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rules: once you have been tagged you are supposed to write 92 truths about yourself. at the end tag 25 people

what was your last …..
drink: water
phone call: my friend
text message: my other friend
song you listened to: 
strawberries - why?
last time you cried: a few nights ago

have you ever…
dated someone twice: no
been cheated on: yes
lost someone special: yes
been depressed: yep
gotten drunk and thrown up: no

in the last year have you…
made a new friend: yes !
fallen out of love: no
laughed until you cried: so many times
met someone who changed you: not this year
found out who your true friends are: yes
kissed someone on your facebook list: yes

how many friends on your facebook list do you know in real life: most of them
do you want to change your name: nah
what did you do for your last birthday: hung out with my best friends
what time did you wake up: probably around 9 am
name something you cant wait for: for this semester to be over
when was the last time you saw your mother: yesterday i think
what are you listening to right now: a cd my friend made me for my birthday
have you ever met a person named tom: none come to mind but i’m sure I have
something that’s getting on your nerves: inconsiderate people
blood type: no clue whoops
nickname: none really
relationship status: taken
zodiac sign: cancer
pronouns: she/her
fave tv show: big brother, lost, american horror story, pretty little liars, and breaking bad
tattoos: none
surgery: nope
piercings: i actually don’t have any
best friend: her name is ella claire
sport: i haven’t played a sport in a really long time but i use to love softball and soccer
vacation: i went to france and spain last summer and it was incredible
pair of trainers: my adidas superstars

right now…
eating: nothing
drinking: nothing but i probably should get some water
i’m about to: get home from spending a day in another city
listening to: i answered this already
waiting for: my friends and i to get back into town
want kids: not really
get married: eh idk
dream career: photographer

which is better…
hugs or kisses: kisses
lips or eyes: eyes
shorter or taller: taller
older or younger: as long as they’re close to my age
romantic or spontaneous: spontaneous
nice arms or nice stomach: idc
sensitive or loud: sensitive
hook up or relationship: relationship
trouble maker or hesitant: hesitant

have you ever…
kissed a stranger: not quite a stranger 
sex on the first date: no
drank hard liquor: oh yes
broken someone’s heart: i hope not
had your own heart broken: kinda
been arrested: no
cried when someone died: yes
fallen for a friend: yes

do you believe in…
yourself: not really
miracles: yeah
love at first sight: no
santa: lol
kiss on the first date: doesn’t matter to me

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Let me give you an angry Aiocat and some hugs and kissus u3u)/ Hope you had/have (f*ck time zones) a great day! Wish you more years to come and hope can tell you happy bday as well the next year OuO

oh my xoco thank you so much~! <3 look at that grumpy cute cub I can’t handle this~! oh my god.. <– just woke up.

Dont worry, hun~ we have whatsapp on each other >w> its impossible to break the bonds now eyyyh?

“Time for some FAB pampering at #OneFabPooch. See you all here, furrr-iends!” 🐾 Tiny 🐶 #instadog #dogdaily #like #love #dogsofinstagram #pooch #doggrooming #groomingservice #dogsalon #petsalon #grooming #davao #cutedogs


“Time for some FAB pampering at #OneFabPooch. See you all here, furrr-iends!” 🐾 Tiny 🐶 #instadog #dogdaily #like #love #dogsofinstagram #pooch #doggrooming #groomingservice #dogsalon #petsalon #grooming #davao #cutedogs

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