i understand when people are like “bi lance can date girls don’t hate on ships that have lance and a female character” and i totally get that like of course he can? but if it’s not mentioned in the show that he’s bi ever then it’s not representation like if the show just mentioned he’s bi, or had him flirt with a guy. that’s it that’s all i need idc who you ship him with but if y'all wanna have bi lance you gotta have him actually be bi

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Hi! do you have any trans hc about jason?


  • Jason despised his long hair so his first step into transitioning was cutting off his own hair. It looked really messy and choppy but it was the first time he started feeling okay with how he looks
  • Whenever Bruce leaves his phone lying out, Jason goes on it and puts up top-surgery doctor’s so when Bruce opens it the first thing he sees is it. 
  • Despite him being small chested, Jason tries to wear his binder as much as possible. It has gotten to the point where Dick will tackle him and lift up his shirt to see if he is wearing it. If it’s been on too long he forcibly takes it off him
  • No one is allowed to call Jason’s period a period. It is referred to as “the crimson wave,” and when he is on it he is “surfing the crimson wave”
  • Jason constantly makes trans-puns whenever possible but they aren’t good. “There’s a reason it’s called transportation and not cisportation,” “I’m sorry I wasn’t here on time, I guess I am translate,” “what’s on the transgenda today?”
  • On all of his leather jackets there is a trans pride flag buttoned somewhere. It’s become a Where’s Waldo-esque game they all play whenever they seem him

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Sorry I accidentally pressed on the enter button. My phone fell I was too excited. :0 do they have little shelves of bakery :0 what if Theodosia and Phillip just hang out on one of the tables and just like eat and color I'm sorry I'm getting into my past! This reminds me when my mom had a diner! I'm sorry I'm rambling o my god

Pip  being raised by his two lovely strong moms sally hemmings and Eliza Schuyler
Eliza and Alexander adopted Pip when they were together only for Eliza to take custody after their parting!She visits the diner pretty often and lets Pip hang out with lil Theo! 
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