Love is officially in the air… especially if you’re Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson! This Valentine’s Day, kick back and feel the Larry Love in these six wonderful VDay themed fics - 

  • Oh My My, Baby Don’t Be Shy by @harrusmol
    • CUTE!! This is a short fic about what happens when single dads Harry and Louis see each other across the room at their daughters’ VDay dance, and it’s DARLING.
  • Make It Everlasting So Nothing’s Incomplete by @supernope
    • Flowershop-owner Harry and comic book store-owner Louis essentially have a flirt-off in this fluffy masterpiece. I smiled almost the entire way through this fic, and then immediately reread my favorite moments. Love this so much!
  • Trust Me to Take You Home by @hattalove
    • Read this if you’re looking for a fluffy X-Factor VDay fic. It’s their first Valentine’s Day together, and they each want to do something special. Such a charm-fest!

I value people’s time, immensely. I enjoy the act of coordinating shoots, planning shoots, shooting with people, watching them look at the pictures on the camera, and rushing home to edit. There is literally nothing more on this planet that I enjoy doing. Before I made it to New York Thursday night, I had about 12 shoots planned, they were pretty much all in stone. By now I was scheduled to have completed nine shoots, but I’ve only done two. Look, I understand that things happen and things come up, but all I ask of you is to let me know. Running late? Let me know. Feeling under the weather? Let me know. Not feeling to shoot anymore? Let me know. Communication is single handedly the make and break of every relationship (including platonic) we enter. I don’t want to hear an hour or two before my shoot that you can’t make it because then I feel bad having turned down people for shoots for that same time slot. You will NEVER disappoint me by telling me in advance that you can’t make it to a shoot, but I need at least a day’s notice. Who’s to say we can’t shoot at a later time or another day? Thank you to those that have done this in the past, and a heads up to those looking to work with me. 

Thanks to my gremlin @jadasabrina for spending the day and shooting with me.


Ok so I’ll work on requests after this I promise but I still have some EXO feels from last night SO

Here’s texting your BTS boyfriend before/after/about an EXO concert!!!

Req by: my feels

Hope you guys enjoy!! Hehehe


Hey everyone! I’ve made a couple of ship drawings to put up on my Redbubble, based on an old drawing I did. The pairings are of course Spideypool and SpideyGwen! I’m sorry I didn’t draw them up in time for Valentine’s Day, but by the time I finally got around to drawing them it wouldn’t have been enough time. :< But, I think they’re still pretty darn cute, and can be worn all year round!


I’ll be making more of these in the future if there’s enough interested in them! The other pairings I have planned are Spideytorch, Peter/Spidey and MJ, MJ and Gwen, Stucky, Stony, Ruby/Saphire, as well some pony and TMNT pairings. These pairings can of course be romantic, platonic, whichever you want! They definitely aren’t solely meant to just be romantic.

If you have any pairings in mind, feel free to shoot me a message!

I hope you enjoy these little guys, and have a great Valentine’s Day!

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a BTS reaction to when their girlfriend is on her period and gets super depressed and feels like there is no hope and she should give up on her dreams?? sorry if that's weird request ㅠㅠ Also I really love your blog!

Hello, Anon. We all have off days whether we’re affected by PMS or not. haha. i hope you see happy days, too. Thanks for the request and liking my blog!  I hope you enjoy! :) 

“(Y/N), what should I cook for you, today? Your wish is my command.” 

*honestly just fed up with the period drama and wishing for the hell week to be over*

“No hope? But, (Y/N), I’m your hope!” 

“… Did you run out of the pills?”

“(Y/N), don’t give up on your dreams. I believe that you can do anything because you’re you.”   

*searches “how to alleviate mood swings from my bleeding girlfriend”*

*listens quietly and is terrified to talk back, until he has a brilliant idea* “Let’s go get some air, (Y/N). That should help cheer you up.”

Exo Scenario: Virgin ~

Can i request a smut with Chanyeol on him taking your virginity please

This request was sent in on my other blog ( @scenariexos), but because it is smut, I figured that I would write it here. I’m planning on doing that with every smut request I get on my other blog, and then just reblogging it there so that everyone can see it. Anyway, hope that the anon who requested this enjoys it and thank you for requesting! Feel free to let me know what you think and also request more if you’re ever in the mood! Thanks again :)

Also, fair warning, this is extremely long, longer than most other things I’ve written.

~Admin Ali

The two of you had been planning this carefully for about a month or so now. And you were giddy, feeling a little high off of both excitement and anxiety over the entire thing. Not only was this the first time you were having sex with Chanyeol, your long time boyfriend, but it was the first time you were having sex period.

And though you were nervous about the entire thing, you were pretty sure your boyfriend was even more nervous than you were. 

