About the new MM update

I’ve been getting a lot of messages like this about the new update! The whole fandom is kind of crazy right now, and I feel like I should probably say something. (sorry nonnie this isn’t directed @ you but you were top of the heap and I am too damn lazy to look through my mess of a box and SS a bunch of messages lol). 

First, let me say that I LOVE all of the theories and speculation floating around. I think it’s wonderful. What better way to make new friends and start getting involved in a fandom then moments when we are all guessing what is coming next or discussing opinions and theories! It keeps the fandom alive and brings people together! (Not to mention those quality memes!)

However, none of us know for certain what this new update entails. And while we all have our own personal hopes for what it’s going to be, I think it’s important to remember that even if we are wrong or it’s not what we wanted, we should still be happy for this new content! I’m so grateful Cheritz keeps working hard to give us new stuff to look forward to. 

Alright, now on to a sort of rant-filled breakdown because there are so many rumors floating around and I keep getting message after message about this all and what I think. 


I’ll say right now that I am very certain it will NOT be us playing as Rika. 

Why? Plain and simple, this is an Otome game. We are meant to date the characters. It would be incredibly strange for them to put all of this money and resources into creating an update where you play as a female character that isn’t MC/yourself. Not to mention, a female character that the majority of the fandom dislikes. 

Secondly, is this more background into Mint Eye? Hm, while that’s a real possibility, I also believe that it’s doubtful. Why? Because we got more than enough info in the Secret Endings. I mean, what more could we know? The rest of the info we could possibly learn would be unnecessary. All of the important plot points have been revealed, so that would be a truly boring update. 

Is that V AND SAERAN in the pic? While I’ve touched on this before and posted pic submissions basically debunking it, I’ll say it again. That’s definitely V, albeit just a tad bit different and to me, younger and more youthful looking (though laying the funeral pic on top of it shows it to be a good match). 

So, what could this update be. Is it a route? I believe so. If it was a DLC, they would place it in the DLC spot with the rest of the special short content. 

Why does it only say ‘Another Story’ though? It could be something they typed up so it doesn’t give too much away. A placeholder if you will. It keeps us guessing, and it could change to say ‘deepest route’ or ‘magical unicorn dreams with V’ or really any damn thing they wanted to after it updates and releases. Or that could honestly be the name. Who knows. 

Every route in the game has a different end, it’s like a brand new game each time. “V died though!” doesn’t really say anything, he survived in plenty of other routes. It may be the true end to the game itself as a whole, but a route can still go it’s own way, since each route resets. 

 Despite that, I think there is a good possibility it could be an AU route. 

I’m placing all my eggs in the AU basket. I could be crazy wrong, but this is my guess. First, because of the fact that I think V’s image for the route looks a bit younger than how we meet him previously. Second, and because I LOVE to contradict myself and argue with myself, while I stated just a second ago that each route resets and Cheritz can have us romance V even though his true end is death, I also think it is a lot less complicated to have us meet and romance V at an earlier time in his life. 

This makes much more sense. 

I could definitely see a route where perhaps and by chance you end up meeting V and interact with him and the RFA as their younger selves. Perhaps Rika took the advice and decided to go for help during this time so she is a non-factor. Maybe we get to see Yoosung being his studious self, Zen as a struggling actor instead of a star, etc etc. Wouldn’t that be cool???!? 

I just don’t know. I hope for a lot of things, but only time will tell!! 

I just know that whatever it is they end up giving us, I’m probably going to binge it all in one sitting and then cry myself to sleep lolol. 

So many Jaspar moments today:

 -first thing first (I’m the realest) 3 videos of them

 -cute date

 -shy Caspar (petition for more fanfics with Caspar as a bottom!) 

 -smiling Caspar (it’s always killing me 😍) 

 -“HEY HONEY” (my #1 and new nickname to my collection of Joe’s-nickname-to-PineaplleBoy 

 -deep Joe’s voice at the end of his vlog (literally call the ambulance, it can’t be healthy to my heart to beating so fast all the time he talk) 

 -Joe laying on Caspar (my Jaspar eyes didn’t see Josh there) 

 -them just being around each other all the time 

 Also I think it’s not the end of NY vlogs so I hope it’ll be more Jaspar moments + don’t fotget about Caspar’s tomorrow truth or dare video with Joe

Warning: Gravity Falls spoilers!

Okay.. okay. okay. *deep breath* OKAY. Just.. wow. The latest episode was just .. phew.. to be perfectly honest, a literal bombshell of emotions. I’m still restless from pretty much every scene and what it could possibly mean for the future.

Anyway, I’ll probably post/reblog other ep analyses/theories later because, hell, I’m already scalp deep in this crazy fandom anyway. Right now, though, I just want to point out a couple of things.

Firstly, this scene. Holy shit I literally screamed the minute I saw this. I’m 100% sure this is another Twin Peaks reference. And an awesome one too ‘cause, guess what, this owl, has always been there as some random prop. Hell, it’s subtler than the “Stan is not what he seems” code at the op credits. 'Cause this is only targeted at the ones who actually know TP. What the frick am I talking about, you ask?

It’s only now that that they actually gave the above owl image a 2-second screen time in the episode titled “Not What He Seems” that the connection become more concrete for me. (though I guess this was pretty obvious for TP fans) ((Plus, it kinda reminded me of the creepy giant dude with the camera angle from below thing.. ain’t gonna show a screenshot of that though cause that scene creeps me the hell out, just saying))  To go further, the owls signified something sinister in TP. What exactly, no one knows. But it’s been theorized that the owls were the seeing eyes of the spirits who cannot touch the physical plane. This creepy demon/spirit dude named Bob was portrayed with an owl face but, again, I won’t show that due to similar reasons. (Just google “The owls are not what they seem” and you’ll know what I’m talking about). Anyway, I just find this reference really cool. :D 

Secondly, the parallel between the first episode and the latest episode. 

In the first episode, right after reading the warning in the book “Trust no one.”, he proceeds to trust Mabel with his secret anyway. But later on, when Stan asks what he was reading, he quickly hides the book, signifying that he didn’t trust Stan at all. 

In the latest episode, the concept of “trust” is again put to light. But this time, it was Mabel who had to choose whom to believe in. But in contrast to Dipper in the first episode, she chooses Stan over her own twin. 

I don’t know what this could possibly entail, but I have nasty feeling about it.

Thirdly, and the most important of all.




(technically still us lol)

I can just picture the time skip now…. 

It cuts to a wedding scene, slowing panning to the bride & groom

*all the fandom is going crazy right about now, who is it? MAKORRA? KORRASAMI?*

Just as we’re about to see their faces, Zhu Li says “I’ve been waiting to do this thing for a long time." 

We see its Zhurrick and Varrcik picks up Zhu Li and they take off in a Hummingbird and everyone is seen waving and smiling, and the camera pans up to the sunset and we see "The End” fade onto the screen.