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Ooo how do u feel about Eliza/Maria? As a couple, I mean!

i don’t rlly ship it but i think its p cute!!

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1 Also bi, and I understand how you feel, but to clarify, I don't think people are saying it's no longer representation because she's no longer queer. It's important to have representation of queer people, but it's also important to have portrayals of same sex relationships, and there is a big trend in media of bi people only ever being shown ending up with people of a different gender. In real life, you love who you love, but in media, that trend is written.

2 It’s more complicated in critrole bc these are not writers looking at a whole show, they are individuals staying true to their characters and who they love, but I don’t think people who are upset are saying “bi people in het relationships aren’t bi anymore”, they’re saying “only ever showing bi people in het relationships sends a message that it’s okay to be bi as long as you aren’t in a same sex relationship”

i don’t disagree with 90% of this, but the stuff i do disagree with, i have things to say about. that 10% is mostly in that last part, because if people are taking that away from what’s going on, i think there’s a lot of introspection that needs to happen in the fandom, because that’s totally not what’s going on in the show but in the fandom. i’m using vax as an example coz he’s more explicitly bi than vex AND YET majority of the hate around vaxleth is that he’s either leading gilmore on - NOT TRUE, HE NIPPED THAT IN THE BUD POLITELY AND RESPECTFULLY AND GILMORE UNDERSTANDS HIS BOUNDARIES - or that he’s no-homoing himself and that’s why he’s with keyleth WHICH AGAIN IS NOT TRUE BECAUSE BISEXUAL

i find it a little iffy that people think that “It’s okay to be bi as long as you’re in a het relationship” is the message that’s coming across because tbh from my perspective (i’m not saying it’s how everyone else is seeing it), it’s actually been the exact opposite - people were only happy that vax and vex are bi when they were with people of the same gender. these two, who are canonically bi, have been pretty visibly bi (especially vax), and it’s GREAT that when they were hanging out or flirting with the people who have the same gender as them, no one was really complaining, BUT the second that they become involved with people of another gender that isn’t their own, suddenly it’s “UGH, FOILED BY THE STRAIGHTS/HETS AGAIN.” like. okaY???? i understand and relate to wanting to see more same sex relationships in things that we love, especially in something like CritRole where there are no writers, no studio execs who hold the thing under their thumb, just a bunch of people telling a story as it happens instead of having the story happen first before they narrate it, but honestly. i mean, i ship vax’ilmore a little more than i ship vaxleth but i see little to no hate for vax’ilmore from vaxleth shippers. can’t say that i can say the same vice versa. people were like “OMG VEX IS BI!!!!” when it looked like she was flirting with zahra, but the second perc’ahlia becomes fully canon, people are like “ugh???” like all of a sudden it stops mattering that she’s bi just because she’s not with zahra instead. i’m glad there hasn’t been full-scale ship wars in this fandom, thank GAWD, but these sentiments can really grind one’s gears. the celebration of same-sex relationships shouldn’t come at the expense of bisexuality (and for that matter any orientation that isn’t about just one gender), because then it just trips over the line into biphobia, which these sentiments kind of are, even if they aren’t intended to be biphobic. i understand why those sentiments exist, but we also need to consider these things, you know? a huge chunk of bi-, pan-, ace-, aro-, demi- and grey-phobia is monosexism, which includes homosexuality, and that’s not what should happen.

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Absolutely love toinette. But how will everyone react to her and does she have a chance with one of the time Dragon brothers? Also will Sombra have a big sister role in toinette's life??? And how will her and Valentine interact with each other???????

I love Toinette too goodness. And when Solider 76 and Ana bring back a baby to the base, well, things get a little crazy for the adults.

  • Mercy immedietly takes her research and hides it away better but she’s still reeling that Talon got her research. She feels partly to blame for the new baby and wonders if Widowmaker and Reaper even want a child. When she actually sees Toinette, she’s reminded of her own little miracles and promises to help Ana and Soldier 76 look after her. She is a litlte worried because this is the child of Reaper and Widowmaker but she knows that Ana and 76 will teach the child wrong from right.
  • McCree cannot believe that this little girl looks like Gabriel Reyes. He can barely process it all and frankly he’s angry that Reaper is ‘dumping’ his kid on them. Ana has to give McCree a long talk and he eventually understands that this was the only way to keep the baby safe. As time goes he, he gets a soft spot in his heart for Toinette and watches out for her. 
  • Lena is all over the baby the second she’s in the building. She doesn’t care how the baby came to be or who her parents are, she just loves to see the little girl smiling and giggling. She treats her just like one of her kids and shows her unconditional love and affection, quickly becoming Aunt Lena.

