Expedition to Sol2487-3 Pt.3

Still shocked from the total annihilation of our ship and half of our crew, whereas another one was grievously wounded and at death’s door, we retreatet into the field again.
That pitchblack winged avatar of doom wasn’t alone anymore. Hordes of them circled in the sky and stalked through the shredded pieces of our ship, scavenging the mortal remains of our crew, of our comrades, of our friends.
And there was nothing we could do about it. Even with full force, our weapons would barely harm even one of those sick bastards, let alone drive the whole flock away. So all we could do was accept, retreat and reconsider our situation - or going nuts, like Üprrkl, a Pjörecian scientist under command of Dr. Proaxl.
“We’re done for! We all gonna die! Abandon all hope, for there is no chance we’re gonna make it! Our ship - gone! Our supplies - gone! Our respiratory systems - at 35%! Our…”
It was my first mate Xato Nexgrra, who attended to him. Calmly he put his weapon away, crawled over to the shivering, babbling formerly rational man. He sat down before him, showed an understanding glimpse. And hit him full throttle with all fifteen of his whip like limbs right in his face.
The scientist, completly taken by surprise, obeyed speechless while rubbing his left face knob.

Dr. Proaxl made a harrumphing noise - how exactly, without a throat, has kept me riddling ever since. I apologised to her.
“I’m afraid one of the ship operating squad under my command laid a hand - or fifteen - on one of your squad members. It shall not repeat.”
“Oh, you shouldn’t apologise. I wanted to thank you, Xato Nexgrra, for I would have slapped him myself if I had arms. It’s no help giving in to despair. We have to focus on surviving, and first in securing treatment for Loxxar Kraes. We were able to stop the bleeding for now, but he indeed won’t make it if we can’t prevent an inflammation of the wound and stop his pain. It’s at dangerous levels right now.”
“J-just leave me behind” coughed the wounded soldier, and it seemed to drain all virtue out of him.
“NO WAY!!!” I had to hold back an emotional shivering, for it was not my words alone, but nine out of ten of us said it in chorus, even the lower ranks went all out and ignored military discipline to decline his demand. Alone Üprrkl didn’t say anything and I didn’t care whether it wasn’t his opinion or he just had accepted to shut the hell up.
Loxxar Kraes barked stertorously and closed his eyes, but his mime told me he felt proud and gratefull of his men and the rest of us.

“Allright, we can’t stay here, we have to move to find shelter, maybe supplies or even medicine. The road is out of the question, those flying spawns of hell would tear us apart. That round fluffy thing from before was at least peaceful when we didn’t try to touch it’s food. So through the woods, it is. Praxx, Rae’krotar, you both carry Loxxar Kraes. Dr. Proaxl and her squad around you, and Xato Nexgrra at the back, Lsrl Krck and Koarl cover the sides, I’ll take the lead. I’d say we follow the course of the road, maybe we find the sentinent life form and can request their help. Weapons alltime at the ready! Let’s go!”

Our formation ranged carefully through the terrain. After some distance, Dr Proaxl closed op to me.
“Loxxar Kraes is a fine soldier. Not many could endure this level of pain that long. But we have to hurry.”
I didn’t answer, just grumbled for myself.
The doc’s nebulous body touched my arm and immediately her voice rang inside of my mind: “Do you believe it would be wise to force contact to this world’s inhabitants?”
Under normal circumstances, this violation of my personal space would be considered grievely rude both in military and social ways, and if this would be any other day, Dr. Proaxl would be the last person in the whole universe who would nonchalantly cross that line. But this was not normal, this was not every other day, and we were not a IFPS ship’s crew anymore, we were cast aways, brothers and sisters who shared a gruesome fate.
And I realised immediatly, she only asked me in mind so the others couldn’t hear it and fuel up their doubts and latent despair.
“Have we any other choice?” I thought.
I didn’t get an answer.

Time was against us, in more than one way. We all knew that Üprrkl had hit the nail on the head. And any stand - the IFPS’ standardized unit of time - brought us nearer to the end - of whatever it might be. We swapped our positions, so everyone had once to carry our wounded companion, but it did’t help the fact all of us grew hungry and tired and slowed down.

