A/N: You can read this on it’s own or read it as a prequel to ‘Cooking Lessons’

Spoilers for 4x01! Enjoy!! 

They’d been in Coast City for a little over a week when he’d caught Felicity curled in the corner of the couch looking at houses. Peeking over her shoulder she didn’t see him at first as she slowly scrolled from one picture to another, going back to take a second look at a living room with a stone fireplace and bright white walls.

“Find something you like?” he asked teasingly, only feeling a touch guilty when she jumped, emitting a small squeal of surprise.

“I thought we talked about that!” she said through gritted teeth, settling back in her seat, and quickly closing the app she’d been using.

“House hunting?”

“No. I just like to look sometimes. I never had a real house growing up. Just apartments. And then the dorm and more apartments.” she said with a little shrug, “My townhouse was the closest I got to a house. I had a tiny yard.”

A look of wistfulness crossed her face as he came around the end of the couch and dropped down beside her, one arm going around her shoulders. “What is it?”

“You’ll think it’s silly.”

“I won’t, I promise.”

“I just…I’ve never had a mailbox. I mean obviously I’ve gotten mail but it’s always been in one of those big shared metal things. I’ve never lived in a place that had a mailbox at the end of the driveway where you get to put the little red flag up when you have mail that needs to be picked up.” her eyes had brighten while she’d talked, “So sometimes I just like to look at houses like that. The kind that have mailboxes.” at his silence she shook her head, “See, I told you it was silly.”

“It’s not silly.” he said softly, brushing his lips against her temple, “Show me your favorite.”

She hesitated for a second before opening the app, going back to the house with the fireplace.

He took his time going through each picture, reading through the information about the neighborhood and the HOA fees and the more he looked the more he realized he was imagining them living there.

Decision made he powered off the tablet and pulled Felicity to her feet, “Come on, there’s an open house until three, we can still make it.”

She stared at him dumbfounded as he stuffed his wallet in his pocket and grabbed a jacket.


“You want a house with a mailbox, right?”

“Well yes, but one day. I didn’t mean now.” she looked confused and slightly hopeful and all he could think about was making sure she had a mailbox.

“Why not now?”

“Because–” she stopped herself, staring up at him at a loss for words.

“I like it here. We could stay. If you want.”

Then he felt like he’d run into a brick wall. This was no longer a vacation. This wasn’t them just running off together with a couple of suitcases. This was everything else beyond that next line.

“Oh.” her eyes went wide at the suggestion and after what seemed like an eternity but was probably only a couple of seconds she was right there in front of him.

“I think I’d like a mailbox.”

And just like that his heart started to beat again, all the air rushing from his lungs in one great exhale as he huffed out a laugh, gathering her into his chest because she never failed to amaze him.


They got there half an hour before the open house was scheduled to be over. As the real estate agent led them around he barely heard a word she said, instead he watched Felicity as she fell in love with the house. The way her hands trailed over the countertops in the kitchen. The way she’d ran up the stairs and leaned over the balcony with a loud laugh that echoed in the empty space. The way she’d grinned when she saw the mailbox right at the bottom of the driveway.

He’d known they were going to buy it before they made it up the stairs to see the bedrooms. Three of them. He didn’t know why they needed so many.

Felicity was paused in the door of the second one, walls still pink and green from the little girl who had lived there before. He didn’t say anything as he wrapped himself around her from behind, chin resting on her shoulder as they stared into the room. Words were unnecessary.

They dutifully finished the tour, but Oliver already had his phone out, hanging back to ensure the money for the house could be wired the next morning.

When they ended up back in the kitchen they didn’t even need to discuss, they both knew this was really happening.

“Have you looked at many other properties?” the agent asked while she waited for them to finish signing the forms.

“No, just this one.” Felicity answered.

“Really?” the agent replied, surprised at her response. “Well what made you decide so quickly then?”

Felicity raised her eyes to his to give him a private smile, “I just really liked the mailbox.”
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anonymous asked:


You asked for it, anon. (*Cas squint* I feel like I know who this is…)

Where do I start with Harls Barkley? Maybe that he’s always ready to help clean up (or defeat the Dalek invasion).

Or that he doesn’t believe any of your stories about, “Just a few more minutes on Tumblr before we take a walk!”

Harley is always fashionable:

No matter the season:

And he may not like dressing up:

But he’ll do it for the presents:

Harley does yoga daily so he’s very flexible. Look at him touching his toes!

And he enjoys a good rough-housing playtime every once in awhile:

Watch out! He’ll get you with the few teeth he has left!

Harley can also be very manipulative. Like when I’m leaving for work and he looks at me like I’m the worst person in the world:

“I’m so sad about you leaving that my legs stopped working. Lift me up.”

I’ll be back later, Harls! Stop looking at me like that. -___-

But it’s mostly because he just loves hanging out.

Most nights he falls asleep reading a good book:

Some nights he falls asleep on me.

But he’s a great cuddler.

Goodnight, my pretzel dog.

