Oh Cersei!

She never gets old:

“Stannis may have had a hand in this. Balon Greyjoy offered my lord father an alliance. Perhaps his son has offered one to Stannis.”

Pycelle frowned. “What would Lord Stannis gain by …”

“He gains another foothold. And plunder, that as well. Stannis needs gold to pay his sellswords. By raiding in the west, he hopes he can distract us from Dragonstone and Storm’s End.”

Lord Merryweather nodded. “A diversion. Stannis is more cunning than we knew. Your Grace is clever to have seen through his ploy.”

“Lord Stannis is striving to win the northmen to his cause,” said Pycelle. “If he befriends the ironborn, he cannot hope …”

“The northmen will not have him,” said Cersei, wondering how such a learned man could be so stupid. 

(Merryweather is playing her, right? Like, no one is that stupid…)

anonymous asked:

I think Miley is the most hated celebrity atm. Everything she does and say are being judged by people who doesn't even know her personally and what she's been through. Miley is just doing whatever that makes her happy and people are so quick to judge on her and say mean things about her 💔

but you know what is more important? she still has smilers, the best fandom ever and we never judge and say mean things, because we love her so much and we are happy for her - that’s all that matters

emotomboygirl asked:

hey. I was new to tumblr and I love we bare bears. I love your blog so much. You did a great effort with it. Your blog made me laugh. It is awkward and funny. Anyways, I wanted to ask a question. On a scale of 1 - 10, what would you rate for We Bare Bears?

Aww thanks  \(•ᴥ•)/ 

And on a scale of 1-10 I would rate We Bare Bears 8-10 bears. This show only aired 9 episodes as of now so I can’t judge it by saying “THIS IS THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!”. I can say we bare bears is definitely in my top 5 modern cartoons.

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I need a Stony Chef Competition AU where Tony is all experimental and about molecular gastronomy and Steve is all about traditional stuff with a bit of a kick and they hate each other at first until they have to pair up for one week of the show and they make like the best dish the judges (Fury, Maria Hill, and Coulson) have ever tasted and Tony is so excited that he accidentally kisses Steve. And that's when they both realize how utterly screwed they are because they actually LIKE each other.



the hairdresser i had was so nice too like shes probably the best ive ever had 

like she didnt judge me at all for wanting to go that short and she spent a ton of time on my hair to make sure i liked it. and she also said she loved my makeup because i looked like i was “glowing” and asked me what kinda stuff i used and i was like “lots of highlighter” lmao

and it was so funny because as soon as she started buzzing my hair off everyone in the salon was like “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HER” and told me how cute i looked afterwards and kept touching my hair like theyve never seen it before haha


ask-blogger-miss-prussia asked:

i follow you because you are the best big sister ever, you are so kind, and smart and are always trying to help people, you were one of the first people i messaged a year ago with a silly little starter, and i was so nervouse when i sent it, but i was so happy you replied. I enjoy talking to you, rping with you and just doing so many things with you, you are amazing and awesome and soooo pretty and kind hearted and you don't judge others, You aare the best big sister anyone could ever ask for <3




Like, no, really I just–Kind and smart? I mean, I try to be kind, and I’m afraid I come off as a know-it-all instead of smart, or like I know better when that’s never what I think or mean at all, but I’m glad I don’t seem to come off that way to you, at least.

And I love talking and rping and such with you! Of course I’d reply to that first starter you sent in. Why wouldn’t I? I’m so glad you did though! And you’ve learned there’s no reason to be nervous to talk to me, right? Because I’m really just a big dork!

And Ahhh, amazing and awesome and pretty and kind-hearted? omg, just overwhelm me with compliments why don’t you? I mean, gee-whiz, I don’t think that are really all that true but thank you! And I try not to judge or at least not to be rude to people, even if I don’t agree with them. Like…I can love someone and not agree with their choices or support them in those decisions. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t love or care about them, or at the least can’t be polite to them. And I just hope that I’ve been able to show that and to do that.

But omg, little sis, you just, like, killed me with all these nice things! Thank you so much!

5 Things That Make Me Happy

So I was tagged by my favorite mutual hedgyhoghead to do this so let’s go!

