A: “You look my son, which of my wives are you from?”
B: “Third I think.”
A: “You know, in some families back in the day after they picked the male heir they castrated all the other males. Less competition.”
B: “As the youngest son I’m not a huge fan of that idea.”
A: “It’s possible I’d choose you. Keep your chin up.”

Imagine Lavellan losing her balance when Solas tips her back for the Fade kiss. The two of them tumbling together, all elbows and knees and it’s awkward but they’re laughing because of the giddiness of the moment and kissing, still kissing, until Solas has the sense to pull away and help her to her feet. 

Oh, look. I made myself sad again.

Wow. I almost can’t believe it. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you to the studyblr community, to all my wonderful mutuals and followers and kind anons who supported me and encouraged me and never let me give up. I don’t even have the right words to say how grateful I am. I made it through every failure, every bit of anxiety and depression, through so much pain and self-doubt…now I have a degree.

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

(ETA on graduation pictures: June 2017)


Lisanne: What are you accusing me of?

Danny: I’m not accusing you. I’m just asking. She’s said some things that’s not normal for her to say. I was wondering if you mentioned anything to her. 

Lisanne: Or maybe she’s just jealous of what we had before. You shouldn’t blame me for your wife’s insecurities. 

Danny: Woah, slow down. You’re not allowed to talk about Silv, like that! 

Lisanne: I’m just pointing out the truth to you like I did to her before. Danny, you’re successful, you’re handsome and you’re ambitious and your wife is just at home playing with computers all day. She’s not at your level and maybe she realised that, finally. 

Danny: What did you say about, my wife? 

Lisanne: You heard me! 

burning questions
  • why does archie have to wear his varsity jacket everywhere?
  • where did juggie get his suit from?
  • what was he doing in the cooper’s house? did he come to pick up betty? did he CHANGE there? 
  • why was there no joaquin in this ep
  • im so glad betty’s mother wasnt present 
  • but she and mama blossom should start a Bad Parenting Club is2g 

I know this is pretty bad and I’m sorry 😓 But I got this idea thanks to @bungoustrayshowtime ’s blog. Just imagine that all the bsd actors also have instagram profiles 😍 So I went ahead and made Dazai’s and Chuuya’s! I’m sorry if they are bad this was really just a random idea 😅