Best buds forever. <3

Y'all! I’m so sorry if I’ve been posting a lot, I just really love 5SOS and playing music 😭😭😭😭😭 also, I go to college 1,000 miles from home and this song makes me feel better when I’m homesick. Hope y'all enjoy!

There is no more grace or beauty in this world, no naïve smile or delicate kiss. The feeling for art is replaced by the taste for the disgusting and grotesque. Society, in its decrepitude, resorts to bloody flagellations to over-stimulate its old carcass and sometimes still give itself some dreadful semblance of virility. Atony and gangrene have blunted all its capacities for labor, as well as for pleasure. It can no longer enjoy anything. For it, work is a punishment and pleasure a labor. It does not know what it wants or what it does not want. Everything weighs on it; it stumbles and sinks in all sorts of depravity and cowardice. It wants to escape from that horrible nightmare, to shake off the burden of degradation that suffocates it; it looks forward to waking up; it knows that it only has to stand up on its feet to destroy that oppression, and it is so drained that it does not have the strength to rise, or the courage to conquer its numbness. And yet the idea ferments in it, and enlightens it internally in its sleep, until it is powerful enough to make it open its eyes and shine from its pupils

Joseph Déjacque 1858

love mid nineteenth century anarchist rhetoric, proper fearsome


i feel like victor is more often than not drawn as a pretty handsome kid which is surprising considering he’s green and scaly (not that those things would prevent one from being good looking, more like physical mutations simply get some strange interpretations by artists). which leads me to believe hes just canonically real cute. 

also i enjoyed that one issue where magik forced him to sit in the desert for like four days. 

I tried not to ship Eleven and Clara the first time I watched Doctor Who because Rose and Ten were a painful enough OTP, thank you very much (and I also really enjoyed Eleven and River’s dynamic) but I’m rewatching the series now and I can’t even fight it, there is just so much shipping material in Eleven and Clara’s first episode alone. So many forehead and hand kisses! So many adoring gazes! 

I definitely ship Clara and Twelve more though, because I feel like Twelve is truly and completely her Doctor. He’s not as affectionate as Eleven but he clearly adores her. Eleven cared about her quite a lot but part of him was always going to belong to Amy, Rory and River, just like Ten’s heart was always going to be with Rose even as he traveled with Martha and Donna. 

It’s obvious that the Doctor loves all his companions deeply, whether it’s romantic like with Rose, River and possibly Clara or platonic like Martha, Donna and the rest, but I do think there is an element of the first companion being the one he is most attached to in some way. 

Hello kind anon! Thank you so much for your kind words and for requesting! I hope you enjoy it <3

Jin: He would be the kind to say that he’s going to get water right before the power goes out and scare you by asking if you wanted some too. Of course, he’d make his voice remarkably deeper and end up giggling right after, giving him away. But once he sees the effect that he had on you, he’d instantly feel guilty and make sure to watch a comedy or something while apologizing. 

Originally posted by sailor--mon

Suga: This guy would have a scowl on his face throughout the whole movie, complaining about how weak the plot is or how stupid the actors and actresses are. Once the power goes out, he’d take the chance to place a hand on your shoulder quickly, making you jump at his sudden touch. As the power goes on, he’d hug you and assure you that the movie is fake and there’s nothing to worry about. 

Originally posted by syubie-hyung

Jimin: He’d be slightly scared, hugging onto you as you watch the movie. Then, as the power goes out, he’d jump onto you, shivering slightly because he’d be scared, but noticed that he ended up scaring you. After his millions of apologies, he’d cuddle you tight and shower you with kisses.  

Originally posted by jimins-bootae

V: Although not being as scared as Jimin, he’d definitely talk throughout the movie, as if assuring himself that it’s not real by directing the conversation to you (as if he’s calming you down). Being the slight prankster that he is, he’d definitely say something ridiculous like “Boo,” and giggle. He’d tease you about your reaction all night.

Originally posted by jibeom

J-Hope: Hoseok would be in no position to scare anyone. If anything, he’d be clinging onto you, saying that you’d both die and that this was the end.

Originally posted by jimentos

Rap Monster: Although his genius brain tells him not to, he’d still scare you anyway. He’d go through a meticulously thought out speech about how special effects were made to trick the human brain. It would confuse you out of your fear to be completely honest.

Originally posted by jjungkook

Jungkook: This sneaky maknae would definitely take advantage of the lights going out. He’d tip toe (in his Jordans) and would hold you in a tight hold, yelling out much like the character in the movie, then laugh once the lights come back on, saying sorry, but he should’ve recorded it. 