1. My Mom: basically the best person ever and my best friend she is always there for me and would do anything for me because she love me so much and I am her favorite daughter

2. Friends/ Family: if you are in my friend group you are basically my family and I have to show my love to all of my brothers and sisters

3. Bella: My baby Bella is the love of my life and can snuggle all my worries away. She’s the sweetest thing that has ever lived and is the best judge of character. My love for one little nugget is so intense

4. Music: I would be so much more fucked up without it. It is part of my identity. From playing to singing to composing and creating music is life

5. Burritos: I have a burrito at least once a week and nothing AND I MEAN NOTHING is stopping that now. Just a Mexican girl trying to live that Mexican food life

Today I discovered how much your old cat can judge you with just a look and a tail flick.

I discovered that kittens are indeed be total bitches lol and I apparently got the queen of them all in Belle.

So far they haven’t killed each other, but they also aren’t exactly getting along. Doesn’t help that my room is Alice’s space, and Belle now has to stay in here as well.

They’re not being very good fuzzy roommates to the writer either. Partly because I think this is the first time Belle has ever seen a laptop and she wants to attack my fingers as I type.

It’s cute but annoying when I’m trying to edit.

Editing is a pain in the ass and I hate it with an insane amount of passion. I want to throw my own book through a window and never look at it again.

Somehow I feel like this isn’t going to be the best story I’ve ever told -_- but who am I to judge it when I am in the phase of hating it completely lol.

Beyond that… I finally got my ear unclogged. It was gross and my ear is sore from the water thingy I finally used.

Fuzzy roommate number two just bit my hand -_- why did I think having a kitten would be awesome?

I’m starting to think I made a mistake. Especially since it’s going to be a couple hundred in vet bills just to get her up to date on everything and spayed before she decides she wants mini-Belle’s.


okay… she’s cute though. That’s a plus lol

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"Fame is good for actors who want work, it’s a good move for him but it can come off as annoying since the show is a sinking ship now." Yeah, fame is of course good for actors. But Cody apparently thinks that he is such a good actor and that Theo is the best villain ever on TW judging from his interviews. That's what annoys me I think. He posts all those photos of him working out, promotes his meal delivery service, his answer about Dylan at the Paris con "ugh".. while his acting is the worst.

Nicole Scherzinger Joins Neil Patrick Harris’ ‘Best Time Ever’

Nicole Scherzinger, a singer who is a staple of British TV including a regular gig on “The X Factor UK,” has signed on to NBC’s “Best Time Ever With Neil Patrick Harris.”

Harris tweeted a picture of the two on Friday and described Scherzinger as “the newest member of the team” and used the hashtag “sidekick.”

The newest member of Team @BestTimeEver: the talented and titillating Nicole Scherzinger! @nicolescherzy #sidekick

— Neil Patrick Harris (@ActuallyNPH) August 28, 2015

Scherzinger previously was a judge on Fox’s rendition of “The X Factor.”

“Best Time Ever” is an hourlong live comedy-variety series based on a British format, “Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.” It’s set to premiere Sept. 15.

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I’m sitting here trying to wrap my head around the idea of John Laurinaitis marrying the Bella Twins mom. He’s going to be their stepdad. He’s going to be Daniel Bryan’s father in law.

It’s just so weird. But then I remember how weird it was to the fandom in general when we found out about Bryan and Brie, and they are the cutest couple ever, so we’re probably not the best judges about this.

5 Questions with Emily Cheng

Vermont Studio Center: Do you have any routines or rituals while you work?
Emily Cheng: Doing Tai Chi in my studio allows me to hear what my unfinished paintings are trying to tell me.

VSC: What material/tool/item could you not work without?

EC: Pencil, Brush, Color.

VSC: What medium outside of your own influences you the most?

EC: Medium is just a vehicle. I look at all the arts from all periods.

VSC:  What is the best piece of advice you have ever received?
EC: Don’t judge a painting by it’s look.

VSC: Karaoke is a Saturday night tradition at VSC. If you could choose any song ever written, what would your dream karaoke performance be?
EC: Final scene sung by Isolde in Tristan & Isolde.

Emily Cheng is a painter working out of New York City. Emily was a visiting artist in May of 2015.

mermaidpiratevampire asked:

ok lets go to Disneyland with Chis Evans

that would literally fulfill all of my dreams like can you imagine spending a day at Disneyland with Chris Evans and getting to geek out over all of the rides and like he would SO wait in line to meet all of the princesses and be such a gentleman and then at the end of the night watch World of Color and he probably wouldn’t even judge you if you cried like