So wedding or not right now it looks as though our precious cupcakes are going to ride off into the sunset together. In a porsche no less. So here’s some advice: 

Whatever you do don’t think about them spending days in cute little B&Bs eating their way through ice cream while they lie naked in bed because it’s summer and the sun is too hot outside to do anything else. Don’t. just don’t think about Oliver kissing her everywhere whenever he wants to. Running his fingers through her hair kissing her shoulders kissing her all over her face because he can now. And he’s wanted to for so long and he could barely believe he can now and he would never let a single opportunity to kiss her pass him by. Don’t think about Felicity cuddling into Oliver, holding him to her every moment she gets. fuck the heat outside. She didn’t care if her skin was burning with his heat. She wanted to burn. She’s been waiting so long to burn. 

Don’t think about them spending day after day drinking wine and talking. Talking about the stupidest things. Don’t think about Felicity reciting the entire plot of Doctor Who. All 36 seasons. Don’t think about Oliver losing track of the plot halfway through the first Doctor but he’s going to listen anyway because he doesn’t have to stop her now, there weren’t any urgent matters that needed handling. They had all the time in the world and he could just watch her talk forever. Her hands flying everywhere and her eyes shining with such a beautiful light he was mesmerized. Don’t think about them walking down a wood hand in hand. They didnt know what Wood it was, they’ve lost track of what part of the world they were in now, they weren’t bothering to keep track anyway. It didn’t matter where they were going, as long as they were together. 

Don’t think about them lying on a beach Felicity’s head resting on Oliver’s stomach. They aren’t speaking, she’s playing with his fingers where his hand lay on her stomach and he’s playing with her hair which fell over his side. They don’t need words. They never have.

Whatever you do don’t think about Oliver teaching Felicity how to shoot an arrow. Don’t think about him laughing as she drops the bow in frustration and picks up an arrow and pushes it through the mark herself. Don’t think about his fingers running over her hands and her waist a little more than necessary as he teaches her. Don’t think about them abandoning lessons and fucking against the trees. Several times.

Most of all just don’t think about them laughing, smiling, and happy and being themselves around each other. Don’t please don’t think about them finally not holding back, because they didnt have to. Don’t think about them being completely free.

Free to talk to each other, free to kiss each other, free to look at each other, free to touch each other, free to taste each other. Free to explore each other. Free to love each other.

Just don’t do it. Because your heart will swell to a million times its normal size, it will play the conga and the butterflies in your stomach will dance to it. You will not be able to stop smiling and your heart will ache for them. God I want this. I want this so badly I could weep for eternity.

AU where the Fake AH Crew listens to fall out boy on the way to a heist while Geoff sings along so fucking loud to every song and Michael just laughs the whole time because god damn it Geoff you are a infamous leader of an infamous gang who’s about to rob a bank fucking act like it and Ryan is just in the backseat humming along while making sure his face paint is touched up perfectly even though it’ll be covered by the mask while Gavin and Ray make jokes about how obsessive he is about his precious makeup and roll their eyes at each other and sigh softly whenever Geoff misses a high note but thinks he totally hit it and won’t admit otherwise when the others point it out

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Fuck, marry, kill Louis, Ryan, and Danny 😏




This is sooooo hard, literally been staring at this for ages now trying to decide who on earth to pick for them 😰

Okay, damn I have to pick!

Fuck: Louis

Marry: Ryan

Kill: Danny



Finally finished a thank you drawing for hiilikedragons for that amazing drabble she wrote me. I decided to draw her oc Lyra cause omg what a cutie though she probably looks nothing like cat imagined her 

I also added my design for June (Fishleg’s wife) and her dragon Longwei because she was one of the posts that inspired her design. 

Also heres June with out Longwei so you can see her face better:

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Raikim or Claykim? Gong yi tanpai forever!!

