OKAY so I just walked into the sweetest book store in san francisco and I was just casually browsing and I turn the corner and I see THE MOST PERFECT, LOVELY COUPLE (honestly romance novel worthy) E V E R . The girl was sitting on the boys lap, and he was nuzzling his head into her neck looking over her shoulder because they’re reading a beautifully illustrated pop-up book with trees and flowers coming out of it. They were both dressed fashionably, but not in that snobby, try hard kind of way. The boy was dressed in an oversized, soft-looking beige sweater and the girl was wearing a cream colored off the shoulder top and swishy navy skirt. Their hair is brown and windswept and perfectly undone. They looked so cozy and comfortable and at ease with life.

SO at this point it’s been 10 seconds and I look away cause I don’t want to be weird or anything . HOWEVER im melting like honey inside and my heart is doing that thing when it clenches up and just FEELS SO DEEPLY (ya know???!?) because it was such an innocent sight of young love and gave me such a sense of hope for love and adventure for the future.

and tHEN I hear them speaking and they’re talking in FRENCH AND I DIED A LITTLE MORE.

and that is the story of how I now have extremely high expectations for my future boyfriend and I.

The End

Can’t even go more than one day without some petty bullshit popping up again. 

Watching Paulie become unhinged the way he does over Zakiyah is so off putting and I hate that she doesn’t know all the negative comments he’s made about her when he’s in a mood. 

He’s going to come to regret it when he is out of that house and finds out just how much Z was on his side and truly cared for him as a person.

As they lay there that night, staring up at the star-filled sky, the slightly damp grass tickling their exposed feet and sharing body warmth under the thin blanket they’d brought with them, the brunet realized just how much he loved the man beside him. Shifting his gaze, he looked over at his lover, his soul mate, his best friend, and his eyes nearly went glassy as they took in the way the other man’s clear blue eyes reflected the stars that shone so brightly above, the stars that seemed to shine just for them. His breath hitching and his voice soft, he said, “Have I ever told you that you’re…aN ALL STAR”






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Hanamaki has a giant Oikawa-sized teddy he won at a fair. It's bright green and it's his favourite place to curl up when he's home alone, or drag one of his boyfriends into. One day, when they're all meant to be home, no one can find Oikawa. Just as they're all panicking and Hanamaki flops into the teddy bears lap, the BEAR FRICKING MOVES and hugs him from behind. Hanamaki shrieks like a banshee until Oikawa pops out the back cackling. The bear is later sent far away so he can never do it again.

Oikawa oh my god why tf would you ruin everything lmao 

Poor Makki lost his bear D: 

Xiumin Boyfriend HeadCanons
  1. First date will be in this amazing coffee shop he found the other day
  2. Surprisingly you met him while he was working as a barista in the coffee shop next to your house
  3. He does it quite often when he has some free time
  4. Very sweet and caring, even if he is dying of cold he will give you his jacket
  5. Can go from sweet and cute to sexy and dirty in three seconds
  6. VERY passionate and intense, specially in bed ;)
  7. Definitely nags you about “your dirty room”, being the neat freak he is
  8. He might look all sweet and innocent but no one has ever kissed you the way he does
  9. Melts every time he sees you passing by because his girl “is everything a man could ask for”
  10. Luhan popping up in your dates, strangely becoming very close with you
  11. Private strip tease whenever you two start watching a movie. 
  12. “It’s boring, better see my abs”
  13. Knows perfectly your weaknesses, he just knows you completely. 
  14. Sometimes he would protect you just like he protects his little sis
  15. Use you to lift weights, gotta keep that good body
  16. “Babe, just lay on my back, I wanna do push ups”
  17. A  lot of cute pictures together, even bought a Polaroid just for that
  18. Sometimes you don’t know if he is looking at you hungrily or there’s a cake behind you
  19. Probably the best boyfriend and friend you’ll ever have
  20. Remind you constantly that he will never let you go, “You are my one and only”

Thank you @channies-gizibe ILY, Admin A~

Zack had finished up and a gig and was on his way home when he passed Icarus. Examining the sign, his interest was immediately piqued—wasn’t that were Bas worked? It’d been a few days since Zack had last saw him, but Zack definitely didn’t want to pass up stopping in. The dude owed him a drink, after all.

Zack made his way towards the bar, feeling a little more than nervous. He was sure things had ended on a good note, but he wasn’t sure how the other would feel about him just popping in. As he took a seat at the bar, Zack scanned behind it until he saw the familiar brown haired boy he was looking for. He kept quiet, not making his order until he was sure it was within earshot of Bas. “I’ve come to collect my free drink, hot stuff.”


