they should make like

an okcupid site but just for friends


i was nervous about going clubbing for my friend’s birthday last night because i only knew two of the people going but let me tell ya … it was a group of like ten girls and as soon as we met it was like i was the newest member of their girl gang. we chatted about college and mutual acquaintances and took selfies and they asked me to dance with them and one of them introduced herself to me and complimented my lipstick in the same sentence. i’m friends with all of them on facebook now. when people say girls are bitches i’m like ?? girls are honestly the nicest people on earth

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Can you do a BTS reaction when a girl that liked them used to be fat but few months later now she is so skinny?


“You’re way too skinny, (Y/N). Is everything okay? Have you been eating properly? Here, let me cook and feed you.”

Jin would make sure you’re getting your nutrition to have a healthy, well-balance diet. Also, it’s another good excuse for him to go on more eating dates with you. 


“Wow! Your legs look amazing! But not as good as mine!” He teases. You punch him in the gut. “I’m just kidding, (Y/N). If anything, it should be me gaining some weight. You were perfect just the way you were—but I guess we’re all self-conscious of our bodies, huh?”

Suga would try to build some muscle to make sure you’re not feeling bad that his skinnier than you and me, tbh. His legs, tho!!! >.<


“(Y/N), you look amazing. But you know that I liked you before too, right? You look great either way, babe.”

Rapmon loves the person you are inside. Your personality, heart, brain, ambitions, and everything that makes you… well, you! It probably matter more to him than anything else. ‘Cause as my teacher once said, “You’re not going to stay young, pretty and firm forever! Tighten those brain muscles while you can!”


“You’re telling me that you lost weight by eating roots?” You give him some. 

J-hope becomes a changed man; eating healthier and enjoying his meals, now.


“How did you lose weight so fast?! Can you please teach me your ways?!”

You say, “Jimin, you don’t have anything to lose.”

“Same goes for you, (Y/N). Do you understand me now?” You stare at him. “It’s all about the confidence. So, flaunt it, girlfriend!”

Jimin shows you how it’s done. Even if you’re not confident about yourself, confident is all about B.S–ing. You just rock it and people will start believing that you are more than what they see. (But be careful, people. There’s a very clear line between arrogance and confidence.)


“You’re so skinny, (Y/N).” *hugs you and tries to grab your belly fat* “I miss your pork belly. You used to be so cuddly.”

V would eat ice cream with you and to try fatten you up.  


“WHO ARE YOU?!” screams his internal mind. 

All in all, Jungkook’s probably admiring your new body– unsure how to comprehend this new change. 

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biggest age gap the seventeen members would date?

i’m going to take this as how old/young the members would go?? I hope that’s what you meant! 

seungcheol, joenghan, jisoo, mingyu, and seokmin seem like the types to want to date older women, so they’d probably go for girls a few years older than them, nothing too extreme but like 2-3 years older or so. honestly I don’t see them dating anyone much younger than them unless its a person who happens to be a year or so younger. scoups and mingyu have stated they like older girls and jeonghan might have said the same thing once so i’m sure they wouldn’t want to go younger at all (although scoups is a major flirt he’ll go for anyone ok). 

woozi, jun, wonwoo and hoshi look like they’d stay around their age range honestly. maybe if they really liked the girl they’d make an exception so maybe if she was 1-2 years older or 2 years younger they’d be fine with it but nothing too young or old, I personally don’t see them going for girls with major age differences yet 

ok maknae time. the rest of the group aka boo, hansol, minghao, and lee would most definitely not want to go for a older girl, I only say this because they’re still young and have yet to really actually care about something like that. they’d stick to girls their age or younger, like a year or so. the only way they’d date someone older with an age gap is someone who’s a few months older or something. 

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How did you know you are bi?

