The love of my life (Inspiration-kun) finally decided to come back so this happened. Kinda like an alternate version of this.

Edit: Why the fuck did i spell sasuke’s name wrong?! UGH


It would be easy to write all of this off as Wade’s insecurity and his lack of self confidence, but in order for him to grow as a character and move on from these flaws, the reasons behind them – mainly, his father’s absence in his life after his mother died, and a brother who’s a war hero, a brother who found a way to escape a life in Bluebell – need to be addressed.  There was a temporary resolution to Wade’s ongoing issues with his father in the Christmas episode, but it’s going to take a lot more if he’s going to grow up and accept that he has a loving support system. It’s frustrating as a viewer to watch someone fail so horribly because they’re afraid of the unknown, but it happens a lot. So many of us don’t take chances because we’re afraid of rejection, and it’s easy for me to sit here on my couch and chastise Wade for his actions, but that fear of failure is present in all of us. [x]

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