My thoughts on the Royal Rumble match!!!

How it’s going to feel waiting for someone to get down that aisle

“A superstar will enter every 2 minutes”

Jack Gallagher bringing the Umbrella with him

Lawler not being the slightest bit funny

Braun, Sami & Big Show being in chronological order

Tye enters the rumble

James Ellsworth enters the rumble

Just kidding…


Strowman looking like he could break Roman’s elimination record.

How easy Corbin eliminated Braun

Kofi almost killing himself

The New Day didn’t turn on each other

Cesaro got me feeling some type of way sizing up to Sheamus

I randomly picked number 22 to win and the I find out it’s Apollo

Brock Lesnar eliminated in a matter of seconds by Goldberg

The Undertaker just appearing instead of walking to the ring

Goldberg eliminated in a matter of seconds by Taker

Knowing full well who hasn’t entered the Rumble but still hoping it wont be Roman

And it’s Roman

Roman Eliminating Taker

Roman telling Taker it’s his yard


But then realizing we have to watch Cena vs Orton 

No Balor

No Samoa Joe

And the most devastating of all; no Kurt Angle

The day the ring died.
[June 12th, 2003]

Brock Lesnar and The Big Show are two beasts who have very few peers in terms of size and strength, so when the two behemoths met on SmackDown, it was a spectacle to witness. The crowd came to their feed when Lesnar climbed to the top rope to hook The Big Show’s head so that he could deliver a superplex, but the ring itself was not prepared. As the two men came crashing down to the canvas, the ring imploded, knocking both men out and referee Charles Robinson to the canvas himself. This was the first time the ring had imploded, and it’s only happened once since!

What If all the wrestlers shared the same locker room
  • Big Show : has anyone seen my bag?
  • Cesaro : I can't find my shirt
  • Daniel Bryan : can someone brush my beard?
  • Damien Mizdow : bitch I'm over here
  • Seth Rollins : ouch randy you stepped on my foot
  • Randy Orton : lol don't talk to me Seth
  • Roman Reigns : all of you stay away from me your sweat is getting in my hair
  • Brock lesnar : PAUL PAUL PAUL WHERE U AT
  • The Undertaker : *casually lies in coffin placed in the middle of the room*
  • Bray Wyatt : *evil laughs while staring at coffin*
  • Dean Ambrose : @ r truth pls give meh the IC title belt
  • R truth : @gene ambrose lol no
  • Renee young : *pops head in door* Actually it's Dean Ambrose
  • Tyson Kidd : Alright who stole my headphones
  • Bad news Barrett : *seductively stares at John Cena getting changed*
  • John Cena : *notices Barrett* *hides behind towel* U CANT SEE ME
  • And yeah.