OH MAN, can someone make me a parallels gifset comparing I’m-Not-Suited-For-Fieldwork-Meet-My-Fiance-Fred Peggy with Star-Spangled-Man-With-A-Plan-Dancing-Monkey Steve? Both at their low points when they were ready to give in and give up? 

And how Peggy did for Steve the same thing Michael did for her?

“You are meant to fight.”

“You were meant for more than this, you know.”

The Compass

by latenightfondues

Compilation of untold war stories involving the star spangled man with a plan and his best girl.
In this tale: the story behind the picture in the compass.

Words: 1054, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 1 of War Stories

in other news, just imagine the Bucky/Steve/Sam movie marathon

would Sam go crazily out of order and show them Jurassic Park before A New Hope

or would Sam put on his Serious Auteur glasses and show them everything groundbreaking in chronological order, with french new wave and italian neorealism followed by american New Hollywood and the 1970s counterculture boom

UGH IMAGINE SAM SHOWING THEM STAR WARS IN MACHETE ORDER (a new hope –> empire strikes back –> attack of the clones –> revenge of the sith –> return of the jedi)

imagine Bucky only liking blockbuster popcorn films, and Steve going into mega-hipster mode and watching Fellini and Bertolucci and Kubrick

imagine them all loving Scorsese



Bucky likes Kill Bill (the bride reminds him of Natasha), Sam likes Pulp Fiction, Steve likes Jackie Brown

ughhh imagine Natasha having a soft spot for early Audrey Hepburn films

imagine the four of them watching Sabrina, Roman Holiday, Funny Face

Imagine Sam showing them every manner of r-rated contemporary film with plenty of nudity and sex, and Bucky and Steve still react with open-mouthed awe at Marilyn Monroe’s playboy centerfold


god can you imagine Bucky trailing in the wake of Peggy and Steve’s destruction

like there’s Steve, and Bucky’s been protecting him since they were kids

now watch the war happen and Ms. “I Punch All My Problems In The Face” Carter joins the fray and works alongside Steve

and Bucky’s like


steve rogers is such a golden-hearted sweetheart who only wants to do what’s right for the world!!!! I don’t understand why he has to have such a horrible life!! That’s so not fair! Do you know how this makes me feel???!!? UGH I’m not ready for what’s yet to come for my little star spangled cupcake in civil war!!!!!!!!! ;A;

I’m very worried

This one night he’s out at a bar where a woman is doing an unplugged set, just her and a guitar, which should be kind of hokey but she’s really good. For her last song she says, “My grandfather had this song on a record, and he used to play it for me as a kid,” and then she opens with something that sounds awfully familiar.

Steve stares at her, because that’s the song. Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American Way?

But it’s slow, and sad, and not all the lyrics are the same – because the song was about him but more about this mythical hero who would do it all, and–

She’s left out the line. The song was always just a lot of questions about who will fight for America or save America or give his all in battle, but in the original, there was an answer: The Star Spangled Man.

And she’s left the answer out. So it’s not an anthem to raise money for a war or get enlistment numbers up. It’s a cry out for help. Who’ll rise and fall, give their all for America? [x]

alright here’s the Steve Rogers fic rec list nobody wanted

All The Angels and The Saints by Speranza. lmao i’m not even done with it yet and i already recommend it. Go here if you want meta on Steve’s religious history. It’s also Stucky if you’re into that

And the Reasons We Were Singing by impertinence. Wonderful Steve/Sam (Stam?) fic in which our heroes find Bucky (or rather, Bucky finds them). One high point is the idea that Bucky probably won’t ever again be the same man Steve knew, but it’s okay.

the hip and the dead by hollimichelle. or, how Steve learned about 21st century ~”irony”~ culture, and hipsters. Which should also of course be followed up by

Captain America versus the Kids These Days (The Loose Lips Remix) by havisham. A remix to the previous fic from the perspective of a Brooklyn Cap fanboy who learns that his idol is real and alive and living next door to his best friend. An endearing look at the other side of the MCU.

so while you’re here in my arms by verity. MY PET THREESOME WOO. Steve/Bucky/Peggy, in which Bucky wins Peggy some nylons in a bet with Howard Stark, because he knows she and Steve would appreciate it. I love it so much.

The way that light attaches to a girl by musesfool. “Five women Steve has drawn.”

Love is a Weapon of Choice by havisham. One of the first fics I read in this fandom. Steve/Peggy getting it on, becomes surprisingly heartfelt at the end.

Composed like them, of Eros and of dust. by lanyon. Short but sweet history professor!AU.

you were standing there by thebrotherswinchester. Is it weird that i love Stucky AUs? Anyway, this one’s a really nicely imagined modern-day, all-normal AU.

7A WF 83429 by musesfool. Yeah whatever shut up. I know Darcy is everyone’s self-insert, so here, pretend to have sex with Captain America and shut up

you and your high top sneakers and sailor tattoos by musesfool. same as above, except Darcy’s deflowers Captain America.