“Let’s rest. It’s no use if anyone of us broke down. 20 stands to regain some stamina.”
“Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to eat?” asked Koarl.
“I ain’t gonna touch those grains!” yelled Rae’krotar.
We had seen some shadows of what might be those fluffy round beasts or any other lifeform of this planet. But since those shadows didn’t bother to come closer to us, we had no mentionable encounter since the disaster with our ship. And we intended to keep it that way, so we took some detours to avoid getting too near to any scattered grains crossing our path.
It was Üprrkl. Xato Nexgrra’s slapping had shut him up for quite the time, but eventually he started to murmur his “we gonna die, we gonna starve, we gona suffocate” again and no one had the virtue to slap him again - at least hard enough so it would have any effect. So we decided to ignore him.
“Just what the heck is your probl… oh.”
“Seems like we gonna be the food.”
Behind our backs, two glowing yellow eyes glanced through the long shadows of the streaks. As I could recall, they were even bigger than that winged black bastard’s ones, and both of them starred at us simultaniously, frontal. The black pupils were narrow slits, and in the cornea we could see our own reflections.
“Those eyes are aligned to create two overlapping fields of view, capable of exact depth perception. It’s a predator!” proclaimed Üprrkl. What an unnecessary piece of information. As if those fangs and claws wouldn’t be self-explanatory. The body of the creature, probaply even bigger than the black flying monsters, huddled up, not in a defending way, but to prepare for a jumping attack. Even if you could only assume the whole size - most of it was covered by the shadows - one could tell the attack was imminent.

Suddenly, the earth shattered.
“KI…KI…KI..HE…KI…KI…KI…” It was a deafening noise, followed by an earthquake. And another one. And another.
“Those are steps!” screamed Üprrkl. Oh I began to hate his constantly uttering of the obvious.
The monster ceased preparing his attack and looked up to the sky. Up to it’s full size and coming one step into the light, it was so frickin’ huge it could have swallod one of us at whole. But there was something even more frickin’ Xaleates damn huge bursting through the tops of the cultivated grass: A giant! A frickin’ gigantic giant! With a head taller than a mountain and limbs longer than our former ship’s supply tunnels, with five appendices at their ends, forming grotesk claws like parts of construction site vehicles.
The gigantic limb reached for the “smaller” monster’s neck and pulled it upwards. The “little” monsters hung like a sack, obviously devote to its unavoidable fate.
The giant lifted the monster to its breast and hold it firm, then it threw its glance onto us. Parallel eyes! A predator like nothing comparable in the universe!
“OH… IT… U…! I… SA… UR… SHI… CRA… AN… TRY… TO… HE… U… BUT… U… WE… GO…” growled the giant. We were to frightened to move just a single limb, let allone run away. Only Dr. Proaxl - who hadn’t limbs - could move. And she went straight up to the giant, levitating right to his head.
“No! Doctor!” I screamed, but she ignored me.
The giant stared at her with wide opened eyes, studiing its prey to the fullest.
Dr. Proaxl had now reached its head, passed the enormous jaw with teeth big like daggers, meant to crush anything between it. Then she went straight for a single prominent knob in the middle of the giant’s face - and touched it.
The pupils of the giant widened vastly as Dr. Proaxl entered its mind.
“Oh, what pleasant surprise!” her voice chimed down to us. “It’s this world’s  sentinent inhabitant. It’s willing to help us. And it’s a pup.”

