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Hey, so, I’ve never done one of these before, but here goes! I’m gonna make this post simple because I’m not too sure how to dress it up.

-(Original) Nintendo DS promotional bracelet
-Chrome metal D20
-Splatoon pin set
-Two 3DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added
-Three DS games from the picture, although more will likely be added (going back and playing older games is fun, okay?)

And, the biggest prize…

-Dust: An Elysian Tail - Limited Indiebox Collector’s Edition! Your box will come completely sealed- the one pictured is my own personal box, which I opened up to show off all the things inside.


-I’ve heard that Tumblr may delete posts tagged as “giveaway,” so please do not tag any reblogs as such!
-You do NOT need to be following me. I don’t want to force you to see my content if you don’t want to.
-Reblogs and likes count as entries. You may reblog more than once, but it will only change your entry number, not give you an additional entry.
-The winner’s URL will not be publicly announced, unless they give me permission to do so.
-No side blogs. I will be checking that the entry drawn is associated with an active main blog. This is to keep things fair.
-There will be one OR MORE winners- if the first winner does not want every prize (for example, they don’t own a 3DS, don’t care for Splatoon, etc), an additional winner will be drawn and offered the remaining prizes. This will continue until all prizes are claimed.
-Please tag your reblog as “rules read” so I know that you read the rules.
-I will be covering shipping!
-Please, don’t claim prizes and sell them. I can’t really enforce this, but if you don’t want something, I’d really rather it be offered to someone else, rather than sold.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck to everyone!

EDIT– I’M DUMB AND FORGOT AN END DATE!!! It’s going to be April 23.

A Real new hockey fans guide: By someone who was sick of the tumblr bias posts
  • Yes sidney crosby is the best forward but it depends what you’re looking for. Sid is generally considered the best because he has the best balance of defensive and offensive talent. But there are other players like Ovechkin, Bergeron, Tavares, McDavid, ect ect ect. who are the best at their own thing and who you consider the best is up to what you think the Best entails. most people just consider Sid’s all around prowess The Best. 
  • Not everyone thinks high scoring is what makes a d-man.  but recently because Goaltending has gone up and scoring has gone down, it’s been the priority to score rather than defend. that means you’re not going to hear about shut down d-men…or if you do it probably isn’t because they’re shut down d-men. You’re more likely to hear about guys like Keith, Letang, and Karlsson. who are all good at their game…but don’t forget the quiet guys like Hedman, Chara, Ekblad ect. their job is to make the game “less fun” so it’s okay to not notice them. but they’re there and they’re good.
  • Carey Price is generally considered the best goaltender. But goaltending is not as spread out as the media and tumblr will have you think. Yes even I think Price is the best but I don’t think he’s so untouchable and every other goalie is a scrub. The media and tumblr are drama queens, we like to exaggerate things and follow story lines. It’s not fun for halfway through the season for us to be like “uh we were wrong about the price being untouchable, so now we’re going with Dubnyk as untouchable” no one is going to buy that. Respect Price, but respect the guys putting up the same numbers, they also exist.
  • Trends in the league are like waves, Good teams go down as the bad teams go up. And they don’t happen at the same time, it’s all wonky and if you graphed it it may just look like a bunch of scribbles. But just because you joined the fandom and one team is The Best, it won’t stay that way and it probably wasn’t that was a few years ago. So just because everyone is crying over a specific team being the best, remember to stay grounded. Because it’s gonna end soon and it probably just started. In 2013 the Boston Bruins overwhelmingly swept the pittsburgh penguins where David Krejci was leading the Post Season points and Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin and Kris Letang did not score.
  • Never be one of the “everyone likes…” guys because trust me. We’ve been here for years and enough of us have plenty of reasons to not like so and so.
  • A lot of shit happened in the league and al lot of players have been accused of pretty bad things. If you care about this a good google search will not lead you wrong. But stop asking us why “everyone hates blank” if we don’t talk about it readily it’s probably because we don’t WANT to.
  • A lot of us do like and read check please but the NHL is NOT check please. so please stop comparing and treating our favorite players like fictional characters. Sidney Crosby is not Jack. Evgeni Malkin is not tater ect. ect. They may be based off of them but respect Ngozi’s characters are individuals and real life human beings as individuals. Besides how can it be real life if sidney crosby is dating someone not geno
  • Fights and Hits and aggression is part of hockey. No one is going after your Baby ™ because they want to hurt them personally. It’s the game. Guys fight each other who are best friends off the ice. But it’s literally a different world for them on the ice. Do not get offended because two men consented to a fight. and clean hits are still clean if your fav player is on the receiving end
  • There is a difference between chirping and insulting. learn it. don’t insult and don’t get offended by chirps. Or do. Just don’t expect to be taken seriously. 
  • The Playoffs is when things quickly go form “haha this is fun” to literal murder time please be prepared.
  • Please get involved in other teams besides yours. I know a lot of us have our One True Team (OTT) and I get that I do too, but involving yourself in the rest of the league is the only way to really understand the game. You can’t just look at one team and say “our best player is best in the league” consider the other players. And Maybe you don’t awnt to truely understand the NHl and that’s just as good trust me i wish i was in that boat. Involve yourselves in other teams, interact with rivals, search tags you might not usually. Get to know people and teams. 
  • don’t let any of us fool you we all weren’t stoked about Team NA and the world cup but then it happened and we all did a 180 so quick. 


