omgcp characters as things i've done
  • nursey:flipped face-first off a trampoline and bit my tongue (almost) in half
  • jack:so confused by the southern "ma'am" tradition that i called a teacher "dude" to her face
  • chowder:mispronounced "fork" and "spoon" as "fuck" and "pussy," loudly, in a denny's.
  • bitty:performed a dramatic reenactment of the bubble-blowing episode of spongebob, word for word, for my mom
  • holster:tried to love match two of my friends by smashing their faces together as hard as i could
  • lardo:chugged a 2-liter bottle of coke to assert my dominance over my neighbor. Threw up in the bathtub.
  • dex:held a 10-year grudge over the guy who beat me in the 5th grade presidential election
  • whiskey:dated a guy for a month longer than planned because I didn't know how to tell his dog
  • ransom:forgot to do homework, ripped the relevant page out of my workbook and told my teacher i found it that way. she believed me and apologized.
  • tango:went to mcdonalds after an all-nighter, asked the cashier what "ketchup" meant
  • shitty:got kicked out of kindergarten because i knew too much

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I appreciate your thoughts on Jumin's route. Honestly while I love him as much as the others, his route made me REALLY uncomfortable. Like I really wanted to beg Zen and Jaehee to get me out. Jumin is extremely inexperienced with emotions, true, but that shouldn't give him a pass. Giving into his desires felt like I was babying him and making it worse. Personally, I think the best choice would have been for MC to gently tell it to Jumin' s face "Dude I love you, but you're crossing the line"

^^^^^ exactly

yall: negan is 100% evil!!!! ___ didn’t deserve to die for no reason! they did nothing wrong

me, on the inside: *remembers how rick and the gang rolled up on that compound and killed 40+ members of negan’s people in their sleep; how cold and casually rick shot that one dude in the face after he pretended to be negan; how within the context of the tv show, they got off pretty easily considering negan was only gonna kill one person in retaliation rather than just mow all of em down at once.*

me, on the outside:


me, on the inside: *knows that, while it was in no way daryl’s intent, at that point negan made it very clear who tf he was and daryl’s impulsive act could have very well cost the entire group their lives considering everyone was surrounded by armed men; that you can like daryl but still see the direct cause and effect of these actions and mentioning this doesn’t mean you’re demonizing him; but i’m also hoping they dont spend an extended amount of time focusing on daryl’s pain rather than the pain/healing of maggie, rosita, and sasha (eugene too)*

me, on the outside:


”I ride in on an elk, played by a horse named Moose. Moose is the biggest horse in New Zealand. I had this one day when I was shooting with him where I would say my line. He could feel it coming and would start kind of moving out of his mark. And it would never fail. I would say “We have come to tell you”, and then he would start moving.” - Lee Pace

BTS of “The Hobbit” spam (76/100)