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Remus and surprise kisses!

ah they would be so cute. Maybe, when you were mulling over some hard coursework and you finally got the concept and he would just watch your face light up and he couldn’t help himself because you’re so adorable.

or maybe when you where stressed, and he just wanted to you bloody relax.

or maybe, when you where freaking out about him leaving for a transition, babbling about all the things he needs to take with him to the shrieking shack, and he just wanted to be close to you. 

The Night Court

RHYS: Feyre kissed me.

CASSIAN: Ohmygodohmygod

MOR: Ok, all right. We want to hear everything. Cassian, get the wine. Rhys, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?

RHYS: Oh, it ended very well.

CASSIAN: [getting the wine] Do not start without me. Do not start without me.

MOR: Ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. Was it like a soft brush against your lips? Or was it like a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?

RHYS: Well, at first it was really intense, you know. And then, oh gods, and then we just sort of sunk into it.

MOR: Ok, so, were you holding her? Or were her hands like on you?

RHYS: No, actually first they started on my waist. And then, they slid up, and then, they were on my wings.


In the next room [Feyre eating while Amren swirls a goblet]

FEYRE: And, uh, and then I kissed him.

AMREN: Tongue?

FEYRE: Yeah.

AMREN: Cool.


I think maybe in the next episode it’s going to end with Tyrell coming in and saving Elliot from the basement. Like Elliot will just be sitting in there in the dark with just Mr Robot for company and all of a sudden he hears a commotion on the other side of the door (people yelling/running/maybe a few gun shots) then the door unlocks and it is painfully loud in the silence of the room (which had been quite with the exception of Elliot’s wheezing and Mr Robot talking) and Tyrell just walks in looking calm (maybe panting a little and his hair maybe messed a bit but otherwise he is totally collected) and he looks over the room quickly and as soon as he sees Elliot his face just lights up and he almost runs across the room and kneels down beside Elliot and he just hesitates for a moment as he looks Elliot over and he sees how hurt Elliot and his hands hover over him as if he is afraid to touch him (and he totally swears in Swedish) and Elliot just hugs him and mutters “you’re alive”/”you’re here” and Tyrell is shocked for a few moments before he slowly (and gently) wraps his arms around Elliot holding him and muttering how yes he is there and how he’ll never leave him and how sorry he is for how long he’s been gone

The people that hurt us the most, are usually the same people that we have the most love for.
So I guess that explains why it all hurt so much, because the amount of love I had felt for you turned into the amount of hurt that I felt.
and oh did I ever love you.
I would of done anything for you.
I looked at you, and it was as if everything else was a blur, you were the only thing that mattered.
but now it all hits me, everything that used to be a blur, everything that we were, all the love i had for you, it all just turned into pain.
looking at you didn’t make my whole face light up anymore, it just hurt. It hurt so damn much.
I wish you just broke my heart but for me it was so much more, It changed what love was for me.
When you left, you took it all with you,
you took the smiles and the laughs, and the way I saw people, and the trust and faith I had in every person I met. You took everything.
Its just that, I don’t believe in love anymore, I don’t believe people are good anymore and once I stopped seeing the good, I can’t stop. I can’t stop from seeing everything wrong in a person, in humanity.
because the truth is, people are selfish, they don’t care who they hurt, and no one cares about being a good person for the sake of being a good person, people do good things for their image, no one cares about a damn thing but themselves.
and when i started seeing this and realizing this, I stopped having faith in people.
I can’t trust anymore, and I don’t know how to love anymore.
I wish I could say I’m stuck on how to stop loving you, but I’m not because now I look at you and I feel nothing. and I wish I could feel something again, even if it was pain. But I feel nothing. I am so numb to it all.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write
Internet Friend!Jongdae

Requested by anon:  What would Jongdae be like meeting his internet friend for the first time?


