in some way. 

I really don’t enjoy much of anything these days tbh everything feels empty and mediocre and I don’t even have the time or the money to do anything fun wow

pastelpunklester asked:


i need to finish this essay, it needs a last sentence and maybe a few changes (keep in mind english is my second language)
there are a lot of fears, some people are afraid of spiders, some of flights, some of heights and the list goes on. my fear is regret, I am afraid of waking up some day, when im old and wrinkly, with fragile bones and bladder issues, and feel like i wasted away my youth, that i hadn’t lived my life to the fullest. 
Abraham Lincoln once said “in the end its not the years in your life that counts. its the life in your years”
sometimes i forget that life is right now, right now and not in 4 years when i finish school, nor in 6 when i finish the army. 
but in this moment i am alive, so i must enjoy my life, see, feel, taste and experience all the wonders that lay on earth, as much as i can, and as long as i can. because i know that one day, i wouldn’t be able to fulfil my dreams, that day could be in 50 years, or tomorrow, life is unexpectable, i could never know.
one thing that i know, is that id rather die today, being happy with how my life turned out so far, than live another 70 years, and wish for a different life.