ive gone ahead and made some icons of pics from harry’s photoshoot! not all of them, but most of my faves both as the original photos and ones with the background removed :) if you take one pls like or reblog and u can find my other icons here :))

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We’ve all thought about a flower shop AU, but how about a flour shop AU where Bitty discovers this great little specialty store that sells all sorts of flour and meets the owner, Jack, who funnily enough knows fuck all about baking and only started this business because his old friend Johnson told him it would be a good idea.

Hey everyone!! I…really want to organize a SuperBat Big Bang. It’s when a group of artists and writers and editors work together release a huge work together! It can be a connecting story, or an artist could be paired with a writer of sorts…I’m still working on the date, maybe March 25th when BvS was released? Or the date when the first World’s Finest was issued? Or when Batman/Superman issue 18 was released! (The one where Bruce is the person Clark will miss the most when he dies). Would anyone be interested? Or up for helping or organizing? Or even interested in it happening! 

Thanks for reading the Katsu PSA! 

So I’m still good friends with my first boss and

Him: You know you were the first person I ever had to manage, right

Me: I remember, yes

Him: And I was panicking because you often did weird shit, like when you sew your trousers back together in [colleague’s name] office

Me: Well they were coming apart

Him: Or when we were visiting that construction site and you ran away to take a picture of a bug or some shit

Me: It was a beetle

Him: Or when you ran out of the canteen and ran back to our table and my boss asked you why you did that and you told him it was quicker that way instead of telling him why you ran outside in the first place and I wanted to die

Me: Sorry

Him: So yeah what I’m trying to say is, sorry for the yelling and stuff at the time because at least you were competent and nice and I’m currently working with dudes who aren’t weird at all but they’re also complete assholes and I miss you


Him: Please don’t cry

Guys, if you use an icon, like/reblog the post that you got it from or at least credit the maker on your blog somewhere… Making icons can take SO long and icon makers rarely get any recognition for them bc people don’t bother reblogging the post, which makes us think no one cares for our icons and no one uses them, so we’ll stop making them.

the main problem i have with my uni is that instead of being educated we’re educating ourselves. and the saddest thing is that in 3 years i’ve gotten so used to it that i stopped even questioning it. they give me a task, i do a research on my own, i show them the result, they give me a grade. maybe it’s supposed to make us independent or whatever but… i personally love it when people are genuinely interested in the subject they’re teaching. when they don’t mind me asking questions and when they give me advice on how i can make my projects better. when the goal of studying isn’t just getting good grades but actually obtaining knowledge