Confession: I am six and a half months pregnant. While this should be one of the most exciting moments in my life, I am plagued by rude comments about my bump. Before becoming pregnant I was plus sized and very confident! I truly did love my body. But my body has changed in many ways. I do not have the typical baby bump & belly button pop that people are looking for. People make rude comments on my IG & my mom even says some fucked up stuff. I’m scared to bring a little black boy into this world, while I’m still trying to love myself. Just want my pregnancy to be over. People around me have ruined it for me. This is my first son after two miscarriages. He’s due October 21. His name will be Messiah. Pray for me & baby Messiah guys.


Okay so I don’t know if I’m just slow or what, but I JUST realized something about this scene that I never picked up before.

Yen Sid smiles here.

It’s really easy to miss, and I always thought Mickey was just smiling up at him here to be like “I’m cute, right? You can’t be mad at me, right?” But no, it’s like Yen Sid realizes and appreciates this Mickey is eager and curious, and him doing stupid stuff like this is like that of any growing child and having those traits is something to be valued. And yet he does give him a pop to the backside on the way out. So then this scene ends on both a note of “Yeah, we’re still cool,” and “Don’t. DO THAT. Again.”

It just means so much to me especially when you consider how Yen Sid was supposed to represent Walt and the studio’s been focusing on that so much more recently especially in the parks like in Mickey & the Magical Map and then you start seeing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice as one of Mickey’s misadventures growing up before Walt passed on the torch to him 26 years later and uuuuugh excuse me I gotta go cry now.


And this is the reason why I missed her so much! She could have been fangirling over so much stuff during this event! Why they didn’t make her pop-up more in these cutscenes makes no sense to me.

He knows (*smut*) V

Why did it always have to be him?

The warm bath felt nice on your sore legs. You had been worn down from walking up and down the roads with Taehyung. Taehyung. What a character. His deep voice. The way that he smirked at you in the dim bedroom lighting. He was probably out with the rest of his group.
He left about an hour ago with a kiss on the cheek and the brush of a hand. He just didn’t understand. He couldnt. He wouldn’t. You loved him for more than his beautiful smile. More than his lip biting on stage. More than his toned chest and more than his muscular arms above- Stop!
There’s no way he loves you like you love him. You shook the thought away from your head, only for his face to pop up in your mind again. Taehyung. If only he knew. .
You were shaken from your thoughts as you heard your front door rip open with the muffled sound of your name. You shot out of the bath tub, running to the voice that called you. Taehyung! He rushed through your bathroom door to find you standing there, alert and stark naked. He looked you up and down and gulped.
“Umm…” You blushed, grabbing a towel to cover yourself.
In one sharp movement, he had you against the wall, hands moving up your jawline, gripping you tight. He looked you in the eyes before he kissed your lips passionately. You were taken aback by his forward actions, but you weren’t complaining. Your lips moved in sync against his until his tongue brushed against your bottom lip, probing you to let him in. You happily took him in and danced your tongue against his rhythmically. He lifted you by the waist and carried you to your bed, never breaking the kiss. You gasped his name as he kissed down your jawline, to your collarbone, to your breasts. He took your right breast into his mouth, sucking gently while pinching and rubbing the other. You moaned his name once more as the pleasure shot through your body. He came back up to kiss you again, and you tugged on his shirt vigorously. He pulled his shirt from his chest and over his head, letting your eyes gaze over his chest. You were dripping by now, and he noticed.
“Is this all for me, baby girl?” He rasped in your ear. You exhaled with desire as you desperately tried to undo his pants. He took your hands away and replaced them with his own, freeing the pants from his body. You moaned at the sight of the wet spot forming in his boxers. He chuckled as he watched you suffer. He grabbed you and had you kneel in front of his clothed member, motioning for you to slide his boxers off. You wasted no time in freeing his erect member. Taehyung moaned at the feeling of the cool air hitting his cock. The hot sound made you even more desperate. You gave his member a few pumps before taking the tip into your mouth. He moaned and grabbed your wet hair, eliciting a moan from you. The moan vibrated his cock and you pushed him further into your mouth until you couldn’t anymore. You moved your mouth up and down on his dick, every so often licking the underside for added pleasure. His groaning got louder until his member started to twitch. You pumped him a few more times until he came with a loud groan of your name. His juice spilled into your mouth, which you happily cleaned up. Before you could catch your breath, he pulled you up and laid you back on the bed. He slowly began to kiss down your stomach and onto your wetness. He took your moans as encouragement to take your clit into his mouth and suck. You moaned his name, and he pushed one finger inside you. You could already feel yourself coming undone. He added a second finger and pumped a couple times before you came with his name flowing from your mouth like a prayer. He positioned you straight on the bed and leaned over you so he was level with your face. He positioned himself at your entrance and looked up at you for consent. You furiously nodded your head, making him slowly push into you. The speed was agonizingly slow, and you pulled his hair, motioning for him to move faster. He began to pick up his pace, pressing small kisses to your lips and jamming into you at an almost painful pace. You moaned his name against his lips, and his thrusts got sloppier. He moaned against your ear, and that was enough to send you overboard. You wrapped your legs around his waist and arched your back. You felt his juices spilling into you as you saw his face contort in pleasure. “Taehyung.” A long moan left your mouth and his forehead pressed against yours. He collapsed on top of you, trying to catch his breath. He pulled out of you and pulled the blankets over both of you, and letting you cuddle into his body.
“Why did you come back here, Tae?”
“I wanted to tell you that I love you.” He whispered.
“Oh.” You replied into his neck.
“Well, I love you too, Kim Taehyung.” You felt him smile against your cheek. He knows. He always did.

