Jughead & Reader: The Truth

Summary: You and Jughead have been seeing each other regularly but you haven’t told your parents. When you ask him to go with you to a family member’s wedding, you figure it would be the perfect time to tell your mom and dad. But your mom let her disapproval be known during an argument with you and Jughead unfortunately overheard the conversation.

Listen to: I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab For Cutie

“Come on, please?” You begged as you slid a plate of fries towards your boyfriend who was sitting next to you at a booth at Pop’s. His arms were crossed, showing his disinterest in your proposal and his refusal to accept your bribes. His expression was hard and stern. 

“Pop,” you called to the man walking past your booth when Jughead wouldn’t budge. “Can I get a cheeseburger, please?” You asked.

Jughead slouched in the booth. “Not fair,” he said. “You know I can’t say no when a burger’s involved.”

You laughed and turned to him. “I really want you to go to my aunt’s wedding with me,” you told him again. “It’ll be so boring without you.”

“Take someone else,” he said as he ate a fry and shrugged his shoulders. 

A pout danced on your lips. “I want you.” 

Jughead looked at you. “I promise you that I would be no fun at a wedding. I’m not even fun now.” He laughed. 

You rolled your eyes. “You know that’s not true. Come on, please? I’ll pay you in food.” You laughed and pushed the fries closer to him. 

He closed his eyes and thought for a few seconds before taking a deep breath. “I hope you know how many burgers it’s going to take.”

You grinned and kissed him. “Thank you,” you said against his lips. “I promise it won’t be that bad. We’ll just go in, say hi, eat, maybe dance, then leave.”

Jughead’s eyes widened. “I didn’t agree to dancing,” he told you. 

“Fries!” You held the plate up underneath his nose and he laughed, playfully pushing them away. 

“Alright, alright. One dance.” He smiled at you. “Maybe two.”

“Good enough for me.” You kissed him. 

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It’s Time for Thing Four

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My Sassenach

Chapter 4

“Caitriona,” Sam nearly shouted, exasperated, “why are you doing this?”

“Why?” she spat back. “WHY? You dare ask me why when you bloody well KNOW why? I can’t Sam. I can’t. It’s too much. Too much pressure. I’m here every single day. All day. There’s never a break. I can’t even breathe. Literally. I’m strapped into those damned corsets all day, running up and down the bloody Scottish countryside, come hell or high water, usually both, and when the day is done, all I have energy for is crawling into my bed and passing out. And I don’t even get to have my cat with me to snuggle.”

“You could snuggle with me.” Sam whispered hopelessly, not quite far enough under his breath.

“Dammit, Sam! You have to stop. I can’t start this show and start a relationship with you at the same time. Can’t you understand that?” Caitriona was nearly pleading now, desperately searching his eyes for some form of understanding, if not acceptance. “I love you, Sam, but I can’t be in love with you right now.”

“No, Caitriona, I can’t understand that. I really can’t. Who says ‘I love you, but I can’t be in love with you?’ Who makes that kind of decision? Love isn’t a conscious choice, Cait. It happens. People meet, and they know. We knew. You can’t deny that. You felt it as well as I. I didn’t decide to ‘be in love with you’.” Sam was practically raving now, his desperation to stop this madness nearly driving him to tears. Damn her. DAMN HER! How could she know what she knew, feel what she felt and just walk away from it? He wanted to shake her, shake her so hard that she’d stop spouting off these ridiculous ideas. He wanted to kiss her. Hard. Wanted to claim her mouth as his own, force her to forget her fears and remember only him. Remember his body pressed against hers, their breath mingling in a mutual desire so strong he hadn’t even known such a thing could exist. He wanted her to remember their first, very public kiss, the one that shattered him and left him forever exposed. The kiss that led to other, more private kisses. Kisses that he wanted to go on forever, so he could stay lost in the swirling, heady, electric euphoria of her mouth.

Sam had been intimate with women, of course, and even been in love with a few, but nothing, NOTHING had prepared him for Caitriona Balfe. His response to her was unlike anything he had ever experienced and he was wholly unprepared for his reaction. He was on fire, every nerve in his body painfully alive and awake; yearning, seeking, pulling him toward his new home. He loved her. He couldn’t explain it, didn’t even know how to try. He hardly knew her, and yet, he knew he would never want another. He was home, and he couldn’t bear to leave. To leave now would surely break him. But how could he stay, when she was plainly telling him to go?

It didn’t make any sense. Nothing made sense. Not this infuriating, maddening woman, not this dream job that he had spent more than a decade working toward, not the rising fame that left him giddy and dazed, not even the financial security that was promising to finally be his. How could any of this make sense if she wasn’t there by his side, sharing it with him? But the thing was, she WAS by his side. They were sharing all of it. Riding the wave together, uncertain, frightened, elated, they were doing it together anyway. Why not do it together? That made sense. It was the only thing in his life that did make sense right now. And she knew it. He knew she did. Why? WHY?

Sensing his resignation, if not his acquiescence, Caitriona took his hand in both of hers, holding him, but also holding him at bay. “I need space, Sam. I need time. I really don’t think I can do this. I can’t risk what we already have, how good we are together…on the show, Sam,” she said, as she saw hope rise in his eyes. “We are good together, this show is good. It’s going to be a huge success. I need this. I want this. I don’t want heartache and failure. I’ve done that, and I can’t do it again. Not right now.”

