Been a rough day. I needed to lift my spirits before I passed out - so I took my stupid TF2 fancast screenplay and I shooped a poster for it, thus reminding myself I have an ACA in Visual Communications for Photoshop. Full-size poster’s HERE.

Cristine Rose as The Administrator 
Alison Brie as Miss Pauling 
Bryan Batt as Mr. Reddy 
Nathan Darrow as Mr. Bidwell
Aaron Tveit as The Scout
Will Arnett as The Soldier
Robbie Gee as The Demoman
Raphael Sbarge as The Engineer
Dave Batista as The Heavy 
Christoph Waltz as The Medic
Hugh Laurie as The Sniper
Vincent Cassel as The Spy 
Tom Selleck as Saxton Hale 
Bryan Cranston as Charles Darling