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  • you guys probably met on some weird chat site like Omegle or sth
  • or you could’ve even met on tumblr who knows
  • he eventually got you to message him somewhere like kik
  • and you guys constantly talk
  • always send each other memes
  • he messages you one day and says that he is coming to your country in a couple weeks
  • and you’re just like !!!
  • so you guys make plans for you to pick him up from the airport 
  • and you guys continue to talk until he is leaving for the airport
  • and you start to panic like
  • what if he doesnt like me ???
  • in the morning you drive to the airport and you are mostly excited
  • but kinda nervous
  • he steps out of the gate and you’re just like
  • omg wtf you are even prettier than what you told me you looked like
  • and he spots you and his face just lights up like the freakin’ sun
  • he drops his carry on bags and sprints towards you
  • and when he gets to you he picks you up and spins you around while hugging you 
  • he kinda gets emotional and tears up but hides it
  • “i cant believe you’re here!”
  • wraps a hand around your shoulder and walks you through the airport once he’s got his bags
  • you get in the car and he just looks at you and is like
  • “you are even prettier in person”
  • which makes you blush madly
  • you find a coffee shop to sit down at so you can catch up on things
  • he tells you a lot about his personal life and by the end of the day you feel like you’ve known him for years
  • you drive him back to your place and set up some movies and blankets and just chill
  • you guys honestly are like the chillest people ever
  • showing each other memes through the movie
  • Jongdae realises he is falling for you, hard and fast
  • and you realise you are falling for him
  • you guys chat until the sun goes up and he’s just like
  • “I know we only legit met like yesterday but I am in love with you”
  • and you are so ecstatic and you just 
  • “I think I am in love with you too Jongdae”
  • ever since then you guys were together

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  • this gif gets me
  • always smiles when he thinks about you
  • when he talks to you on the phone his face just lights up
  • you take care of him when he’s sick and he does the same for you
  • however….
  • lets just say when you’re sick, he gets very doting and can get very panicky
  • spills soup on you
  • but buys you a million stuffed animals
  • now you’re bed has no more room for you because a bunch of stuffed bunnies and puppies and kittens have invaded it 
  • moving on
  • everyime he comes over he brings you food/coffee/things you like
  • “seokmin you dont have to buy me these gifts!” “but they’re for you, and nothing is enough for my love!” 
  • *got the gifts from his 
  • the best boyfriend in the entire world
  • armssssssss
  • like damn, imagine those muscular ams wrapped around your waist as he’s resting his chin on your shoulder
  • and then he whispers into your ear “I’m so glad you’re mine”
  • the type of boyfriend to try to pack you lunch even if it’s just ramen
  • the note he packs with it would say “Cheer up, sweetie! Eat a lot to have strength!”
  • believes in serenading you
  • it’s a tradition between you two that when he drops you off at your house, you two would stay in the car and whatever song comes on the radio he would sing it to you :’)
  • dear lord, when you step into the room his already bright smile would be 100x brighter
  • “guys, look!! that’s my significant other!!! aren’t they so beautiful??”
  • “yes, seokmin, we know”
  • D.K would be so excited whenever he saw you, it would always feel like the first time he laid eyes on you
  • imagine sleepy face time calls with D.K
  • his hair would be so messy, he’d have a soft smile on his lips, his eyes would be drooping
  • “Hey, seokmin, are you sure you’re not sleepy?”
  • seokmin would yawn and say “yes, I’m okay, I still just want to talk to you and hear your voice.”
  • 2 min. later, he’s snoring his ass off
  • his mouth would be open, and his nose would crinkle sometimes
  • so being the great partner that you are, you seize the moment and screenshot it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Seokmin would really try his best in the relationship because he knows that you would do the same <3

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Dating Nathan but not knowing anything about swimming making things difficult bc you just want to support him but you literally have no fucking clue about anything he’s doing or what he talks about while you’re hanging out and he totally knows and you can tell that it’s kinda disheartening for him so you google EVERYTHING there is to know. Like who holds what records, what the hell the IM actually is, and you even have to google Michael Phelps bc you had heard of him but never really cared too much about the specifics of how great he was to the Olympic sport. Then on your next date catching him totally off guard by STARTING the conversation about swimming and asking if his form for the Butterfly had improved any because it looks really hard and just seeing his face light up with that wonderful smile because you genuinely cared about his sport enough to look into it and had actually been paying attention to the things he said when you had asked about his training in the past.