Am I the only one who supports Dr strange/his cloak ship. Like ok it’s not really a ship…more like the cloak is one sided flirting with strange. Ok imagine the following:

- strange showering and suddenly the shower curtains are pulled open slightly and the cloak is peeking at him

- sometimes the cloak will hide the towel when strange is in the shower, and when strange is done with the shower, he’ll see the cloak floating there, waiting… Blocking strange from taking another towel until finally strange gives up and the cloak happily wrapped around strange to dry him up

- it’s winter in New York and strange is drinking hot chocolate while watching tv and he pulled up a blanket to get warm and cozy when suddenly the cloak pulls away the blanket and it proceeds to wrap (hug) strange

Soulmate!AU: Jack Morrison x Reader - Ineffable (Part 1/3)

ineffable - (adj) too great to be expressed in words

Summary: Please forgive us, summaries are really not one of our strengths. Just so you know, this is a soulmate!AU where the whole world is black and white until you look your soulmate into the eyes for the first time. 
Pairing: Jack MorrisonxReader
Warning: Mercy mains might get offended by the short mention of Genji needing healing. 
word count: 6,346

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anonymous asked:

What are your thoughts on the gender alignments of the classes? I mean, that Bard, Prince and Lord have been confirmed in canon to be exclusively male, and Muse along with at least two other classes (much debated) are confirmed for female, with the others being gender inclusive. I'm mostly asking because two of my female characters are mostly the personality types of a Prince compared to the others. Not to mention for trans and nonbinary characters/people.

talked about this before en length in other posts, but i think you can find the original here:

basically tl;dr the only person who ever really “confirms” gender alignments for classes is Calliope, a Cherub with an alien understanding of human sexuality and gender and views it through the lens of what gender means to cherubs, which is unknown but almost certainly tied into their other cultural black and white yin/yang ideals of creation/destruction and good/evil where in her culture to be “male” and to be “destructive” might as well be the exact same thing

and also hussie tweeted that you can in fact make a female prince character if you wanted so my guess is the gender alignments aren’t so much “actual canon” as they are one of Calliope’s personal headcanons, there not 100% wrong, but theyre not 100% correct either, so you can either choose to view it like she does or not


this is the only dr who media i will ever watch and enjoy

tenko is like the only dr character who is confirmed to like strictly girls and is open about being a lesbian, but then kodaka just went all “okay, so she loves himiko, blushes when kaede calls her cute and strong, adores all of the girls, so, now, i’ll lampoon this in the love hotel by making her submissive to a boy character when she loses a ‘fight’ as her deep fantasy.”

couldn’t dr just have like…one lesbian character. did kodaka have to make tenko act like that in the love hotel with her because she’s only been shown to like girls. she has a few friendships with the guys like kaito and gonta, but it’s never romantic in any intention. tenko is a lesbian, and kodaka’s love hotel for her is really gross since he suddenly implies that tenko could be submissive to a boy and let him “have his way with her.”

this is amusing to me.

i have no skin in the game, i don’t give a flying fuck about Dr Who.

the last time i watched an episode of Dr Who was when i was roughly 8 years old watching old episodes my mother had recorded, w/ this dude:

that’s the only Dr Who for me, but I don’t really care.

but i’m seeing so many articles about it, it’s so funny.

and they’re all “MEN BTFO”. written by men, of course. 

except for the one i saw that said it should have been a woman of color.

i wonder why these people are bothering at this point.

they’re acting as if it’s 2016.

17 July 2017 (#198)

Last night BBC announced that the 13th doctor in Dr Who will be Jodie Whittaker. The first female doctor! This was bloody awesome news. Ever since I heard that the show has hinted that the doctor can be female, I was intrigued. Now it has finally happened and the Christmas Special can’t come fast enough.

With a new doctor, I can’t wait (and they better do it) to see River Songs reaction meeting the new doctor. I can just imagine the fan fictions that this will result in. I would also love the doctor to run into Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint again. Or they could just put all three of them in the same episode.

The big question I have is will there be a new companion? And if there is, will it still be a female companion. I only started watching Dr Who since Christopher Eccleston, but since then the doctor preferred a female companion. I think it would be weird if he suddenly picks a man, but we will have to wait and see. They could always bring back Bill Potts as the companion.

This one announcement has made me so exited for Dr Who. I still only on season 7 of my re-watch of Dr Who, but I will be finished and up to date before December.

Mirror’s Gaze Part 13

 Previously on Mirror’s Gaze


Arthur was right, none of them were listening. Resigned, he followed behind them, Scooby by his side. They made their way to the stage, the direction everyone was fleeing from. There was still small bits of debris falling from the ceiling, where the Professor had disappeared with the Robot

“Professor Mansfield!” Dr. Gardner ran on the stage, getting there slightly before the gang. “No no no! This can’t be happening.” She stared at the hole in the ceiling in dismay.

