Star Trek 2009 Rewrite: Things that I wanted to happen but didn’t

-Spock’s birth starts the movie and then Jim’s birth in space is shown after because of parallels

-Sam (Jim’s brother) tells Jim he’s leaving for good and can’t take Jim with him. He apologizes before leaving. Jim either begs Sam not to leave, or asks if he will come back. Sam makes no promises but you can tell he’s struggling to leave his brother

-Jim then steals the car, passing Sam walking by and drives the car of the cliff

-After this car over cliff incident Jim, and his “Uncle” Frank have a conversation that parallels the one Spock and Sarek had after Spock beats up his bully. During his conversation, Frank tells Jim he’s sending Jim off planet to an earth colony. Jim tells Frank his mom won’t let him, and Frank will say that your mom is off planet she won’t find out

-Or during this conversation Frank yells at Jim saying “you’re mom may be on Tarsus IV but that doesn’t mean I can’t punish you” because Winona being off planet made me think what if she was on Tarsus and survived the experience

-After Spock rejects the VSA, but before the bar scene, Jim is seen talking to someone in Riverside while looking at the shipyard, this person says it would be cool to be in Starfleet, Jim expresses how will never want to join and gives reasons why (other reasons besides his father dying)

-No boob grab in the bar fight

-We see how Bones got onto that Shuttle or how he decided to join Starfleet

-Captain Pike reprimanding the cadets for attacking a civilian

-A Spock and Uhura first meeting that parallels with Bones and Jim

-Spock speaking in Vulcan with Uhura at the academy

-Some comment, scene or moment where Jim states he slept with someone male or expresses his pansexuality 

-At his hearing, Jim gets the last word instead of Spock before the distress call from Vulcan and is smug

-But his smugness does not last when Gaila yells at Jim for using her to cheat on the test instead of just asking for her help

-Gaila and Uhura are both assigned to the enterprise 

-Gaila lives

-When Nero introduces himself not only does he direct his attention to Spock, he addresses Jim as well because of parallels

-Vulcan doesn’t get destroyed completely but his damaged significantly that many Vulcan’s die

-Amanda survives 

-Instead Sarek is the one to die saving Spock and Amanda’s life so it parallels with George Kirk dying protecting his wife and son

-Spock feels his father’s love for him and his mother before his death

-Ambassador Spock interacting with Amanda, and Bones

-Ambassador Spock showing his pendant recording of Jim to Spock when trying to convince him to stay in Starfleet 

-Ambassador Spock referring to his Jim Kirk as t'hy'la (this can just mean brother and friend for non shippers) (shipper or not you cannot deny Spock and Jim share a deep connection)

-Memorial service for all those who died because of Nero including George Kirk, Kelvin Crew, Starfleet Cadets, Sarek and other Vulcans

-Graduating ceremony at the academy for the entire crew which includes Gaila. Scotty and Keenser are watching in the audience 

-Then Jim Kirk becomes Captain with his crew watching with smiles

Now is the time.

Anyone who’s followed the blog for a while knows that I quit posting once before (for around 8 months), and since then I’ve flirted with quitting again more times than are worth mentioning. 

I love this collection, and the connections that it’s brought me on a level deeper than I ever thought possible, especially online; therefore, instead of giving less attention, love, time, and effort, I choose to walk away, very proud of what the archive has to offer. 

With reverence and love,


                                                                                                         - The End


- I knew that when I kissed this girl..I would be forever wed to her. So I stopped… I stopped and I waited, I wanted for a moment longer.

- He knew that his mind would never again be free to romp like the mind of God. That falling in love would change his destiny. Forever.

- Then I just let myself go…

This movie is so fucking perfect.

The marxist social historian in me always flinches when I read that such and such a person arrived in such and such a place and ‘started’ a movement, and art history is completely full of it. I keep reading that Berlin Dada started when Richard Huelsenbeck arrived in Berlin from Zurich in 1917…. like yes he took the name with him, but people don’t flock to a banner unless they already feel that they belong under it - that’s a long process. You’d think the fact that New York Dada developed independently and earlier than in Zurich and Berlin would make people wary of this kind of apostolic ‘great man’ theory of how ideas spread but no - and like, in turn New York Dada is generally dated to the arrival of Picabia and Duchamp, but can that really be? Does a movement start with the artist or does it start with the evolution of an audience and a place for the art - what made Berlin, Paris and New York dada cities before anyone used that name? That said I need to balance out my general position that everything is the result of social forces rooted in production with an acknowledgement that individuals and random chance actually do play a role in history, and I’m genuinely not sure exactly how to do that. I feel like artists can light a bomb but the bomb itself is produced collectively.