Despite the laid back, chill attitude he liked to pretend he had towards most things, he was really just a giant puppy on the inside. He got excited too quickly, nervous just the same amount, and when he got like that he would either talk endlessly, or shut up completely. It was always a game of chance which he would do, but either way, you knew what was going on when he got like that. No matter though, because you loved everything about him. 

The two of you had planned it for when everyone was out of town. All of your friends had decided to go on vacation together - something that you were a little rattled about missing - and your parents were at a spa resort for the entire week - a present for their most recent anniversary that you had splurged on. Besides, they had deserved it, and more importantly, you had wanted them out of your hair.

And maybe the two of you had gone a little overboard in planning, because looking at the mood lighting and the decorations around the house, it only made you feel increasingly uncomfortable the more you looked at it. Weren’t these sort of things supposed to be easy and…natural? You had told your best friend what was going on and how much the two of you had planned it, but her only advice was to let what happened, happen. You wanted to take her advice, but you had already put so much effort into trying to make this perfect. 

So when Chanyeol knocked on your apartment door and you opened it to let him inside, you were worried for his reaction.

But his eyes seemed to soften when he took everything in, including you. You had opted out of the sexy lingerie - having been far too uncomfortable to even walk into the store on your own - and had gone instead for a simple pair of jeans and a button up shirt. It was simple and completely you. You were a little proud of the fact that your best friend had approved, saying that anything else would have seemed too contrived. You had agreed with her completely.

“You look beautiful.” he murmured, deep voice making your heart stutter.

The two of you had been dating for a little more than a year now, and even after that time, he still made your stomach do flips and your heart stammer in your chest. You liked the feeling enough that you smiled and leaned up to kiss his lips, using this as a thank you.

This is what felt natural about the whole thing, you just kissing him in the hallway. And he didn’t care that you two were still standing there, completely ignoring the rest of the room and all the decorations. With his lips pressed on yours, you sighed into him. This was how things were supposed to happen. Simple, easy, blissful. And yours fingers going to cradle the back of his neck so that you could kiss him deeper.

When his callused hands eased down your face, brushing your chin and hovering over your jaw, making their way down to your waist, you breathed him in and sighed again, mouth opening and allowing him to ease his tongue inside. You kissed him deeper then, eyes closed and shoulders relaxed as you felt his hand go lower.

Finally reaching your waist after the painful descent, his fingers teetered there, as if he were unsure if he should touch you at all. He always asked for permission before touching you, before allowing his hands to crawl up your shirt and press against your lower back, or massage smooth circles into your breasts. You pulled away from his lips then, because you knew he was waiting for permission. You loved that.

“Please…” you started, “Please touch me.” and it was better than saying just “yes”, or anything else you could have possibly said, because it brought a smile to his bruising lips, which crashed back down on yours with more fervor than before.

The two of you stood like that for a while, right up until Chanyeol’s hands started massaging your breasts through your bra and you couldn’t wait anymore. When you eased away from his touch, his eyes shot open as if he had done something wrong, but you just smiled gently at his confused expression before pulling at the hand resting on your neck and leading him into the bedroom.

Screw the decorations you had prepared.

You hadn’t expected it to seem so effortless, not after so much work and detail put into it, but when you laid back against the carefully arranged pillows, Chanyeol hovering over you, it just felt right. And you felt the butterflies soaring in your stomach, happy that this was finally coming to fruition.

“Touch me, Chanyeol.” and it came out sending like a plea.

He did just that, listening to your words as he unbuttoned your shirt, leaving you exposed to the chill air. And despite the air being slightly cold, his hands were warm and slightly soft, even with the calluses from playing guitar so often. 

Chanyeol just looked at you for a long while, hips aligned with yours as he hovered over you, his knees on either side of your torso, and his brown eyes refusing to look away from your body. He had seen you without a shirt off before, but when he looked at you now, it was like he was looking at you for the first time.

“You’re so beautiful.” he murmured. 

And then he was kissing all up your body, pressing soft kisses to your naval before going up your stomach, finally reaching your breasts. He was gentle, careful even, as he kissed you, as if he feared he would damage you. He held you in his hands like you were a precious flower, as if you were a glass vase that could so easily break. And you appreciated the care to detail and gentle manners, because it just turned you on. You had never imagined something like that turning you on, but it did. And it only made you want him more.

Before you were able to tell him to undress already, he captured your lips in his. As he was doing that, he placed one hand on the hooks at your back, pausing to ask permission once more. You let a laugh spill from your lips.

“Please.” you murmured in reply. His answering smile was dazzling.

It was faster from there on out, with Chanyeol pulling away to shed out of his own clothes. He kept his boxers on however, a fact that you were actually sad about. Despite that, however, you could see how turned on he was as well, his length pushing dangerously against the fabric of his boxers and telling you exactly what he wanted. You bit your lip at the sight and that had Chanyeol’s eyes daring you, eyebrows going up in question.

