A small girl walked a road she didn’t really know, patches of tall grass surrounding the area, with questions she never thought she’d think about. To one side of a girl, a large, black-furred, poodle-like Pokemon, looking relatively bored, lazily followed. To the other, a snow-white small fox Pokemon eagerly trotted alongside, taking care to never stray too far.



The girl sighed a little.

“What am I even gonna do with you two anyway? You’re probably better off with someone else, I mean…I’ve never even had pets before. I don’t really wanna be a breeder, that seems…creepy. I could try being a trainer, but…would you two even want that? It must be kinda annoying to have to fight against stuff you don’t have anything against to begin with…and besides, I wouldn’t want you guys to get hurt either.”

“Aaaah, I don’t really get the Pokemon world. How can you even tell if your Pokemon want to do stuff like that in the first place? How do trainers even get money to keep going, do they all just have rich moms or something? Y’can’t just beat people up and take their money…not in reality anyway.”

The more she walked, the more she got exasperated with herself. The truth was, she was very, very lost in this Pokemon world. Looking down to her two given Pokemon, exasperation turned to hopelessness.

“How do I even know what you two want? Do you…want to train and take on gyms? I guess I’ll never know…it’s not like you two can speak the same language as me. It’s just…your own name. Not even - your own species - but that reminds me, I haven’t even named you two, have I? What a bother…”

The black Furfrou simply looked unamused, while the snow white Vulpix looked worried…maybe even slightly hurt to be called a bother. Tomoko didn’t mean it that way, but regardless, she didn’t notice either of their reactions.

“…what do I even do here? Why did I decide to go out alone? Did I have something to prove? That I could do things by myself? Was that it? Ugh…stupid, stupid, stupid…”

I’m not sure if the next step is Coffee Talk turning around and walking away, head low, with a soft “Goodbye, Kingsley”, or confessing her undying love for Sombra, or yelling at Buttface to leave her friend alone damn it and stop trying to sway him towards evil.




ahhh this is beautiful, vixen! THE TEARSSS THE WIND BLOWN FURRR AHhhhHhhh stop making me feel my own feels. THANK YOU FRIEND *paps face over and over*