one-man-ensemble  asked:

Do you think that when they announce which Heroes are gay that it'll confirm a ship or do you think the heroes will continue to not have a canonical romantic relationship?

Here’s what I think:

The one that has the biggest chance of being confirmed is Pharmercy, being that the two heroes actually play well together in game, to the point of ship name being used in the esports scene to refer to Pharah/Mercy combos. Not to mention that they made Gremlin canon, who’s often associated with Pharmercy in artworks depicting her.

Widowtracer is probably going to be teased until the end of time and never actually happen.

All the other popular ones I really can’t see happening.

Now all this being said, it’s possible for some characters to have a relationship outside of the playable roster. I can see Zarya, for instance, having a girlfriend that shows up in the comics. (And let’s be real here there’s no way that Zarya’s single, I don’t buy it.)