Sam sighed in defeat. It was late. Further argument was pointless tonight. Soon he’d really lose his temper and say things to this beautiful creature that he’d regret.

“Good night, Caitriona. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Sam sadly withdrew his hand from hers, feeling the want of her touch immediately. He turned to go, but was stopped by her voice, small and quiet.

“Are we ok, Sam?”

“No, Cait, we aren’t. This isn’t ok, and it’s not over. We are going to continue this conversation.”

“Sam, didn’t you hear…”

“It’s not just about you, Cait,” Sam interrupted, “It’s not just about what you want. Whatever you can or can’t do, I’m not doing this any more tonight. Text me when you get home, so I know you made it safe.”

With that, Sam turned and walked away, shoulders slumped, defeat and sorrow echoing in every movement. Cait stood and watched him for a minute, quelling her tears, ignoring the fear gnawing a hole in her stomach. She honestly didn’t know if it was fear of losing Sam or keeping him. Why did he have to show up now? Why did he have to be her co-star? Couldn’t anything ever be straightforward and simple? Cait walked to her car and gave her driver a small smile as she got in. They’d been far enough away that no one had heard the conversation, but she knew he was aware of what was going on. Everyone knew. With Sam involved, how could they not?

Sam didn’t go to his car, but rather waived his driver off with a head shake and a knowing look preferring to walk instead, to a place where he could maybe drive thoughts of her out of his head – if only temporarily. Unfortunately, the noise and camaraderie of the bar they frequented did nothing to soothe his mind.


The past few months had been the happiest of his life. Back in Scotland now, Sam had been reconnecting with his roots. Learning Gaelic, immersing himself in Highland culture and history, even mastering the wearing of the kilt had thrilled him. He was a man in constant motion, so once he was no longer spending as much time as possible bulking up at the gym, he started spending more time outside, exploring the countryside as he had as a child. This time around, however, his explorations were significantly more exciting, and he made Munro bagging his activity of choice. He’d even dragged Cait on a hike.

He’d been so excited that day. He showed up at Cait’s place with a picnic in the boot and plans for a long day spent together. He’d refused to tell her where they were headed, no matter how much wheedling and pouting she employed. Lord, she was hard to resist when she pouted. He’d wanted to pull the car over to the side of the road and take her right there, bent over the hood of the car, just for the pleasure of kissing the pout off of her mouth. It took a ridiculous amount of will power not to do that, especially considering Cait’s roaming hands, tickling and teasing, tempting him to share his secret.

When Caitriona had discovered Sam’s intent, she had playfully slapped him, exclaiming that she was a city girl, and had no intention of climbing up the side of a mountain. She’d turned and marched back towards the car, when Sam caught her in a huge bear hug. He lifted her off of her feet, and dragged her bodily towards the trail. She kicked and beat his back with her fists, laughing all the way, as he nuzzled his face into her neck, kissing and cajoling. He placed her on the ground near the foot of the trail, and silenced her protests with a thorough kiss. As he knew she would, Cait had melted into his kiss, returning it measure for measure. Finally, with mock reluctance, Cait had marched up to the path.

“I’m wearing heals, Sam!” Cait had huffed, “Don’t you think you should have warned me?”

Sam had laughed and hung his head in shame, peeking up through his lashes, with such an adorable expression of self-reproach that she’d giggled uncontrollably and finally, marshaling her courage, had proclaimed it time to get started.

They’d made it to the top of the hill in good time, even though they went slower than Sam would have, had he been alone. The day was a beautiful one, and Sam had marveled anew at this woman now sharing his life, as she noticed and commented on every detail of natural beauty along the way. It was thrilling to see this hike, one he had made several times, through her eyes. They’d dined at leisure, eating and drinking under a rare Scottish sun.

Back at his apartment, Sam had made reparations for his ‘forced march’ as Cait had called it, by massaging her feet, working his way up her calves, thighs and hips. He worked the tension from her lower back, shoulders and finally her neck, that swanlike span of milky flesh that taunted him every day, daring him to leave without littering kisses all along its expanse. He had massaged out the fatigue and aches of the day and left Cait as boneless as a pot of jelly, asleep on his living room floor. He was washing the same tensions from his own body, allowing the hot water of his shower to relax and soothe him, when the door opened and Cait stepped in. She fitted herself against his back, arms circling his waist, pressing kisses into his shoulders when…

No. NO. Sam couldn’t walk down this path. Not tonight. This memory and so many others threatened to crush him where he sat. They felt raw and unbearable. Had he moved too fast? He was certain he had, despite his best efforts. Caitriona certainly hadn’t helped on that score. From the first day they’d met, Sam was certain she was the one he would spend the rest of his life with. Cait had clearly felt the same way. It was all so easy. Without even trying, the two had synched up in a rhythm that felt as natural to Sam as breathing. They were like magnets, drawn together so strongly that it was impossible to keep them apart. Now Caitriona was trying to do just that and the force needed to separate them was certain to shatter him. No, he couldn’t think about his short time with Cait tonight.

Sam’s head slumped into his hands, the whisky in front of him as rejected and forlorn as he was.

Three hours later, Caitriona walked into the bar.