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8 Times Link Neal Made You Realize Even Your Dream Job Is Hard Work

You’d think being half of a wildly popular internet comedy duo would be a dream job, and you’d be right–it is. But for Link Neal, living that dream is sometimes a bumpy ride.

Sometimes your dream job means you get winched up like a carcass by a taxidermist.

Or buried in a cardboard box in the middle of the woods while your best friend calls you a baby.

Sometimes something comes along that shocks you…

…takes you completely by surprise…

maybe even terrifies you.

Sometimes you get knocked down–hard.

Sometimes you end up doubting yourself, a little defeated, a little worn out, and a little nauseated.

But you take the hits as they come, each one making you that much better at what you do.

In the end, the good times FAR outweigh the bad. You know you have the coolest job in the world, and it’s all totally worth it to spend every day doing what you love.

A note on the “Hannibal knows it’s all a front” idea

Hannibal can’t know it’s all a front. Because it’s not a front. Will really loves his new family; they fill a void with him that Hannibal can’t touch, even if they were gone–that lighthearted laughter and gentleness and domesticity that Hannibal’s all-consuming nature can’t produce. Will is carefully keeping a wall between him and Hannibal and not rising to Hannibal’s bait (much as I’d like to see him rail at Hannibal, he never does it, sigh) because he can’t let himself become vulnerable. He says, “I’m more comfortable the less personal we are” exactly because he is vulnerable. He’ll always be vulnerable where Hannibal is concerned.

Hannibal knows this, so yes, he knows that Will isn’t indifferent and could never be indifferent to him, so if you want to call Will’s “front” indifference, then absolutely, Hannibal knows it’s fake. But Will isn’t pretending indifference. He’s being cold and unreceptive, and most importantly, he’s offering nothing of himself, which he has never done before. That’s real–that’s not a front. It is a defense mechanism, to keep Hannibal at arm’s length, because that is the only way he can possibly balance what he’s trying to balance. He is hostile toward Hannibal and unreceptive to him, and he will give Hannibal no piece of him to chew over. Will’s new family is clearly related to that, both as cause and as effect. They continually reinforce to Will that it’s IMPERATIVE he should stay as far from Hannibal as possible.

Thus they are very much a threat to Hannibal, and he’s not at all incorrect to view them that way and suffer all kinds of jealousy in that direction.

We may all believe that it’s a foregone conclusion that Will is going to fail at keeping Hannibal at arm’s length, but Will doesn’t–he knows the danger, but can’t afford to avoid it, because he can’t just let families die, he can’t just let Molly and Walter down. He has to try. And so Hannibal can’t believe that it’s a foregone conclusion, either, exactly because Will can’t and won’t and Will’s trying very, very hard right now. Hannibal is the one person on the show who never underestimates Will, and Will has rejected him TWICE already. He may have the most reason of anyone to believe that Will belongs with him, but he has the least reason of anyone to believe Will will ever go to him.

Hannibal can’t afford blind faith.

i just had a thought that makes me sad. like if the track that got released before that wasn’t supposed to be released was going to be their comeback song, but then when it started going around the web, they were all like ‘well, shit, looks like that plan’s blown’ and now woozi is working himself like twice as hard to make a brand new song because they can’t/don’t want to use that one anymore and just no.:(

Luke Hemmings - soulmate AU

this is a remake of literally every other soulmate thingy but whatever I went with it and I’m proud. I’m hopefully going to be turning this into a series with all the other boys. Hopefully

summery: you can’t see the colour blue cause Luke’s an asshole AND HAS THE PRETTIEST EYES EVER and you meet him and kissing blah-blah-blah just read it

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words: 1,655

Y/N had lived twenty five years without seeing the colour blue. She had lived her whole life unable to appreciate a clear sky on a sunny day, or watch the waves crash on the beach without getting bored. She had always read about all these beautiful things people had seen with the colour blue, but she never had the chance to see it herself. And She hated it to be honest. She always wished her soulmate had a boring eye colour, like green or brown, anything but blue. She wanted to appreciate what it felt like to look up at the sky and be mesmerized by the bright clouds contrasting with a bright blue sky. She even wanted to see the little light on her computer shine blue like it was supposed to. She just wanted to live her life without the constant reminder that there’s an asshole out there with blue eyes who she’s supposed to fall in love with. But of course, that wasn’t the world she lived in. She had to wait till this motherfucker, with probably the most gorgeous eyes ever, to walk up to her and realize they were meant for each other. And who knows how long that could take. Maybe a month, maybe a year, maybe forever. That was the thought that kept her up at night.

“Y/N?” Y/F called out. “Y/N you okay?” Y/N snapped out of her trance and straightened up in the chair.

“What-yeah no I’m perfectly fine!” She laughed. “Sorry I was just day dreaming”

“I could see that” Y/F chuckled. “What was it this time?” They asked.

“Oh nothing” Y/N tried hiding her red cheeks behind her coffee cup. She took a sip before putting it back down. Y/F remembered how Y/N got when she was thinking about her soulmate.

“Y/N, you’ll meet your soulmate soon” Y/F tried comforting her. “I promise” the mood changed.

“That’s easy for you to say!” Y/N scoffed. “You’ve already met yours! You and Alex have been married for like three years!” She leaned back in her chair and crossed her arms over her chest. “It’s unfair”

“Y/N, it’s just how this works. And anyways, Alex had to live without blue for twenty two years before he met me! And your mum lived without green for thirty years! So suck it up! You’ll be fine” Y/F said with a smile.

“Mine is worse though!” Y/N wined.

“And how is that?” Y/F laughed before taking a sip of their tea.