“Do you really want this?” he asked, voice husky from all of the kissing and whispering. When you nodded, hands going to reach up and pull at the hem of his boxers, he let out a deep chuckle. The next thing you knew, he was out of his boxers and leaning down towards your clit, lips dangerously close.

He took a moment to make sure this was what you wanted him to do, and though you did want it, you certainly didn’t need it. You were already very wet as it was, the kissing and light massage from earlier having done the trick enough. It was painfully obvious that the two of you didn’t get much play at all with how easily you were able to get so wet for him. The two of you must have looked like monks compared to every other couple on earth. You weren’t a prude, but this was your first time doing anything like this.

When his tongue started running circles on your clit, your hands fisted on the blankets at your side. It felt heavenly, and if you thought his kisses were dangerous, this was even more so. His hands were traveling up your body as he did this, one hand going to rest on your thigh and tease soft circles along your inner leg, while the other trailed up along your torso and waist. He didn’t mind when your hips bucked up in pleasure, in fact, he chuckled against your mound at the feeling of you so needy for him.

This wasn’t what you had been expecting at all, having just thought the two of you would be having sex and that was it. But this was so much better than what you had imagined. And when the fingers he had pressed ever so gently into your thighs started prepping your hole, your back arched even more and you let out a soft mewling sound, eyes fluttering closed as you lost yourself to the pleasure.

“Chanyeol…” your lips parted, just barely saying his name. As his fingers darted in and out of your entrance teasingly, he pulled away and chuckled again.

“Tell me what you want, baby.” he said.

And you couldn’t come up with the words just yet, but you wanted him to continue what he was doing. Your fingers found purchase on your skin as they made their way to your clit, rubbing soft circles over and over again in place of his tongue, which you now missed. He breathed out ever so slightly, warm breath hitting your skin, as he pushed your fingers out of the way and continued in what he had been preoccupied with earlier.

This went on until you felt a knot forming in your stomach, heat spreading through your entire core, and before you knew it, you were cumming on his fingers and mouth, the sounds escaping your lips not so quiet as they had been before. Chanyeol let you ride out the wave of pleasure on his mouth, fingers hitting that delicate spot within you that was now extremely sore and too fragile, as you came down from your high.

Pulling away and wiping his mouth, your eyes caught the gleaming amount of pre-cum that stained his tip. However bold you were not used to being, your eyes found his as you still continued to pant heavily from the pleasure coursing through your body, alighting every one of your nerve endings, as you pulled him down toward you.

“Just fuck me, Chanyeol.” you said, voice sounding like warm, thick honey. 

His eyebrows quirked and you heard the soft moan escape his lips in response to your words. You weren’t the only one waiting for this.

So when he entered you, tip aligning with your entrance, you were expecting the pain, but not the pleasure afterwards.

He let you get accustomed to him after your first initial groan of pain, hands going to cradle your face and waiting until you opened your eyes to stare up at him before he said or did anything else.

“Is this okay?” he asked, and your heart melted so absolutely at how caring he was. Even just those three words had you close to the edge yet again. So you nodded and pressed your hips up, taking him further and wincing at the pain before you answered him, a breathless whisper on your lips.

“Yes.” you told him.

He took a steady, slow pace at first, which you appreciated. And throughout the entire thing, he made sure to keep eyes on you and be aware of everything that hurt you or pleased you. If you made a strange, displeased face, he would stop and ask if you were okay. So you would nod, begging him to continue. He was so gentle with you. Even when you could tell he was close to cumming as well. You could feel yourself close, too, but knew he would probably cum before you did for a second time.

But even with that thought, Chanyeol seemed to want you to cum again first before he released himself. He was all into pleasing you first and foremost tonight and it astounded you so completely. This was more than you expected for a first time.

So he started running circles against your clit again, going just a tad bit faster within you as his other hand kept your hips steady. You sighed into his touch and couldn’t possibly help the mewls and moans escaping your lips, or the constant sighs of his name on your tongue.

“Yeol!” you nearly screamed when you felt the knot in your stomach break, heat going everywhere and spreading through your entire core. You panted his name over and over again, barely able to get the words out now as he continued letting you ride your high out on his talented fingers and body. 

Not soon after you came for the second time that night, Chanyeol also hit the wall. He shuddered all around you, lapsing into a high of pleasure off of the clenching and unclenching of your inner walls. It forced him into releasing and you were thankful that you had started using birth control, because in the moment, the two of you had forgotten a condom.