Originally posted by bangtan-tv

I really don’t enjoy much of anything these days tbh everything feels empty and mediocre and I don’t even have the time or the money to do anything fun wow

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ahhhh you like ascension? yess!! her games are so legit and the best part: they're free! i thought i was the only one who deeply enjoyed her games T_T

Originally posted by tandoresuperskull

Ahhhh someone who finally knows Ascension!!! :D

Rinmaru is legit amazing, I swear. Ascension is my top favorite game of all time (out of everything- not just otome/visual novels). I’m so deeply emotionally invested into Ascension it’s ridiculous, so anytime you wanna message about the game or discuss anything about it (including fanfiction) or anything at all really, feel free to send me a message! ^-^

Though you may have to message to my main blog, manlyspectre (the link is messing up gah)

Sadly, it’s such a small fandom for Ascension that there’s not much fanfiction or fanart T_T

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Whats their favourite sleeping/cuddling position with their s/o? c:

alright look, anon (and a couple other people) didn’t read the FAQ but imma be nice this round and answer a small amount of s/o asksヽ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ノ

Noctis: Hugging his partner close to him like a pillow. He enjoys the warmth of their body next to his. He has them in a deathgrip though, so his partner can’t help but feel guilty when they have to get up and go to the bathroom.

Prompto: Loves spooning his partner. Prefers the big spoon so he can bury his face in their hair and pull them even closer to him, plus the fact that they are there helps him fall asleep quicker. 

Gladio: Laying on his back with his partner wrapping their arms around him. Gladio is almost always the bigger one in the relationship, so he loves to make his partner feel safe in his arms. 

Ignis: His partner’s face resting in the crook of his neck as he gently strokes their hair until they fall asleep. Ignis usually stays awake for a little while after, listening to his partner’s soft breaths.


♛ Feeling Myself ♛

Hey peeps! After a long week of back to school stress I have finally managed to finish this set that I started what feels like years ago. It is obviously inspired by the music video for Feeling Myself by Bey and Nicki. These are all actual clothes that Nicki and Bey wore in the video, I got this info here and anyways I just think this is a fun collection and enjoy! P.s. this is also in honor of #nationalbeyday Happy Birthday Queen!!!

Credits: PickyPikachu//Tied Sweater mesh <> Setante//Tee Dress Mesh <> Madlen//Timberland Boots mesh

Meshes are NOT INCLUDED! You need to download them for my recolors to show up. I’m pretty sure the flower crown crop top is base game compatible but someone please inform me if it’s not!

♛  Download  ♛

Nicki 1: hair-missparaply, shoes-madlen

Beyoncé 1: hair-missparaply

Nicki 2: hair-kiara24, yoga pants-lumialoversims,

Beyoncé 2: hair-missparaply, flower crown-ersch sims, shorts-missparaply

Nicki 3: hair-missparaply, shoes-madlen

Beyoncé 3: hair-missaraply, shoes-madlen


hale conservation park
mount crawford summit trail

• what a bloody beautiful day today. i woke feeling great. i may have missed my morning walk before boxing, but the sleep in was marvelous and i really enjoyed boxing!

• started off at hale conservation park. there was a few others out there, so wasn’t totally deserted! i saw too many redback spiders. and wearing shorts was not ideal as it is a very unkept path. branches everywhere!

• i ran into a lovely couple at the beginning of the hike and we chatted about some great parks that we know of. i told them my favourites and they told me theres.

• why is it every time i plan on going for a walk, i end up feeling like running. and when i head out for a run, i just want to give up? i ended up running the last km at hale and it felt awesome.

• slow pace for both hikes as i stopped way too often to take photos for tumblr and snapchat.

• mount crawford was a bit creepy. the brochure said you can drive up to the trailhead, but the gate was padlocked close so i parked my car on the side of the road and walked in. there was a very eerie feel to it despite the sunshine. and then 10 mins in, a car drove up behind me, didn’t say anything, and then did a u-turn and left. how did he get in? the gate was locked!

• what is a spur? i gather that it’s a track that’s not a firetrack? because there was a firetrack path to get to the summit or the spur track which was lots of trees, broken branches and loose rocks. i chose the spur track, obviously.

• i’m tired now and i’m ready for my second shower and to snuggle in with 24.

thelivemouse asked:

Hi, I'm an aromantic asexual, and I do know that some asexuals have a sex drive, and indeed enjoy sex, but I've been curious about the difference between romantic attraction and feelings, and romance drives. Could you explain?

Grey-romantic mod here just for reference.

When I identified as aromantic, I would sometimes want to be in a romantic relationship (despite being romance repulsed at the time). I would just kind of want someone to cuddle and spend time with in a romantic way. Wanting to spend time with friends felt different in an intangible way. And I also wanted to kiss and go on dates but those thoughts weirded me out and I was not actually okay with that at the time. That was my experience with romance drive without experiencing romantic attraction.

When I feel romantic attraction I want to do things I consider romantic with a specific person. There’s a pull in my chest and stomach when I think about them. I feel warm and happy when I do get to see them and spend time with them. That intangible pull/draw towards that person is what romantic attraction feels like for me. It’s different for other people. (That’s also not all it feels like for me, but this post would get way to long if I tried to describe everything.) But I also might have the urge to do romantic things without the specific pull to them. Which is romance drive without attraction again. Though if I’m currently romantically attracted to someone I’ll probably fantasize about that person when my romance drive kicks in.

Hope that helps clear things up!