(EDIT: fixed clays face it was kinda jank)

clay/kimiko/raimundo are my precious ot3, even though raimundo and kimiko are practically soulmates

to me they’re all bi, but clay’s aromantic (he loves all of them so much but not romantically) and raimundo and kimiko both have the hots for clay  so when they’re a little older its sort of an open thing between them (though raimundo and kimiko are together romantically)

its super open chill with no jealousy, the only one who gets close to being jealous is raimundo but its mostly him feeling left out and worrying that the other two might start thinking he’s not good enough. they all talk about it though and raimundo knows its an irrational thought process, he’s an insecure baby.

anyways the answer is ALL OF THEM


The Six Selfie Challenge
(and yes I know the last one isn’t a selfie, but duh, I really like that pic even if I look awful - and also the second one was taken in NYC)

I was tagged by my precious beloved Mery and I am tagging Anni, Lara, Stefanie and Morgan (I’m so sorry for not talking to most of you in like forever) and whoever else wants to do this. ♥

Also, those five people are awesome and you should check out their blogs - only if you want to, though…

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Hahaha I know exactly how you feel anon lol

Prince Peeta is too damn precious for words and what Court has planned will make you so very extremely happy haha ;)

Your fav really is problematic: KIANA

  • a literal cinnamon roll
  • too pure for this world
  • is absolutely unafraid to be heard
  • threatens to hit you with a shoe despite being roughly 700 miles away
  • also tries her hardest to hug you and kiss your forehead despite being roughly 700 miles away
  • has mad writing skills that envelop you into whatever the words say, which is unfortunate since maybe half tend to be fictitious
  • giggles far to much for her own good
  • can sIN G? WHAT???
  • is the queen of headcanons and rules with a scroll on hand to show you even if you don’t ask
  • is actually a fairy??? but also a height-deficient hobbit?? both proving that she’s not allowed to exist in all her radiance
  • that precious face tho like can u not
  • oh my god have you ever heard her talk though for real? she’s so incredibly smart it hurts my brain sometimes (coughcoughgingerholmes)
  • and also while talking I can sum it up in one word: RAMBLING
  • literally only wants to see happiness in the world and does everything in her power (which is a lot) to make that happen
  • pfft have you seen her dance though
  • is also a timelady
  • will yell excitedly at you about excitable things like shows and movies and bOOKS and there’s nothing you can do to stop it (not that you’d want to?)
  • I’m so upset because I wanna boop her nose but those 700 miles tho like why are you allowed to have a boop-able nose and I can’t boop it
  • has a heart that is married to the universe and all it encompasses which is accurate because her heart is so fucking *ahem* spacious
  • has a gr9 taste in music
  • will take pictures of your face when you skype yet get embarrassed when you do it back
  • is actually Rapunzel because 1- I’m pretty sure you could get lost in her hair 2- has hair that gLOWS IN THE SUNLIGHT 3- is pretty much made of (wiggly) sunshine and heals all the feels (unless she’s the one causing them) 4- flowers? flowers.
  • I am physically incapable of stopping myself from smiling around her and it ends up hurting my cheeks
  • literally has no judgement of anything towards other people unless they’re being rude or hateful
  • willingly rules the land of Goobinshire with you but still calls you an idiot and a goober yes I know thank you
  • will continuously beat you in the ‘I love you game’ dammit
  • this list is hella long I’m sorry but not really

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#3: Arvis, Julius, Julia, DeeDee Deirdre, Azel!

Arvis first, he has a ton of qualities and while I’m not even sure I’d be able to write a post about him one day, he is most likely one of my favourite characters in the FE franchise!

Julia then, because.

Julius after his sister - as fun as the jokes can get, I wonder if he was really himself during the game or not, or was he even cohabiting? Was he actually taking those decisions (and too guilty so he played the crazed card until Loptyr really got him)? All possibilities are really interesting though! (pick your Lyon, Eirika’s or Ephraim’s?)

Then two fandom favourites from FE4 I don’t feel strongly for, but I don’t hate them or anything like that!

I’d pick Azel over Deedee because his relationship with Arvis is precious and he must also face difficult choices, living in his brother’s shadow for the rest of his life or actually do something else (and die)? Still, as precious as his relationship with his brother is, I like to think Azel thought he was more important to his brother than what he really was to Arvis’ eyes (well, Arvis does consider the possibility of him burning at the BBQ) and maybe that was how FE4 was written (by author!Finn).

