I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”

“There you are, Serena!”

Sailor Moon was one of my early formative influences, and now that I look back, has a huge role in my storytelling and philosophy. It’s really interesting to see just how much of the show stuck to my six year old head and developed along with me as I grew up. All in all, Sailor Moon is a story very precious to me and, inspired by the recent Sailor Moon art show that I’ve been seeing all over tumblr, I’ve decided to join the ranks!

This is a print that will be premiering at Fanime, so I’ll see you guys there at booth 1006! (I’ll make an official announcement of location once we have a map.)

LSW Chapter 11 [raw]

Monkey fight!


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“I don’t really like seventeen”


“I don’t see why people like seventeen so much”


“I don’t think I’ll like jeonghan anymore if he cuts his hair”


“minghao is not adorable”


“vampire junhui is not attractive”


“jisoo is not perfect”


“i don’t really like seungkwan”


“i only like seventeen because of hansol”


“jihoon is so short”


basically me everytime someone insults seventeen:

to keep your mind off derpcon here are some gifs of lucas (+ my annoying ass comments lmao)

does anyone else see the rainbow in the back he is sunshine don’t try to deny it

bae smiling aw


..he’s actually kind of hot

nah he’s just lukewarm

fetus luke was a precious lil flower let me hug you and tuck you in like a burrito

grown up luke is still a babe though

his face is just so beautiful though

anyways, hope you enjoyed.




Can we please talk about Seventeen’s maknae line because usually maknae line is hyper and problematic but look at our precious boys

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We have Seungkwan, who is the actual sweetest piece of sunshine to ever walk this earth. He loves his mama, he’s proud to be from somewhere that has a lot of misconceptions about the people who live there, and he wants to make the name Boo famous since not a lot of people know the family of Boo because it isn’t a popular family name. He’s so passionate and he works very hard towards his dream of being a variety star, but also has an amazing voice and a great talent for someone so young, keeping up the spirits of his members but also amazing us all with his vocal ability.

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We have Vernon, our precious 4D pretty boy who has faced a lifetime of racism and judgement only to walk away with a spunk and a swag and an overwhelming confidence that shines so bright that he gets noticed by some big names in the industry even though he’s just a kid. He has a big heart, and he loves his little sister, and his rapping and writing is so talented that he’s already getting attention in the industry only just after debut for his talent, but he still stays humble and kind.

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And finally we have the cutest baby Lee Chan, our Dino who is growing up so fast it should be illegal. Lee Chan is literally the best maknae to ever exist. He never complains about the chores his hyungs give him, even going as far as to assure us he’s a bright child. He’s very respectful and always smiles and greets the camera and the fans well, and he works hard at whatever he does, wether it’s playing around with rapping or working hard at dancing, which he learned from his father who he idolizes. He also stays true to his passion and his love for his favorite artist, but more than that to his love for his fellow members and taking care of them as well, keeping them smiling and dedicated with his work ethic, determined to learn all he can from his hyungs, who are some of the coolest people in the world to him. 

Seventeen’s maknae line is so precious and sweet and gentle and kind. Please love them. Please appreciate them. You don’t have to not stan someone just because they aren’t “legal” and you “can’t find them attractive” because they’re “too young”. There’s so much to appreciate and love about them, like their kind hearts and their dedication and passion towards what they do and what they love and all they contribute to the group. Please stan maknae line.