Now for the other kids:

  • Toinette gets along really well with Kitt and are pretty good friends. They love to train together and fight to make themselves stronger. 
  • Its the complete opposite for Valentine. They just never got on the right foot with each other. Toinette sort of blames Mercy for her being ghost like and even making her father as he is but takes it out on Valentine. Valentine takes her anger with cold calmness and this frustrates Toinette to no end. They eventually mange to resolve their differences after they both break down and have a heart to heart and afterwards they’re friends. 
  • Toinette tired to take her angry out on Taro once, but Valentine immedietly makes it clear that she will not tolerate that. Toinette never went after Taro again but he’s always trying to be Toinette’s friend. After her and Valentine become friends, she begrudgingly accepts that they’re buddies too.
  • She gets along really well with Hiroki because he’s a nice and chill guy, plus she was always hanging out with him because Tracer would be the babysitter whenever Ana and Soldier 76 were gone. 
  • As for Barnaby, Toinette is the type of person to test peoples limits and push lots of buttons just to see how they work. With Barnaby always wanting to prove himself and looking for any reason to fight, he and Toinette are constantly bickering and fighting about this and that. 
  • But its during one of their first missions that Barnaby gets hurt, and Toinette begins panicking and yelling for Taro that she realizes how much she really likes this idiot. Barnaby is spouting off how he’s always thought she was beautiful and he might as well as tell her now because he’s going to die but Taro gets to him in time. 
  • Afterwards, they both stop their arguing and find that they are really what the other need. Both about to comfort the other about their insecurities and give a gentle touch.
  • Toinette likes to flirt with Barnaby just to watch him melt and basically stop functioning. Barnaby will give her the best love poetry he has written and Toinette can only read it when she’s alone or else Barnaby will tease her about the blush all over her face. 


  • Sombra is the one always checking up on Toinette for Reaper and Widowmaker, and has unofficially become her big sister. 
  • Toinette looks up to Sombra a lot, and Sombra teachers her little tips and tricks just to help her out when she’s fighting. 
  • Sombra never tells Toinette that she was the one who stole Mercy’s research information in the first place for Talon partly because she feels guilty now that Toinette is like this annoying little sibling she’s watching out for but partly because she’s afraid Reaper and Widowmaker will kill her. 

So we got Older Sister Sombra who’s problematic here and Barnaby as her enemy turned lover. Pretty sweet right? Now we just got to find a ship name for Barnaby x Toinette. <3

Akiteru/Saeko/Ukai HC

Okay so I saw this ask about Akiteru/Saeko/Ukai on @hq-rare-pairs and now I have IDEAS. These three would be so cool together. Thanks anon for bringing them up aahh

So we got some Saeko/Ukai and Saeko/Akiteru interactions but no Ukai/Akiteru that I’m aware of so I gotta make some up first.

Akiteru and Ukai connecting could be so, so easy. They both play Volleyball. Ukai is coaching Akiteru’s beloved little brother. Let’s imagine Ukai wants to make sure Kei eats more to gain muscle? He calls up Akiteru and together they plot how to make the dino stuff his face with protein foods. Basically they can bond over pestering Kei into being a better player.

I also like to think that they first met in Akiteru’s highschool days. Ukai’s grandfather was Aki’s coach after all, and while we didn’t see any signs of them knowing each other, it’s possible (especially if you squint)

ALSO. Consider them arranging friendly matches between the Neighborhood Association Team (Ukai’s team) and the Kaji Wild Dogs (Aki’s current team) (It’s totally an excuse to see the other sweating + to show off their skills to impress the other pffftt)

Okay and now, headcanon time for all three:

- Ukai laughing about Saeko being smol, Akiteru laughing about both of them being smol. Ukai gets mad because he isn’t short?? but Akiteru is still taller so he’s like “aww look at this smol angry person he’s so cute”. He’s literally only 7cm taller.

- All three of them are blond?? Aesthetics. I’m assuming Ukai and Saeko both have to dye theirs, so Akiteru definitely teases them and calls them fake blonds whenever they help each other bleach

- Spooning aesthetics: We have a perfect tol to smol order. Does Saeko care tho? No. She’s gonna be the big spoon anyway because she feels like it.

- People assuming those two big, strong guys are Da Man in the house but nope. Nope. A bug?? Saeko has to save them. Especially Aki. When they fight, she goes around fastening the lids on all the jars. 

- Akiteru’s “current concern” is not being able to drink sake very well. We’ve already seen Saeko and Ukai’s drinking abilities so…. They’d totally get that nerd wasted whenever they can because he gets horny/touchy feely and it’s very endearing and also hilarious

- Akiteru can definitely cook (he’s a golden child come on), and it’s canon Saeko works in a kitchen so she can probably cook too?? They totally cook together as bonding time. Ukai once burned a salad and he has been banished them the kitchen ever since. 

- Imagine how pissed off and embarrassed Kei and Ryuu will be. Their older siblings are not only dating each other but their coach too?? At the same time?? what the hell yo

- Okay now getting to the good stuff… Assuming Akiteru and Ukai did meet when he was in highschool… Imagine this poor highschool boy crushing both on this wild, fiery girl a grade below him and this totally hot dude who happens to be his coach’s grandson and comes to matches every now and then. He’s crushing from far, far away, tho. Shy highschool Aki is best Aki. And then a few years later…. Suddenly he meets both of them again??? And they all connect and agree to go out for food. After the food they go get drinks (Saeko’s idea) and drunk Akiteru confesses that he used to have a crush on the both of them when he was in highschool……… At the same time………………..

Lol hello new poly rarepair with no content I will cry about tonight. How lovely it is to meet you ^_^