Fans: Younger fans are ruining the fandom!

Trixie: “I have more tolerance for the young kids than I do for drunk adults, I rather kick it in the street with the 18 year olds”

Fans: Female fans ruin the fandom!

Katya: Girls are better than boys. Always have always will be!

mr-phishbowl asked:

I'm trying to figure out who doesn't find you attractive. Your intelligence is sexy as hell, but you got a body to match too! You winning, girl.

I think sometimes people (read: men) think that I’m going to really need their cosign before I believe in my own beauty. I’ve certainly had and have my own little insecurities here and there but anyone who’s known me for any prolonged period of time knows that I am actually the contemporary Narcissus and could genuinely gaze at myself for hours on end and even at my worst still find beauty in myself. 

There was a time where comments like that would really overwhelm me and make me really upset and maybe even withdraw but it’s like… I know now that people say things like that because they’re working through something on their own. I cannot tell you the amount of men who have torn me down at one point that have tried to smash when no one’s around. Some men have been very specifically invested in trying to tear me down. Deep down inside they know if I gave them the time of day, they’d smash. lol. 

Honestly learning my worth was one of the best lessons I taught myself and there are certainly days where I still need a refresher. Ultimately I know that I am so many beautiful things wrapped into one person. I am not without my flaws- i have so many but I know that I’m miles ahead of where I used to be and for that, I’m proud.

The children are always trying to buck my authority, but I rule them with a soft glove.  

Types of racists

Shameless racists:

“White people are smarter” “Black people are monsters”

Bystander racists:

“Lmao good thing I’m white/white passing”

“All people” racists:

Angry attention seeking racists:

“Racism will end if we stop talking about it” “You complain about racism too much I don’t even see what the big deal is”

Self righteous racists:

“You don’t even speak Spanish” “You’re not that smart for an asian”

Theory based racists:

“Racism isn’t real because the only race is the human race”

Scientific Racists:

“Well black peoples skulls are shaped differently so obviously were better”

Hippie Racists:

“Bro, mother nature doesn’t discriminate” “Everything will be ok if you get dreads, smoke weed and watch the sunset”

Blissfully ignorant racists:

White fem racists:

“All girls matter, all girls are beautiful, protect all lives” “I only stand up for people who look like me”

*I’m going to apologize to anyone who was offended before I edited the attention whore racist to attention seeking, honestly I wasn’t thinking about it but I should have known better*

anonymous asked:

Can your fandom stop voting on the show please and just let got7 win this one award infinite has enough awards already got7 needs this so much more. Please stop voting and just let got7 have a win please that is all we ask.


I can tell you from experience, that your first win will be that much more memorable, and be that much more special when you win it fair and square, against other artists who are also at the top of their game - and not from asking their fans not to vote for them.

Every inspirit who sees this:

knows that it happened because the boys worked hard, and fans worked hard to vote/stream/buy their cd’s. and we’re free to enjoy the moment because we don’t have people on our backs suspecting us of sajaegi/manipulating votes, and reminding us that we had to ask other fans to let us win.

in the time you spend worry about fans of other groups voting, try redirecting that attention/time to round up more got7 fans who might not have voted yet.

oh, and no one ‘needs’ to win more than anyone else.