“Jeepers, I hope Professor Mansfield is okay,” Daphne fretted as she looked through the hole torn through the roof - including steel beams.

“Hmm,” Velma seemed very interested in something she found on the floor. She reached down and quickly took a sample. It was just in time, too.

“Okay, all of you, clear out.” Mr. Jorkin stomped onto the stage. “This is a crime scene, now. Authorized Personnel only!”

“Authorized by who?” Dr Gardener snapped. “You’re campus security. You don’t have any authority in a criminal case.”

“And you don’t have any authority at all.” Jorkin smirked. “You’re just Mansfield’s pet, and with him gone, you’re nothing.”

As Dr. Gardener looked like she was ready to explode, Mystery Inc. beat a hasty retreat off the stage.


“We need to learn more about Professor Mansfield and who might want to hurt him.” Fred declared once they were out of the way of the argument. “Let’s split up.”

Only Scooby noticed how Arthur twitched.

“I found some residue, I think it was from the Robot’s jet pack,” Velma announced. “I want to run a chemical analysis on it to see what it’s made from.”

“Sounds good. Shaggy, you and-”


Fred stopped short.

“I’m Arthur, remember?” the mechanic reminded him.

“Oh, right…” Freddy looked uncomfortable as his train of thought completely derailed.

“I got a pretty good look at the Robot. I can check with some contacts of mine, see if the design is copyrighted. If you don’t mind, I’d like Scooby to go with me.”

“No, I was going to suggest Scooby go with you.” He always did. But this wasn’t Shaggy. This was a complete unknown.

“Okay, then.” Arthur looked confused by that, but let it go. He took off to do his research.

“Freddy?” Daphne asked, laying a hand on his shoulder.

“Oh! That leaves you and me. I think we should look into Mansfield’s past. See if we can find anything that might provide a clue.”

Daphne sighed. “It’s okay for you to miss Shaggy.” she reassured.

“I’m that obvious, huh?’ he wilted, “We’ve just done this so long, we have a rhythm. And now it’s all messed up. Don’t get me wrong, Arthur’s a great guy, but he’s not…Shaggy.”

“I know,” Velma agreed. “I love having someone I can talk to about science, but it feels like something’s been missing ever since Shaggy and Arthur switched.”

“Just remember, this isn’t permanent.” Daphne reminded them. “We’ll see Shaggy in another week at the latest. Then everything will go back to normal.” She hoped. She really really hoped.

“Will it?” Fred asked. “We still don’t know how to switch them back.”

“We’ll think of something. And even if we don’t…I think we all know it’s not the body that matters. Shaggy’s going home with us, no matter what body he’s in.” Daphne stated firmly.

“That’s fine for you to say Daph, but neither of bodies in question are yours.” Velma pointed out. “I can’t imagine Shaggy or Arthur being okay with leaving their bodies behind. Not to mention how would we explain it to Shaggy’s parents?” At least the Skulls didn’t have to worry too much on their end. Apparently this was somewhat par for the course for Arthur.

“I’m not leaving Shaggy behind.” The redhead was stubborn,

“No one’s leaving anyone behind.” Fred insisted. “None of us, and I imagine none of the Skulls either. If all nine of us are stuck together for a while, so be it. We’ll figure out this mirror thing one way or another.”

“Magic,” the word left a bad taste in Velma’s mouth. She couldn’t deny that was what was happening, but she hated to admit it. “We need to figure out the magic.” She sighed. “And we all need to look into it.” Vivi had confirmed that the more rational a person was, the harder a time they had understanding spellcraft. Which meant Fred, Daphne, even Shaggy was more likely to figure out a solution than she was. And it grated.

Fred sighed. “Let’s focus on the case for now. We’ll find Professor Mansfield and go from there.” He honestly didn’t like magic being real anymore than Velma did. At least not when it kept him separated from his friends.


