MCR 22 Day Photoshop Challenge

✿ Day 1 - Gerard + Music Videos ✿

homestuck artists i have a proposition for u

instead of drawing sad damaras you could instead draw:

  • happy damaras
  • damaras not giving a shit
  • badass damaras
  • cosplaying damaras
  • and damaras not giving a single fuck about boys!!

I know I post a lot of selfies. On the off chance you’re less “oh look it’s that lady again” and more “why the fuck am I looking at her again?”

It took me 28 years to get to a point where I like who I am and how I look. Catching up now for all the pictures I refused to take way back when.

About half this blog is so I can look back and go I liked me that day.

i forgot i made this little photo montage ages ago where Arthur finally comes back and it hurts so much i mean look how unsure Merlin is then that smile when he realises it’s real and then he just: 

i’m not crying you’re crying

do you ever just go back and read the endings of your favorite fics

The Librarian Livestream donation has been sent and carried away by…you know, I’m not even sure what. Maybe a chimera?

Either way, it has been done. They have randomly received $18. That is probably the strangest number they’ve received.

Anyways, I’ll make a post tomorrow about planning a livestream for Condos, The Debate, and the TAH/WtNV Crossover and donate accordingly once again. Thanks for attending the livestream and yeah, I am a person of my word. Boom.