wow, another meme for me to get hate for on the internet 
(SIDE NOTE: i dont hate any of the bands on the mid/good tier they were just in the reccomended when i was looking for Paramore logos!! This meme is specifically made for the shit and god tier ones!)


about a girl by the academy is… lyric lockscreens // requested by anon

Actually, my good friend Ryan Ross came into the studio to sing a little bit on this song. And it was awesome. He was really quick, he was a total professional. I actually wrote this song in Nashville quite a bit ago, and um, I’ve always loved it. I always thought that there was something special about it. But my enthusiasm wasn’t exactly met with resounding support from those who shall not be named. But I always felt like there was something special about this song, so once I got the chance, I released it on my own. 

-William Beckett on ‘Stuck In Love’