• [GOM in the Haunted House]
  • Kuroko:Now let's make like Scooby Doo and split up to find a clue.
  • Kise:Kurokocchi, that rhymes!
  • Kuroko:Shut up, Kise-kun.
  • Kuroko to Aomine and Kise:Alright, Shaggy and Scooby, you take the sink.
  • Aomine and Kise:...
  • Kuroko:I'll check the cabinet.
  • Kuroko to Midorima:And Velma, you get the spooky lookin' fridge.
  • Midorima:What?! Why do I get this... dubious device?!
  • Kuroko:Because only Velma would say "dubious device." Velma gets the spooky fridge.
  • Akashi:Who are you then, Kuroko? Freedie?
  • Kuroko:B*tch I'm Daphne.

You know what I think would be both fantastic and hilarious? 

If Caroline broke up with Stefan once and for all by singing some Taylor Swift karaoke at him:

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With Bonnie, Rebekah, and Katherine singing back-up:

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And with Kol, Enzo, and Elijah providing the dance entertainment:

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And with Klaus appearing across from Caroline–in the middle of the crowd, spotlighted in sunny moonlight, mic-in-hand–to invade her song heart after the first verse in perfect mash-up:

Which leads to Caroline’s long-brewing epiphany about Klaus:

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Results in the end of their joint ‘HIT THE ROAD, SALVATORE’ tune:

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And finally begins their beautiful, we-are-the-same harmony:

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With the two of them adding new songs to their love playlist every day:

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Because, deep-down, they know they’re meant to hum on and on forever:

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After reading chapter 11 one thing occured to me… It was obvious from the start - Vanitas will die and there is no way around it. And seeing Noés hand writing something down at the end of the chapter makes me think that the thing he is writing down in this scene is in fact the lifestory of Vanitas - his Mémoire. So the Vanitas no Carte we are reading, the story we are being told by Noé, is actually already Vanitas Mémoir itself…. Now seeing that ヴァニタスの手記 (Vanitas no Shuki) directly translates to “Mémoirs of Vanitas” makes the whole thing even more obvious….