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If you haven’t heard about The Switch yet - it’s a magic-realist, transgender comedy. The show follows Su as she loses her job, ends up on the couch of an ex, and starting pulling her life back together. It’s weird, relevant, funny, political, and queer. It stars trans actors in trans roles.

We’re on Kickstarter now. You can help make this show a reality. We want to see this project succeed and flourish. Click here.


This is a casting call for a paid role. Check below the “Read More” line for the actual casting call. Please help us spread the word!

Watching our own pilot, something became apparent. While our show has POC actors, all were of lighter complexion, and we hadn’t created space for actors with darker skin tones. That meant we weren’t creating a show that our whole audience could see themselves in. That didn’t sit right.

Addie is a new role that we’ve added to the show. They’re a genderqueer POC (of darker complexion). At the start of the show, Addie and Su work together. Su moves on, but their lives intersect every once in a while.

Addie has a scene early on where they’re still presenting as a man, but in subsequent scenes are living out as a genderqueer / non-binary femme. Their role in the first season is limited, but their story stretches into future seasons.

Our casting call is below the “Read More” line. Please help us spread the word! This is an important opportunity for QTPOC actors!

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Our Pilot is Live!

The Switch is currently on Kickstarter, raising funds for its first season.

It’s a transgender fantasy-comedy series starring actual trans people. It’s queer, geeky, political, and weird.

We hit our first milestone over the weekend, and so we’ve released the pilot for you to enjoy.

You can watch it in full by clicking here.

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trigger warnings for this episode: transphobia, implied violence, implied suicidal thoughts (including a noose), forced closeting, sorcery, brief eye horror, food. (apologies for not including this list originally, thanks to Cemi for pointing it out.)


Hi everyone! We’re casting, and we are still looking for a lead actress. You do not have to live in Vancouver to be considered! Please circulate.


The Switch is the world’s first transgender comedy TV show, and it features a dominantly transgender cast. We are shooting Season One in March and April of 2015. We are looking for a lead actress.

Regarding Diversity:
The Switch is shot and set in Vancouver, a cosmopolitan and culturally diverse city. We want Vancouver onscreen to look like Vancouver offscreen. We prefer to see the full range of racial backgrounds, looks, sizes, accents, physical abilities, and levels of experience. We are ready to arrange ASL interpretation and make sets physically accessible.

Shoot dates:
Rehearsal starting early to mid march. Shooting for five weeks in March and April.

$3000 CAD plus round-trip air travel, emergency health insurance, billeted housing, the visa application fee, and meals. Contract also includes residual.

The Role:
Female. 23-38*.
Actor must be transgender or genderqueer. Actors of colour are strongly encouraged to apply. Any gender identity, operative status, stage/type of transition, look, size, accent, physical ability and level of experience.

Nerdy, reckless, optimistic, brittle. Sü has been out to herself for years, but moved from the USA to Vancouver Canada to come out as a transgender woman and finally live as a herself. She took a loan and got a comp sci degree. She got a 9 to 5. She got a gym membership. But like Ikea furniture built carefully to instructions, the chair of Sü’s life somehow only has three legs. Getting fired was quite the blow, and it only pointed out that, outside of work, she has a string of dates but no close friends. When Sü moves in with Chris, her new world and friends challenge her old assumptions. As her community is threatened, she can no longer stand idly by: an office climber becomes a community leader.

To apply:
Submit the following to “”
1. A picture of your face, be it a professional headshot or a clear selfie
2. A CV or list of any performance-related skills and experience (but no experience is necessary to apply). 
3. A statement of your relationship to transgender identity or communities (if you’re comfortable sharing this information, it can be as simple as telling us how you identify).

The Switch - Beyond $50k

We are getting super close to our initial goal. We’re a few thousand dollars from funding a television show about transgender people, starring transgender people.

$50,000 is the minimum we need to create The Switch. But we’re hoping to keep the ball rolling and raise a lot more. Every dollar means that we have more resources and can make a more polished final product. More polish means its more likely that networks will pick us up for additional seasons.

We have stretch goals to carry us from $50k through to $200k. And I’m really excited about them. They’re not little tack-ons. They’re big things like extra episodes and across-the-board raises for cast / crew.

Just wanted to make this update for those who have been supporting the campaign. We’re super thankful for your support, and hope you’ll continue to rally behind us even after we hit our initial goal.