It was over in the next few seconds, with Chanyeol pulling out and being careful not to fall on top of you. You were extremely sore and you knew for a fact that tomorrow you wouldn’t want to do anything whatsoever. You were also grateful that you had called out of work for the entire weekend. You would need to get your strength back after that.

“Chanyeol…” you murmured, careful when you moved as you were still throbbing from both the pain and endless pleasure.

“Hmm?” he let out, a breath of a reply.

“I love you.” and you meant it absolutely. You loved him so much, and this just went to show him how much he meant to you. The two of you had waited for one another to be ready, and now…now you were thankful that you had finally made this step. And it didn’t matter what others thought of this decision. It had been one of the best few minutes of your life.

His eyes warmed as they stared at you and he pressed his lips to yours, not as hungrily as before, but you could feel the hunger still left in him. You would need to tell him to wait a few days before you could go again. But there would certainly be a second time, for sure.

When he pulled away, he kissed your forehead, breath mingling with yours and causing a few strands of already disarrayed hair to float away.

“I love you, too.” he whispered.

Surprise! [BTS Scenario - Jungkook x Reader]

Hey, here’s my V-day gift! :D

I won’t say much, I’ll keep my notes for the end of the story :3

Fluff. Words: no idea, posting this on the road. Enjoy! Tell me what you think ^^


“Hey, Y/N!”

You ignore Jimin and keep walking at a brisk pace. You hear his running footsteps getting closer and closer to you.

Jimin’s like the older brother you never had - or rather, the older brother you never asked for.

The two of you had grown up together in a small town before his family moved away. The child-you had been sulky and avoided keeping in touch with him though he has continuously tried to with you, being the more ‘mature’ one as your parents never forgot to remind you.

When you got accepted into the boarding school of your dreams, no one had been happier than your family and Jimin’s. Because Jimin, apparently, is studying there too. You had mentally smacked yourself back then for not paying attention to Jimin whenever he goes on about his school during your family’s yearly gatherings, to which Jimin’s family is alway invited.

Your parents, ever huge fans of responsible “Jiminnie~”, had asked him to take care of you at school, since you’ve never been away from them ever. And Jimin, much to your dismay, promised to be the most awesome big brother you could ever have.

Unfortunately, being the ‘most awesome big brother’ seems to include embarrassing you every other day at school. Today, his latest embarrassing act happened to be in front of your crush.

“Wait up! Your dorm’s not going anywhere,” he says, breathless from running to catch up to you.

“It’s not, no,” you say pointedly, refusing to look at him. “But I’m going somewhere.”

“Where? To find Jungkoooookie?” He giggles, doing some weird dance that you assume is supposed to represent…actually you have no idea, you’re too annoyed to think today.

“No!” You deny, pushing him hard in the chest befor breaking into a run towards your dorm.

“Yah!” Jimin laughs, catching up to you in five easy strides, this time holding your arm to prevent you from running again. “I can run faster than you.”

“Yeah, since just now.” You roll your eyes, pulling your hand away.

“Anyway, I wanna tell you something.”


“Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day right -” he licks his lips nervously. “I got a surprise for you.”

“Your presents always suck…” You hate to think what it’s going to be this time.

“This time you’ll love it for sure, you’ll worship me as the best brother your whole life. I swear,” Jimin puffs his chest out, as if it’s already set in stone that you will like what he plans this time.

“You know Seokjin oppa can’t do magic, right?” You remind him, remembering the countless performances you’ve been forced to watch and cringe in secondhand embarrassment at almost every party Jimin’s done for you.

“Yeah, but it’s not-”

“And a sad, singles karaoke night with a hyperactive Hoseok oppa, you and four other dudes is not my ideal Valentine’s plan.” You stop in front of the girls’ main dormitory gate to bring up more bad plans of Jimin’s.

“It’s not sad and you love us-” Jimin argues.

“And please never leave me alone with Yoongi oppa and Joon oppa again, I swear my brain might actually explode this time.” You whine, suddenly remembering that incident that had you right in the middle of a petty, philosophical debate between the two bright haired guys.

“I already told you I’m sorry about that one. Haven’t I made it up to you with all the ice-creams you made me pay for?” Jimin whines back.

Before you could complain some more, Jimin places a hand over your mouth like he always did when you were kids. Being used to this, you made wailing noises against his hand.

“Anyway,” Jimin says loudly, over your muffled wailing. “Just come to my class after dinner tomorrow.”

You stop wailing, pulling Jimin’s hand off. “Wait, aren’t we going to your house for dinner?” You remind him of the weekend dinners that you had compromised to have with the Parks since you had strongly rejected their offer to live with them when you enrolled into the school.

“At least come on the weekends, Y/N?” Mrs Park had said, still seeing you as the little girl she used to take care of alongside her son, taking turns with your parents when they were at work and vice versa when the Parks were at work.

