So @TheCapitolPN tweeted this

which was promptly deleted. (G-Bb-A-D are the notes to Rue’s whistle.)

But if you had clicked inspect element before it was deleted

The Mockingjay Lives.

“You silence our voices, but we are still heard.”

HOW COOL IS THIS MARKETING?!?! Like the rebels are hacking into the capitol’s twitter!!!!

(Thanks toastbabeis and mockingjaysource for noticing it and jenliamjosh for reblogging)


In honor of the all-out rebel assault on our emotions that will take place during Mockingjay 2, we asked Artist of the People @risarodil​ to illustrate the quotes that run the highest risk of sending us into a mid-arena meltdown. (”Real or not real”=SOB.)

So Tributts, let’s hold hands and weep together, shall we?


We now interrupt your regular, scheduled broadcast to bring you this important notice from District 13.

The large stone objects in the ‘Mockingjay’ set photos are called Czech hedgehogs. They are an anti-tank defense that were widely used by Soviets in World War II. Czech hedgehogs were especially effective in urban combat, where a single hedgehog could block an entire street. They became a symbol of “defence at all cost” in the Soviet Union. Sounds like a perfect fit for The Capitol.