Scooby watched as Arthur’s fingers flew over the keyboard, inputting every detail of the Robot he could remember. Sometimes he understood the terminology Arthur was using, but most of the time it went right over the dog’s head. Arthur had far more than a passing interest in robotics, it seemed. And he was way smarter than any mechanic Scooby had met. He was more like Velma in intelligence.

The conversation Arthur and Velma had about colleges worried him. If Arthur was so smart, he probably could have been much more than a mechanic, but he’d opted not to go to college because it would separate him from his friends. Would Velma do the same? The thought of the gang splitting up, even temporarily, was painful. But the thought of Velma never living up to her potential, ending up in a menial job, was worse.

And it’s not like they would lose contact. The past week showed that without a doubt. Not a day went by without at least one, often more, calls to check in with Shaggy. Even if his absence was like a physical pain in Scooby’s heart, Shaggy was still connected to them.

“Done.” Arthur hit send, the email going to multiple recipients. “Most of the guys should get back to me by later tonight, tomorrow at the latest.” His phone rang, and he checked the number. “And one right now.” he gulped and answered. “Hey, Uncle Lance.”

“Arthur, why did you send out an email asking about robots?” his Uncle asked with fake calm.

Maybe he shouldn’t have included his Uncle in the contacts. But he heard a lot through the grapevine. “Well, we stopped at this robotics festival-”

“Arthur, are you working a case?”

He flinched. “Yes, Uncle Lance.”

“Without Lewis or Vivi there as back up? Not to mention whatever that ‘dog’ is?”

“It’s fine. There are no evil cults, no supernatural monsters. Just a robot that someone programmed to make trouble. We find the creator and case solved.”

“Or you get shoved in a robot’s endoskeleton.”

“Endo….Have you been playing Five Nights at Freddy’s?”

“That’s besides the point,” Lance sighed. “I love you Arthur. But you always seem to run into the worst possible things. Can you blame me for being worried?”

“No, Uncle Lance.” It was true, after all. “But this isn’t like one of our cases. We’re not putting ourselves at risk, we’re just gathering information we can turn over to the police. And since we’re not officially involved, we have the option to just leave if things get too dangerous.”

Lance was silent. “I’ll contact some people I know that weren’t on your mailing list. Take care of this quickly and please be careful.” He pleaded.

“I will, Uncle Lance. You stay safe too.”

“Hmph,” But he could hear the smile in his uncle’s tone. “Anything tries to mess with me is gonna regret it.”

“Don’t I know it.” Arthur couldn’t wait till this was over and they were visiting home.

“Ro riss rim,”

“Yeah, I do. Uncle Lance has always been there for me, even when…” he clutched his arm. “Even when things were at their absolute worst.”

“Rood.” Scooby nodded. He was glad Arthur had someone to watch over him. “Rarthur? Rhy rid roo rick re?” Scooby had made it a point to stay by Arthur’s side, but at the same time, Arthur hadn’t seemed anymore attached to him than any other member of Mystery Inc. Perhaps even less so if you took into account his distrust of ‘talking dogs’.

One day he’d convince him he was a real dog.

Arthur was silent for a moment. “Part of it is the fact that your remind me a bit of Mystery.Which is silly, because you’re nothing like him, really.”

“Rystery rade rou reel rafe?” Scooby asked.

“Not really, at least not most of the time. But there was one thing I knew I could count on him for.” He bit his lip. “Scooby, you believe in ghost and stuff, right?”

“Ruh-huh.” Scooby agree. “Rhey’re rary.”

“They can be,” Arthur agreed. “What about possession?”

“Roression?” Scooby’s ears and tail lowered. “Really rary.”

“No argument there.” Arthur’s tone was calm, but his grip on his arm was white knuckled. “So if something was controlling me and tried to make me hurt the others, would you stop me?”

Scooby nodded. 

“No matter what? Even if it meant hurting or crippling me? Or worse”

“Rorse?” What had happened to Arthur?

“Please, Scooby. I need to be sure. I need to know I’m never going to hurt anyone ever again.” Arthur looked at the dog desperately.

