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Let Hinoka dress up || accepting
Send my muse 👘 to see them in an outfit traditional to there culture (eg. Kimono, sari, kilt, flamenco dress, ect.)

      Was it her choice to wear layer onto layer? To dress up for events and to show her feminine side? Absolutely not. But it was tradition to wear kimonos to cultural events and although she refused at first, she would always be Hoshidan’s first princess. It would be natural for her to share their culture and be part of it, no matter how uncomfortable to clothes made her.

      However, if it was only among her family members, she wouldn’t be shifting her legs. Tucking some strands of hair out of her face and looking away from a certain prince with a blush on her face. The Nohrian had never seen her dressed up and despite most Hoshidan wearing kimonos, it felt unnatural to her. The only feeling she had, was the feeling of embarrassment.

     “Erm…” Hinoka cleared her throat, trying to speak casually without letting the layers of clothing bother her. “I doubt you are familiar with traditional kimonos. We wear them on special occassions, so… I mean, I don’t normally wear them, but only for this evening.”

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“Is asking for cuddles afterwards really too much for you?” // he wants to cuddle cries

Way to ruin the afterglow | accepting !

                      The girl looked over her shoulder from her seated position on the edge of the bed, her lip twitched up in a small smirk before raking her fingers through her hair to shake out the frizziness from the round they had just finished. Her eyes scaled along the Lombax, her smirk softening as she looked at his face. Longing for her, making the tone of his question hit her with a pang of guilt. Roxanne normally would be up for it but she promised that she wouldn’t get attached to Ratchet, it wouldn’t lead to anything good for her. But his emerald eyes pierced into her own eyes which made her swallow a small lump in her throat.

                     Roxanne turned away from him, letting her head hang down for a few moments. More affection than their normal rendezvous wouldn’t be good for her even though she longed to be by his side at all times. Besides it was just sex, right? Sex and camaraderie between them was what she assumed even though they hadn’t necessarily spoken about what they were or what they were doing. So the fact that he even asked the question surprised her. Turning back around, she locked onto those bright green orbs, shining even in the dimmed bedroom. She sighed as she reflected back on his question.

Was it too much for her? At the time, yes. But knowing that he wanted for her to made her feel a lot better than her assuming that’s what he wanted. The corner of her lip was caught between her teeth as she slipped her nude body under the covers once again. As she raised her head from the ocean of hair, she revealed a small smile. Roxanne appreciated the fact that Ratchet enjoyed her company. Now she’d probably regret it later on but she would deal with that later. Leaning over him, she placed a soft, chaste kiss onto his lips, humming to herself in sensation as she slowly pulled away before lying her head on his chest, making sure to snuggle closely to him.

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Count me in for the "Still believe in Gillovny", ma chère. After seeing the pics of GA and Monsieur Fishfingers, with his hand hovering at her waist and she looking stone-faced WITHOUT linking her arm around him - makes me wonder what sort of contractual obligations she has with Netflix and/or PR company. The latter is obviously milking the publicity generated by pairing her and Fishfingers. She looked mighty miserable, even much worse than at the Golden Globes.

I agree it really could be some sort of contractual obligations. I just wish we knew what for and why!

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BEEP - Babael


Earth started giggling writing out the text to Babael. A.Earth: My sister bet me a hundred dollars I couldn’t build a car out of spaghetti. You should’ve seen the look on her face when I drove pasta!


Chapter 18: Episode 6

     The words would have been music to my ears months ago. All I wanted was for Chelle to go away. I hated her, more than I’d ever hated anyone. In fact, I’d never hated anyone. She’d made my life hell on purpose, and as soon as I had the chance to get her back, I did. It was petty, and I hadn’t cared. I just wanted to wipe that smug look off her face.

          And I had.

          But it hadn’t been enough. I worked her to the bone, and I didn’t care, didn’t think of her, not once. And I still… wasn’t sorry. I wasn’t.

          And that was wrong.

          “Enjoy your life, Kerrigan. I’m sure we’ll both be better off without each other.” She shoved her chair away, grabbing her coat off the back, and starting for the door.

          “Chelle wait,” I called after her. “Please don’t leave, I—”

          “You what?” she said, stopping. “You’re only sorry because you need someone here to cover your mess.”


          She smiled, but it was lopsided and broken. Not the same sardonic smile I was used to seeing on her. “I guess I get the last laugh, after all. Nice girls never win.”

