Ficlet: of scarves and snickerdoodles (Anderson Brothers/Klaine)

Thud. Thud. Thud.

“Fuck, Kurt.”

“Oh my God

“Kurt–please. P-please just–Cooper!”

Kurt scrambles quickly to grab at the sheets and immediately cloak that fact that oh dear God, he’s naked in front of Blaine’s older brother who looks way too neutral at the situation.

“Oh, good evening, you two lovebirds.” the twenty-four year old smirks as he walks over to Blaine’s closet “I see you two are having a mighty good time trying to have your nether regions permanently attached to each other.”

“Cooper, first of all, that’s gross, second, go away.” Blaine urges, grabbing the pair of discarded sweatpandts on the ground and pushing his legs through them clumsily “You have your own clothes.”

“Yeah but I’m going on a date with that artsy chick I told you about over the phone last week.” he says, pushing through Blaine’s flock of sweater vests and polos “I need some scarves. Artsy chicks love guys in scarves. Which reminds me, we need to take you out shopping because I think half this stuff was when mom still used to dress you up.”

Cooper!” Blaine pushed his brother’s shoulders to direct him towards the open door.

Cooper rolled his eyes. “Fine. I get it. You want me to spend more time with you. What if I just ditch her and stay with you guys? We could bring out the water pistols and snickerdoodles.”

“Cooper, I’m not a kid anymore.” Blaine whines.

“I’m convinced.”

Blaine glares. He remembers the fact that Kurt was in the room and reddens. From the side of his eye, he could only make out that Kurt had already dressed and was equally as flushed as him. 

“So Kurt,” Cooper says after a minute of silence “What are your intentions with my brother? Wait a second, don’t answer that, I think the fact that I’ve seen it firsthand covers it.”

Kurt opens his mouth, like he’s actually going to answer before closing it.

Blaine throws a quick punch at Cooper’s arm and clenches his jaw.

“Coop, go.” Blaine pleads “Enjoy your date, please, just go if you have a single ounce of respect for me.”

“If you put it that way,” Cooper sighs exaggeratedly and wraps his borrowed scarf around his neck “Try not to wake the neighbors, okay? They’ve got kids.”

“Out. Now." 


Julian had finally recovered from his jet lag but was barely functioning so early in the morning. He’d been so lazy and comfortable that he’d been texting his brother who was literally in the same house as he was. But Ryan had convinced him to come over, so he’d grabbed his favorite, extremely large, plush teddy bear and his phone, wearing nothing but an oversized white shirt and his Calvin Klein boxer briefs as he padded out of the room. Also the thought of Ryan’s cuddles motivated him even more because out of all the Anderson siblings - nobody cuddled as good as Ryan cuddled. “Ry-Ry?” he called softly as he pushed the door of his brother’s room open with his rear since he had both arms wrapped around the teddy.