Floto + Warner

The new york-based creatives explore a range of natural panoramas subtly interrupting, or greatly obstructing them to alter their viewer’s perspective.
For their ‘colourant’ series, the artistic duo (Floto + Warner)  has chosen the barren landscape of Northern Nevada as their stage in which they have conducted floating sculptural events; capturing fleeting moments in which vibrantly pigmented liquid has been thrown into the air. Taking many attempts to perfect the technique of tossing the fluid substance in just the right way to obtain a range of free-flowing configurations, the resulting images express shapes that are non-discernible and ephemeral in their existence.


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anonymous asked:

I'm not trying to be rude, I really do love your legacy but it's a little gross how okay everyone here seems to be with cheating. Like I get that they have deep feelings for each other and all that but Lace and Merlot are married to other people. As someone who has been cheated on, that shit can ruin you, and it's hard to be happy that they're together when they're doing something so disgusting. If you want to be with someone who isn't your current partner, break up THEN pursue someone else.

Im sorry it upsets you. I think it stems from the fact she literally died and he changed the timeline to save her. Even then they could not escape eachother. Was it the right way to go about it. No certainly not but the story is what it is and they wanted to see what happened the day Cherry was concieved. That’s what happened.

She had a braille pin.

He mocked a disabled reporter.

Tell me again how they were the same.

[Image description: a person’s fingers are touching a pin with Hillary’s campaign slogan “Stronger Together” in white lettering on a blue background, thus reading the same message etched in Braille on said pin]