Rio All Around Contenders Part 1/2

USA - pick two

  • Simone Biles
    • 2016 Average: 62.230
    • 2013 World Champion
    • 2014 World Champion
    • 2015 World Champion
    • 2016 US Olympic Trials Gold Medalist
  • Laurie Hernandez
    • 2016 Average: 60.045
    • 2015 US Junior National Champion
    • 2016 US National Bronze Medalist
    • 2016 US Olympic Trials Silver Medalist
  • Aly Raisman
    • 2016 Average: 59.599
    • 2015 US National Bronze Medalist
    • 2016 US Secret Classic Gold Medalist
    • 2016 US National Silver Medalist
    • 2016 US Olympic Trials Bronze Medalist
  • Gabby Douglas
    • 2016 Average: 59.228
    • 2012 Olympic Champion
    • 2015 World Silver Medalist

CHN - pick two

  • Shang Chunsong
    • 2016 Average: 59.259
    • 2014 Asian Games Silver Medalist
    • 2015 Chinese National Champion
    • 2016 Chinese National Champion
  • Mao Yi
    • 2016 Average: 57.203
    • 2016 Chinese National Silver Medalist
  • Wang Yan
    • 2016 Average: 56.361
    • 2015 Chinese National Silver Medalist
    • 2015 Asian Championships Silver Medalist

RUS - pick two

  • Angelina Melnikova
    • 2016 Average: 58.464
    • 2016 Russian National Champion
    • 2016 Russian Cup Champion
  • Aliya Mustafina
    • 2016 Average: 57.887
    • 2012 Olympic Bronze Medalist
    • 2013 World Bronze Medalist
    • 2014 Russian National Champion
    • 2014 Russian Cup Champion
    • 2015 European Games Champion
  • Seda Tutkhalyan
    • 2016 Average: 56.943
    • 2014 Youth Olympic Champion


  • Flavia Saraiva
    • 2016 Average: 57.503
    • 2014 Youth Olympic Silver Medalist
    • 2016 Olympic Test Event Silver Medalist
  • Rebeca Andrade
    • 2016 Average: 56.674


  • Giulia Steingruber
    • 2016 Average: 57.267
    • 2015 European Champion
    • 2015 European Games Silver Medalist
    • 2016 Olympic Test Event Champion

GBR - pick two

  • Ellie Downie
    • 2016 Average: 56.642
    • 2014 Youth Olympic Bronze Medalist
    • 2015 European Championships Bronze Medalist
  • Claudia Fragapane
    • 2016 Average: 56.377
    • 2014 Commonwealth Champion
    • 2016 English National Champion
    • 2016 British National Champion
  • Amy Tinkler
    • 2016 Average: 55.896
    • 2015 English National Champion
    • 2015 British National Champion
    • 2016 English Silver Medalist

CAN - pick two

  • Ellie Black
    • 2016 Average: 56.547
    • 2014 Canadian National Champion
    • 2015 Canadian National Champion
    • 2015 Pan American Champion
    • 2016 Canadian Olympic Trials Champion
  • Isabela Onyshko
    • 2016 Average: 56.033
    • 2014 Canadian National Silver Medalist
    • 2015 Canadian National Silver Medalist
    • 2016 Canadian National Champion
  • Brittany Rogers
    • 2016 Average: 55.821
    • 2016 Canadian Olympic Trials Silver Medalist

character moodboard: simon lewis 
“The guy you knew who was a hero, who did great things. I don’t remember doing those things. I don’t know if that makes me not a hero anymore. But I’d like to try to be that guy again.”

Random Roger Headcanons

Thank you, anon, for reactivating my secret Roger Trash™ mindset <3 (I don’t even know how I ended up in this trash can either, but hey here I am anyway)

•Aside from his group of friends, people typically steer clear of Roger
•But it’s not because he can kick your ass to next week (which I mean, he COULD), it’s because he just generally looks intimidating
•Dark clothes, blank expression, fairly athletic build (which no one understands because no one’s seen him actually do any form of physical activity)
•His eyes, however, always look alive and teeming with electricity
•Which is a very menacing look on someone who’s face is blank other than that
•Roger doesn’t mind that people have a natural aversion to him; it actually makes him feel good in a way. He likes that he has the power to indirectly influence people’s actions by merely existing
•Of his closest friends (Jack and Maurice) Roger is definitely the slowest to anger. It takes A LOT for him to actually snap at someone
•But when he snaps, he SNAPS
•He has a hard time letting go of things too (he doesn’t move on easy)
•He’s also the most logical of his two closest friends (or if not “logical”, then definitely less impulsive)
•Roger likes to let things sit and digest before he reacts to something. He thinks things through more than the other two
•And he’s actually really smart
•He’s near the top of his class but not many people know this because he doesn’t see the point in comparing grades
•He’s also the only one in the choir who can match Jack at singing. He doesn’t display this talent often, but Roger has a gift when it comes to music
•Roger displays more emotions when he sings than he could ever could by just telling you with words
•He comes off cold to people that don’t know him because he suppresses his emotions severely (so it’s not that he doesn’t feel them, it’s just that he doesn’t make them apparent to other people that much)
•He’s much better with actions than he is with words
•Besides choir, Roger’s in band (yeah he’s one of those kids that somehow manages to pull off both)
•He’s a percussionist
•AND he can rap (the reactions Jack and Maurice had when they found this out…)
•Roger really likes his friends, but sometimes he thinks they bring out the worst in him
•Like, Roger actually LIKES to cause people discomfort (which is practically all Jack and Maurice do)
•And Roger knows this is wrong and that he shouldn’t find genuine joy in hurting another person, but he can’t help it
•It makes him feel…strong
•But because he’s a little more self aware and knows how messed up this is, he fights the instinct whenever he can
•He’s even gone as far as walking away from a fight just to combat this twisted need he feels
•Simon is the only person he feels completely stable around
•He makes Roger feel at peace with himself
•Roger’s constantly fighting wars inside his head, but once Simon came into his life the demons on his mental battlefields cleared (well, more so than they ever had before)
•Whenever he’s not with his friends or with Simon, he actually cherishes his alone time
•He’d be perfectly content just spending an entire week with himself tbh
•He doesn’t need a lot of social stimuli to stay content
•Roger sometimes feels out of place and this bothers him slightly, but he’s strangely optimistic that he’ll end up somewhere better in the future
•Despite any insecurity he may feel, at the end of the day Roger’s home is with his friends
•He believes family isn’t determined by blood, but it’s something to be earned

