Twenty three years ago, on this day most handsome, talented, adorable, humble, kind hearted, lovely, precious human being was born. First of all i’d like to thank Zhang Yixing’s parents for blessing us with their wonderful creation. For almost 3 yrs of being your fan, you’ve always been nothing but a perfection. I decided to divide my life into two major parts, Before Zhang Yixing and After Zhang Yixing, the me before Zhang Yixing was.. i honestly dont remember much about her except she was a girl who tries so hard to live up to people’s expectations of her but doesn’t know what to expect from herself. I did not have a dream nor purpose, was simply wasting my days away and the least i expected was to find motivation to be a better me from someone i never met. i just wanted to know who Exo’s Lay was because he looked kinda hot but the next thing i know was im too deep in to get out. Looking at you who was so sure of what you want and worked insanely hard to get it, i  felt proud and jealous at the same time. Now i’ve got a dream and a purpose, i don’t exactly know how to achieve it but im on my way. There were times when i just want to give up literally everything, but only one smile from you is enough to pull me on my feet. It’s not just your music or dancing that inspires me. it’s your everything, everything that makes Zhang Yixing made me try to be the best i can be. You have saved me in so many ways. I want to give something back in return, but i dont have much to offer except for my promise of loving and supporting you in everything you do. Even if you weren’t an idol, you’d still be someone i’d admire and look up to. I hope you stop putting so high expectations for yourself and end up being disappointed in yourself when you can’t reach it. You are beyond my expectations of any idols, you’d bow to every single fans in the audience if someone doesnt come to get you, you’d dance with injuries if it means to make your fans happy and you’d apologize afterwards because you couldn’t dance well, you’d prepare presents for your fans on your own birthday, you’d apologize to a fan whose present you lost, you’d be more happy if your fans donated the money rather than buying you presents. You are something else entirely. Becoming your fan was the best decision i’ve ever made. You nag us to stay healthy but don’t forget to stay healthy yourself and smile a lot because your smile is actually the 8th wonder of the world, it has the ability to cure the sick. 

Happy belated birthday, Zhang Yixing ♥