Shinto/Nationalism random thoughts

I just got this two volume set called the “Sources of Japanese Tradition” and in it it has a chapter on the new Shinto revival of the Edo period and it has excerpts from two Shinto theologians from what’s called the Kokugaku movement?

It’s kind of confusing but basically these theologians rejected Buddhist and Confucian influences in favor of getting back to original Japanese classics (Kojiki, Nihon-Shoki, ect.) and its p interesting the way they talk about morality and life after death

but at the same time one of the major tenants is  that that Japanese heart is nationally pure and can only thrive if the “Impure” Chinese influences are removed.


I just wish Shinto had some older  theology or religious writings that wasn’t tainted by xenophobic nonsense. 

I wonder how the kami felt about being so entiwned with nationalism/xenophobia for so many years like there HAS to be some texts out there that favor a more ecumenical approach that’s truer to the spirit of shinto???

idk maybe I just haven’t researched enough

Maybe @sparrowdreams knows something aobut this? possibly?

Day 2 at work: I train on a computer, which literally involves watching videos and doing multiple choice quizzes for 8 hours. I do a few topology proofs on the back of paperwork to make the time go by a little faster. I also decide to practice my Arabic handwriting, only to realize the only Arabic I know is lyrics to Nasheeds posted pretty much entirely by Hamas. So I start writing whatever floats through my head switching between Spanish (which I use sparingly because many of my coworkers know it and I don’t want them to see me just vomiting out stream of conscious), Chinese, and Korean. In between the little “lessons” I pause to look up words. 

logicalframework replied to your post “you might like Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Two episodes in, the MC…”

thanks for the heads up re: the books, I’ve only read the first couple and enjoyed them

I had no warning at all, it came totally out of nowhere for me and I was so disappointed. I mean there were rough spots in those first six, but I figured they’d level out with time. Just Phryne Fisher, badass aviatrix sleeping around and having a grand old time. Then BAM suddenly she gets a long-term love interest, and it’s a Chinese guy, and that would be great if Phryne would stop patting herself on the back about how not racist she is. And if the author would stop writing from his perspective about how exotic and Chinese this white woman is, constantly having the Lin Chung think this white lady looks like a literal goddess. Ugh. UGH. I initially thought he was a one-book love interest and that I could safely move on to the next book, but nope, he’s in every single one. Like I’m sure the author was doing her best but it grossed me out, with Lin Chung having ~exotic~ sex and occasionally mimicking a racist stereotype and laughing about it. Like. Are there people who do that? Yes, probably. Am I comfortable with a white author deciding a character of color would do that? Not necessarily. Maybe the books get better about that kind of thing but I legit do not even want to risk it, it skeeved me out so bad.