i watch this whenever i’m feeling sad

  • me:*watches new bangtan bomb*
  • jimin:*stands in front of a full sofa*
  • me:*jokingly expects jimin to sit on jungkooks lap for some jikook*
  • jungkook:*feeds jimin*
  • me:okay that was unexpected
  • jimin:*smiles because jungkook*
  • me:Okay
  • suga:*looks annoyed*
  • me:OKAY
  • Normal girls:omg which party should I go to this weekend
  • Me:omg which bangtan bomb should I watch first

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omg how do u know he watches haikyuu?

i was watching a bangtan bomb (i forgot what its called tho r.i.p) and v was like “jungkook is watching anime!!” and jungkook was watching haikyuu!! on his phone and he was like “its so fun!!” AND I MELTED 

also theres this pic too lol

I spend all my free time watching BTS videos. Variety show clips, music videos, the Bangtan bomb videos, pretty much anything I can find. This rabbit hole is deeper than I thought.

And yet I still am not 100% sure who my bias is. I am leaning toward Jin because he is closest to me in age and also gorgeous. But then again, they all are very lovable.

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Hi I'm going TRB with my non-kpop best friend and she's coming over some time this week to watch BTS stuff with me and I'm worried that she won't like them. She's into 1D and 5sos. I don't know what to show her

Hello there, Anon-nim :3

You should show her Jjeoreo, Boy in Luv, Just One Day, and some of the Bangtan Bombs (like when they dance to Big Bang or something). Any of those would be good :)


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I was tagged by kimcheed (thank you and my answers may or may not get depressing)

1. I want to know your favorite thing to watch ( specific youtubers or tv show or anime or drama ) 

My favorite thing to watch are Bangtan Bombs because the make me happy even when I am not okay.

2. I’ll start off with simple things like your favorite color AND WHY!! because it’s important okay? okay. lol i love you.

My favorite color is a pastel coral because it is so soothing to look at and aesthetically pleasing

3. you are important. write a letter to the future you~

Dear Future Alyson, No matter how much you think you screwed up now just know that you can always turn it around. Your actions right now aren't what defines you, so don't dwell on your mistakes as a 17 year old. You are doing great. Love, 2015 Alyson.

4. What was the last risk you took? Did it turn out well? How did you feel?

Ah I don’t know? 

5. What did you do one hour ago? :O

I was working and making ice creams.

6. Describe your latest meal.

A milkshake from my work, I made it myself(:


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(this gif may or may not kill me he makes me happy and so does vmon)

8. Suggest me snacks to get/eat


9. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Green Tea

10. Who are you?

I am an anxiety ridden, procrastinating teen, who is aware of her consequences and yet still does actions that end up in pain for herself. (Also I think I am pretty funny and enjoy making people happy)

11. and what is your dream?

My dream is to move to Korea and become and English Teacher

My Questions:

1. What do you believe your greatest accomplishments or accomplishment are/is?

2. Who do you look up to?

3. How many posters do you have in your room and what are they of?

4. Where do you see yourself in a year?

5. Do you make your bed?

6. What type of phone do you have?

7. Do you actually buy your music?

8. What relaxes you the most?

9. Are you musically inclined?

10. Athletic?

11. What is your biggest worry right now?

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five random facts about me!

i was tagged by the-fangirls-have-the-tardis to do this tag ^^

1. I don’t talk a lot in person nor do i online, but that doesn’t mean i don’t know how to interact/communicate with people, i just choose not to bc i feel like i’m wasting my energy 

2. being flashy is not my thing, i like to look “normal” 

3. i cringe when i hear the sound of a person turning the page of a book/mag idk how to explain it but its like pressing hard on the corner of the page and sliding your finger (to lift and turn the page) and a sound comes from doing so, omg i hate it 

4. i hate being touched without permission, unless you are someone i don’t want to say “don’t touch me” to. 

5. whenever i’m on the verge to being pissed off or even sad, i tend to start watching bangtan bombs/videos, and it automatically lightens my mood 

i tag vtopv pinguchingu pingkeujin jimentos (love yallllllll)

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WHERE DO I START (i'll need eng subs though)

AMERICAN HUSTLE LIFE!!!!!!! It’s the first thing I’ve watched of theirs… and all their bombs — bangtan subs has their bombs subbed on their YT channel!!

edit: WAIT!!!!!!! ROOKIE KING!!!!!!

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Our precious Yoongi

sorry it took me a little while, I hit post limit earlier but now I’m back.

Min Yoongi, I love this guy so much it’s unreal omfg. Like idk at first I didn’t pay too much attention to him. When I watched the Bangtan Bomb where he made presents for the fans on his birthday last year that’s probably when I started paying more attention to him. He’s so kind and real and hilarious as shit. Like his dry humor is one of things I love the most about him. He works SO hard for us but also for himself because he’s so passionate about music and he’s happy with what he’s doing. Even if it’s hard. He probably locks himself up in the studio every night working on his music. Even though the members tease him about when he self-promotes his own songs, he doesn’t care because they’re his creations, his babies. I LOVE IT WHEN HE RAPS, HE KILLS ME WITH HIS VOICE. Yoongi is just a great person all around, you know at first people don’t see that because he’s not as energetic and open like the other members (although yoongi can be pretty fuckin crazy sometimes). I hope in the future, when someone is watching a BTS MV for the first time, that they notice him first and feel little butterflies in their tummy like I do when I watch him rap.

I hope this is ok?? It’s long af, I’m sorry.

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ya know what's a good bts video? it's their bangtan bomb "jungkook's sight" because rap man isn't in it,taehyung and suga look v cute,and wolf by exo mysteriously plays at the end

i will watch it!! i’ve been watching bts vids all day LOL

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Hey! Can you ship me with EXO and BTS. I am 5'2 tan, with brown/black hair. I like to dance, and watch movies (not horror movies) I can play 4 instruments, and I play around a lot. Apparently I'm sassy, childish and fun to be with. I like to play video games, and to cuddle. I can kinda sing, I'm not the best at it. I play a lot of pranks on my friends, and I love eating(who doesn't). Thank you!!

Hello anon!! :)

Bts- I ship you with J-hope! Hoseok also hates horror movies as you could tell from that bangtan bomb lol, so I don’t think he’ll be the type of boyfriend to force you to watch a horror movie with them knowing he’s also to frightened. He’s also known for having that “resting bitch face” so I think your sassiness would contract perfectly with him.

Exo- I ship you with D.O! Since he’s also quite sassy I think you two would get along quite fairly with each other with both of your sassy remarks being thrown at each other aha. I don’t know if Kyungsoo hates horror movies but appearance wise and personality wise I don’t think he really enjoys them so there’s another thing you both have in common! :)

-May ❤️