Scooby nodded again, not trusting his voice. He might hear the lie. He needed Arthur to feel safe, but there was no way he could cripple Shaggy, or anyone for that matter. Much less ‘worse’.

Arthur seemed to have bought it, at least he relaxed significantly. “Thanks. I needed to know.”

At that point the computer dinged and Arthur turned his attention to it and though the whole disturbing conversation hadn’t just happened. Or worse, as though it were normal.

Scooby shook his head. Something bad had happened to Arthur, he’d known that for a while. Now he knew it involved possession and Arthur hurting someone unwillingly. He leaned against Arthur, making sure his mood didn’t take a dangerous dip again.

But the mechanic was fine, now. He simply tapped away on the computer, getting responses and cross referencing them. There couldn’t be too many places capable of not only building, but programming a construct like that.


“Whatcha working on?” Velma asked, looking over Arthur’s shoulder. They had decided to meet at a local diner to compare notes. Arthur had flipped his paper place mat over and had begun a series of drawing that looked like a robotic joint. “Is it for the case?”

Arthur started, “No, this is a project I’m working on. These are for the case.” He handed her a few sheets of paper, on which he had sketched the Robot in various stages of motion, complete with notes on how certain joints might work. “This is definitely not a guy in a mask unless he’s quadriplegic. The joints are too slim to fit a limb through.”

“An actual robot then, one remote controlled to kidnap the professor.” Velma sat down next to him and looked at the sketches.

“That’s what I’m thinking.” Arthur agreed. “Building a robot is one thing, though. Programming it is another. We’re looking for a team, or someone capable of doing both.”

“Are you two starting without us?” Daphne mock-chided.

“Sorry couldn’t help it.” Arthur gestured to his order of mozzarella sticks. “I’ve heard of having a black hole for a stomach, but this is patently ridiculous.”

“She meant the case,” Velma explained, sounding exasperated, though her grin gave her away. “What did you guys find?”

“Turns out Professor Mansfield doesn’t completely own the patents for most of his inventions and developments. They’re co-owned through a group called CLA Limited.” Fred explained. “Also, Mansfield isn’t just a teacher, the whole school was his idea. He spent every cent he had financing it and runs almost the whole thing.”

“So the target might be the school itself,” Velma surmised. “Removing Mansfield might see it collapse. On the other hand, causing the school to fail would put Mansfield in some desperate straights, which someone could take advantage of.”

“So what was the residue?” Arthur asked.

“It was from the ‘jetpack’ taking off, alright. But this compound hasn’t been used in years. In fact, I don’t think it could have gotten the robot off the ground, much less through the roof. It was for show. The robot must have had another way to fly. What about you, Arthur?”

“Well, like I said before, not a guy in a mask. Also, not a single design matches, but several seem to have partial similarities. And all of them originate from one company Fezness Animatronics. They did stuff for kids parties and even some Hollywood, but they went out of business a while back. We might be looking for an ex-employee with ties to Mansfield.” He finished his fourth appetizer. “So when are we turning this information over to the police?” 

“When we solve the case, of course.” Fred answered, as though it were obvious.

Arthur shrugged. He supposed he could understand their arguments being more persuasive if they handed in an idea for a suspect as well. He ordered his meal, content in that at least this time they wouldn’t be chasing after the bad guy themselves.


Sorry this took so long. Even after getting a new compy it took a while to get back in the swing of writing full chapters.

And special thanks to Idigihearts1x3 who helped me when I wrote myself into a corner.

Next time on Mirror’s Gaze

So, what is the proper protocol for introducing someone into Classic Who? Is one obligated to start with a more high-budget, less-camp serial, or is trial by fire with bubble-wrap monsters and TCE-wielding villains the only way to go?

I get shivers and chills when I see this, and I remember the first time I saw this it made me cry. It made me cry like I never cried before and it seemed like it would never stop.

I also feel like rose when I try to help the people I love and they keep pushing me away. I feel like I only make them hate themselves more and more so I hate myself for doing it. Then I go hurt and destroy myself to maybe teach myself a lesson for not being able to help anyone I hold dear. I never make anything better, only worse…