“Nah, I told them to go have fun since we’ll have things going on at school,” Jimin shrugs. “It is Valentine’s Day, they deserve to think about each other instead of me at least once a year.” He sticks his tongue out. You were about to roll your eyes at him when something crosses your mind.

“Ohmygod,” you say, eyes wide in fear. “Don’t tell me it’s one of those Taehyung oppa dinner plans? I’m gonna die of hunger before we even get to his special restaurant.”

Jimin laughs at your exaggeration, “That was only once and we learnt from that, okay? Just come tomorrow, it’ll be the best present I ever gave you.” He gives your cheek a hard pinch before running off to the boys’ dormitory.

You laugh, yelling that you’ll get him for that. For a big brother, he can be such a kid.


“This is stupid,” you mutter as you walk blindly. You tug at the blindfold Jimin had managed to force you in. “I already know who’s going to be there anyway.”

Jimin swats your hand away while he steers you from behind. “No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do. There’s going to be Yoongi oppa, Seokjin oppa, Namjoon oppa, Hoseok oppa and Taetae oppa.” You blindly count off Jimin’s friends that you always hangout with. “See?”

“You’re wrong,” he says in a sing-song voice.

“Oh sorry, and you too.” You say in mock excitement.

“Nope nope nope,” he turns you around a corner. You frown under the blindfold, not able to guess where he’s leading you because you’re too busy trying to figure out who it could be.

“Right! Me!” You yell out triumphantly, temporarily stopping.

Jimin just laughs, pushing you to walk again and turning you another corner before finally stopping. “Okay, we’re here. Close your eyes.” He pulls your blindfold up without you processing his last instruction.

You cry out, blinded by the sudden brightness. Your heart is relieved a little when you randomly smack your hands around and finds contact with a laughing Jimin.

When your eyes finally adjust to your surroundings, they find none of the festivities you expected. All you see is just an empty room with a lone table by the side and doors in front of and behind you.

“Yay, my present…!” You say uncertainly, lifting your hands in the air.

“I knew you’d be excited!” Jimin mocks you. “Be patient, I still need to set it up. Stay here, ‘kay?” Jimin leaves through the door in front of you before you could reply.

“And no peeking!” Jimin calls out through the slightly ajar door.

“Not interested,” you reply, looking around the room curiously.

You’ve already figured out you’re in one of the unused classrooms in your block of the school, so you know that there are no other unlocked rooms around the area for Jimin’s friends to hide in. And just like in your own class, the door in front of you would lead to the utilities room - which isn’t big enough to fit six boys AND your gift. So what is Jimin planning?

Doubt starts to creep in your mind. Is he going to do that ghost tour thing again? There are no windows to leave from in that room, is there?

You walk closer to the door until, in your silent worrying, you notice the sound of urgent whispering and scuffled footsteps inside the room. “Jimin?” you say, tempted to just push the door open. The noises stop immediately.

“Y-yeah! Hold on,” you hear his voice nervously calling out before it turns into a strained voice as if he’s struggling. “Just some technical difficulties.” A grunt. Some definitive hushed voices. A defeated sigh.

Jimin’s head pops out behind the door right as you are about to open it, “All done! Now back away a little bit and close your eyes until I say okay.”

“Not againnn,” you pull the little sister whine.

“Okay, okay, you count to ten.” He compromises before disappearing again.

You do as Jimin says.

Just as you get to ten, Jimin yells out “Surprise!”, promptly bursting into his happy, bubbly laughter. You open your eyes.

But the person you see in front of you isn’t Jimin.

Jeon Jungkook.

An explosion of pink blush sets off in you.

“H-hi. So…uh, Jimin, huh?” You stutter, eyes darting between Jungkook and your shoes, not knowing where you should look.

“Y-yeah.” He stutters back, not meeting your eyes. It calms you a little knowing he is malfunctioning as much as you.

It’s Jungkook, a shy Jungkook! Your brain screams.

He looks different with an awkward and shy expression on his face instead of the usual confident, bright, smiling one that you’re used to. And, OH MY G- is that a black ribbon around his neck?! What is Jimin doing? I mean, no complaints here, but…

You clear your throat. “You look good,” you say, pointing to the bow around his neck, unsure of how else you could bring it up.

Jungkook smiles sheepishly, an adorable smile you’ve never seen before. It makes your heart skips a beat.

“Thanks, you too.” He makes a circling motion over his head with his fingers.

You touch your head in confusion and your fingers meet soft fabric that is also in the shape of a bow. It’s the blindfold!

He thinks he’s so cunning, your mind scoffs at Jimin, realising the reason he blinded you earlier was to distract you from noticing the bow-blindfold still on your head like a hairband.

“What colour is it?” You ask Jungkook.