-this is my first smut so I’m sorry if it turned out shitty 🙈

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Can I get a scenario of Keith calling his s/o "doll"? Please maybe?

“Hey, doll, can you turn the radio down? I’m trying to sleep.” Keith asked (y/n), not wanting to get up to turn down the radio that sat next to them.

“Yeah, su-… Did you just… call me ‘doll’?” they asked, staring at him, turning it way down, the near-silence causing him to tense up, feeling less protected by the noise.

His eyes popped wide open, then he squeezed them shut. “No… I called you… ball… ‘cause you’re a ball to be around?” he mentally kicked himself. That was a terrible cover, and he knew it.

(Y/n) smiled gently, giggling and leaning back in their seat. “Alright, babe.” they said, causing his blush to spread. He groaned, rolling over onto his side, trying to hide the embarrassment. 

Mark Imagine - Fire (Part 3)

A/N - This is the third and final part to my little Mark series. Hope you all enjoyed it and keep sending in your requests!

Part 1 | Part 2

It was 1:30 the following day and you were stood in your underwear in your bedroom, unsure of what to wear. Was this a date? Or just two friends hanging out? You sighed, ‘It’s probably just as friends,’ you thought to yourself as you grabbed some jeans and a top. Pulling on some converse, you walked out into the living room and checked your phone. A text from Mark popped up and you quickly responded.

Just as you saw the last text, you heard a knock at your door. Mark was stood there and gave you a cheerful smile.
“Hey, you look great!” He said.
“You too. By the way, you weren’t kidding when you said you’d be here in a minute,” you replied as you grabbed a jacket and followed him out of the door.
“What can I say? I like to be punctual.”
“I can tell. Now, where’s this coffee shop with the best muffins? I’m starving.”
“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” he teased, winking at you as he led you to his car.

When you both arrived, Mark took your hand and guided you in, taking you to a table in the far corner. He sat in the seat opposite you looking a little nervous.
“Is this seat okay? I asked if we could have a more private spot.”
“Yeah, it’s great here. Although, I am curious as to why you wanted a private spot,” you said to him, resting your chin on your hand.
“Well, I, uh…” he stuttered before continuing, “I really like you…and well I just wanted it to feel more…romantic. Uh, if you don’t like it we can-” You cut him off by placing a finger to his lips, “I love it, Mark. Oh, and I really like you too.”
“Yes. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier that the fire started in that room else I’d probably be sat at home dreaming of being with you. God, that probably sounds super creepy but I swear I’m normal.”
He laughed and said, “Me too. I had a crush on you for so long. This sort of feels like a dream being on a date with you.”
“Well I hope that dream never ends,” you said as you gazed into his eyes. Mark had a lazy smile on his face as he leaned forward across the table and gently kissed your lips. When the two of you split apart, he looked at you fondly.
“Hey, Mark?”
“Yeah, (Y/N)?”
“Can we try those amazing muffins now?”

Let's be honest for a second.