After a bit of time I realised that I still kinda liked guys but I liked them only likeee 5% maybe. And girls 95%, so I was bi with a preference to girls but now it’s kinda equal, I think. I’m not entirely sure anymore and I don’t really bother thinking about it anymore

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I recently found two terms that may fit my identity : demigirl and genderflux. Like I identify most of the time as a girl but sometimes I identify as agender. Sometimes I'm like 50/50. Other days it's like 80/20. The "-girl" part of demigirl is very important to me bc I also identify as lesbian. Can I still call myself demigirl if somedays I'm like 99% agender ? Can I call myself "genderlux demigirl" and also a lesbian ? Everything is so confusing.

u can call urself all those things. demigirl just means one of your genders is girl. it doesnt need to be a certain amt, and it doesnt need to always be there. genders weird and should be fun and u get to decide what u want to do. there are no rules, ur gender is ur gender, u get to decide everything

theres also demiflux, where one of your genders is stable/constant and one of them fluctuates. if u like that but the girl part is important to you, you can use demigirlflux if u want


I forget whether it was a dream or a passing thought, but I had the idea of a mermaid/human lesbian couple set sometime in the Regency era. And I wanted to draw it, cuz those three things are on my top favorites list.

Don’t have names for them, but I like the idea of a girl who falls asleep on a beach while reading supernatural creatures waking up to find a supernatural creature staring curiously at her.

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why? why are your male characters always so effeminate? if they dont look like girls, they act like them, and like, the only exception is jordan, but im sure youre gonna fuck him up too. god, just make some REAL male characters

(looks around)
(picks up jordan)

(screaming into the heavens)

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I'm so afraid of identifying as bisexual bc I'm scared of people questioning me. I've never been in a same sex relationship, let alone done anything with another girl, yet I know I like them. what if people think I'm faking for attention?

I understand you’re afraid, and that’s okay, it’s also normal ^^
The truth is, some people probably will think you’re faking, but it’s not about those people, it’s about your happiness!
Don’t let other people stop you from being yourself and being happy, if people think you’re faking, smile, politely tell them you’re not doing it for attention and carry on.. They’ll either learn not to say anything, or stop being ignorant.. Either way :3
With love,

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MtF Sam, planning to come out of the closet. Both her and Dean have been dropping hints (Dean has half figured it out) but when she actually says it Dean says that it doesn't change the fact that they're related, and that he's glad she's his sister.


and the next time dean goes to goodwill he brings sam along and like,, shyly veers them to the girls section? and sams grateful that deans trying and she rolls her eyes and lets dean help her pick out stuff that she likes

and sometimes theyll be chilling watching tv together and dean will clear his throat and casually ask a question and sam knows hes trying really hard so she answers as in depth as she can and makes sure dean gets it and shes really glad deans learning

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Hiiiii can I have a playlist made by youuuuu

YE hehe im finally doing them now sory for the wait xo

girls like girls - hayley kiyoko

tip toes - jayme dee

burn the pages - sia

hurricane  - halsey 

THIS OR THAT Results: SPAO casual wear or formal wear?

Let’s see how it went!






You can’t help but admire them in suits. Like someone once said men in suits to girls is like girls in lingerie for guys haha :D They do look very sharp and handsome though :)

Thanks for voting!

- Admin Jinny

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I need some advice please! I really want to reach out to this girl I'm mutual with on tumblr but I have no idea how to start. We've never had any contact apart from rebloging stuff from each other but I really wasn't to get to know her better. We're the same age, have a ton of the same interests, we both like girls. I live in a pretty conservative area so it's super difficult to meet people like me, but I'm really anxious about introducing myself out of the blue to this girl.

hmmm i would just shoot them a message super chill like ‘hey i love your blog so happy you follow mine as well! wondered if you wanted to chat?’ and see if they are interested! hopefully you will hit it off!

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Hi, Im a 21 yrs old black woman who is interested in dating outside of my race but I never get approached by white men. I want to know what can I do to change that. Im going to always be myself and idk if guys like girls approaching them too...

Hi 😄 its good to try new things but if your not comfortable with approaching them yourself try to go some place where your surroundings is them try to talk to a couple in a friendly way and if they like you for you , you could end up in a relationship with one. but once your surroundings is them some of them may be attracted to you and will come to you first and talk to you! -dallas 💕