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 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2015-07-24
Casts : Cara Buono, Nat Wolff, Jaz Sinclair, Halston Sage, Griffin Freeman, Austin Abrams, Jim R. Coleman, Drew Matthews, Meg Crosbie, Cara Delevingne, Hannah Alligood, Caitlin Carver, Justice Smith
Duration : 109 minutes runtime
Rating : 7.1

I’m learning you. Your lips, your curves, those bottomless eyes. Those damn eyes screwed me forever. Just when I think I’ve reached the bottom, I keep sinking deeper. Deeper and deeper, oh how wrong I was to think there would be no more. I’ve sunk into the abyss and I have no plans on resurfacing.
—  (adjective) Defined as eternally beauty, permanent, perpetual, everlasting, amaranthine is also derivative from the reddish-purple flower called amaranth, which is perennial and long-lasting. The word is classified as stunning because its origins lie within a beautiful flower, which is symbolic for the beauty and strength found in nature.