Honestly, I don’t think farkle should get treated the way he does. To everyone around him apparently his love life is a joke. I also think it’s pretty pathetic Riley doesn’t notice how farkle is feeling. He’s never actually said anything about him hurting but think about it. He loves both the girls equally and for a really long time. Lucas, however, just pops up and takes them both away from him. Isadora would be willing to drop farkle for any pretty boy she sees…that has to hurt right? Just knowing that would have to hurt.

Back to Riley not knowing how he feels. Farkle knew when Riley lied about not liking Lucas anymore. He saw right through her and pulled her away and talked to her about it. Riley doesn’t even do that once. Does she? She is distracted by Lucas face. It’s kinda pathetic she doesn’t do it…

Honestly, I think it’s also pathetic some of you see Riley as the evil character in the show. Just because she is (in your opinion) trying to ruin your ship. ITS HER SHOW. The name isn’t Girls Meets world. It’s GIRL not plural. Even though I do love Maya, Riley shouldn’t get treated as the evil character.

Honestly, I could care less who ends up with who at this point. I used to think “omg Lucaya forever. Riarkle is the cutest!!” But I sat down and thought about it. I fell in love with each character (not really isadora tho she is kinda rude)
So, honestly I just want the four to be with someone that makes them happy. As long as it’s Riley, Maya, farkle, and Lucas ending up together I’ll be fine. I just want the characters happy and together. I also thought about Lucas. Lucas is supposed to pick ONE of the girls. What about the other girl? Won’t she be sad about it? Well how about he picks neither of them. You’re probably like “wth no” but think about it. The girl that doesn’t get picked is lowkey gonna be salty to the other girl. Even if they are best friends forever it would still hurt that’s just life. But what if that ruins The girls friendship? I would rather have Riley and Maya then Lucaya or Rucas…

So basically that’s it for now. Tell me your thoughts on the matter! I’m really curious about what you think. This is just my opinions so please no hate.💗

Just a funny idea for a fanfiction

I can imagine some teen playing Pokemon Go in Volterra (don’t know if they have it in Italy, but let’s pretend they do), see a Charmander show up on the nearby list and then chase after it, only to wind up in the Volturi castle. I mean, the castle is pretty big, so maybe the only way to get it to pop up would be to sneak inside? Eventually, Demetri or another guard finds them and would be like “WTF are you doing in here, human?!” so he brings them to the masters to find out what they’re doing in the castle.

The child would show Aro the game and he would be like “OMG humans make such cute games to pass the time!” and would run around the castle with the kid, watching them capture Pokemon. Eventually, the teen finds the Charmander and Aro lets them go, much to Caius’ dismay.

Caius: “A HUMAN BARGES IN HERE PLAYING AN IDIOTIC FIND-IT GAME, AND YOU ENCOURAGE THEM?! We should kill off those sort of inattentive morons!!!”

Aro: “They knew nothing of vampires! The child didn’t mean any harm, and it was enthralling to see such technology used for a game. I would like to try it for myself some time!”

Marcus: *not caring or adding any input because Aro and Caius have had weirder arguments*

Caius: “NO!!!!! It tracks your location, Aro! Don’t you know how suspicious it would be to not be on the road and have you going faster than a car?!”

Aro: Q~Q “But the pokemans…”

A Past Revealed

@celestialdragonofthemoon | Continued from here.

A yell came from him as he fell back in surprise after being scratched as well as her intense hissing. “I-I’m not here to hurt anyone, I swear! I’m stuck on this island just like you are!” He reassured. He was just as confused. One moment he was happily talking with Hermes and Artemis and then bam, next thing he knew he was here. He had met the human girl only yesterday and they had received their limiters.

While he had agreed to attend this school, more and more students were popping up, and that even extended to an unlikely source in his cousin and foster brother, Zephyrus. The boy had been sullen being separated from their foster sister, but Dion, Hades, and Apollon had told him they’d find a way back soon. All they had to do was graduate, right?

Sitting up, he eyed the terrified cat with a sympathetic look once he understood what her problem was and it sunk in. “You’re not the only one who’s stuck here, miss. I don’t know who you or your little sister are, but just like i’m doing with Yosei-san, i’ll extend the same courtesy and watch out for you two as well.” He offered a bright smile, in hopes his words might at least ease her mood a bit.

It wasn’t long however that a blue-haired individual appeared just behind Apollon. Unlike the blond’s energetic aura, this young man had a gentle one, if not sullen. “Apollon… you know it won’t do anyone any good if you get into fights with everyone, right?” He asked, laying a hand to his cousin’s shoulder. “I’m not trying too, Zephy! I swear!” He didn’t like to fight with anyone. He had always been a pacifist, and it would stay that way for him as long as it could.