  • fantasizing about going back in time and making a clean break from an ex who is stuck in your dumb heart like a dumb thorn and you’re like THAT HURTS BUT IF I TAKE THIS OUT, IS IT JUST GOING TO BLEED??? IN THE MOVIES THEY SAY TO LEAVE THE ARROW IN?????
  • fantasizing about quitting your job to “”“”“find your true self”“”“” on a trip where you ~dance in the rain~ and learn to ~live in the moment~ and ~get hella tan~
  • fantasizing about the last time you fought with your roommate about her awful boyfriend essentially living with you without paying rent or contributing to the house in any meaningful way, no, i don’t want him to contribute to rent, he’s awful, i want him not to be here all the fucking time
  • fantasizing about yelling at your terrible landlord/management company/whatever for sending you an email about the mess in your apartment, like YOU’RE NOT MY MOM, MR/S. LANDLORD???? I’LL CLEAN MY SHIT WHEN I WANNA CLEAN IT???
  • fantasizing about fiercely defending your future children from the shitty PTA parents who are mad because their kid doesn’t get more playing time when they play That Sport They Like and you’re like LISTEN, BRAD AND AMBER, OUR KIDS ARE NINE. THE SCORE OF EVERY GAME IS FUN TO FUN, OKAY, AND YOUR LITTLE MARK ISN’T THE SECOND COMING OF GRETZKY. MOST KIDS AREN’T ELITE PLAYERS, THEY’RE AVERAGE. THAT’S WHAT AVERAGE MEANS.*
Naughty sexting preference

Niall: I was out to dinner with my parents when my phone goes off “Its Niall” I smile and check the text, I gasp when I see a picture of him stroking his length. “What is it honey?” my mother asks concerned, “Um our neighbors cat died, it was one we were really close to. Listen I have to go to the bathroom for a second”. I put my napkin on the table and walk to the bathroom, when I get in there I angrily text back “What the hell Niall? I’m in public!” “I need your wet pussy lips around my thick cock, I want to smack you and punish you for making me wait”. I gulp and feel my underwear get soaked I walk into a stall and pull down my underwear I send a quick video of me fingering myself “Have fun without me” I smirk as I walk back to the table.

