YA novel: this guy was the most badass guy you’ve ever seen. he could kick anybody’s ass. he was the leader of his own gang of misfits that nobody dared cross. he wore a lot of leather. he had a scar somewhere that looked really cool. he had this super deep sexy raspy voice no one could resist. he stood at a towering height of 6ft5 and was built af. everybody feared him.

me: alright

YA novel: and he was 16 years old

me: excuse me

ok so i had a band competition yesterday right? and my section was standing in a circle doing this dance beforehand (i’m in the front ensemble so the rest of our band had already left to warm up and we were just waiting for our trailers) and this guy from this other band just walked over and deadass said

“can i join your satanic ritual?” 

and we just laughed and he joined in and we were kinda just dancing around at this point because the organized dance doesn’t start until the chorus of this song we were playing off my friend’s phone, and then the chorus rolled around and we started doing the dance and this guy was just like wHat tHE fUCK???

but my section just really confused this poor dude from this other band who just wanted to join a satanic ritual and have some fun with it. we kept seeing him at random points throughout the night and we’d shout and wave and he’d just dab back. we never found out who he was. 

for the rest of our high school years, my entire section will know him as the mystery guy who wanted to join our satanic ritual.