“This lady though got separated from her little sister. I feel like helping her is a good idea.” The blue-haired god of the wind turned his one visible eye to Ming Chi, offering a dip of his head. “My apologies if he startled you.” Laying one hand to his chest, he introduced himself. “My name is Zephyrus, and this is Apollon. We’re Greeks. Are you perhaps Bast, the Egyptian goddess of felines? You bare a feline form, so that’s why I ask.”

Q: Quickie


Originally posted by silhouettestudios

Don’t ever get it twisted, just because he has the stamina of five men doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy his quickies.  He loves them in the shower as you’re soaping yourself up.  He loves the way the bubbles sound popping on your skin as your moans ricochet amidst the mist rising from the hot water pounding both of your bodies.  He loves to pull you from the hallway while you’re on your way to the throne room to meet the beckoning of Odin, bend you over, take you as his and then watch with a smirk as you quickly try to put your flushed self back together.

What he loves the most, though, is when you anticipate his needs, flipping the situation around on him as he pulls you from the hallway or steps behind you in the bathroom, barreling him into the wall as you straddle his lap.  After all, his favorite thing about you is that you are constantly keeping him alert and on his toes.


Contents: 00q, dancing

Warnings: depending on your tolerance level, could be nsfw.

Q can hear the radio blaring some awful pop song from outside the flat, which means James has either given up completely or he’s in the middle of restoring the flat to military precision after being gone for a week.

Q tries, but he’s just too busy to really keep after the flat the way he should, and James is so much better at that sort of thing, anyway, and honestly it looks like he actually kind of enjoys cleaning? Regardless, Q is content to leave James to it, and James is content to do the cleaning, so the arrangement works well. Except when James is away.

Q unlocks the front door and slips inside. The music is almost unbearably loud in here, the thump of bass reverberating in Q’s brain.

It has a good beat to it, and the horn riff in the chorus is catchy, and Q finds himself nodding his head to the beat as he wanders through the flat looking for James.

He finds him in the kitchen, elbow-deep in the washing-up, wearing nothing but his pants. Which isn’t unusual. What is unusual is the fact that James is actually dancing.

Well, more of a hip-wiggle to the beat and a tapping of toes as he pulls another plate out of the sink and rinses it off before spinning around at a particularly dramatic moment, plate in his outstretched hands.

He freezes when he sees Q leaning up against the doorway to the kitchen, amused grin splitting his face.

“You’re too damn cute, you know,” Q ventures as he steps into the kitchen properly. “Also ridiculous. What on earth would Double-Oh-Nine say about this?” Q bites his lip, waiting for the sputtering to begin.

Strangely, it doesn’t.

“He’d probably be blind jealous that he missed the show,” James deadpans, then places the dish elegantly into the drying rack and turns back to the sink, hips swaying again, but this time with intent. Q doesn’t even pretend to resist.

He slides up behind James, his hands on those tantalizing hips, and rests his lips against James’ back, kissing each individual freckle as James finishes the washing-up.

“That’s not helping this get done faster, you know,” James chides half-heartedly as he rinses off another plate.

“Oh, was I meant to be helping?” Q murmurs. “My mistake.”

But he doesn’t stop the feather-light kisses across James’ back.

“Bloody menace.” James is turned in a moment, capturing Q’s lips with his own, pulling Q up flush against him, and Q’s rather proud of himself, honestly. James is rock-hard in his pants, his cock pressing into the crease of Q’s thigh.

“I suppose,” Q begins, but the rest of his thought is swallowed in James’ mouth.

There’s a muffled cry of surprise as James lifts Q into his arms and carries him back through the flat to the bedroom.

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please imagine jazz wearing a big sweatshirt and the sleeves are too long for his arms. he's jokes with prowl and like "nothing up my sleeve!" but then a pup pops their little head out of the sleeve and jazz is just like "nevermind."

Jazz or Prowl tossing sweaters on the ground when they get home and Pups play inside of them. When they come back into the room they see a Pup sticking out the sleeve dragging the sweater around. They spot them, peep, then continue on their way. 

Maybe some pops knead on it, or can be seen dragging it around the house because it smells good. Smells like Prowl or jazz and it makes them happy so they want it with them.


So when Prowl comes home he just sees a pup where Jazz usually is and giggling from the kitchen.

