Jeffrey Dean Morgan photographed by Ryan Lowry for Playboy Magazine

‘I was a fan of The Walking Dead from when Frank Darabont started it. I was like, Really? A zombie show? How will that fly? And it’s not a zombie show. You get into what the characters are going through and how they interact with each other. The zombies are kind of an added bonus.’

DD: Watching her grow as a person and as an actor is amazing. Gillian is a person who has never stopped pushing herself, and I really appreciate that. I never told you that -

GA: No, you haven’t, that’s so sweet!

There is something that is unique about whatever it is that is our relationship, and I think that it goes … it is beyond us. 

Gillian Anderson & David Duchovny, photographed by Brinson & Banks, and interviewed during the TCA’s, both Jan 2016 


Anon request: Stevie Nicks and Dave Grohl photographed by Danny Clinch.

Grohl arrives first, dressed in a long sleeve, blue and black plaid button-down with faded blue jeans and black Doc Martens. Nicks arrives a short while later, again in black, and retreats to freshen up before the photo shoot. When the shoot begins, there’s a palpable affection on display as they find themselves in the continued honeymoon phase of newfound friendship.” – Josh Baron, 2014.