Reita: for the first time in a while, I’m shooting alone today 📸

Ruki: Fighting 🤘

Reita: today we shot the cover of the next ROCK&READ issue. we were able to do the shooting based on new themes with 3 variations of outfits and I have a really good feeling about it 👍🏻 I was told that as a special favor, I could post only one picture of the shoot so, here you are ! ! to see the rest you gotta wait for the magazine 🤘🏻

Tags! <3

Tagged by @jigoku-nozomi @reitasderpface and @ribica-mb to do the ABC tag thing, so thank u bbys! (and sry for posting late lol)

A age - I will be twenty one in about ten more days :3

B birthplace - I was born on a native reservation, that is all i will say

C current Time - 9 28 PM

D Last thing I Drank - Sweet tea!

E easiest person to talk to - @ribica-mb ;)

 F favorite song - HOW CAN U ASK ME THIS QUESTION (can’t answer honestly)

G grossest memory - I remember this one time some boy in kindergarten stapled a frog to a cross made of popsicle sticks ( I was sent home crying lol)

H horror, yes or no? - YES PLZ

I in love? - Bruh I’m Are/Ace no thanks lmfao

J jealous of People? - Jealousy is Petty

K killed someone - Am I supposed to answer this?

L love at First Sight? Or look Past again? - LOVE IS OVERRATED (for me I have no chance)

M middle name - Deane

N number of Siblings - I am an only child (thank the lord)

O one Wish - To give my mom financial stability (AND TO GO TO JAPAN OFC)

P person you last called - I honestly do not remember

Q question you’re always asked - “Are you really Native American? You’re so pale you look white!” BITCH IT’S CALLED NOT BEING FULL BLOODED 

R reason to smile - @watashi-no-namae-wo-yonde @ribica-mb and the MEMES 

S song you last sang - Tomorrow Never Dies by the GazettE (the Dogmatic Yoyogi Live version!)

T time you woke up - about eleven this morning I think lol

U underwear color - It’s all about black you know

V vacation - My mom and I are going to a summer rock festival for my birthday

W worst Habit - I slouch and it makes me feel old

X x-Rays - what does this mean????

Y your Favorite Food - POMEGRANATES!

Z zodiac Sign - I am a cancer :v 

tagging just a few people lol 

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