Deedee… is the McGuffin of the Jugdral Saga, I don’t have more feelings about her than about, say, Ninian. It doesn’t help that she has even less personality than her daughter.


This just put a smile on my face, it’s so precious, beautiful and bittersweet! Alice Barker is a 102-year-old woman who used to be a #dancer during the Harlem Renaissance in the 1930s and 1940s. Some of her dances were recorded as “Soundies,” or #musical short films. She also appeared in full-length movies, TV shows and commercials.

Though Alice danced alongside the likes of Frank Sinatra​ and Gene Kelly​, she had never seen footage of herself. That is, until very recently.

In the video below, you can see Alice reacting to seeing herself dance for the first time. It’s lovely to see people can still be surprised at 102 years old.

Castiel’s face when he sees Charlie is just so precious though like it’s unclear if he has an idea who she is but as soon as he sees her it’s just like “wow. This human radiates sunshine and happiness where did you find her?”

I can’t wait for them to go on hunts and gossip about stuff

Rumplestilskin is having a little baby tantrum and wants to be the hero -.- Just know that if you hurt Captain Hook, I will break through the TV. Don’t touch the face. It’s gorgeously gorgeous.

Belle is such a lamb though. She’s so precious and sees the good in everyone. If she went evil, I’d get scared.

Also I’m super proud of Regina for reasons you would know if you watched tonight’s episode.

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I know you will kill us with drama on part 2 but it can wait. As for now, i can't stand myself from squealing HARD at this chapter. Even the begining is already my fave. I love drunk Taylor and her excitement so much lol So here i am again w my fave moments from this chapter 00/Kar is completely comfortable expressing her feelings towards Tay, and sometimes she gets bold with her actions too. The result of finally being free from guilty after a long time 01/Their smiling kisses (a d o r a b l e)

02/I just simply couldn’t wipe that silly smile off my face reading Kaylor’s dancing sceneS, it’s just so precious! 03/“They keep their rhythm slow, dancing to a beat they choose for themselves” 04/Tay even knows Kar is smiling when she is swimming though Tay doesn’t get to see her mouth (gosh, this is so sweettt) 05/Tay randomly changes topics, not only when she is drunk, but all the times (remember when they were apart and they called and they were so sad talking some serious stuffs then Tay casually changed topic to a certain horror tv series, i still do not get over it lol) 06/Their legs intertwine (awww) 07/Tay repeats a word several times when she is drunk lol 08/“Do you even remember calling me last night?” “Only a little. I don’t want to talk about it" 09/"Oh really? Why so early?” “I don’t know! That’s what i said” 10/ “I’m drunk, not stupid”– that’s all! And now a short reply to your lastest reply lol Tbh, paying attention to details & being random are totally my things, so i’m happy those habits of me gave you more motivation and made you that amusing. I often love moments that they dont do it with intention, like they just absentmindedly do it so your subtle extra moments are actually my faves. Other writers just usually skip them But you don’t, despite a longer time it takes to do so, i really appreciate that. And nah, i don’t hate Josh and feel sympathy with him doesn’t mean i’m Josh’s fan. I’m Kaylor af so Kaylor together is the only thing i wish and the only thing that matters to me you know lol Anyway, take your time with the new part. Try to have enough sleep as well if you can. [3T]

As always, thanks for sending such a detailed and specific message! I’m surprised, but glad, that you found so much to like in such an insignificant update lol!


I love each and every one of you. Even though some of us might be so far apart, even though none of us have ever really met face to face, I love and care about you all as if you were my family. Which, because if thus fandom and many others, is what we are; we’re a family. And I’d be damned if I ever left this fantastic family, or if I ever lost any of you precious, beautiful people.

You all helped me through rough times, even when I was being a whiny child, so I thank you all. Thank you so much. And know that no matter what, I’ll always try my best to do the same for all of you.

From mad4turtles! Xxxx

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This kouhai I like CAN I KEEP YOU laughsalot