You are the switch on the wall.
You turn on and off.
I’m the bandaid that wraps a scar,
Of a cut that’s dug into your heart.
I’m the go to that’s always there,
When no one else is around.
Patiently waiting……
For the phone to ring.
The late night fix,
The last call.
You drink me up, like I’m one too many.
And then you leave
Like I’m one too many.

anonymous asked:

i have an answer for that anon who was wondering if there was any smuts where you're with all 7 members; the one that instantly popped into my head was "the switch" by kookingtae - basically the members have this strange power?? where they can switch places with each other during sex

omg i’ve read this and it’s pretty flipping hawt i was kinda shookt tbh @_@

thank you anon!

  • Su: Soooo, strange guy, cute trans girl- we've all seen that episode of CSI.
  • Chris: You're American, where's your gun?
  • Su: Those aren't legal here.
  • Chris: Um, you could borrow my crossbow?