For a moment, Minako turned away from the sight of her little ballet boy– now turned Eros seducing the room with each turn and sweep of his come-hither fingers. For the first time, and only briefly, she watched the gloved hands fall from Viktor’s face as he watched, rapt and unblinking. It was the impassive stare of a carnivore. 

She recognised it. She had seen it the day she had stepped forward to claim the title of principal dancer from her senior. The older woman had moved towards her to kiss her cheek, her hands gripping her shoulders a little too tight, her stare a little too cutting.

‘Fuck you if you think you could ever cast dirt on my legacy,’ it said. ‘Fuck you if you think you can best me.’ And there- there it is. The same cold terror that flickered in that hard gaze all those years ago, that had lanced through her own heart when she saw her own younger, prettier, sexier model enter through the dancing hall door years later – and that now stood sentinel in those cold blue eyes.

‘Oh God,’ it whispered. ‘What if you can.’


Desire, jealousy, pride, love. I like to think Viktor’s a little more complicated than meets the eye.

stephanieeflores  asked:

I really wouldn't have minded if the doc was 2 hours or more if it meant pippa, renee and jazz talking more about their characters or just in general everybody in the cast could've talked a little more. Again my expectations were a little high 😝

Maybe we’ll get deleted scenes?

But I don’t know how much of the tone/pov of the doc would change.

I wanted to see like rehearsals and talks with the cast about the show and going to Broadway, etc.  What it’s like for them to play characters they didn’t have access to before the show.  More about the music! 

Less about Lin’s journey, I guess.  But it’s my fault for knowing so much.  These things aren’t made for hardcore fans, which is good to remember.

But I won’t forgive how the women were treated like after thoughts.  That, to me, is pretty unacceptable.

♫ “I know that you’re much older, and you’ve had many lovers, but there’s no place I’d rather be than underneath the covers next to you.” ♫
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Matthew “I enjoy being a troll” Daddario, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s 1940’s New York City. She’s a lounge singer with a voice that draws in even the coldest of men, and he’s a detective with a reputation for eyes as sharp as a hawk’s. Brought to the lounge to investigate a case, he can’t help notice the doll-face with the voice like an angel and legs for days, but he can’t be distracted. Especially not when he gets the feeling she knows more than she’s letting on. Despite his attempts to keep her at arm’s length, she worms her way in, and he slowly discovers that the dame is far cleverer than she looks. Soon he no longer has a suspect but a partner, with eyes just about as keen as his own (though he’s still far from oblivious to those gorgeous gams).  [Soundtrack]

Can someone just draw this angel as Rey and Ben’s son?? He’s got the nose, the ears, the fantastic hair, the perfect eyes and the little smirk. He’s perfect!

If they could cast him as a Reylo baby that would be 👍🏻

Style Crush Sunday: Lucy Hale

After the much anticipated return of Pretty Little Liars, how could I not have on of the cast as my style crush? For this week I’ve chosen Lucy Hale, known mostly for playing Aria Montgomery, as my inspiration. The petite actress has developed a style which I’m extremely envious of. Check out my favourite looks of Lucy’s below.

Here lucy opted for black pointed toe corset lace up stilettos with a cropped black top and crochet leather shorts. Lucy went for a mixed approach with her jewelry, wearing diamond encrusted bands, numerous unique earrings, as well as a ring to wrist studded bracelet.

Here Lucy created a simple summer look wearing an Urban Outfitters tee, with Silence + Noise Flowy Drawstring Shorts, Freda Salvador oxfords and a Saint Laurent bag. 

Lucy chose this crop top and trouser set from Vatanika’s Resort 2016 collection for her interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers. She paired it with Miu Miu sunglasses, Casadei black pumps and a Chanel bag.

Lucy pair a simple grey t-shirt dress, Jimmy Choo leopard print suede biker boots, an Urban Outfitters totes, Ray-Ban sunglasses and a leather jacket. 

Lucy wrapped up for the cold weather with ripped jeans, Miu Miu leather biker boots, a fur coat and oversized stripped scarf.

Here Lucy gave us seriously summer envy pairing khaki shorts, a Truly Deeply Madly tank top, Céline sunglasses and a Givenchy bag.

What’s your favourite outfit Lucy has worn? Do you see her as a fashion inspiration? Let me know! If you enjoyed this post, please like or reblog.