Changes ahead:

So @agntdvnvers decided it was a good idea to make me watch Supergirl.. Which resulted in me loving it and binge watching both seasons within the space of a week… So naturally I’m utterly obsessed. So I have now changed my blog slightly and I’ll be blogging both from Supergirl and The 100.

But! It means I will be returning to tumblr again and I will be around a lot more, coz I know a lot of you have been sending me asks wondering if I’m going to be coming back :)


Steven Universe Season 1 & Pilot


The Return Part 3


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This has been a four week labor of love. I hope you all enjoy!


“But we sort of have to do it for the sake of Steven, because he’s living as a Gem and as a human, and everyone around him wants him to have a balance there” Rebecca Sugar 


Did you hear a sonic boom in the sky? In honor of our new episode tonight, the Steven Crewniverse shared…


I can’t wait for it to crash into the hill next to the temple. And by “the hill next to the temple” I mean “my mouth”!

Thanks for watching everybody! Come back tomorrow for “Full Disclosure”!

(food preparation: the amazing Christy Cohen!!!!)