“Hey hey,” Jimin cuts in, trying to distract you again. He grabs your wrist in one hand and Jungkook’s in the other, and he pulls the two of you closer together with him in the middle. “Look at how adorable you two are, just perfect presents!”

Pink, you see Jungkook mouth while Jimin looks at you.

“You put a pink ribbon on me?” You look at Jimin menacingly, you hear Jungkook chuckle as Jimin turns to him in betrayal.

“Well, I only found two colours and he wouldn’t wear the pink one. I mean, I still had to basically wrestle him into this one.” Jimin pinches the black fabric around Jungkook’s neck.

Jungkook swats Jimin’s hand away, his normal expressions coming back to his face - the ones you’re accustomed to seeing in class. You guess he’s relaxed now, making you relax too.

“Why are you doing this?” You ask Jimin, gesturing randomly with your hands.

Jimin shrugs. “You like him. You like her. You’re both cute. It’s not exactly astrophysics, kids!” He ruffles the hair on both your heads.

Your eyes meet Jungkook’s and, for a second, all you both could see is shyness again, before it is replaced by a mutual cheekines. He smirks at you and you turn to Jimin, eyes glinting.

“See, you’re connecting already!” says Jimin, grinning innocently.

“Yeah,” you say. “Over this.” You reach up and flick his forehead.

“Ow! What’s that fo-” Jungkook interrupts him with another flick, grinning with a “Thanks, hyung!”

“Yah! I set you cuties up together and this is the thanks I get?”

You and Jungkook share a giggle before running out the door. “Thanks big bro, love you!” Your voice sings in the hallway, amidst Jungkook’s “Happy Valentine’s Day, hyung!”.

“Wait, he’s your brother?” Jungkook asks in a low voice when you both slowed into a walk before a guard hears you running.

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you over dinner,” you reply, suddenly aware of the fact that the both of you are holding hands.

“Hmm, pizza?” Jungkook’s hand gives yours a little squeeze. The fact that he blushes afterwards tells you that squeeze probably wasn’t intentional. Cute, you smile.

“Cool,” you say, already knowing what he’s going to say next and preparing yourself.

“Race ya!” The both of you shoots down the hallway, filling it with echoes of footsteps and laughter.


Jimin watches the two of you walking together from behind, feeling very proud of himself. “Ah young love,” he says extravagantly, definitely sure that he wins best brother award if there is one.

“Wait-” he remembers something just as the two of you race to the pizza place. “I can’t spend the day of love alone!”

He chases after you and Jungkook, shouting, “Yah! Wait for me, you both owe me this date!”

The only reply he gets is louder laughter and what sounds like faster steps.

“Aish, these kids.” Now he has to run properly.

“You’re paying for ice-cream.” Your voice suddenly carries down the hallway, with Jungkook’s “whoop"s accompanying it.

Jimin groans. Now it seems he has two kids to take care of.


A/N: Tbh this story started with my imagination giving me platonic Jimin saying that he has a surprise and proceeds to hand me kitty!Jungkook with a ribbon collar. He was so adorable I couldn’t not write him

But I suck at anything!anyone, so here’s just a high school AU fluff. Though there’s not really a lot of mention of high school.

How is it? It’s my first official non-optional bias story, hope you guys enjoy it. I’d be glad to hear anything you have to say :3

There was nothing I wanted more in that moment than to hold her hand. I wanted to connect with her; I wanted to enjoy her presence with more than just my eyes. I was afraid to, though, because I didn’t want to disrupt the natural beauty that was right next to me.
So I didn’t.
I just watched her be.
It was like her tenderness engulfed her, everything about her was warm and that warmth was palpable. Right then, I felt like I was in a museum for the first time. She was art, a masterpiece I couldn’t believe the world could contain; a masterpiece that made me think too much and feel too much to speak. So instead, I just thanked God in my head for the sight.
Come to think of it, He had a way of doing that, creating things that were so awesome you couldn’t help but stare. These things were magnificent, but they lasted temporarily. Rainbows, sunrises, star-filled night skies. But her? I didn’t want her to be temporary, so I closed my eyes and prayed that He would let me enjoy her forever. This was a sight I wanted to see as long as I lived.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, Excerpt From A Book I’l Never Write #3, (44/366)

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you see, the thing is, whenever you post drabbles and snippets and little canons, I get addicted to them, and I alwayswant more and more :( they're sooo good, and I enjoy your writing so much! i'm terrible with prompts, but I've always been curious about how louis felt during his first time with Ryan in "as wicked as anything could be". like, what was he thinking when ryan started to involve harry, what was going through his mind?? any chance you could give us his POV of that scene? <3 thanks :)

In the cab, Louis is anxious, jittery. It probably shouldn’t feel like this - this is just sex, after all, sex with a guy he picked up at a bar, at that. There’s no reason for him to feel like he’s going to crawl right out of his skin because he’s so anxious.

