i was gon’ wait until i hit 200, but you’re all so great i just??? couldnt wait?? so here take this:

THE ARCHANGELS: ( aka the real mvps of my life )

ofelectric - myah i wanna b all cute & sweet 2 u but u suck. ass. but fr !! you are a literal constant in my life tbh. nyc weather sucks, it’s almost 3 am, & i love you so much i’d probably burst if i thought about it too much im. you exist & that makes me so happy ok. we’ve barely hit like 3 months of friendship & u just make me happy w/o even talking 2 me. existing on the same planet as u is just enough for me to know that you care & that i care sO much about u oK IM SO.  thank you for being a person that i call ‘home.’

blxsteredhearts- laiLAAAAAAA. its been, what? over a year with you? i can come to you for anything & know you won’t judge me. you’re so helpful & kind & every day i think of you at least twice & my heart flutters a lil b/c i love you sO much i just.  thank you for being a person that i call ‘home.’

blxrrymarks - ew its the buttface iz. you suck so much that whenever i think of you i have to hide my face because i smile so wide & i literally dont feel worthy of meeting such a talented, gifted, & overall weird af human being. being w e/o is like destiny w us & it helps me wake up every day knowing that you breathe air, on the same earth. thank you for being a person that i call ‘home.’

THE ANGELS: ( aka my newest rping buddies )

deathisarose​ ✘ firstavcngcr​ ✘ deusbitch​ ✘  dcigratiaofrighteous fromtragedysheruled​ ✘ resilientbones

wow tbh. im such a lil noob @ indie & its so intimidating tbh, but you guys have helped me feel loved, included, & just rlly happy tbh. i wanna thank all of u bc ur the best & i couldn’t love y’all more. i think of you all & smile like an idiot tbh. yall are legIT BABES OK & i cant wait to get 2 know yall better u v u ♥♥♥♥

THE CHERUBIM: ( aka the ppl i admire so much uwu )

riighteousman​rxghteousman​houndier​  ✘ mastcrmiind​ ✘ markofakiller​notadiick​  ✘ souldragger​  ✘ southerncomforted​ ✘ demonqxeen​deathsangelisntdead​  ✘ thenovakmartyr​ ✘ theirhome​brokenmagxc​ ✘ bravebury​ ✘ queenwithoutherthrone​ ✘ queencvak​ ✘ angxxr​yourbatmxn​ ✘ ofbrutalityyy​ ✘ explcsive​ ✘ gavemytrust​ calliidus​ ✘ scarredbyxhellfire​ ✘ scaredofbats sxdere mvstloyalmordiicesmesscrfiniis  ✘ xannibalecter damnsellamistressmxleficent

anonymous asked:

Harry Potter? :)

  • Favorite Male Character - Draco 
  • Favorite Female Character - Hermione
  • Least Favorite Character - Umbridge, Voldie, i donno
  • Favorite Ship - Draco/Hermione
  • Favorite Friendship - Ron/Harry
  • Favorite Quote -  “ We’ve all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.”
  • Worst Character Death (if any) - Sirius Black ok
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment - Dobby getting a sock
  • Saddest Moment - “I have to do this. I Have to kill you or he’s gonna kill me.” / also sirius dying
  • Favorite Location - dude i have to pick?!?!?!?!! god either Grimald Place, Slytherin Common Room, oooooooooooooor Great Hall i dont friggin know don’t make me pick

Give me a fandom

shippingtrashboat asked:

do ur friendship fandom, aka me and maybe others. or orphan black no wait borderlands

I can do Orphan Black AND Borderlands (wow)


Favorite Male Character: Felix

Favorite Female Character: HELENA

Least Favorite Character: Leekie

Favorite Ship: Cal/Sarah (I guess, whatever)

Favorite Friendship: Alison/Cosima (and Beth)

Favorite Quote: “We make family, yes?“

Worst Character Death (if any): OH MAN Sarah’s birth mother=rough

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: When Helena “got refund”

Saddest Moment: When Helena had to kill that Castor clone and felt all abandoned :( (the whole imprisonment storyline really)

Favorite Location: Felix’s apartement


Favorite Male Character: Mordecai

Favorite Female Character: Litlith (Moxxi is a close second)


Favorite Ship: ummm Handsome Jack/Nisha?

