“The Return of Darkness and Evil”
(Album: The Return… , 1985)

“At the risk of sounding snarky, sir, your son is also my age, and yet he goes off fighting monsters and aliens from other planets all while dealing with the personal issues of his three caretakers and simultaneously trying to live up to the expectations set on him because of his late mom. Closing up a fry shop alone in a town of about 30 people is nothing. Heck, even Ronaldo does it from time to time.”

Bon ben ce tumblr a deux ans.

Vous etes beaucoup trop nombreux maintenant alors juste un merci infini. ♥

On fete ça avec le retour du Gang des Cyclopes ! La première version se terre par là:

First, where did Steven get this picture of Dewey? It must be from his younger days - he seems to still have all his hair. And he’s wearing a wife beater? There’s some Dewey lore I need pronto.

Second, two of the three contacts pictured here do not even speak. 

Three, the only logical reasoning I can throw together as to why Lion has a cell phone lies with the assumption that Steven bought a cellphone, programmed it, and added service time to it for a lion.