“Cause I’m the one going through it!” Y/N said while hanging her head over the back of her chair. She looked back at the upside down cash register and upside down people. She laughed at how everything looked before bringing her head back upright. “So stop telling me how others have it worse cause it’s not gonna stop me from complaining” they both laughed.

“Well if you’re gonna act like this, then you have to go get me a muffin” Y/F demanded.

“Whys that?” Y/N scoffed.

“Cause if you’re gonna keep complaining I’m going to need something to ease the pain” Y/F laughed.

“Ha ha, very funny” Y/N smiled.

“No seriously go get me a muffin” Y/F said. “Or I will hurt you”

“Whoa, okay” Y/N said sarcastically. She sat straight in her chair and pushed it back. She kept her arms crossed while standing up and walked towards the front counter. She got in line and waited. While she stood there, she made disgusted faces at Y/F, who laughed and returned it with even weirder faces. Till an old man caught them and asked them to stop cause he was trying to eat. The line took a stupidly long time, and when she got to the front she was beyond done with this busy coffee shop. She ordered Y/F the ugliest looking muffin they had and walked to the other counter to wait for her food. She waited, and waited, tapping her foot and mouthing swear words at Y/F. The muffin finally came and she handed the person her changed and started heading towards the table. However, when she was walking, someone bumped her shoulder and she fell back a bit. She looked back at the old lady who had ran into her expecting an apology. But the lady just gave her a dirty look and continued walking. Y/N started walking again, but she suddenly ran into someone’s chest. The muffin got knocked out of her hand as the stranger grabbed her waist so she wouldn’t fall.

“Oh my god I’m so sorry” the stranger said. She starred down at the muffin and then at the persons arm around her waist.

“It’s okay!” She laughed. She looked up at the person she bumped into and was greeted with the most attractive person she had ever met. He had light blond hair and was wearing a black hoodie over a black v-neck t-shirt. He was looking down at the muffin. He reached down and grabbed it.

“I’m so sorry” he said again. Right when he looked up, her gaze fell on the muffin in his hand. He motioned it towards her and she took it.

“Again, it’s okay!” She chuckled. She turned her gaze back up at him, and saw that his eyes were glued to her chest. She looked down at her boobs then back up at him. “Um, excuse me?” she leaned her head down to take his stare away from her chest. He looked up at her, and she suddenly saw a bright light shine from his eyes. They went from a boring grey, to the most majestic colour she had ever seen. The colour violated her eyes and she couldn’t breath. She had never seen anything like them. They looked more beautiful than anything she had seen before. Her whole faces dropped at she stared into his bright eyes. She had never seen anything like them. He reacted the same way. His mouth was hanging open as she stared at her. “Oh my god…” She whispered. Tears started forming in her eyes, and his were also getting glassy. One slid down her cheek and he brought his hand up to wipe it. Once his finger touched her skin, a fire lit in her stomach. She could tell he felt the same. His finger lingered on her cheek till she placed her hand on top of his. He held her cheek as more tears slipped out of her eyes. “My name is Y/N” she said in a hushed voice.

“Y/N…” He whispered her name. He smiled wide as he continued to stare into her eyes. “I’m Luke” he said. She smiled once she heard his name.

“Hi Luke” she said. She was smiling so wide her cheeks started to hurt.

“Hi Y/N” he laughed. “I-uh-i think you’re my-”

“I think so too” she cut him off. She looked down at his mouth as she spoke.

“This is weird” he switched his gaze from one eye to another. He rubbed his thumb on her cheek.

“How” she looked down at his mouth again. She started leaning in and he did the same.

“We’re in the middle of a coffee shop” she could feel his hot breath hit her nose.

“And” She said. He looked down at her lips them back up to her eyes. She had ever seen anything more beautiful. They were shining so bright, she swore they were sparkling. She moved her hand off of his and wrapped it around his neck. They both got closer and closer to each other till their lips were practically touching.

“I dunno” he said with heavy breath. He looked into her eyes for a couple second. “Can I kiss you?” He whispered.

“Do you wanna kiss me?” Her breath became heavy. He nodded his head fast before their lips finally touched. She immediately wrapped both her arms around his neck. He grabbed her by her waist and pulled her closer. She could feel butterflies erupt in her stomach as she opened her mouth. He immediately stuck his tongue in her mouth and they started full on making out in the middle of the coffee shop. Time felt irrelevant as she pulled on his hair.

“Um, excuse me” someone said behind Y/N. “I’m going to have to ask you to leave” they ignored the person and continued feeling each others bodies.

“Y/N! What are you doing!” She heard Y/F yell out. Y/N opened her eyes and looked behind Luke’s head and saw Y/F standing there with their mouth hanging open. Y/N continued kissing Luke while raising her eyebrows at Y/F. She held up her hand and gave Y/F a thumps up. “Y/N, what the fuck!” Y/F yelled with a smile on their face. Y/N looked into Y/F eyes and noticed they looked different. She stopped kissing Luke and stared at Y/F. Luke began to kiss her neck.

“Dude your eyes look so cool!” Y/N said.

“Y/N! What’s going on!” Y/F said.

“I found my soulmate! How cool is that!” Y/N laughed. “His eyes are so pretty oh my god!” She heard the whole shop sigh with relief. She looked around and noticed everyone was looking at her and Luke. They went back to their own lives when they realized Y/N had just met her soulmate. It was common for people to react this way.

“Y/N that’s awesome” Y/F smiled. “But could you not do this in the middle of a coffee shop”

“Oh yeah!” Y/N laughed. She brought lukes head up and looked into his eyes again. She couldn’t help but smile when she looked at him. He stared right back at her. “Would you like to get dinner sometime?” Y/N laughed.

“Of course” he smiled right back at her.