anonymous asked:

(pre-relationship Roadrat anon) Let's focus on the wet dream part of my previous ask (cause I'm trash). Imagine their first wet dream of the other. Dunno how awkward Rat would be about his dream but I imagine Hog not being able to look Rat in the eye

welcome back! :DD 

and oh my god definitely. he’d feel so fucked up and guilty about it and would flinch every time junkrat brushed him or spoke his name or anything. he’d probably be off in thought for days and junkrat would have to clap in front of his face to get his attention. basically his mood is completely soured lmao

on junkrat’s end, i feel things would be the opposite. he’d probably take the dream as a sign that he was really in deep for roadhog. he wouldn’t push the idea away, he’d accept the fact and feel happier because of it. he’d give out way more compliments and hints trying to get hog to notice him, and’d flirt pretty much nonstop. ((roadhog would be annoyed at this, thinking junkrat was teasing him to get some sort of reaction

  • [Simon Snow after arriving at Watford]
  • Simon:Home, at last!
  • [Simon Snow when he realized Baz might be gone]
  • Simon:*jumps up and down on Baz's bed*
  • -after two days-
  • Simon:...
  • Simon:He must be plotting my demise somewhere. That's why he isn't here yet.
  • Penelope:Simon, you're being too paranoid.
  • -after a week-
  • Simon:*looking for Baz all over at Watford*
  • Simon, darting his eyes in all directions:He must be hiding somewhere, ready to jump me, when I drop my guard down.
  • Simon:Yeah, that must be it.
  • Penelope:*sighs*
  • -after two weeks-
  • Simon:OMFG WHERE IS HE??
  • Simon:Do you think he's actually NOT plotting anything against me at all?
  • Simon:No, that isn't possible.
  • Simon:What if... he got hurt while plotting against me? OMFG Maybe he's gotten hurt-
  • Penelope:Simon, calm down.
  • Dad:Everyone is so perfect in these new Star Trek movies, they really pegged the casting.
  • Me:Yeah, I'd say they especially pegged Scotty.
  • Dad:[keeps talking like he didn't realize the joke or is ignoring it because the joke student has beaten the joke master, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO DAD, I'M CAPTAIN OF THIS SHIP NOW]

anonymous asked:

hi!! i saw you mentioned not knowing what blackwatch was, and i think i have some info? it was originally the sort of "dark" overwatch, doing the dirty work that the nice clean heroes couldnt get involved with. gabriel reyes was its commander while jack morrison was overwatch's commander. basically gabe got sick of cleaning up after overwatch and never getting any credit, said 'fuck this', and fought w/ jack. shit happened and overwatch went down

oh! sorry, i have a lot of catching up lore wise that i need to be doing lmao. thanks for going out of your way to catch me up, that was really cool of you dude

moonlightmagnus  asked:

shadowhunters au with malec, saphael & clizzy, focused around clizzy's new domestic relationship, malec already have their (two?) kids, and simon and raph aren't really together but they aren't not together?? (they're figuring things out alright)

omg this took me so long to answer but yes omg domestic!clizzy is my jam

  • imagine them waking up together, clary would wake up first and she’d love to sit and watch izzy sleeping because she just looks so beautiful and clary is so in love
  • clary would steer izzy away from the kitchen everytime she tried to cook
  • “ive been practicing” “i know you have babe but yesterday you almost blew up the kitchen trying to fry bacon so maybe i should cook this meal”
  • house warming party!! which is more of a gathering than a party, they invite the squad™ aka malec, saphael, and jace, with luke and Jocelyn as totally trustworthy adults™ and ofc little raphael and max would come with their parents
  • and the whole thing is just so good!! clary has cooked loads of food for everyone, everyone is teasing simon and raphael because everyone knows theyre in love but they wont admit it to each other 
  • magnus and alec as new dads i havent read the books so i dont know a lot about their children but imagine clizzy being the best aunts ever
  • they would totally babysit the kids all the time, taking them to the park, and just imagine raph or max looking up at clary and
  • “aunt clary you love aunt clizzy dont you?” “yes i really do” “i thought so because you look at her the same way papa looks at daddy when he thinks daddy isnt looking”
  • and clizzy would totally save simon and raphael’s relationship
  • theyd invite them over and tell them to stop being stupid and kiss already because theyre tired of all the pining and of course you two are in love everyone can see it so just stop ok
  • just domestic!clizzy being the best aunts and fixing relationships and just being the best