It’s just - Louis is all too aware of all the ways this could go wrong, especially with Harry beside him. Imagining the headlines if this got out has Louis’ throat tightening. It would be fine if it was just Louis it would affect, but it’s not. It’s more than just him.

Harry’s thigh presses closer to Louis’, the movement slow and subtle but undeniable. Immediately, Louis starts to breathe easier. Harry’s here for him like he’s always been, and he wouldn’t be here if he didn’t want to be. That’s all that matters.

Louis inhales deeply and turns to the guy sitting on his other side, Ryan, his name was, and strikes up a conversation about football while sliding his hand across Ryan’s knee. By the time they get to the hotel Louis is almost fully hard in his briefs, and it’s out of pure instinct when he tips his head back to catch Harry telling him to go around the back. Louis nods, but he’s dazed. Between him and Ryan they manage to make it to the room with only a minimal amount of touching, eyes heated and gazes lingering.

Christ, Louis wants this. He really wants this.

Before he knows it, he’s straddling Ryan’s lap on the bed, making short, breathless little sounds as they kiss, hands buried in Ryan’s hair. He’s so into it that the sound of the door shutting barely rouses him. He wants to turn around and make sure that it’s Harry but he can’t quite manage, too lost in the kiss. It’s almost overwhelming, especially when he can’t tell where Harry is.

Then the familiar sound of change hitting wood comes, followed by the clanking of a phone, and Louis relaxes. Feels Harry’s presence as though he’s right behind him, chest burning into Louis’ back through two layers of clothes.

Louis makes a noise as Ryan moves, gripping his thighs and not breaking the kiss as he flips them, putting Louis on the bed underneath him. Somehow they shed most of their clothes, still kissing, until they’re down to their pants and Louis’ mouth feels a little numb.

There’s an ache in his chest, one that has nothing to do with the kissing. Louis’ eyes flutter open slowly, kiss breaking as he turns his head to the side, catches sight of Harry sitting on the other bed clad in only his t-shirt and pants, eyebrows furrowed as he concentrates on his phone in his hand.

The ache in Louis’ chest gets a little heavier. He doesn’t realize how long he’s been staring until Ryan’s voice breaks the silence. “Is this alright?”

Louis swallows. The question isn’t meant for him.

“Harry,” Ryan says. Repeats, “Is this okay?”

The question catches Harry’s attention, has him looking up from his phone. Louis squeezes his eyes closed and tips his face up towards the ceiling, waiting breathlessly for Harry’s answer. He feels as though he can’t move, pinned in place more by the weight of Harry’s approval than that of Ryan’s body on top of him.

“Why are you asking me?” Harry asks, confused, and Louis is confused too. Doesn’t question it, though.

There’s some shuffling. Louis keeps his eyes closed even though he desperately - desperately - wants to open them and see what’s going on, sees the expressions going through Harry’s face. See what he’s thinking because Louis needs him to be the one doing the thinking right now. Louis needs him to make the decisions right now.

“Yeah, it’s alright,” Harry decides eventually. Louis breathes out a shaky sigh of relief, one that only lasts a second before Ryan’s pulling his briefs down his trembling thighs, leaving him completely exposed to anyone who happens to be looking.

Louis only realizes he’s looking at Harry when Harry looks away. He tries to focus on what’s happening, wraps his leg around Ryan’s back and arches up so his arse slides against lube slick fingers. He wants them inside of him, opening him up and making him feel good, but all of his words feel like they’re stuck in the back of his throat, thick and unyielding.

“Can I?” Ryan asks quietly, and he’s looking at Louis but the question still isn’t meant for him. He sinks into the mattress, almost boneless, when Harry says, “Yes,” instantly, unthinkingly, and licks at his bottom lip as Ryan takes that for what it is and spears him open with a single lube slick finger. Louis doesn’t mean to drift, he really doesn’t, but somehow he finds himself blinking up at the ceiling while Ryan opens him up, building his way up to three fingers slowly.

Louis feels - he feels full, in a good way, but not entirely satisfied. His eyes slip closed as he thinks about it, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. He vaguely hears Ryan ask, “Is it enough?” and can’t figure out how to respond, can’t figure out what he wants, can’t figure out what he needs.

He’s saved from answering when Harry does. “Yeah, it’s enough. But.”

But Louis thinks, head lolling to the side so he can hear Harry’s voice better, almost straining towards it, belly gone tight with feeling again. Not anxiety, not quite, but he needs Harry right now, wants to hear his voice and feel his hands raking through his hair. Wants the scent of his cologne so close it’s embedding itself into Louis’ skin, the warmth of it familiar and comforting.

