KnB Season 3 Countdown

As you all probably know, Kuroko no Basket Season 3 is scheduled to start on January 10, 2015, so until then, how about we do a little countdown again?
This is gonna work just like last time, so if you’d like to participate, you just have to…

  • create something Kurobas related and post it on your Tumblr! Draw something, post a picture of yourself in cosplay or your merchandise, write a fanfiction or compose a rec list, make some gifs or graphics, literally anything goes as long as you made it yourself and did not just steal someone else’s work. Literally the only thing I’m asking you NOT TO DO is post anything without the original creator’s consent (especially regarding fanarts from Pixiv, but also gifs etc.)
  • …make sure that your post includes the number of days left till Kurobasu Season 3 airs!
  • …tag all your posts with #knb countdown (as one of the first five tags) to make it easier for us and other blogs to find them! I’ll try my best to reblog all of them on this blog :) (and feel free to point it out to me if I ever miss one of your posts)

The whole point of this little project is to come together as a fandom and get properly excited for KnB to come back, so go wild and let’s have fun! :D
If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask!!!

Officially presenting you a tag merely for DRAMAtical Murder fanart!


What is it for?
Well, simply put… art. DRAMAtical Murder fanart. Your drawings, sketches, fanart requests, tutorials, commissions… It’s for fanart that is yours or fanart of someone else’s which you have the permission to post on tumblr. Do not post pixiv art (or anything like it) which you don’t have the permission to, do not post anyone else’s art without credits and sources. Do not.

But… Why?
To keep things simple. To make it easy for us to find fanart made by you, to make it easy to find fanart of people outside of tumblr that you can freely reblog and share with a good conscience. It’s not always as easy as you’d think and many go without the appreciation they deserve!

I’ll have to ask you to kindly reblog this post and spread the word! And possibly, if you are interested, tracking the tag to see new fanart yourself! We here at DMMdOnline also track this tag so you’ll have a higher chance of us seeing your art and getting reblogged if you use this tag.

Artists & reprinters: please make sure you will include the tag #dmmdart in the first five (5) tags or else it will not show up!

Absolutely gorgeous Ren/Aoba fanart used in the banner is made by diasuu !

okay, guys, psa

If you see something you like, whether it’s art or an edit or whatever, you don’t, I repeat, you do not repost it without permission. Ever.

I don’t care if you “don’t claim it as [your] own” or even if you do credit the owner. You don’t repost things without permission.

“But they’re a pixiv/whatever artist and I don’t speak Chinese/Japanese/whatever their language is” – Here you have a masterpost for various things, like asking permission to repost, to translate, etc. More specifically, here you have an actual explanation on how to send the messages + templates. Here is another explanation + a site where you can find the sources if you don’t know where they came from (I haven’t tried it out yet, but the person said they use it. You can also use Google’s reverse image search).

And there’s also the problem of reposting edits. I don’t think I have to tell you how bad doing that is (and same with art, mind you!). It doesn’t matter if you repost everything and claim it as your own edit, or even if you just use it in a text post as an image example or something, a repost is a repost, don’t do it.

This probably sounds a bit awkward, English isn’t my first language, but I’m not the first nor the only person that’s ever said this or even explained linked to how to ask for permission, please just stop reposting!

PSA to those that don’t repost: if you see uncredited art and you know it’s not the OP’s, don’t reblog it. That way you support the reposters and encourage them to continue.

Thank you for reading.

so you want to get into hetalia? PART 2: fandom!!

hey there, this is kind of a part 2 to

my original so you want to get into hetalia post

. the first one was links and stuff of where to watch/read/etc everything and this is mostly for fandom related things!! this is mostly for newcomers, though long-term hetalians may find it interesting as well!

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Source: はいチーズ | ちろこ, 皐蛇! | たいやき, さつきとののん | maborun, 中学生の皐月様と乃音ちゃん | 三月, おさななじみ | ものくろ, 友チョコ | ぎぇうす, 皐月と乃音 | yanasaaaan, ヤッター | わーい, 生徒会 | おっさん, 乃音皐月 | Sin.T.K [pixiv]

First entry to my new Fan Art Friday. Pretty much the same thing as my Art Appreciation Posts but this will be every friday, and it is stuff my mutuals suggested.

Today is Satsuki x Nonon from ale1152. I had a moderately difficult time finding some as there isn’t a universal Satsuki x Nonon tag. It seems artists just tag it with whatever they feel like using. Anyhow, expect another next Friday.

sry for the late update in tumblr

been very busy at school, and i feel like my body is getting weird lately.

as if it’s not functionally normally….

anyway feel free to support me by giving starz in pixiv

I always want to find an excuse to draw armor.

now that someone commission 2 of my favorite things

touhou + armor = welp u can’t never back away nao

a handy-dandy guide to sourcing fanart

yeah so with all of the reposting in the ML fandom i thought i’d MAKE A GUIDE on HOW TO SOURCE FANART there’s probably a few around but i hadn’t seen one yet so. here we are

so! you have found a really nice picture! and you want to share it with everyone, so you think, “i’ll go make a post and-”

im gonna stop you right there buddy. DO NOT post art that you didn’t make. reblog from the artist instead. the artist didn’t post it on tumblr? you can ask if they’re okay with you reposting with proper credit, but if they aren’t, tough luck.

now, you may ask, how do you find the original source of that really nice picture you found? 

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Okay, I don’t usually post just text post here but I noticed something funny in pixiv today and though you guys would find this funny.