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“Come on don’t fall asleep, let’s go for round four.” bunnies go at it all night long ri P

Way to ruin the afterglow | accepting !

                          Roxanne’s eyelids were lowered in a relaxed flutter as her head hit the pillow at the top of the mattress. Droplets of sweat glistened at the brim of her forehead and hair as she tried to catch her breath from the tussle in the sheets she just shared with Oswald. Don’t get her wrong, Roxanne L O V E D some great sex. But as much as she loved sex, sometimes it was nice to take a break. Well, that’s what SHE thought at least. The bunny beside her on the other hand seemed to have another agenda. She could feel his little beady eyes on her, just waiting for more as he practically whined for her to not fall asleep. She chortled weakly, her eyes rolling before turning her head to look face to face with the rabbit.

                   “We just went on for hours, Oz, and the day hasn’t even started yet. I need to reboot my battery.” She tried to explain with her own whine but she knew he wasn’t having it. Roxanne turned on her side to face him. Her face flushed as her hair was tousled and wild around the perimeter. Dark eyes still glimmered from the light of the rising sun peaking through the curtain to their right. She couldn’t help but smile even though she felt herself falling asleep next to him. “Seriously, give me a couple hours and you’ll get your round four, or five…maybe six.”

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alanis x wyatt: When you told me you hated me, it was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time.

At her words, Lana felt the sharp pang of guilt resurface in her stomach. She hadn’t meant to say it. She just often let her mouth run of its own accord, saying things within irritation before she thought about it. Usually, she rode it out, but being harsh to Wyatt was something she never wanted to do. Looking down at her own feet, she pulled her bottom lip into her mouth. She hated the look of sadness that was on her room-mates face. Taking a deep breath, she looked back up. “I’m sorry.” Her usual loudness was replaced by a small, timid voice. “I didn’t mean it, you have to believe me.” Alanis wasn’t sure it was possible for anyone to hate the girl in front of her. She was just too sweet, too cute. “Let me make it up to you. How about we get some ice cream, get into our pyjamas and cuddle up?” She offered, hoping to at least make her smile a little.

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"What are you doing there?"

(My ask never told me about these.)

Hiding under the studios soundboard, notebook in hand she was torn away from her writings to look up at the familiar face. A smile painted her face, nodding toward the book. “Everyone was bugging me, and I had this hook in my head that I couldn’t get out.” She almost whispered, figuring that the few people would still be out there. “I tried to hide in the closet but Joe found me.” Lea wrinkled her nose, patting the spot across from her. Pratt was a good mind when it came to song writing, and she used to bounce ideas off of him often.

“Come on, I want you to tell me how this sounds.”


She wasn’t sure how long they sat there like that. Eventually, she came to her senses and realized how late it was. A tad embarrassed, she sat up again, feeling her face burn as Summer turned to look at her.

“It’s getting late,” she choked out, blushing harder at the obvious crack in her voice. Summer giggled and nodded, eyes sparkling as she sat up as well. 

“Yeah, you’re right. Let’s head out,” Summer agreed. Harmony got to her feet, legs a little unsteady, and reached out her hand to help Summer up as well. Without warning, Summer pulled her into a tight hug, one that lasted a few moments longer than normal. Harmony’s head spun in surprise and confusion, but she held Summer back, not really wanting to let go. Grinning broadly, the two headed to the train station, Harmony’s mind buzzing with confused, but happy, thoughts. 

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don't chase the rabbit

A Stroll Down Memory Lane | Accepting

“Leya, I have a gift for you.”

A little girl, no more than five, reaches out to take the large box being held out by her father. Not expecting it to be so heavy, she almost drops her gift, but he helps her catch it in time.

“Careful now,” he says with a chuckle. “It’s very fragile.”

“What is it?”

“Open it up and see.”

Sitting on the floor, she takes the lid off…and finds a pokemon egg, pale yellow and black, inside. The girl lifts it up and cradles it in her arms.

“You got me a pokemon?” she asks, a look of awe on her face.

Her father nods and ruffles her hair. “I did. Take good care of that egg and soon enough you’ll have a Pichu.”

“A Pichu…” She hugs the egg, rubbing her cheek against it. “I already love it.”

And that’s how Cataleya received her first pokemon, Konani, from her father, Rantaro.