“But?” Ryan’s asking, and Louis can feel the weight of Harry’s gaze on his face, pinned there, watching him.

“Put him on his belly,” Harry says softly, and Louis wants to be offended that they’re talking about him like he’s not there but he just feels warm instead. Like he’s being taken care of. “It’s - it’s better that way, for him.”

The flush in Louis’ cheeks feels like it’s spreading straight through his core to his cock. He stays still, malleable as Ryan turns him over carefully, and puts his face against the pillow. Gasps into it as Ryan starts pushing inside, curling his fingers into the sheets. It feels nice, thick and a nice width, and Ryan starts moving, finding a solid rhythm, and Louis waits for it to get really good, for him to hit that spot that never fails to get Louis’ toes curling.

And waits.

And waits.

“Pull his knee up,” Harry murmurs. “Not the - the other one, yeah, like that. And maybe make the thrusts longer instead of fast.”

Ryan does, and Louis’ eyes flutter open, hazily taking in the hotel room and Harry, sitting propped up on the other bed, phone still in his hand but making no effort to look down at it, eyes still fixed on Louis’ face.

Louis can feel the difference instantly, noises escaping from the back of his throat, lips parting as he pants into the pillow. It feels good, so good, and Louis wants to come, all over the sheets underneath him.

“How is he going to come?” Ryan asks. Louis squirms underneath him, arching up a bit, trying to get the angle just a little bit better.

Gets it and can’t stop his moan.

“What do you mean?” Harry asks, voice deep and drawl-y, even slower than it normally is. Louis tries to get his ragged breathing under control, listening to every dip and nuance of Harry’s voice, settling over him like a blanket.

“With my hand or his hand?” Ryan responds. Louis makes another noise, eyelashes fluttering as he thinks about it, imagines it. How imagines how it will feel to come on a cock with a hand around his own. With a deep, soothing voice in his ear while he does.

“With his own hand,” Harry says, and Louis doesn’t even have to think about it, wiggling his hand between his hips and the bed, curling his fingers around his cock and pulling himself off, barely even able to concentrate on anything other than how he feels, on his orgasm building in the base of his spine until it’s all he cares about.

Until he comes, pressing his face into the pillow, unable to stop himself from biting at it, belly trembling for several long minutes afterwards. He doesn’t really notice Ryan coming, or him getting dressed, or even him leaving, but he notices it when Harry crouches next to him and smooths his hair off his forehead. Notices it when Harry presses their heads together and pulls the blanket up over Louis’ shoulders, because then, now that Harry’s here and they’re alone, now Louis can sleep.

So he sleeps.

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Heey, your blog is soo great! <3 Can I ask for a J-Hope fluffy smut where y/n and Hoseok are classmates (high school) and she goes to his house so he can help her with maths but they end up... You know xD but his sister/parents are at home so they have to be quiet! Haha thank you xoxo ~~

Thank you for your request! Please Enjoy :)

~~ Admin Abbie

Xx Smut xX

Jhope x Reader

Feel My Lips 

You waited in front of the door to the house of your friend, You had your book bag on your back full with math books. Today you were going over to Jhopes so he could help you with math.

You rang the door bell and you soon heard footsteps rushing towards the door and you suddenly got nervous. You had to admit that you actually really liked Jhope but you didn’t want to ruin your relationship with him so you never told him your feelings. Even so you still wanted to make an impression on him so you tried to make sure you looked decent today! You were wearing a pair of light ripped jean shorts and a black sweater your hair was in way curls and you had a little bit of makeup on.

The door opened and Jhope came out.

“Y/N! You made it!”

“Of course!”

“Come in!”

He moved aside and let you enter, He introduced you to his parents and his younger sister. Then he guided you to his room upstairs.

You walked into his room that was surprisingly big! He had his desk to study and his bed was at least a queen size maybe even a king! His room was black and white mostly with some red here and there.

He had a loud stereo for his music and even a wall that was all a mirror for him to practice his dancing. His room was exactly like him, It was full of all the things he loved!

“You can put your stuff here on my bed and go ahead and get out what you want to work on first, I’m going to go grab some snacks and something to drink. You want something?”

“Water please!!”


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caption: happy feb. 14 to all my aromantic (and arospec) friends out there. whether you celebrate/enjoy valentines day  or you don’t, i hope you have a great day. you are whole and your orientation valid and i know that today can be especially hard; just know that, if no one else is, i am here for you and i support you. feel free to message me if you need.

p>Having a specific holiday isn’t necessary to show affection and love for those for whom we care. Do something for others as often as you feel inspired; daily even!

That being said, I enjoyed making Valentine cookies with my son and niece today. Seeing him think of others and ways to bring them happiness instead of just himself brings me such great joy .

Have fun being you!!