Okay… So pixiv has this thing were it automatically adds new tags to your works if it thinks there is something that fits it… And, there seems to be a tag for inkling BoyxGirl (or for all inkling couples) art… And… MY TENTACLE IN TENTACLE IS THE FIRST PICTURE WITH THAT TAG!  I STARTED THAT TAG!?!?!?

maybe not me alone but I find this stupidly funny

About Those Art Reposters Lovelyaot  & Krafthoney

@carrot-s-cross-station, @miyakuli, @support-pixiv-artists

I couldn’t help noticing your input on an ask that s-p-a blog has made, and I just wanted to add in something of my own, but the post was too long, so I’m making a separate one.

Regarding krafthoney (ringo23) and lovelyaot (anime-blog123), it’s also that they have deliberately tried to play people for fools, knowing that most people on tumblr don’t know better or won’t bother to check, or won’t understand exactly what the conditions are that the artist is telling them.  

I have recently seen a pixiv artist stop allowing reprints because of the fact that they have gotten a job being a part of a team of game designers, and they don’t want any complications with their artwork floating around now that things are at a higher stake for them. But then if they have given a previous permit to someone like either of those two blogs mentioned above, who go about taking whatever art they find and slapping on an old permit and calling it fine, that kind of carelessness can very well finish that artist’s career before it begins if the artist themself didn’t make it clear not to allow reprints anymore, or if nobody catches those blogs doing those terrible things.

But back to my previous point. The main reason why lovelyaot and krafthoney aren’t trustworthy blogs is because of these kinds of incidents that show their nature as an individual: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

They say you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. But actions always speaks louder and words, and those actions they done in the past and even continue to do up to this day, nullifies any claim they make, and they were only sorry once they got caught

All those disrespectful ways they’ve treated artists until they were caught. Also how they treated tumblr users like they’re idiots by what happened in #7 especially. They took advantage of both the artist and that particular fandom in order to gain all those notes. 

They took advantage of the artist because they used an old permission that the artist no longer counts as valid to repost their works, even after the artist flat out rejected their sister blog’s request for permission (there’s no way they couldn’t have seen that; those two blogs heavily associate with each other). They thought they could ‘slip by’ easy and hopefully nobody would catch on…well, @support-pixiv-artists did, and thank god they did too. 

They took advantage of the Naruto fandom because obviously, who could resist such well-drawn pretty artwork when they poster even claims that they got permission? Judging by the sheer number of notes alone, I can estimate that pretty much all of those people blindly put their trust and faith in krafthoney/lovelyaot being honest, when in fact, they were deceived, and they only realized it too late, as evidenced by this post here. By then, what good’s an apology to the artist even? Their artwork is now plastered on every corner of the web, thanks to those blogs. 

This is why I’m tagging some fandoms I notice they post in. Because of what happened in the Naruto and Free! fandom, they have become cautionary tales, and these other fandoms deserve to know so hopefully they won’t fall for the same kind of mistake as countless Free! and Naruto blogs have. 

[Listen] [Art]
you’re going crazy, the hitmen always find you

dance apocalyptic / janelle monáe ♦ new in town / little boots ♦ one in a million / down with webster ♦ team / lorde ♦ bubblegum bitch / marina and the diamonds ♦ this is how we do / katy perry ♦ girls fall like dominoes / nicki minaj ♦ new romantics / taylor swift


I am quite familiar with this cross-over and honestly I love it, taking from my Transformer nerd side, I love the whole ‘Miku and Soundwave’ thing, and that’s most of the stuff I could find, I hope you enjoy it! <3

I’ve got more if you’d like


Pixiv ID: 24348292
Member: Rkp


Pixiv ID: 30411722
Member: Rkp


Pixiv ID: 33743669
Member: Rkp


Pixiv ID: 33743669
Member: Rkp

Saw something on tumblr just now, i think this is not the first time I rant about THAT particular blog.

Sorry if I offended anyone, but I have to say.

First, re-posting art from pixiv without the artist’s permission.
I don’t know if anyone actually go and take a look at Pixiv’s rules, it’s stated there that re-posting is forbidden. And as I know there’re LOTS of artist deleted their artwork because of those reposting thingy. 

But yeah, when things come online, we can’t control everything. We have to be prepared for anything that will be happened to our works. 

We can’t stop the reposting thingy, that’s true, so now we are asking people to SOURCE THE ARTWORK.

It had already been told like thousand billion times again and again. It’s not hard, it’s fucking simple to find those artist and give it a proper credit and source.


And lastly, DON’T EDIT OTHER PEOPLE’S ARTWORK WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION. Yeah, it fucking pissed me off when seeing pictures 'decorate’ by black bar with text on it. People spent time drawing it, paying fucking lots of time and energy on every single detail of the drawing, DON’T ABUSE IT.

Show some respect to the artists, please. 


Hooooly moly. While I was out last night my Game of Seasons post made it on Tumblr Radar. I missed it completely, but my sister managed to snag a screenshot. I’ve been treated to a sudden influx of notes and followers as a result, sooo… Hi new followers! I’m Missy Pena aka Zimmay and I’m an “artist” I guess. Here’s some intro facts for ya.

  • WORK– Freelance and conventions (con artist heh)
  • SCHOOL– SCAD grad 2010
  • LOCATION-- LAlaland, California
  • TOOLS– Photoshop CS5 + Intuos 4
  • BRUSH SETTINGS– Regular brush tool for inks, THIS PACK for colors

I have too many stores. You can find my prints and prints on things at Redbubble, Society6, INPRNT, or get them directly through me on Storenvy. Or you can see me in person if you’re going to any of these cons this year. I’ve also got a DeviantART, Pixiv, and a collaborative webcomic project that is currently on hiatus, (more on that later). Sometimes I’ll post doodles on Instagram and Twitter too.

Thanks for adding me to your dash! And thanks for your kind messages and asks - I’ll be getting to those soon! I hope you like what you see and decide to stick around. (◡‿◡✿)