THE SHINING jack nicholson

shelley duvall was ROBBED by hollywood, absolutely fucking robbed, SHE was the star of the shining (1980), not jack nicholson, she was the emotional anchor of that movie and she carried it ON HER OWN, all nicholson had to do is squint funny and thats it, meanwhile she was out there crying and screaming and shrieking and running ALL WHILE antagonized by the director who felt like he had to flex his misunderstood loner genius muscles or some shit. years later and when people talk about the shining they either discuss the joker or cube rick when they should be talking about how shelley duvall made the terror of that movie REALLY, TRULY POP. like what was i even doing in 1980??? i sure as hell wasnt defending her talent and hard work i was busy not existing like an absolute fucking fool and i can never atone for that