Happy Story :)

So I work in an eye clinic and we are one of the few around that take medical assistance. Unlike most clinics, we have a pretty nice selection of glasses for the MA plans. It always warms my heart when someone comes in kind of down because they know they have a limited selection…then they see this WALL of glasses we have for MA, and their face just lights up. Cuz yeah, we actually care about our patients, whether they’re on MA or not, and we want them to have eyewear that they’re not embarrassed to wear. 

Seriously, there are glasses in the MA selection that I would wear! I’m not just saying it - we have some NICE GLASSES for MA patients and it makes me so happy when they see what they get to choose from; but also a little sad cuz no one else does that and they’re used to having to pick shabby frames from a little box in the corner of some eye clinic. :/

But yeah, it makes my day a little when they find an awesome frame they want to order and are actually excited about getting them ^_^

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could i get any heroes with an artist s/o hcs? if you've done it before i apologise!

I did something similar, but I’ll just repost it here <3


  • He’d admire your work quietly, carefully tracing some of the lines
  • He’d be in total awe of your talent
  • Once you find him standing with the sketchbook, he’d but it away gently, apologizing for looking through your stuff and assuring you it wasn’t on purpose
  • He’d tell you how talented you are, encourage you to always keep practicing


  • His face would light up completely, he’d just be so proud of you
  • He’d ask you why you hadn’t shown him any of your sketches, and assure you that there’s nothing to be ashamed of if that was the case
  • He’d lean his forehead against yours, while telling you how skilled you are, and how noticeable it is that you worked hard to learn
  • He’d say that you are insanely talented and that you should never let go of your creative side

and the heroes with a writer S/O: 


  • He’d love to read all your stuff, and would just be extremely proud of you
  • Would always encourage you to keep writing
  • Would read everything really carefully, and sometimes the same stories over and over again


  • He’s not the most affectionate person, so he wouldn’t really shower you with compliments all the time
  • Once he reads your stuff however, and he does compliment it, you’ll know that he’s being sincere
  • He’d always be there if you needed constructive criticism


  • Doesn’t really understand the concept of personal space, so he’ll just snuggle all up against you at times when you are writing
  • Sometimes he’ll just take the paper/computer from your hand and start reading
  • If he’s bored he’d ask you to read him one of your stories

honestly if i ever meet any of y’all i’m going to shower y’all in a shit tonne of gifts for being gr8 and also dealing with me / my bullshit all the time because that cannot be easy

Boyfriend Makeup Tag (Michael Clifford)

Requested: No (request here!)

Rating: No Smut 

Word Count: 811

Storyline: You’re a Youtuber and do the ‘Boyfriend Does My Makeup Tag’ with Michael.

Makeup was always your thing. Ever since you were little and got into your mum’s makeup bag, you knew that makeup was something special to you. Not because you were insecure about your looks, but because you loved the way you could make your face look different with different colours and products and express yourself in different ways.

Your boyfriend Michael was always intrigued by that, because he always thought makeup was just ‘makeup’. He would be happy watching you talk about just makeup, because of the way your face would light up when you were explaining something; even if he didn’t get it or didn’t care for it.

When you started your makeup channel on youtube, Michael was insistent that he be in some videos to show his “amazing-ness”. So when the ‘Boyfriend makeup tag” became a thing, he had to be apart of it.

“Mike are you ready?” you yelled for your boyfriend, who was in the kitchen making something to eat.

“Coming!” he said, as you started the camera and began your intro.

“Hey guys! Y/N here, and today as you can see in the title, I’m gonna let my boyfriend Michael do my makeup…” you said, trailing off.

“Okay it won’t be that bad, c’mon,” Michael said, jumping into the camera and giving a small wave.

“That’s what you say now!” you said, staring at him in the eyes as he sat down next to you; as he gave you a small kiss on the forehead.

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friends. a great way to indicate your character is talking in a different language ( unless you are ofc fluent in the language– then ofc carry on you badass ) maybe change the font??? bolD it – whatever. make a change and indicate they’re speaking a different language. google translate sucks if you aren’t doing simple phrases like ‘hello’ or ‘i love you’ so stoP