Favorite Friendship: Brick and Mordecai haha

Favorite Quote: Is it possible to pick just one?

Worst Character Death (if any): ROLAND

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: Again, just one or how about the whole thing?

Saddest Moment: In the Tiny Tina DLC when she accepts Roland is dead. Just the worst.

Favorite Location: Moxxi’s many bars

nahdeer asked:

tmh! your answer makes or breaks our friendship btw

ok LEAST favorite is little things obviously the worst song in t history of t world !

favorite is so hard but i’m gonna go with my most played of the album which is (HEY! YOU! YOU’RE) still the one it feels right it also holds up and fills me up with so much joy it’s a lovely song honestly happiness in 4 minutes

candy-venom asked:

when you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy, then send it to the last 10 people you have notes from in your activity 💐 (I love you so I'm sorry if you don't like these ;;~~~~~;;)

QvQ awe, your highness… i love you, too. it’s ok. i don’t mind answering this at all. 

ah… so… 5 things that make me happy, huh? TvT let’s see…

well, 1) friends. TvT friends, friends, friends. i used to be very antisocial when i was younger (tho i think everyone might of been in their teenage years? :’D;; ) but… as i got older and learned to put my trust in others, i found friendships, good and bad, lived and learned, and now i cherish any to all friendships i can get. so friends most definitely!

2) anime. xD;; this is probably a given. i’ve loved anime… i’ve loved animation since i was a kid. the first anime i ever got into was dbz. my grandmother used to watch it in japanese on vhs tapes. ever since, i was hooked. it inspired me to draw and was a giant help for me to learn japanese because my grandmother didn’t have the patience to teach me. OTL 

3) uh… drawing. i got a HUGE love/hate relationship with drawing. it’s been there for me bad times, good times. i’ve compared myself to others, i’ve become confident at some points in my own style, and i’ve tried new things and even nsfw things– it’s a double edged sword really, haha. ;; but i just can’t let it go.

4) bands/music. music… i LOVE music. i try my best to just listen to lyrics and let them sink in, different languages or not, and … well… i guess, emotionally invest myself in them. granted, it’s hard cuz… x///D;;; like anyone else, it makes me grow attachments to certain band members / crushes, what have you, but… it’s such a beautiful thing, raw thing- it’s their heart and soul, and i think anyone deserves to be taken seriously– especially when writing music, ‘cause they’re pouring their heart out and that’s a brave thing! ///T///A///T/// 

lastly, 5) puppies/dogs/animals. i have always been an animal lover. x///D when i was little and art wasn’t as big to me, i always used to say that i wanted to be a vet. i am that person that meows at kitties and talks to dogs in a baby tone, that person who will take pics of my sleeping dogs and get in their face and stare at them, and that person who stops their group to pet / love an animal everywhere and anywhere i go. 

QvQ thank you so much for sending me these! sorry if it got too wordy… T///v///T`;;;; have a good day! // rolls away

sometimesthedragonwins asked:

Agents of SHIELD for the fandom thing

  • Favorite Male Character - Coulson or Fitz make me pick
  • Favorite Female Character - MELINDA MAY 
  • Least Favorite Character - Grant fucking Ward
  • Favorite Ship - Huntingbird
  • Favorite Friendship - Fitz/Skye also Philinda is the shit!
  • Favorite Quote - “there’s nothing wrong with you. you’re just different now and that’s ok.” (donno the exact quote but this is my favorite scene in the whole show)
  • Worst Character Death (if any) - Triiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment - FITZ KICKING ASS IN THE FINALE (have we talked about my love for leo fitz?)
  • Saddest Moment - just the entire Melinda episode like that fucked me up
  • Favorite Location - the bus

Give me a fandom 

anonymous asked:



Favorite Male Character: Alvis, Kallian, Reyn, and Shulk

Favorite Female Character: Meyneth, Melia, Sharla, Vanea, and Fiora, I can’t pick out of them sorry

Least Favorite Character: uh probably like Lorithia because she didn’t get much character development maybe, idk

Favorite Ship: Gfhhhhh Honestly nothing

Favorite Friendship: Shulk, Reyn, and Fioras!