Father Figure

Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester Reader
Summary: Dean gets upset that you have a bigger bond with Sam.
Readers Age: 9 years old
Word Count: 808

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: I know this is short, I got writers block like half way through writing it!!! Enjoy!

You walked through the bunker door, you’d just gotten back from school. Usually Castiel pops by and picks you up but this time Sam decided to, which is awesome for you because Sam usually stops and picks up ice cream.

Everyone who has known you and your brothers, know that you have always had a special bond with Sam. Sure, you have a bond with Dean but it’s not as strong as Sam’s. You don’t know why but you just click with Sam more. Dean’s never really noticed, nor has he complained, but it seems like it’s starting to bother him, but you being as young as you are, you hadn’t noticed.

You walked down the bunker stairs and into the library, Sam trailing behind you. “Hey, Dean.” You greeted, Dean looked up from the newspaper he was reading and smiled.

“Find a case yet?” Sam asked, taking a seat across from him, even though you’re only nine, you know about all the monsters in the world. Your brothers aren’t too happy about it but you had to learn sometime.

“Nope, nothing.” Dean tossed the newspaper onto the table.

You walked over to Sam and tapped his shoulder, “Can you help me with my homework?” You asked, Sam smiled.

“Sure, pull it out.” Sam agreed, you grabbed your backpack and pulled put your homework.

Sam helped you with all of your homework, “Thanks Sammy!” You exclaimed, grabbing all the papers and stuffing them into your bag again.

“Anytime.” Sam leaned back in his chair, you skipped off to your room.

You jumped onto your bed when your heard a snap, you looked around for what made the noise and found it. Sam bought you a Harry Potter wand for your birthday last year, you two always go on Harry Potter marathons. You grabbed the wand and ran to Sam, he was always your go-to when something broke.

“Sammy! Sammy!” You yelled as you run into the library and to Sam.

He looked at you worryingly, “What? What’s wrong?” He scanned your body for injuries.

“I broke my wand!” You held out the stick that was now in two pieces, Sam relaxed and sighed.

“Okay, that’s an easy fix.” Sam said, calming down sense there isn’t any danger. Sam took your wand and later hot glued it back together.

“Y/N!” You heard Dean yell, you jumped off of your bed and ran to the main room of the bunker. “Hey, I’m gonna go get some food, want to come?” Dean asked.

“Is Sam going?” You asked, Dean’s shoulders slumped.

“No, it’s just gonna be me.” Dean faked a smile.

“Oh, then no thanks.” You said and turned around, but before you could walk off, Dean caught your attention again.

“Hey, can I ask you something?” Dean leaned against the map table, you turned back around, giving him a silent cue to continue. “Do you like Sam more than me?” You could tell that, that was hard for Dean to ask.

“What do you mean?” You asked, this caught the attention of Sam who was sitting in the library but was now standing at the top of the bottom of the steps.

“Well, you just… I don’t know, forget it.” Dean grabbed his keys and began walking away.

“No, let’s not forget it.” Sam chimed in, “What’s your problem? You’ve been acted strange lately.”

“Y/N, go to your room.” Dean ordered, you looked at Sam who nodded, you turned around and went to your room.

…Sam and Dean’s POV…

“Spill, what’s your problem?” Sam repeated.

“It’s just… Y/N seems to like you more, she always wants to spend time with you, and she never wants to hang out with me. I don’t know, it’s stupid.” Dean tried waving it off.

“Dean, you know Y/N loves us equally, and yes, we may have a bigger bond but she still loves you.” Sam said.

Dean opened his mouth to say something, but what they didn’t know was you crept down the hall and heard everything.

…Your POV…

“I still love you, Dean.” You spoke, your brothers heads snapped towards you, “It’s just, you’re more like um… A dad to me…” Sam smiled, Dean just stood there. “Yeah, you’re my brother but I see you as a father, even when dad was alive I still saw you as more of a father than him. You raised me, Sam helped yeah, but you did do most the work. You took care of me when I was sick, helped me through nightmares, and always came to the rescue when I was in trouble. I still love you, but not like a brother, more like a dad.”

“C'mere.” Dean knelt down and held his arms open, you ran into them, Dean wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head. “I love you.”

“Love you, too.”

Requested by Anonymous:
“Hi can I have a request where the reader is the boys 8/9 year old sister and she has a bond with Sam but Dean is kinda jealous but later she tells him that she sees Dean as more of a father figure than a brother? I just love the thought of a father figure Dean! Please and I hope you have a wonderful day!

A/N: Thank you, you too!

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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