YAMACHII’s relationship gets questioned on a tv show. Once again.

One: Yes, you didn´t kiss on the lips on a concert… yet.

Two: Yes, it’s normal have couple rings with your BFF… if you are fifteen.

Three: Chinen is creepy af.

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rules: list 5 otps from 5 different fandoms and tag 10 people to pass it on

  • Liara & Tela ( Mass Effect )
  • Kim Possible & Shego ( KP )
  • Korra & Asami ( ATLA: LOK )
  • Lord Saladin & Mara Sov ( Destiny )
  • Jasper & Pearl ( SU )

gonna take my last two rolls of film from perú to scan today to this man’s little store that is a huge life hack he sells rolls and develops at half the price i used to pay before and he’s like a hidden treasure that only members of the city’s film society (that i am now a member of lmao) know about. the legend says he even gifted cameras to his favorite clients in the past

dozing off.


dragon age charms ✨ i wanted to do the remaining 10+ LIs plus varric but alas there is no time

you can find these at conbravo @ hamilton, ON if you’re attending!