Favorite Quote: “Reyn time!!” Ok but seriously maybe “your blade, it did not cut deep enough” or “I am Monado, I was here at the beggining and I will proclaim the end” I may have gotten some of those quotes slightly wrong because this is from memory though

Worst Character Death (if any): does this mean as in saddest death or?? If it does then Kallian

This made me so happy you have no idea Moment: uh maybe when you get Fiora back?? Probably!

Saddest Moment: kallians death again, that part always makes me sad

Favorite Location: the fallen arm!!

anonymous asked:

wtf the fuck did you say about my hxh opinions?? idk if you even reblogged that meme but you need to give me your answers stat buddy - aie

  • Favorite Male Character ok you’re going to make fun of me for picking chrollo but honestly come oN how could you choose hisoka over AT LEAST leorio??? what is wrong with you
  • Favorite Female Character ok i’m actually with you here, i like neferpitou
  • Least Favorite Character kite. kite can die a thousand times and go to hell, he makes NO SENSE
  • Favorite Ship hisoka/illumi is pretty good, but leorio/kurapika is better
  • Favorite Friendship gon/killua yeah ok you didnt mess up here though 
  • Favorite Quote literally anything besides what hisoka says, you are super wrong here
  • Worst Character Death (if any) HOW CAN NONE OF THEM HAVE AFFECTED YOU COME ON!!!!!!!!!!! COME ON!!!!!!!!!
  • This made me so happy you have no idea Moment i honestly dont even know im still reeling trying to figure out if you actually like hisoka or if you’re being ironic to fuck with me. he’s so poorly written. he’s an excuse for the writers to insert weird sex jokes. he’s a clown. his skill level fluctuates so wildly over the course of the series that it’s impossible to tell how narratively important he is at any given time and if you should be afraid of him or if he’s just there as a joke. he doesn’t have any motivation and he’s wholly unsympathetic. he’s awful. come on.
  • Saddest Moment episode 135, OBVIOUSLY
  • Favorite Location gon’s cute little whale island place was cute i guess. 



imn lauhjgng ok YOU ARE MY ACTUAL PEPE PARTNER..always there supplying me with the new rare pepes…i will always be thankful…you’re always so nice and fun to talk to My actual mother and i cant believe one of our first convos was you rickrolling me but i guess that pretty much sums up our friendship. i love you lots and you make me very happy !!! even if youre a huge furry for kogi but i still love u anyway

anonymous asked:

zoe i'm soso glad harry and louis are talking again they had such a special friendship & it makes me so happy 2 see them ok again

Me tooooo!!!!!!!! I’m so glad honestly I just want to see them be close again and we’ve seen them interact so much lately I’m so happy 💖💖

anonymous asked:

Ok story time. So I haven't been about that zank life for a while, and Zach's behaviour made me completely turn away from him, but I was happy to see Frankie had a positive reaction to him and seemed genuinely happy to see him. What makes me unhappy is people on Twitter telling him to let it die. Let what die? A friendship (even if it's not a close one anymore)? Like I get it, Zach isn't their cup of tea, but clearly Frankie still values him as a person so just let it be!



This actually took me awhile to answer.. Idk bout you guys but i find it hard to answer when people ask me to describe myself or tell sth about myself hm anyWAYS LOOK AT THOSE AWESOME BLOGGERS IM ONE OF THEIR FAVORITE FOLLOWERS IM SO HAPPY THANK YOU ❤️

ok here are 6 facts about moi~

1) I get excited over little things. Like wearing a new outfit to school or having a movie night with my whole family or just simply walking around the streets of downtown, sfo. Some people think its foolish, weird, immature. It’s not. I just appreciate even the little things that makes me happy.

2) I love reading fiction books, i love anime and obviously, kpop. My escape from reality.

3) I hate nutella. Ugh.

4) Im a very loyal person. (in romantic relationships and friendships)

5) I’m very good at memorizing

6) I’m taking up psychology as my major and i might work in the criminal field. I want to become an FBI agent, a detective. Watching Criminal minds (at a young age) had a big influence on me. Lol

Annyeong~ ^^