Harry: I was out shopping with my sister when I feel my phone buzz, I pull it out of my pocket and check who texted; Harry. I smile as I open up his text “Where are you baby?” “Out with (Y/S/N)” I send and put it back in my pocket. We walk into Macy’s and I look for some presents to get Harry, my phone buzzes again “I’ve been horny all day I need you” I smirk and reply back “Well i’ll probably be out for a while” I look around and find a pair of a black lace thong and bra, “then you better get me something good if im going to have to wait this long.” I send a picture of the pair “See you soon ;)”

Louis: I was in class listening to the professor speak when my phone lit up, I looked down and saw Louis’ screen name pop up, “Is class over yet?” “No, in about an hour” I look back up at the teacher and see him putting the notes up on the board, I quickly write down the notes then look back at my phone “But I bought you a fun toy to use ;)” I bite my lip and look around the class to see if anyone has noticed “What kind of toy?” it didn’t take him long to respond “One that you can use while i’m gone, but could never replace me ;)” I start to get aroused and look at the clock; 45 minutes left. This is going to be torture, “Tell me what it is” I wait a good 10 minutes for him to respond “Guess you’ll have to wait and find out”. I sigh and return to my notes, 4 minutes later I get another text “Oh and I have another surprise for you so you better come home quick. I groan. Longest 40 minutes of my life.

Zayn: I was in the middle of studying for my finals when Zayn text’s me, "Im waiting for you up stairs babe..” I roll my eyes “You cant yell downstairs? And Im studying, you’ll have to wait” “I don’t like waiting” “Too bad, now hush” I return to my Science text book and study for about 10 minutes when I hear Zayn moaning upstairs. “What are you doing??” I text “Starting without you” if he thinks im going up there now ha, two can play this game “Oh okay, have fun” I wait a minute then I start moaning his name. I hear Zayn run down the stairs “Wait for me!”

Liam: I pick up my phone and read the text from Liam “Hey babe ;) x” usually when he adds the winky face he’s super horny. “Hey Li, how’s the album going?” he responds back quickly “Boring (Y/N), I wanna be with you” he sends another one “wait, more like I wanna be in you” I giggle and send a text back “Well you’ll have to wait till your home ;)” that should make him angry. “I want you now” I feel myself start to get wet, I slip off my clothes and snap a picture and send it to him “i’ll be waiting” that should get him aroused for a while.

anonymous asked:

johnson had always been somewhat of a close friend to you but you didnt text much but after being bullied and losing most of your friends you text him one day asking if he hates you and he replies immediately with no because he knows what's been going on and he tries to keep the conversation happy and comforting

Weeks have passed, and every day, you have entered school loathing the very atmosphere of the ground you walk on. 
You don’t feel safe anywhere: by your locker, on the basketball courts, even in rooms with teachers. 
It has been weeks since the last time you spoke to someone that cared, it has been weeks since the last time anyone said anything nice to you, if anything at all, and you have learnt to live with being alone most of the time. You get home, and your parents don’t understand why you are so afraid; you try to talk to your friends and they question why you are so paranoid. Soon enough, you turn bitter towards them - knowing that it is better to be alone, than to be surrounded yet lonely.

“Do you hate me?” You text Jack Johnson. 
“Never.” He replies almost immediately.
“That’s a first.” You say.
You get an incoming call from him and answer after half a ring.
“Let’s play a game.” He suggests.
You sigh, “Jack if this is just another way for guys to get my bra size it’s thirty-“
“What?” He interrupts you, “No no, a fun game." 
"Oh, um, okay” You say, “What’s the game?" 
"Tell me something you like about yourself.” He says
“What kind of a game is-”
“Just say it - one thing." 
"Um.. My.. Hair?” You say
“That sounded like a question.”
“My hair.” You reiterate more sternly.
“Good. Your hair. I like your hair too - I like the way you never keep it the same for more than a few weeks, I like how you style it differently almost everyday.” He tells you. “What else do you like about yourself?" 
"Um…” You think, “I’m kinda smart.”
“You are smart” He agrees, “You are very smart - no better than that, you are wise. You have been through enough in your small lifetime up to date to know more than I think I ever will. You’ve been through hard times, and good times, and it’s made you the beautiful girl that you are now.”

The game continues for a while until you pause for a second, 
“Yes (y/n)”
“Thank you" 
"No need to thank me. We were just playing a game of state the obvious." 
You curl up into a ball on your bed and smile.
"I don’t know why we don’t talk more often..” You tell him.
“Well,” He says, “I’m always right here, okay? I’ll always be here."