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Maybe it's just me, but in the photo comparison she looks like she has a grimace/laugh on her face, like she's a little embarrassed or uncomfortable posing this way because it's not natural for them. It's in the brow area. Reminds me of the very brief vid shot we have of her looking at him tentatively during Cait's BAFTA speech - like she's a little shy around him because she doesn't know him that well. Both are very unusual expressions of a love interest who knows you intimately...

Exactly, anon. All of their encounters have shown nothing but awkwardness and lack of ease between these two. It’s not a usual thing between romantic couples. And it’s not “ just how each of them are” either- there are plenty of non work, off camera, and behind the scenes examples of both of them looking both at ease and loving with the partners they are each rumored to be actually with…

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“Do you want me to leave?”

“L-L-Llleave?” All the blood drained from Xan’s face, leaving her looking pale and shaken. Scared. The very thought scared her. “No, no, no, please. Please, Rin,” she was begging him. “Please, please … Stay … I- I never want you to leave! Please!”


i take back what i said about kendall k being the prettiest teenager in the world she’s starting to look more and more like her mom and not in a good way it looks like her eyes are sliding to the opposite ends of her face

Kida placed the card on Vidia’s desk as she passed by her at the end of class. It reads:

Dear Vidia Ligeiro,

I’m trying to celebrate more holidays so I’m starting with this one. Let me know if do this right…

You are wonderful, and I enjoy your company.

-Kidagakash Nedakh

Vidia looked at the card and tried not to let it show on her face that she actually liked the stupid thing. She shook her head and rolled her eyes. Both were followed with a thumbs up and she mouthed, “Thanks.”

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oh oh. I’m def placing my bet that Simon Peacock dude is actually Miles Upshur bcz pls look at him. Paul asks him if he’s protecting Waylon Park and he replies with a “you’ll never find him” and that means I get to keep my possessed-journalist-protecting-his whistleblower head canon. xD Woo!

to be honest i had my own reservations as well about this person being simon peacock, but also i have a lot of doubts about any of the things pauline glick confirmed for paul marion. it seems to me that she’s lying a lot to him about almost anything, just as she’s lied to murkoff agents with much less security clearance than her.

i mean the woman confirmed that miles upshur had been “neutralized” in issue 3 but the look on her face and the turning of her face to the left (which is a known tic people have then they lie) and then her actual words, “yeah, neutralized” seem so untrustworthy. she already confirmed for marion that she couldn’t tell him anything about billy or the walrider. why would she tell the truth about simon peacock? she told him simon’s dead just because it wasn’t relevant for him to know if peacock is alive or not anyways.

in fact the only truthful things she has said so far are things about waylon disappearing, how trager is a sleezebag, and how billy’s mother sold him to murkoff for money, and of course in the recent issue about how marion shouldn’t want his daughter growing up to be like her.

i don’t trust her. that could have been simon peacock or that could have been miles or that could have been another whistleblower that just happened to know how infamous simon peacock’s name is with murkoff. i definitely like the idea of miles protecting waylon, but i cannot say for sure who that person was at this point because red barrels is very sneaky (i mean the coordinates that marion was given are the coordinates for outlast II, as told to me by my good friend @roykleinberg.) seriously, all we can do is wait and see what they have in store for us.

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The door to the room Issac and Kenna shared with Gamli slid open and the twins walked in. They had been gone for a while after they had been called over the comms. "Gam, Anam is awake finally.", Kenna said kneeling down and opening her arms to hug her metal brother. The look of relief and joy on her face was apparent as she hugged her oldest brother. "She'll be laid up for some time still. A shoulder wound like that will take time to heal.", Issac added as he walked over to a chair to sit down.

Gamli uncurled as things were upsetting with the kroot not returning to his room after they came back. But now was good news as he listened and started to creep out of the crate he made his bed and against the outlet. Clambering out he pranced about showing how happy he was before carefully stretching out. “Yay sister is ok.” His eyes turned to look at Issac as he noted the damage and stared at the hole in the armor but the healed flesh underneath. Curiously his lens moved back and forth. “Is everything else ok?”

Blue watches He-Man: Creatures from the Tar Swamp

Lady Edwina looks like her face is being sucked inward. Too much Botox. And her eyes…dear crap, they’re practically on opposite sides of her face. I think I know what’s going on at all those parties she goes to.

And OH MY GOD she just made a Trump-Dump remark about how hot Adam was. “If we weren’t cousins…”. Fucking shit, this woman might as well tattoo “Borgia” on her forehead.