It’s past midnight, Jeremy is sitting cross legged on the hood of Michael’s car. Michael is beside him, gently admiring his presence. Jeremy is looking up. The soft wind disturbs the trees and grass around them. They’re parked on a small outcropping of land overlooking Long Beach Island. Michael drove two hours to get there, and now they’re sitting, the faint noise of the ocean, the louder noise of crickets chirping, and the gentle smell of summer nights drifting around them. Jeremy is looking at the moon, Michael can tell. Though the stars are clear, and they are completely surrounded by them, Jeremy is looking at the moon. Of course he is. Michael is watching Jeremy, despite the moon, despite the stars. Of course he is.

Forget about superpowers and magical weapons and all that shit, I’d choose to be reborn in an anime just so I could get those default Effortless Good Looks™ (including, but not limited to, Perfect Skin and Flawless Hair) tbh.